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09-21-02, 12:00 PM
(FADEIN: The camera comes back in on Tony and Rick, as they sit at the announce table)

TONY ROSS: "OK, we’re back here at Racine Riptide. What a night of surprises it has been already, and I’m sure we’re just getting started."

(CUEUP: "Shapes of Things" by The Jeff Healy Band)

RICK WISEMAN: "No, it can’t be."

(Crowd explodes as they realize what is happening, "No False Gimmicks," appears up above the entranceway, and Jean Rabesque appears, he stops and plays to the crowd just as he enters, and slowly begins to walk towards the ring, he slowly enters the ring, and raises his hands to the crowd, who are in complete shock)

T.R.: "Jean Rabesque is here!! We haven’t seen him since he lost the WWL World Heavyweight Championship back in June! But Jean Rabesque has reappeared here in the GLCW!! What a shocking turn of events!!"

(as the crowd dies down, Rabesque grabs a microphone)

JEAN RABESQUE: "GLCW!! (crowd pops) It seems as though it once again the time to rise from the ashes to prove once again who the greatest damn wrestler in the world is. There’s a lot of past here, and there’s most definitely a bright, bright future here in the GLCW. For those of you who may not know me, allow me to quickly remind you of who I am. I am Jean Rabesque, a man that throughout his entire career has defied every odd. Despite constant disrespect in the back, constant underestimation, I have thrived. Everywhere I’ve went, I have succeeded. Every championship I’ve wanted, I’ve gotten. And now, do any of you really think that the GLCW is going to be any different? (crowd pops) And there’s a plethora of superstars here in the GLCW, enjoying their runs along the top, but I want every single one of you to know one thing. Things change, NOW! The complete dynamic of this league is different now that Jean Rabesque has arrived on the scene. Now, as we look down on the roster, we see some familiar faces, friend and foe alike. We have someone like King Krusher (crowd pops), and if I’m not mistaken he’s the Commish now. It’s kind of funny how things like that work out. Krusher, you’ve been a friend in the past, and I got no problem with you now. Then, we have The Lord’s Servant himself, Mike Manson.(laughs to himself) Come on, Mike, remember me? As you’re healing the lame, curing the sick, just keep reminding yourself of how I played your ass back in the day. I think we got a little bit of unfinished business as well. And there’s one name, one man, who I have yet to encounter. A man, a legend, who in six years, I have never faced. And that man is Maelstrom. (crowd pops HUGE) It might be a ways off Mael, but that time is going to come. Two legends that have somehow avoided each other for six years will eventually face it off here in the ring. So, GLCW. Enjoy the ride, because it’s going to be a wild one. I am coming here to do what I have done everywhere else, and that is dominate. And I, and I’m sure that GLCW fans everywhere, especially the ones here in Racine, are going to enjoy watching it happen."

(crowd pops huge, as his music hits and Rabesque leaves the ring. CUTTO: Tony and Rick at the table)

T.R.: "What a shocking event! Jean Rabesque has come to the GLCW!"

R.W.: "That’s right Tony, Rabesque is a grizzled veteran who knows how to get what he wants in the ring. And Rabesque was right, the entire dynamic of the league has now changed."

T.R.: "But for now, let’s get back to the ring for our next contest."

(CUTTO: Matt Faley in the ring.)

MATT FALEY: This contest is scheduled for one fall. (CUEUP: "Pure Trauma" by Downset) Coming to the ring, from Miami, FL, weighing in at 234 lbs. being accompanied to the ring by Sly Sterling, he is 'EL DIABLO' ANGEL CASTILLO!!"

(crowd gives the pair some major heat, especially after his attempted interference earlier in the show, Castillo walks slowly to the ring, giving an occasional twisted smile to the crowd)

M.F.: And his opponent (CUEUP: "Dogs of War" by Pink Floyd) From Cadillac, Michigan, weighing in at 180 lbs., he is 'THE WOLF' CHRIS MCMILLAN!!"

(crowd pops huge for McMillan, as he runs to the ring, and diving into the ring after Castillo, Sterling is sent sprawling as the two begin fighting)

T.R.: "And these two are not wasting any time getting to the action. McMillan and Castillo are trading right hands. McMillan gains the upper hand. He goes into the ropes, and hits Castillo with a beautiful flying plancha. Castillo back up, and McMillan hits another one!! Castillo is sent sprawling to the outside of the ring, and Sterling runs to calm him down! What a start for Chris McMillan here, and the crowd is loving it."

R.W.: "It seems as though ‘El Diablo’ underestimated McMillan a bit here early, I’m sure he’s focused now."

T.R.: "Rookie mistake now by McMillan, as he reached over the ropes at Castillo and get hung along the middle rope. Castillo takes him outside the ring, and starts pounding on him outside. Now, here’s a whip into the steel steps, and McMillan seems to have hurt his back in the situation."

R.W.: "One mistake is all that Castillo needed as he sends McMillan back into the ring. Castillo follows him in, sneaks behind, and hits a nice DDT. Here’s a cover, 1-2-kickout! And another, 1-2-kickout!"

T.R.: "Good strategy by Castillo, trying to wear down McMillan, by repeatedly making him kickout. He picks him up, and McMillan fires back with some shots to Castillo’s stomach. Castillo answers with a knee to the stomach, sending McMillan back down. He methodically walks over, and drops a knee on to McMillan’s stomach."

R.W.: "It makes you wonder if McMillan got too hyped at the beginning of the match. He might have shot his energy early."

T.R.: "He continues to fight though, as he gets a dropkick in on the knees of Castillo, He bounces off the ropes and gets a bulldog in on the dazed Castillo. McMillan is starting to feel it again, and the crowd is getting behind him. Castillo stands again, and McMillan hits a nice standing moonsault. Here’s the cover, 1-2-and Castillo kicks out!! Back up, and a beautiful dropkick. Here’s another cover, 1-2- and another kickout."

R.W.: "Quick back and forth match, this could end up being one of those matches where the first person to make a mistake is the one who loses it. McMillan is continuing the attack right now however."

T.R.: "Right Rick, and I wouldn’t surprised if this rivalry really takes off to a new level here. McMillan for now, continues to dominate, right now, he has the larger Castillo down to the mat, he lifts up, and hits his knees to the stomach of Castillo, he tries again, and this time Castillo gets a foot up, and McMillan goes sprawling. Castillo is back up. And BIONIC ELBOW! Bionic elbow out of nowhere on McMillan. And Castillo is going for The Salsa Picante! That lethal sit-out Choke Slam!"

R.W.: "This would be all for McMillan, but he’s fighting out. He is pounding on Castillo, and the two go sprawling to the ground. And McMillan is up, he climbs to the top rope, and FROG SPLASH! Castillo is out. McMillan picks him up. He’s going for a suplex, even though Castillo outweighs him by 50 lbs. He has him up, but wait, Sly Sterling just grabbed McMillan’s foot. Referee doesn’t see it. Wait! Castillo has fallen on top of McMillan. Sterling still has his foot! Here’s a cover!! 1-2-3!!!!"

T.R.: "Sly Sterling grabbed McMillan’s foot, but the referee didn’t see it. Angel Castillo has stolen a match here!!!"

MATT FALEY: "Here is your winner, "EL DIABLO" ANGEL CASTILLO!!

(before the music hits, McMillan attacks Castillo and Sterling.)

T.R.: "Chris McMillan is livid, and he’s fighting back. Huge clothesline to Sterling, sending him out of the ring. He has Castillo now. DREAD DRIVER! McMillan has just laid out Castillo with the Dread Driver. Chris McMillan has gotten his revenge even though Castillo won the match! And here comes Gridlock!"

R.W.: "But before he can get there, McMillan jumps out of the ring, and takes off through the crowd, much to the delight of the fans here in Racine!"

T.R.: "Chris McMillan fought a very hard match, and it’s a shame that Angel Castillo’s cheating tactics cost him, but Chris McMillan definitely has a bright future here in the GLCW."

R.W.: "Let’s once again go backstage to Lady V."

(CUTTO: Lady V is banging on Michael Manson's locker room door to get an interview with him)

LADY V: "Mr. Manson, some words please."

MICHAEL MANSON: (from behind the door) "Please leave, I am doing the Lord’s work."

LADY V: "You’re doing what?"

MANSON: "You heard me, now please leave."

(Commissioner King Krusher appears and speaks to Lady V)

KING KRUSHER: "What’s going on in there?"

LADY V: "He says he’s doing the Lord’s work."

K.K.: "With Manson, that definitely means he’s up to something."

(Krusher kicks the door open, and we see Manson praying with a young man in a wheelchair, Krusher just throws up his hands and leaves.)

MANSON: (To Lady V): "Get out of here. Can’t you see that I’m busy here!?"

(FADEOUT to commercial)