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09-21-02, 12:06 PM
(FADE-IN: Maelstrom is sitting on a chair in a locker room backstage. The fans pop huge at just the sight of him. The left leg of his jeans are pulled up, and a trainer in a GLCW shirt is bandaging up his knee. The look on the Pandoran's face is pure rage. CUT TO: the announcers' table.)

TONY ROSS: "Well, from the looks of things, the next match is going to go through after all."

RICK WISEMAN: "Of course it's going to go through! Maelstrom is a tough SOB and he's not going to let a little chair attack keep him out of action."

T.R.: "I agree with you there, but --"

R.W.: "Of course, Savage is just might beat him and be forever known as The Man That Buried Maelstrom."

T.R.: "You're referring, of course, to the stipulations in this matchup. If Maelstrom loses, he will be forced to retire, and if Jon Savage loses, he has to become a snack vendor at the next Riptide."

R.W.: "I think Maelstrom obviously has a lot more to lose here."

T.R.: "Maelstrom is obviously still on his feet, and in my opinion, and in the opinions of probably everyone he's ever faced, that makes him deadly."

(CUE UP: "Baba O'Reilly" by The Who. The fans start to boo at the top of their lungs as a tall man in red and blue trunks and a matching jacket emerges onto the entrance ramp. He's accompanied by a young woman wearing all black.)

MATT FALEY: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 275 lbs and being accompanied by Lyla, JON SAVAGE!!"

(The fans boo even louder as Savage and Lyla make their way down to the ring. Savage shouts at several audience members on the way, and Lyla just basically clings to him.)

T.R.: "Like we've said before, this is going to be quite the battle. Jon Savage has done a very dangerous thing tonight. He's basically tripled the danger factor by angering his opponent, and he has a lot riding on this match, but in terms of his pride and his career. Savage has yet to win a match here in the GLCW, and a loss tonight could really hurt him."

R.W.: "Plus, no one wants to work in the concession stand. I mean, have you seen those greasy nachos?"

M.F.: "And his opponent -- (the fans pop big as Metallica's "Enter Sandman" kicks up) from Pandora Island, weighing in at 305 lbs, MAELSTROM!!!"

(The fans pop HARDCORE as the giant of a man strides out purposefully. He doesn't pause on the ramp, he just walks straight to the ring, eyes focused on Savage. He's just wearing loose jeans and Timberlands. He's limping a bit on his left leg, but that doesn't slow him down much. In the ring, Savage sheds his jacket and takes a fighting stance, watching Maelstrom warily.)

T.R.: "Maelstrom quickly slides into the ring, and Savage immediately pounces on him! He's stomping away at the bigger man, but Maelstrom is slowly getting to his feet! Savage starts throwing punches, but the Pandoran just throws him back! Oh! Maelstrom spears him, and now he's whaling away at him with those closed fists!"

R.W.: "Referee Dave Powell goes in to pull him off, and Maelstrom just shoves him back! He's still slamming those huge fists of his into Savage's face!"

T.R.: "Maelstrom slaps a hand around Savage's throat and rises to his feet! He's dragging Savage up with him! Both men standing now, and Maelstrom hits a chokeslam on Savage right away! And he jumps back down and starts punching him again!"

R.W.: "You know, maybe attacking Maelstrom wasn't the best plan in the world..."

T.R.: "Maelstrom lifts Savage up again and whips him into the turnbuckle. Savage hits hard, stumbles out, and Maelstrom catches him with a spinning spinebuster! And again he starts punching him in the face! Maelstrom is relentless!"

R.W.: "Powell is starting up a four count. He hits three and Maelstrom finally lets up. He drags Savage back up to a stand position --"

T.R.: "Savage's forehead is busted right open from all those blows!"

R.W.: "Maelstrom lifts him up, nice bodyslam! And now he's stomping away at Savage -- not with the left foot, though. For all his aggression, that left knee is still bothering him."

T.R.: "Savage manages to climb to his feet through all this, throws a right hand, but Maelstrom responds with a right of his own! The two men are trading blows now -- Savage with a thumb to the eye! Maelstrom staggers backwards, Jon Savage with a clothesline!"

R.W.: "Maelstrom isn't the only one who came to brawl. Savage now stomping away at Maelstrom, and now he hits a perfect legdrop. Savage lifts Maelstrom up to his feet, fires a few forearms into his face, and whips him to the ropes..."

T.R.: "Maelstrom with a clothesline! He bends down to grab Savage's hair, but Savage responds with a kick to the face! Maelstrom staggers backwards, Savage with a snap mare and a reverse chinlock!"

R.W.: "Smart wrestling by Savage here. Every time the match speed has picked up, Maelstrom starts to get the upper hand. If Savage can keep it slow and technically sound, he can do what he has to to stay in this."

T.R.: "Maelstrom is struggling to get free, and Savage breaks the hold with a quick knee thrust to the back. He wipes the blood from his eyes, waits for Maelstrom to get to his feet, and charges in with another clothesline! Savage goes to the corner, climbs onto the second rope, nice elbowdrop! He makes the cover, 1...2..."

R.W.: "Maelstrom throws him off with authority! It's way too soon to try and finish this thing yet. Both men get to their feet, Savage with a kick to the midsection and a quick DDT. He goes for another cover, but Maelstrom gets a shoulder up before Powell can even get a count of one!"

T.R.: "Both men up again, Savage with an Irish whip, reversed by Maelstrom, BIG SPEAR by the Pandoran! Savage was just laid out, and Maelstrom is again peppering him with blows to the head!"

R.W.: "Powell pulls Maelstrom up, but the big man just starts stomping away at Savage again. Savage climbs to his feet, Maelstrom picks him up, flips him upside down, piledriver! Maelstrom with the cover, 1, 2, kickout! Savage manages get away with just a count of two!"

T.R.: "Maelstrom still in control here. He climbs to his feet, dragging Savage with him, and what's this? It looks like Lyla wants to have a word with him!"

R.W.: "Lyla has climbed up onto the apron, and it looks like she's taunting Maelstrom. He drops Savage and heads over towards her -- big mistake! Savage took the opportunity to hit a nice chopblock on Maelstrom's injured knee!"

T.R.: "Maelstrom goes down, and Savage starts working on his knee again, sans the chair this time. He's stomping away at it, and now drags the big man over to the corner, climbs onto the second rope, and drops his own knee onto Maelstrom's leg!"

R.W.: "I figured it would only be a matter of time before Savage took advantage of that injury. I mean, why would you waste all that time attacking him earlier if you aren't going to use it in the match?"

T.R.: "Savage now rolls to the outside, grabs Maelstrom's leg, and pulls him further into the corner. Oh! He just slammed that knee into the turnbuckle! And again! Referee Dave Powell now rolls to the outside, and he's reprimanding Savage for that tactic."

R.W.: "Hey, if it works, why can't he use it?"

T.R.: "I think that's precisely the argument Savage is trying to use, but Powell isn't hearing any of it. Meanwhile, Maelstrom is using the ropes to climb to his feet. He's heavily favoring that left leg...Savage finally gets away from the ref and climbs up on the apron. He goes to suplex Maelstrom out of the ring, but he can't get him up! Maelstrom goes for a suplex of his own, but Savage ties his own leg up in the bottom rope to prevent it! Savage now climbs onto the bottom rope, firmly hooks Maelstrom's head, and hits a huge suplex to the outside! (pop) That was brutal!"

R.W.: "Both men are lying on the concrete outside, catching their breath. Obviously, Maelstrom took the worst part of that fall, but Savage had nowhere to go but down either. Both guys are stirring a little bit, but neither is exactly jumping to his feet, you know?"

T.R.: "Both guys are now slowly climbing to their feet. Savage staggers over to Maelstrom with a big right hand! But Maelstrom responds with one of his own! These two men are trading right hands, seemingly oblivious to that fall -- Savage can barely see what with all the blood in his eyes!"

R.W.: "Maelstrom with a kick to the midsection, and he follows it up with a quick powerbomb! The big man picks Savage up by the hair, takes him over to the guardrail, and now he's bashing his head against that railing again and again! Savage manages to push himself away from the railing, but Maelstrom just scoops him up and hits a big powerslam right there on the concrete! Lyla was heading over to help her man out, but she saw that move and wisely headed back towards the other side of the ring!"

T.R.: "Dave Powell had started a twenty count earlier, but he's stopped that now to come out and try and talk Maelstrom out of this kind of violence. Maelstrom looks like he might be listening, and -- nope! He tossed Savage headfirst into the ring steps! Savage is just lying there amidst the scattered debris, and Maelstrom just limps over and starts kicking him!"

R.W.: "It looks like Maelstrom is going for a little poetic justice here, Tony! He's placing Savage's arm between the two portions of the steps, and now he's stopping down on that top step! Savage is screaming in pain!"

T.R.: "Powell forces Maelstrom away from the wreckage, then turns to check on Savage. Maelstrom is merely watching, now he rolls into the ring to get a bit of a breather. Savage meanwhile is starting to stir, but he's heavily favoring that right arm now. He won't let Powell look at it, he's just rolling back and forth holding it."

R.W.: "Savage is now climbing to his feet, and he looks livid! His face is bright red, and covered in blood, and all he can see is Maelstrom in the ring! He turns -- he's coming over here!"

T.R.: "Jon Savage has just grabbed the ring bell! He's heading for the ring with it! Dave Powell shoves himself between Savage and the ring, but Savage just pushes him to one side..."

R.W.: "And Powell trips over the pile of ring steps! The referee lands hard on the bottom half of the steps, and he isn't getting up yet!"

T.R.: "Savage rolls into the ring and charges at Maelstrom with the bell...Maelstrom with a spear! He just tackled Savage and is yet again hammering those fists of his into Savage's head! He lets up finally, and he's heading for the dropped ring bell!"

R.W.: "Maelstrom picks up that foreign object and heads over to Savage again, but Savage responds with a kick to that injured left knee. The Pandoran drops to one knee, Savage grabs the ring bell, and slams it across the head of Maelstrom! Maelstrom collapses to the ground, but Savage won't relent! He keeps hitting him in the head with that ring bell! Maelstrom is bleeding from the forehead!"

T.R.: "Savage bounces off the second rope and brings his foot down on Maelstrom's knee! He tosses the bell out and starts yelling at Dave Powell!"

R.W.: "Powell actually survived the fall, folks, and he's slowly rolling into the ring! Savage makes the cover -- 1, 2, kickout at two and a half! Maelstrom is still not out!"

T.R.: "Savage is furious! He drags Maelstrom to his feet and backs him into the corner. It takes an effort, but he actually manages to set him up on the top rope! Savage is climbing up there too, he's going for a superplex! But Maelstrom blocks it! He hooks Savage's legs and dives off with a top rope spinebuster!" (crowd pops)

R.W.: "Savage is down, and Maelstrom slowly gets to his feet -- and look at the malice on his face! He tries kicking Savage's body, but he goes down to one knee trying, his left leg is hurt that badly!"

T.R.: "Savage gets to his feet now, just as Maelstrom gets to his -- Savage with a right hand! And another! And anoth -- Maelstrom blocks it! Maelstrom has ahold of Savage's arm, he scoops him up in a fireman's carry -- Death Valley Driver! Maelstrom just hit a Death Valley Driver, and he's -- he locks on the Mortal Sin! Right there in the middle of the ring! Savage taps! This one is over!"

M.F.: "Ladies and gentelmen, here is your winner -- MAELSTROM!!!" (crowd pops hardcore)

T.R.: Maelstrom still has the Mortal Sin locked in. He finally lets go, but it doesn't look like he's finished with Jon Savage! He kicks at Savage's prone form until it rolls under the bottom rope and out of the ring! And Maelstrom is following him!

R.W.: "Maelstrom now lifts Savage to his feet and throws him over the guardrail! (localized cheering) Maelstrom climbs over as well, and he picks up Savage again by the hair. He's leading Savage up through the crowd -- where is he going?"

T.R.: "Do you see what I see, Rick? He's heading for the concession stands!"

R.W.: "Oh no..."

T.R.: "Maelstrom has drug a near-unconcious Jon Savage to the concession, and now he hefts Savage up onto the counter! Maelstrom climbs up with him, picks up Savage -- powerslam onto the counter! (crowd pops) The whole thing collapses under them!"

R.W.: "No...that's just vicious, rubbing his nose in it!"

T.R.: "I think that it's just common courtesy, showing Savage the layout of the place days in advance! Now he drags Savage over to the hot dog stand, and he starts bashing his head into the hot dog machine!"

R.W.: "Yuck...look at all that blood and grease mixing together..."

T.R.: "Maelstrom is finally letting up. He backs off, and he just goes towards the back, leaving a broken Jon Savage lying face down in concessions he'll have to be selling next Riptide! Fans, we're going to have to take a break to get this all cleaned up. Let's hear from Lady V backstage!"

(CUT TO: Lady V standing before the GLCW backdrop with "Showtime" Steven James.)

LADY V: "Steven James, tonight you face off against what may be your biggest challenge here at the GLCW Redemption. I was curious what thoughts are running through your head right now."

STEVEN JAMES: "Well you know Lady V., to me it doesn't matter who it is waiting for me in that ring because so far nobody has been able to beat me. Castillo couldn't do it, Hawk, who is a legend mind you, couldn't do it, and i can promise you that Redemption will not be able to do it."

LADY V: "Well if i may get your thoughts on something else, i was wondering about how you felt about finally getting your hands on Angel Castillo and then having cleared house with Brett Irvine. And with that being said, have you and Brett Irvine formed some kind of alliance?"

S.J.: "Well well well, aren't we little miss nosey today? (gives her a wink, to which she smiles). Well to answer your questions quickly because i've gotta finish getting prepared, if felt great to nail that bottom feeding Castillo and it also felt great to clear house with Brett Irvine. Now to answer your last question, no. What we and Brett have is a simple agreement of respect. He has had my back and he knows that if he needs it i've got his. And when you have that show of respect titles of "alliances" are not needed. Now, i would love to stay and chat but i've gotta go take care of business...and by that I mean SHOW BUSINESS BABY!! LIGHTS. CAMERA. ACTION!!"

(Fade to commercial.)