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09-21-02, 12:10 PM
(FADE-IN: A computer generated shot of Great Lakes being passed overhead at a very rapid speed. As the camera zooms past the shimmering waters, the glare forms the letters G L C W, the background fades to black as the letters glow brighter, and show the letters in large, golden form. CUE-UP: "Are you Ready?" by AC/DC. CUT-TO: several shots of downtown Racine, ending with a long pan of a line going around the block around the arena. CUT TO: the inside of the jam-packed arena. The camera swoops around the crowd, showing various signs, including "Lights! Camera! Action! It's Showtime, Baby!", "Maelstrom is here! No one is safe!" and "Brett Irvine IS The Future!". CUT TO: the announcers' table, where our two favorite call guys are sitting with big smiles on their faces.)

TONY ROSS: "Hello everyone and welcome to GLCW Riptide, coming to you live from the sold-out Castle Hall in Racine, Wisconsin! (big pop from the crowd) We're coming off an incredible, action-packed show last time, which featured the arrival of several big players into the GLCW, including Kraven, Flatliner, and the Mad Pandoran himself, Maelstrom!"

RICK WISEMAN: "Tonight's show is gonna have some big action as well, Tony! Not only will we see Maelstrom make his in-ring debut tonight against Jon Savage, who's probably looking to redeem himself after his loss against "The Future" Brett Irvine last time. We've also got "Lost Cause" Chris O'Neill taking on Hawk McDaniel, and if you're as big a fan of tag team wrestling as I am, you won't want to miss The Movement take on The High Plains Drifters in what should be an incredible matchup!"

T.R.: "Also tonight, we'll have the qualifying matches for the Great Lakes Gauntlet, which will determine our very first GLCW Television Champion! Brett Irvine will meet up with Nick Kurtel, Redemption will take on "Showtime" Steven James, Chris McMillan will face off against the hot new star Angel Castillo, and the veteran Troy Martinez will take on The Emerald Warrior. Plus, we'll have Golem take on the Jobber in the semi-finals of the GLCW Heavyweight Title Tournament."

R.W.: "You're forgetting the best part, Tony! In our main event, the most derranged and dangerous man in pro wrestling today is gonna take on one of the most powerful men in wrestling today! That's right, it's Michael Manson versus Jared Poe, here, tonight!!"

T.R.: "Fans, let's go ahead and get this show started with our first matchup of the night!"

(CUT TO: Matt Faley standing in the middle of the ring. CUE UP: "Whiskey In The Jar" by Metallica.)

MATT FALEY: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Sweetwater, Texas, weighing in at 309 lbs, HAWK MCDANIEL!!"

(Fans give a decent pop as a very large man strides out onto the ramp and down the aisle. He grins and slaps a few hands. He wears black shorts with a white longhorn on the front. The back reads "The Big Texan" in white letters. He has black and red boots which also read "The Big Texan", black kneepads, black cutoff gloves, and tatoos of a longhorn and the state of Texas on his right arm.)

M.F.: "And his opponent..." (CUE UP: "Down With The Sickness" by Disturbed) "Weighing in at 227 lbs, from Scotch Plains, New Jersey, here is 'LOST CAUSE' CHRIS O'NEILL!!"

(The fans boo as O'Neill comes out from the back wearing a black hoodie and black UFO pants. His boots are white, and his fists are taped up. He stalks down to the ring, glancing around but not interacting with the fans. He rolls under the bottom rope and paces around a bit, watching McDaniel over in the corner. He takes off the hoodie and reveals a body covered with tatoos and bright red hair and a few piercings. He removes the silver hoops from his nose and ears and then starts pacing around again, eyes set on McDaniel.)

T.R.: "There's the bell, and this one is underway. McDaniel comes lunging out right at O'Neill, but the smaller man ducks out of the way. The two eye each other carefully, and then come in with the tie up."

R.W.: "This isn't a very smart move on O'Neill's part. Hawk McDaniel is the bigger and obviously stronger man in this matchup. O'Neill is more of a quick wrestler, and going in to try and outpower McDaniel is just going to --"

T.R.: "Oh! O'Neill just broke the tie up with a quick kick to the gut!""

R.W.: "Or he could do that..."

T.R.: "And another one! And another! McDaniel is doubled over, and O'Neill sends him reeling back with a running knee to the face! Chris O'Neill shoots off the opposite ropes as McDaniel gets to his feet -- nice running dropkick there!"

R.W.: "The Big Texan is taking way too long getting to his feet, and O'Neill makes him pay for it with a perfect spinning heel kick to the face! O'Neill lays a few boots to the fallen McDaniel, and now he springs off the near ropes, Asai moonsault! Referee Dave Powell goes for the three count, but he only gets two."

T.R.: "The match is still too fresh for a loss right now, but O'Neill is still clearly in control. He lifts McDaniel up by the hair, firing in a few elbows to the face for good measure...McDaniel struggles to his feet, and O'Neill immediately whips him into the corner! O'Neill charges in after him, jumps to the second rope, and hits a beautiful monkey flip out of the corner."

R.W.: "I take it back, O'Neill knows exactly what he's doing. He's making his offense fast and furious, and there's no way that McDaniel gets a chance to fight back. The kid's got a pretty sound strategy. Pretty good for a 'Lost Cause'"

T.R.: "O'Neill waits by the ropes as McDaniel climbs to his feet. He charges in for a superkick, but McDaniel ducks! O'Neill turns as The Big Texan goes for a clothesline, but now O'Neill ducks! Hawk McDaniel turns and gets a superkick right to the chin for his troubles!"

R.W.: "And this is what I was talking about. O'Neill pounces right back on top of him and starts throwing some elbows to the forehead of his opponent. He's staying right on top of him, not giving him an inch to use against him."

T.R.: "Chris O'Neill now slaps on a chokehold. Dave Powell starts his four count, but O'Neill lets up at two."

R.W.: "That, however, is a mistake. A chokehold's a move you don't normally want to use in a matchup, but if you use it, make sure you use it for the full four count. Otherwise, you're just wasting your energy. You might as well use everything you can."

T.R.: "O'Neill is going back to the choke, but McDaniel counters by slapping his own hand around O'Neill's throat! (small pop from the fans) Hawk McDaniel finally has O'Neill in a good position! He starts to climb to his feet with O'Neill solidly in his grasp -- but no! O'Neill counters with a quick thumb to the eye, followed by a dropkick to the face! O'Neill put the brakes on that comeback quick! McDaniel is laid out, and O'Neill immediately pounces on him and locks in.."

R.W.: "An Asian spike! That's one of the most painful submissions ever used in wrestling!"

T.R.: "I believe O'Neill calls it "The Rising", Rick, and he's got it locked in tight! McDaniel is trying to fight out of it, but he's right there in the middle of the ring! There's nowhere to go!"

R.W.: "He tapped! Dave Powell is calling for the bell, this one is over!"

T.R.: (louds boos from the crowd) "Someone tell that to Chris O'Neill! He hasn't released the submission yet!"

R.W.: "Dave Powell is getting in his face, telling him to let go, but O'Neill isn't even paying attention to him! He won't let go!"

T.R.: "Look at his face! He looks like pure hatred! And McDaniel -- I think Hawk McDaniel is out cold!"

R.W.: "Here comes security! They've come into the ring, and O'Neill finally lets up on Hawk McDaniel. He steps back away from the security guards, and -- he's calling for a mike!"

CHRIS O'NEILL: (panting for a moment, face red yet sinisterly joyful) "Rock stars, they can pull it off......Actors, yea I guess they can pull it off to.....Wrestlers, no way they can't keep coming back time and time again! Guys who have soaked up so much of the spotlight, their skin looks like a dried up piece of leather. The old guard, is not making a return this time, not over my dead body! No last hurrah this time boys!"

(CUE UP: "Down With The Sickness" as O'Neill drops the mike and rolls out of the ring. Security has surrounded McDaniel, trying to make him regain consciousness. CUT TO: Lady Veronica, wearing a white dress with a short skirt, standing with The Movement in front of a GLCW backdrop.)

LADY VERONICA: "I would have to say that all of the fans out there in the arena are ready to see the team that there has been some hype around. Of course, I'm talking about the team that is with me now, Rocky Wellington and Shane Rockwell, the Movement. Okay guys, you're just moments away from your debut match against the High Plains Drifters."

SHANE ROCKWELL: "Listen here hotcakes, we're done living life like those two cowboys. Me 'n' Rocky are gonna go out there and prove to the entire world of wrestling that the MOVEMENT is bigger than they can imagine. That's right, the MOVEMENT is the hottest thing around."

LADY V: "I noticed that Britni isn't with you this evening--"

S.R.: "Just you wait. She's planning something for those rednecks. (He pauses and looks Lady V up and down) As for you though, how about you come and have a little three way action later?"

(Lady V looks at him as if she's just been insulted as Rockwell and Wellington snicker and walk off-camera. Cut to a commercial.)