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10-10-02, 06:55 PM
(FADE-IN: The backstage area. The Jobber sits in a darkened locker room)

THE JOBBER: "Sometimes the fans wonder how long it takes to unwind after the excitement winds down, especially in a title match. In actuality, the pain hasn't even set in on me yet. Oh I'll feel it, I'll feel the pain tomorrow, and it will be hell. But since the conclusion of our match, in this short bit of time that those on the championship committees who want this promotion to go in another direction, they have decided that they want Jared Poe to have a rematch for this title, they want this belt on him. Oh, I could dart off to another promotion, I could take my phone off the hook, I could play games with GLCW for months and put off this rematch for nearly as long as I wanted. But you know what? I want to see this rematch to happen. That pain I'm not feeling yet, it'll hit tomorrow, my mouth will be swollen, by back will ache, and I probably won't be able to do something as simple as drive without pain for a few days. Poe, I want you again, because as much as I'll feel it !
this week, YOU'LL FEEL IT WORSE. You say you thrive on pain, but I know it's a facade. You'll regret this match every day you feel the pain, but I won't, not if I have another shot, another chance to make you feel this pain, and I know that if I put my mind to it, I can drive you out of wrestling Poe. I can make you quit this sport, because you really aren't up to the pain, and the agony. The Television title will be your prize if you can take me in a rematch, but if I do everything I can, you won't be in this business for another day, because you'll be too frightened to ever take another beating."

(CUT-TO: Lady V is standing in front of the GLCW banner about to interview the Movement. Rocky Wellington enters left while Britni and Shane Rockwell enter right. The Movement is dressed in the wrestling gear and Britni is wearing a miniskirt and small black tank top)

SHANE ROCKWELL: "Well, well, well. Lady V you've been the source of some sleepless nights for my boy Rocky, whadda ya say you give him some of the Lady V magic?"

LADY VERONICA: "Look guys, I've been hit on here tonight enough, I'm trying to do my job, not oick up dates."

S.R.: "Listen here sweet 'ums. Last time out, ol' Rocky and myself went out there and beat those two damn cowboys to pieces. Now we've got ourselves in ANOTHER match with those two cow steppin' folk. Not a problem though. (Smacks on a piece of gum.) We beat the hell out of th--"

ROCKY WELLINGTON: "Correction Shane, we beat the BLOODY hell out of them. And I'm sure we shall ride victorious again with our stunning vixxen Britni at our sides."

S.R.: "Boys, you'd all better lace them boots up real tight, 'cause there is something a'stirrin' and a'buzzin'. And it ain't Lady V's lust for ol' Rocky. No, it's the Movement... and it's something that NO ONE can stop. (Shane pulls Britni close.) So you got that cash from JC?"

LADY V: "Oh so it is YOU who JC paid off to help Kraven and Flatliner elimate the other teams?"

S.R.: "Listen here sweetheart, JC simply gave us some money... ain't like we're doing anything for him. In fact, rumor has it that JC is leavin' those two old timers and'll be joining forces with the HOTTEST THANG in GLCW, the MOVEMENT. Now stick that up your ass and try it on for size."

(The Movement and Britni walk away. CUT-TO: Matt Faley standing at mid-ring)

MATT FALEY: "Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time to find out who will be the first-ever Great Lakes Tag Team Champions!! Now, to introduce the teams. First, coming to the ring," (CUE-UP: "Concrete and Clay" by Jurassic 5) "From Glendo, Wyoming, weighing in at 185lbs., DALTON PARKER!! His partner, from Norman, Oklahoma, weighing in at 215lbs., KURT ROGERS!! They are the HIGH PLAINS DRIFTERS!!"

(The crowd cheers as Parker and Rogers come out and Parker wears long black tights a black muscle shirt and a matching cowboy hat, while Rogers wears aknit poncho over his ring gear. They shake a few hands on the way to the ring)

M.F.: "And team number two, coming to the ring, (CUE-UP: "Killin' Floor" by Body Count) "From Detroit, Michigan, at a combined weight of 600lb., RAZE AND NUKE, GRIDLOCK!! They are accompanied by Sly Sterling!!"

(The crowd boos loudly as Gridlock comes out with Sly Sterling leading the way. Both members of Gridlock wear long black tights with elaborate leather and chain straps over their bodies, which they remove at ringside as they shout some threats at the High Plains Drifters)

M.F.: "And team number three, coming to the ring," (CUE-UP: "For Whom the Bell Tolls" by Metallica) "From Pandora Island, at a combined weight of 585lbs., KRAVEN AND FLATLINER, THE UNHOLY ALLIANCE!! They are accompanied by JC!!"

(The crowd boos loudly again as Kraven and Flatliner walks slowly and confidently to the ring, with JC trailing behind them and bragging about his charges to anyone close enough to hear. They wear long black tights with snake designs criss-crossing down the legs of each. Kraven and Flatliner stare at Gridlock before moving over to their corner outside the ring)

M.F.: "And finally, team number four, coming to the ring," (CUE-UP: "Theme to Quake II" by Rob Zombie) "From London, England, weighing in at 256lbs., ROCKY WELLINGTON!! His partner, from Austin, Texas, weighing in at 293lbs., SHANE ROCKWELL!! They are the MOVEMENT!! They are accompanied by Britni!!"

(The crowd mostly boos but some cheers are heard, probably for Britni, who bounces down the aisle ahead of the Movement. Welington wears blue trunks and Rockwell wears black trunks)

TONY ROSS: "This should be one hell of a brawl, Rick! But I gotta say that High Plains Drifters look like midgets compared to these other guys!"

RICK WISEMAN: "Yes, there is a lot of big men in the ring right now, but the Drifters have proven they can hang with the big boys when need be, but the veterans, the Unholy Alliance, is the team to watch in my opinion."

T.R.: "Look out! Here we go!! All eight men are in the ring and brawling!! We have two referees for this match, one on the outside and one on the inside, but that is not helping to keep this match under control right from the start! Rocky Wellington and Kurt Rogers fall out of the ring while Kraven and Flatliner double team Dalton Parker! Al Marinaro manages to get Gridlock into their corners and now he's yelling at Kraven to get out of there! It looks like he wants Flatliner and Parker to start it off! Kraven goes to his corner as JC yells at him to calm down!"

R.W.: "Obviously JC wants his men to win those titles, so he doesn't want them getting disqualified or anything like that. And we now know that the Movement were the ones that were paid off by JC to help them in this match!"

T.R.: "That doesn't surprise me in the least, and that means trouble for Gridlock and the Drifters! King Krusher promised Gridlock a surprise tonight for their actions against Brett Irvine, but that remains to be seen what it is! Ok, it looks like we have some semblance of order restored as Flatliner, who has a tremendous weight advantage in there against Dalton Parker, bludgeons Parker with vicious blows to the back! He gorilla presses Parker and drops him down behind him and laughs about it! He drags Parker to his corner and rams Parker face-first into Kraven's boot! Kraven is tagged in and he comes in and levels Parker with a short clothesline! Brutal!"

R.W.: "I don't know how long Parker can last against these guys. Rogers might want to get in there and lend a hand."

T.R.: "Kraven whips Parker in and Parker comes off and slides under Kraven, gets up, turns around and dropkicks him right in the kisser!! Kraven staggers back and Parker hits him with another dropkick and he falls backwards into the ropes!! He's tied up!! Parker whales away at Kraven's head as the fans count along with him! Here comes Flatliner and loosens the ropes and Kraven is freed! Kraven staggers after Parker, but Parker rolls out of the way and slaps the chest of Shane Rockwell! And Rockwell doesn't look like he wants to come in! Must be the payoff! Kraven seems to know this and he goes over and slaps Kurt Rogers' shoulder! So now it's big Shane Rockwell against Kurt Rogers! Rockwell charges him but gets arm-dragged! Rockwell bounces right back up and eats a flying forearm into a rollup!! 1...2...No!! Rockwell throws him off with authority!"

R.W.: "Rockwell is the larger of the Movement team, and he is just built like a brick house. This guy may have all the tools to make it big someday, but for now he's tagging up with Rocky Wellington from England, hoping to win the tag titles."

T.R.: "Now Rogers goes over and tags in Raze of Gridlock! Raze has no problem with coming in and he goes up to Rockwell and shoves him and he shoves back! These two monsters are staring each other down here and then a collar and elbow tie-up!! Neither man is budging! Ohh!! Raze just kneed him in the gut and then elbows him on the top of the head! That staggers Rockwell into the ropes and Raze whips him to the opposite ropes! Raze with a nasty running clothesline!!"

R.W.: "Hey somebody is running to the ring! That's 'Showtime' Steven James!"

T.R.: "And that appears to be 'The Future' Brett Irvine with him!! He appears to have a clear face mask on!! I thought he was retired!! The crowd is going crazy as James and Irvine hit ringside and they both grab chairs!! They go over and pull Nuke off the apron and ohhh!!!! They hit him with a double chair shot to each side of the head!! Holy smokes!! Nuke goes down and Raze exits the ring and goes after James and Irvine!! Sly Sterling follows closely behind! Raze follows James and Irvine as they lure him away from the ring, brandishing those chairs!!"

R.W.: "The referee is counting Raze out!! He was the legal man in the match and James and Irvine are going to cause Gridlock to be the first team eliminated!"

T.R.: "Raze is not backing down as he and Sterling follow James and Irvine to the locker room entrance, and then James and Irvine suddenly rush him and they nail Raze with the chairs!! One shot to the knee and one to the shoulder!! And then they chase Sterling into the locker room area!! The crowd is eating this up!!"

R.W.: "Gridlock has been counted out!"

T.R.: "Indeed they have, and James and Irvine has successfully driven Gridlock from this match! And it appears to me that Brett Irvine really isn't retired after all! I guess that face mask is going to protect him from further injury!"

R.W.: "A cracked orbital bone is pretty serious, so maybe he was just bluffing in order to get Gridlock to feel that they actually took him out. I guess that this was the surpise King Krusher was talking about.

T.R.: "Now Marinaro is ordering Flatliner into the ring, and he slowly enters while Shane Rockwell goes over and tags Kurt Rogers in! Rogers comes in and slaps Rockwell in the face before charging at Flatliner!! Rogers is all over Flatliner with kicks and punches! Rockwell tries to extract some revenge but Marinaro pushes him to his corner!"

R.W.: "I'll give the Drifters some credit, what they lack in size they make up for in courage and heart!"

T.R.: "Flatliner is stunned by this attack as Rogers drives him into the corner and climbs up and starts punching away as the fans count along! Oops! That took care of that as Flatliner just grabbed him and laid him out with sidewalk slam!! That knocked the wind right out of Rogers! Flatliner pulls him up, lines him up, and hits a devastating savate kick right in the jaw!! Rogers crumples to the mat! Flatliner drags him to his feet again and whips him in! Rogers comes off and tries for a hurricanrana!! No!! Flatliner blocks it and holds him up and then drives him down with the Devil's Drop powerbomb rollup!! 1.....2....3!! The High Plains Drifters are eliminated!!"

R.W.: "Well, he did what he could but Flatliner was just too much for him! Now this should be interesting since JC paid the Movement off and they are the last team in!"

T.R.: "Rocky Wellington steps in and Flatliner slowly sizes him up, but JC is yelling like a maniac about something at ringside! I think he wants Movement to lay down for the Unholy Alliance! Britni is over there and she's telling him no way!"

R.W.: "I don't think laying down was part of the payment plan! The Movement held up their end of the bargain and the other teams are gone!"

T.R.: "JC is screaming at the top of his lungs but he is not going to get his way! He's in Britni's face and Shane Rockwell rolls out and he pushes JC away! In the ring, Kraven and Flatliner go after Wellington and they both double team him as Marinaro tries to get Kraven out of there while Dave Powell tries to maintain order outside the ring! JC backs off but he is furious!"

R.W.: "Apparently he feels that the Movement should lay down for them since he piad them off but no such luck!"

T.R.: "Kraven goes back to the corner as Flatliner pounds away at Wellington! Flatliner hooks him for a release German suplex and he nails him with it! Flatliner covers!! 1....2...No!! Wellington is in a world of trouble here as Flatliner pulls him back up and whips him in and Wellington comes off with a flying forearm out of nowhere!! Wellington is down and now he's crawling for the corner! Flatliner shakes it off and tags in Kraven and Kraven charges in to stop Wellington but it's too late as he tags in Shane Rockwell! Rockwell has about 20 pounds of Kraven and that is quite impressive! Both of these bulls start pounding away at each other with huge rights and lefts! Rockwell gets the advantage and pushes him into the corner where he hits him with a few forearms! Rockwell then hoists Kraven in the air with a double chokehold!! Oh my!!"

R.W.: "What strength by Rockwell! He just deadlifted the 275lb Kraven by his neck!"

T.R.: "Kraven is able to get a kick in and Rockwell releases him! Kraven rams Rockwell headfirst into the turnbuckle and then back suplexes him out of the corner! But Rockwell gets right up as if it didn't affect him!! Kraven looks shocked as Rockwell kicks him in the gut and grabs him for a fallaway slam!!"

R.W.: "We have only seen hints of Rockwell's strength here in GLCW, but he is putting on quite a show in there, throwing Kraven around like a ragdoll!"

T.R.: "Rockwell comes off the ropes and drops a jumping elbow!! Rockwell tags in Wellington as Britni cheers them on! The Englishman comes in and stomps Kraven's face a few times before dragging him up by his hair! Wellington nails him with a few European forearms and whips him in and hits him with a high knee! Welington with a quick cover!! 1...2...No! Rockwell pulls him up by the hair again and tries to slam Kraven but he blocks it! Kraven blocks again and axehandles him to break free! Kraven with a big boot to the face sends Wellington down! Kraven shakes off the cobwebs and drags Wellington to his corner and tags in Flatliner!"

R.W.: "And Rockwell has seen enough as he charges in!"

T.R.: "Look out!! He and Kraven spill over the top rope and out of the ring as Flatliner hits a powerslam on Wellington! Flatliner pulls him right back up and drills him with the Flatline heart punch and Wellington goes down like a ton of bricks!! Kraven got the best of Rockwell on the floor and he rolls back in and pulls Wellington up! Flatliner is climbing the ropes!! Kraven puts Wellington on his shoulders turns his back to Flatliner!! Here comes the Face-Off!! The 300 pounder comes off the top rope and clotheslines the back of Wellington's neck and Kraven drives him down face first!! Wow!! What a move!! Flatliner rolls him up!! 1.....2....3!! We have out first tag team champions and they are Kraven and Flatliner!!"

R.W.: "The Movement put up one hell of a fight in there but the Unholy Alliance was just too much! A huge win for Kraven and Flatliner as JC looks like a schoolkid who just got his first kiss! Al Marinaro presents the Great Lakes tag belts to Kraven and Flatliner and they hold them up in the air with a look of supremecy on their faces!"

T.R.: "And the fans don't like it as the boos rain down upon them! Britni is checking on Wellington in the ring and JC goes over and yells at her! He tells her that they should have laid down when they had the chance! What a jerk! The Movement aren't exactly choir boys but there is no way that they were going to play along with JC on that one!"

R.W.: "Well, regardless, Kraven and Flatliner are the tag champs and I see a long and terrorizing reign for them!"

T.R.: "Ok fans as the Unholy Alliance leaves the ring area, let's take it back to Lady V for an update on King Krusher!"

(CUT-TO: Lady Veronica standing in front of King Krusher's office, as he is being assisted by paramedics)

LADY VERONICA: "Guys, King Krusher has regained consciousness but he is far too groggy and disorientated to referee the Manson/Golem match. Paramedics are taking him to the hospital to do some testing to make sure that everything is OK with him. GLCW President Scott Malec arrived on the scene minutes ago and was totally irate over the situation. He immediately blamed Michael Manson, and he is apparently doing a last minute search for a new referee for the Main Event tonight! We will find out who that is after this commercial break!"

T.R.: "OK fans, stay tuned to Chi-Town Showdown, because you dont want to miss this!"

(Fade to commercial)