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10-18-02, 05:33 AM
(The camera fades into GLCW studios. Rick Wiseman and Tony Ross are seated and talking quietly.)

TONY ROSS: Welcome everyone to another exciting episode of GLCW Recap as we return to Gary, Indiana for a great show.

RICK WISEMAN: Absolutely Tony as the GLCW delivers yet again. Many great matches were set to take place and not one of them disappointed.

TR: But as most good wrestling fans will tell you, it's up to the opening match to set the tempo for all the remaining matches. You need a good performance in the first match of the night to set the mood for a great night of GLCW wrestling action!

RW: I completely agree and in Gary, Indiana, that responsibility fell into the laps of Jon Savage and The Emerald Warrior.

TR: And it was obvious from the get-go that both of these men came set for a war. Let's take a look back at some of the action.

(CUT TO: Jon Savage slowly making his way to the ring with Lyla. CUT TO: Emerald Warrior coming to the ring with Warren Nickolson. CUT TO: Emerald Warrior hitting a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. CUT TO: Emerald Warrior going to pick up Savage after a bodyslam and getting a thumb in the eye for his troubles. CUT TO: Savage hitting several high impact chops to the throat on the Emerald Warrior. CUT TO: The Emerald Warrior countering a blocked left hand into a pumphandle slam. CUT TO: Emerald Warrior hitting Savage with snake eyes.)

TR: Emerald Warrior took control late in the contest and looked to have this match under control, but he let his guard down for just long enough for Savage to recover...

(CUT TO: Emerald Warrior hoisting Savage up for the Torture Rack, only to have Savage slide down his back, hit a kick to the gut, followed by the Jumping Piledriver. CUT TO: Savage making the cover for the three count.)

RW: Great back-and-forth action but Savage proves he was simply the better man on this night.

TR: Exactly. But technical expertise certainly didn't turn out to be the theme of the night.

RW: Well, in the contest, if you were looking for technical wrestling at it's finest, don't look this way. John Skieler and "The Lost Cause" Chris O'Neill threw caution and any semblance of rules to the wind in what turned out to be bedlam.

(CUT TO: John Skieler making his way to the ring. CUT TO: Chris O'Neill making his way to ringside. CUT TO: Both men laying into each other as the ref tries in vain to seperate them. CUT TO: Skieler getting several knees to his face in the corner. CUT TO: The referee seperating them and finally ringing the bell to officially start the match. CUT TO: Skieler clawing at the face of O'Neill. CUT TO: O'Neill with a blantant chokehold. CUT TO: O'Neill hitting a powerslam and then following up with more punches. CUT TO: Skieler getting clotheslined over the top rope. CUT TO: O'Neill trying a Tope Con Hilo but Skieler moving. CUT TO: Both men trading fists on the floor. CUT TO: The referee finishing his 10 count and counting both men out.)

RW: An unforunate ending to a match that was truly a test on the guts of both men. But the double count-out certainly didn't slow them down. In fact, in O'Neill's case, it just gave him reason to cheat further.

(CUT TO: Chris O'Neill hurrying over to get a steel chair and readying to use it.)

TR: But John Skieler got help from an unusual place as Jean Rabesque came out to get himself some of the "The Lost Cause".

CUT TO: Rabesque pulling the chair away from O'Neill. He then tackles O'Neill to the ground and begins pounding away.)

RW: Yeah, well maybe someone should teach Skieler how to take help better...

(CUT TO: Skieler picking up the steel chair and leveling Rabesque across the face with it. CUT TO: Skieler leaving as both O'Neill and Rabesque are down.)

TR: Looks like Jean Rabesque just seems to be racking up the enemies here in GLCW and no doubt he will be looking for retribution from Skieler.

RW: Following that brutal battle, it was refreshing to see two skilled wrestlers go in and showcase what they can do.

TR: Indeed as speed met skill when The Jobber hooked up with "The Wolf".

(CUT TO: The Jobber making his way to ringside with the GLCW Television strap over his shoulder. CUT TO: "The Wolf" Chris McMillan making his way to the ring as The Jobber stalks around inside. CUT TO: The Jobber hitting a overhead suplex on McMillan. CUT TO: McMillan hitting a flipping dropkick on The Jobber. CUT TO: McMillan hitting a springboard spinning heel kick on The Jobber. CUT TO: The Jobber hitting a dropkick to the knee of McMillan. CUT TO: The Jobber draping McMillan's leg over the bottom weight and jumping across the knee. CUT TO: The Jobber hitting his rapid fire kicks to the knee of McMillan. CUT TO: McMillan hitting a drop toe hold on a running Jobber. He then hurries up and hits a quick leg drop. CUT TO: McMillan hitting multiple chops on The Jobber only to be stopped by a quick kick to the knee. CUT TO: The Jobber going for a figure four, but he gets rolled up. He kicks out at two though, and quickly stomps on McMillan. CUT TO: The Jobber going for a piledriver, but having it countered into a spinning DDT. CUT TO: McMillan hitting a second rope legdrop for a two. CUT TO: The Jobber catching a seated dropkick and applying an indian deathlock. CUT TO: McMillan making it to the ropes after almost a minute. CUT TO: The Jobber hitting a dragonscrew legwhip. CUT TO: The Jobber going for a second dragonscrew but getting hit with a enziguiri. CUT TO: McMillan hitting a jawbreaker. CUT TO: McMillan having trouble getting to the top rope. The Jobber gets up before he can get all the way to the top and he adjusts and goes for a double axe handle. The Jobber moves and Chris McMillan collapses when he lands on his sore knee. CUT TO: The Jobber hitting McMillan with the Tiger Driver, followed by applying the Step over Toehold. CUT TO: McMillan making it to the ropes. A frustrating Jobber pulls him up and plants him with a second Tiger Driver. He goes for the cover and gets the three count. Time of match: 16:09)

TR: The Jobber gets the win over a very worthy opponent, Chris McMillan.

RW: McMillan gave The Jobber everything Jobber could've wanted and more, but his body couldn't handle what his mind had planned.

TR: His knee just couldn't withstand the amount of punishment The Jobber gave it after hurting it on consecutive cards. Soon, when that gets healed, McMillan will undoubtedly be back to give The Jobber and everyone else a run for their money.

RW: Well, that is just proof that to succeed in a league as competitive as GLCW, you have to be at the top of your game at all times.

TR: I agree, and as we can tell from the next match, that was only the case for one team.

RW: The High Plains Drifters met the Movement in a match to determine the challengers for the tag team titles.

(CUT TO: The Movement coming out with Britni. CUT TO: The High Plains Drifters coming out. CUT TO: The Movement double-teaming Dalton early. CUT TO: Rockwell hitting a back suplex on Dalton. CUT TO: Rockwell hitting a tilt-a-whirl slam on Dalton. CUT TO: Wellington hitting a Parker with a Full Nelson slam. CUT TO: Wellington going for a chokeslam and Parker countering it into a halfnelson sideslam. CUT TO: Parker making the hot tag. CUT TO: Rogers nailing both men and clotheslining both. CUT TO: Wellington hitting him in the back. CUT TO: Parker coming off the top with a dropkick attempt, but Wellington pushes Rogers in front of Rockwell. CUT TO: Parker getting thrown to the floor. CUT TO: The Movement hitting "The Process" on Rogers. Wellington gets pinfall. Time of match: 7:32.)

TR: The High Plains Drifters couldn't get in sync offensively and versus the type of talent you find in GLCW, it's no shock they came up short on this night.

RW: The Movement proved too much on this night and they are on their way to go up against the team of Kraven and Flatliner.

TR: Up next, we have ourselves a Cuban Death match. Last man standing rules, meaning if you stay up while your opponent stays down for 10 seconds, you win.

RW: Competing are "Showtime" Steven James and "El Diablo" Angel Castillo. James has reason to want revenge as Castillo beat James in the GLCW World title tournament.

TR: Not without help from Sly Sterling. But now, let's go to the footage.

(CUT TO: Stephen James coming to the ring. CUT TO: Angel Castillo walking to the ring with Sly Sterling. He stops and begins throwing trashcans and chairs into the ring. CUT TO: James and Castillo trading punches in the ring. CUT TO: James bodyslamming Castillo. He then goes off the ropes and Sterling pulls down the top rope. CUT TO: Castillo hitting James with a chair. CUT TO: James countering a trashcan lid shot by kicking Castillo in the stomach. CUT TO: James hitting a bulldog on the floor. He then rolls Castillo back into the ring. CUT TO: Castillo getting up at 8. CUT TO: James applying a sleeper and then turning it into a neckbreaker slam. CUT TO: James going off the ropes and Sterling grabbing his ankle. After James yells at Sterling, he turns around and catches an exploder suplex onto a trashcan. CUT TO: James getting up at 7. CUT TO: Castillo hitting a spinning heel kick by the ropes and both men going to the floor. CUT TO: Castillo going over and fighting the bell away from the bell keeper. CUT TO: Castillo getting ready to swing and James hitting him with a superkick. Sterling then grabs at James, and James spins around and punches Sterling in the face. Castillo gets back following Sterling's distraction and swings the bell at James. James then kicks him in the stomach and plants him with a piledriver on the ring floor. James rolls him back into the ring. CUT TO: The ref's count hitting 10 and James getting his hand raised. Time of match: 14:06)

TR: Despite Sterling's best efforts and a great match put on by Angel Castillo, "Showtime" was a man who was not going to be denied on this night.

RW: Speaking of a man who was not going to be denied, Michael Manson has come into the GLCW and has yet to be defeated. He tore through the GLCW Great Lakes title tournament, and, well, he didn't make any friends on his way to the top.

TR: One such wrestler is the "Torture king", Jarod Poe.

RW: Absolutely. Poe was one of the original picks to bring it all home but he had his stint at the top stolen away by Manson. This one is a grudge match but not a Great Lakes title match. Don't ask me how Manson swung that with management...

(CUT TO: Jarod Poe coming down to the ring. CUT TO: Michael Manson slowly walking to the ring, with the GLCW Heavyweight title belt around his waist. CUT TO: Manson hitting Poe with a DDT. CUT TO: Manson hitting Poe with a double-arm DDT. CUT TO: Manson going for a vertical suplex, but Poe hoists him up and instead plants Manson with a Death Valley driver. CUT TO: Poe applying a standing armbar but Manson rakes at his eyes. CUT TO: Manson going for lariat, but Poe countering it into the "Wings of Death". Manson quickly escapes with a mule kick to the nether regions. CUT TO: Manson choking Poe on the ropes. CUT TO: Manson hitting a slingshot over the top rope. CUT TO: Manson attempting a whip into the steps, only to Poe counter it. CUT TO: Poe going over to get a chair, only to have the ref stop him. As the ref takes the chair, Poe turns around and something busted over his face. CUT TO: A close-up on a broken roll of quarters, with a small pile of quarters around it. CUT TO: Manson rolling Poe into the ring. However, Poe somehow kicks at only 2. CUT TO: Manson going for "Sweet Dreams" only to get pushed off and caught in the "Poison Dart" falcon arrow. CUT TO: Poe going for "Fading Light" only to be kneed, probably low. CUT TO: The referee arguing with Manson about the potential low blow as The Masked Blazer runs to ringside. As he runs, he stuffs something into his mask. The Masked Blazer hits Poe with a loaded headbutt as Poe tries to pull himself up the ropes. He spins around in pain and stumbles into the "Sweet Dreams" stunner. He then gets the three count. Time of match: 15:02)

TR: By hook or by crook, Manson again finds a way to win. This time, it comes at the expense of Poe...again.

RW: Credit some of that win to the Masked Blazer. No doubt Poe will be out to get some revenge on his "old friend".

TR: But this all brings us to the main event. Maelstrom tags with the enigmatic Golem to go up against the possibly the toughest team in wrestling today, Kraven and Flatliner.

RW: It would appear war does in fact make odd bedfellows. But the question really becomes how well can these two, Golem and Maelstrom, work together versus the tag champs.

(CUT TO: Kraven and Flatliner coming out holding their tag team titles. CUT TO: Golem coming out by himself. He rushes into the ring and, after mounting a minor amount of offense, begins to get double teamed. CUT TO: Maelstrom running to the ring and going right after Kraven. The referee has apparently no control over this match. CUT TO: Flatliner throwing Golem to the floor. CUT TO: Maelstrom hitting a chokeslam on Kraven, only to be nailed in the back by Flatliner. CUT TO: Golem running back into the ring and getting clotheslined by Flatliner. CUT TO: Kraven putting Golem in a full nelson. CUT TO: Maelstrom getting up and going after Flatliner. The two behemoths exchange punches and tumble into Kraven and Golem and all four go down. CUT TO: Maelstrom getting up first and clotheslining both opponents over the top rope. CUT TO: Golem pushing Maelstrom for not helping out of the full nelson. Maelstrom clenches his hand and spins around and throws a punch. Golem ducks and the punch connects with the returning Kraven. CUT TO: Golem goes for a full-nelson faceslam on Flatliner but can't get his hands locked and Flatliner runs him back first into the corner. CUT TO: Maelstrom going for a clothesline on Kraven, only to have Kraven duck and Flatliner throw him over the top rope to the floor. CUT TO: Golem catches the turning Flatliner with a shoulderbutt to the stomach, and hooks him for the Backdrop Driver. But Flatliner blocks it, and he hoists him, and Kraven comes over and they hit the "Devil's Drop". They get the three count. Time of match: 19:57. CUT TO: Maelstrom running back in and attacking Kraven. He knocks Kraven to the floor and Flatliner rolls out on his own. They then walk to the back as Golem and Maelstrom stare each other down. Golem then turns to walk away and he gets caught by "The Lost Cause" Chris O'Neill. A stunned Maelstrom watches as O'Neill starts to unload on Golem. Suddenly, he decides to help and slaps the Mortal Sin on O'Neill. Golem returns to his feet and he hooks the Claw on simultaneously. O'Neill's energy fades and Golem removes the Claw. Maelstrom releases the Mortal Sin and O'Neill drops to the ground. Golem gets a kick or two in and then he returns and begins to stare at Maelstrom again. He cracks a smile as Maelstrom just stares at him intensely. Golem turns and walks out. CUT TO: Maelstrom just following Golem out with his eyes.)

TR: An exciting match and the tag champions prove that they are no pushovers. They defeated a team of perennial superstars.

RW: And what about Golem and Maelstrom? Those two have issues with eachother, probably stemming from Maelstrom not overturning the decision that Manson won the world title, but if they can get on the same team, they will be definite challenges for the tag champs.

TR: And what about O'Neill at the end? I know he has no respect for the "old guard", but who in their right mind would attack both Maelstrom and Golem by himself? One at a time is dangerous enough.

RW: All good questions and we will answers for them later. But for now, we're all out of time! See you later, folks!"

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