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11-30-02, 11:11 PM
(FADE-IN: Tony Ross and Rick Wiseman at the announcer's desk)

TONY ROSS: "Fans, welcome back to Riptide and during the break we learned that Maelstrom suffered some minor burns after that heinous attack by Michael Manson, and they were concentrated on his forehead and missed his eyes. He will be able to wrestle tonight but will have to wear a bandage, and you can imagine how Maelstrom feels about that! Here is some footage we took during the break!"

(The camera shows Maelstrom being tended to by a GLCW physician in the first aid room of the Metro Centre, and he has a very impatient and violent look on his face as the doctor dresses the wound. Maelstrom finally hits the boiling point, shoves the doctor away and begins tearing apart the room, breaking several glass jars in the process)

RICK WISEMAN: "Michael Manson may have made things much worse for himself here, because Maelstrom is down but definitely not out!"

T.R.: "I wouldn't even say Maelstrom is down! Manson seemed to be inspired by the Masked Blazer's fire attack on Jarod Poe last week, so he decided to add his own personal touch to it! That may have been a fatal mistake! All right fans, let's take it up to Matt Faley!"

(CUT-TO: Matt Faley standing at mid-ring)

MATT FALEY: "In our next match, coming to the ring," (CUE-UP: "There Goes My Hero" by the Foo Fighters) "From Calgary, Alberta, Canada, weighing in at 257lbs., 'THE FUTURE' BRETT IRVINE!!"

(The crowd cheers as Irvine walks to the ring, wearing his clear protective face mask as a result of Gridlock's attack a few weeks back on his eye. Irvine seems to have a pained look on his face, as if the injury is really bothering him)

M.F.: "And his opponent," (CUE-UP: "Firestarter" by Prodigy) "From Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 260lbs., THE MASKED BLAZER!!"

(The crowd boos loudly as the Blazer stalks to the ring, and even through his fiery red and black mask you can see the sadistic look in his eyes. He climbs into the ring and raises his arms high and absorbs the negative reaction)

T.R.: "I don't like the looks of things here for Brett Irvine! His injury seems to be really bothering him, and as you know Gridlock caused that injury by supposedly cracking his orbital bone, and Irvine announced his retirement but only came back to surpise everyone by getting a measure of revenge on Gridlock along with Steven James! But that took its toll on his injury, as it may have gotten worse since then!"

R.W.: "Irvine is a brave kid, but you can't go into a match like this against the Blazer with an injury like that!"

T.R.: "Blazer attacks from behind while Irvine was stretching out by the ropes!! Blazer viciously pummels him down to the mat and stomps away at him wildly! It's like someone let loose a tiger upon Brett Irvine! Blazer kicks and stomps away and then he pulls Irvine up by his hair and now he's working on getting that mask off!! This is brutal! Blazer loosens the straps and finally tears it off! Irvine is in serious trouble now! Irvine gets a few kicks in but Blazer blocks and rakes his eyes! Blazer kicks Irvine right in the face and that could only be doing more damage to that eye!"

R.W.: "Whoever thought this was a good idea for Irvine needs his head examined! Blazer is absolutely focused on ending this kid's career, as if Gridlock didn't do enough damage!"

T.R.: "Blazer rams Irvine's face into the turnbuckle a half dozen times before throwing him to the mat! Now he's grinding his boot on the injured eye of Irvine as he screams out in pain! Look at the look of delight on Blazer's face! This is sick! Somebody throw in the towel before this kid loses his eyesight! Now Blazer pulls him up and hits a brutal DDT! Blazer then slowly and methodically pulls Irvine up and you know he is enjoying the hell out of this! He throws Irvine outside the ring! Blazer follows out and he pulls Irvine up! Oh no!! Not a piledriver!! NOOO!!! A face first piledriver!! Blazer just drove Irvine face first into the concrete!! My God!!"

R.W.: "Blazer does not care what he has to do to hurt someone, he simply thrives on this! As King Krusher mentioned earlier, Blazer is definitely a changed man! He has completely snapped!"

T.R.: "Blazer rolls Irvine back into the ring and he applies the Demon Storm death grip, but it doesn't matter because Irvine is already out! Referee Dave Powell calls for the bell, putting a merciful end to this slaughter! Blazer won't let go! Hasn't this been enough!? Blazer finally lets off as he parades around the ring soaking up the thunderous boos! What a sick, sick man!"

M.F.: "Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, THE MASKED BLAZER!!"

(Masked Blazer grabs the mic from Matt Faley)

MASKED BLAZER: "Irvine! The Future has become the past! Poe! Take a look at this! You're next my friend! You are next!

R.W.: "Speak of the devil!!"

T.R.: "Here comes Jarod Poe and Blazer doesn't see him as he's staring down at Irvine!! Poe grabs a chair, slides into the ring, and takes a baseball swing at the back of Blazer's head!! HOLY SMOKES!! What a shot!! Blazer goes down like he's been shot! Blazer pulls a metal spike out of his pocket!! Oh boy this is gonna get messy!"

R.W.: "Tony, can you imagine what's going to happen at Massive Assault!? Look at what is going on now and multiply that by ten! But for now, Poe is taking a metal spike to Blazer's eye!! Good Lord!"

T.R.: "And the crowd is 100% behind Poe here! There you see the bandages around Poe's eyes from the burns he received thanks to Blazer's fireball! And now he's making sure Blazer will receive the same bandages in kind! Blazer cries out in pain as blood trickles down his mask from the top of his eye! Here comes several wrestlers to break this up!! Jean Rabesque, Steven James, Chris McMillan, and Nick Kurtel all run down and they pull Poe off! Poe is still struggling to get at Blazer! We have mayhem! Several security officers jump in as well and it seems that Poe is restrained!"

R.W.: "Now Gridlock is running down, what do they want!?"

T.R.: "Gridlock has a match later with the Movement but they wade into the pile and go after Steven James and Chris McMillan, two guys they have had problems with! Gridlock takes advantage of the chaos to attack their enemies! Security is able to break that up as well! What a mess! There you see Blazer rolling out of the ring, and he is a bloody mess! Gridlock is being restrained as they really want a piece of James and McMillan! They got something to prove, that is for sure! Poe is dragged to the back and fans I have word that something is going on in the back! Let's take a look!"

(CUT-TO: A hallway in back. Troy Martinez is being followed by a camera as he storms down a hallway and stops at a door. It is King Krusher's office. Martinez bangs on the door)

KING KRUSHER: (from inside) "Who is it?"

TROY MARTINEZ: "It's Martinez."

K.K.: "Come in."

(Martinez enters the office with a scowl on his face)

K.K.: "I only have a few moments Troy, I don't know if you know or not, but we just had a near-riot in the ring."

T.M.: "I'm not worried about that. I can't find Karen anywhere. She said she was going to get some water and she never came back. I looked all over the place and I can't find her anywhere and none of the agents or the crew have seen her. I think that maniac Manson has something to do with it."

K.K.: "All right, well let me sort this out first and I'll get on it. Keep asking the crew about her and keep looking and I'll get some people on it. Maybe she just went out to the car."

T.M.: "Doubtful."

(Martinez scowls and leaves the office. K.K. is shown giving a deep sigh. Fade to commercial)