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11-30-02, 11:12 PM
(FADE-IN: A topographical map of the Great Lakes is shown. A golden GLCW logo materializes over it. CUE-UP: "Are You Ready" by AC/DC. CUT-TO: Outside the Metro Centre in Rockford, Illinois. The marquee is shown scrolling: TONIGHT......GREAT LAKES CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING......7PM.......MAIN EVENT.....KRAVEN AND FLATLINER VS. JEAN RABESQUE AND GOLEM. CUT-TO: The inside of the Metro Centre. A few thousand fans are shown going crazy as they realize the cameras are on. The camera sweeps though the crowd, picking out people holding signs like "MANSON FEARS MAEL", "EDMUNDS IS A SISSY BOY", "SOMEBODY SHOOT SAVAGE", and "LADY V IS MY SEX TOY". CUE-UP: "N.W.O." by Ministry. The crowd goes nuts as Commissioner King Krusher steps from behind the curtain and stands on the ramp. He is wearing a black leather jacket, blue GLCW polo shirt and black jeans.)

KING KRUSHER: "Well hell if it ain't great to be back in Rockford!! (cheap pop) Tonight you people are you going to see one hell of a wrestling show on this week's edition of Riptide, but as usual, I need to address a few things before we get started. That's what Commissioners do so bear with me. As you know, last week I announded the next huge event will be Massive Assault 2002, to be held in Grand Rapids, Michigan at the Van Andle Arena. I also announced that the main event would be Michael Manson vs. Maelstrom for the Great Lakes Heavyweight Title! (crowd pops) Well, I've decided to add a stipulation. Since these guys can't seem to keep their hands off each other, things have become pretty violent. Not only that, but other people like Kraven and Flatliner have become involved, as well as Jean Rabesque and Golem. So I have decided that this match withh be held inside a covered STEEL CAGE!! (crowd roars) No weapons, no interference, everybody is banned from ringside and the referee will only be there to make a three count! Also, I have signed a few other matches! It seems that Jean Rabesque and Sean Edmunds have had quite the issue lately, as these guys have been going at it for years. They are rivals in the truest sense of the word. Well, we're gonna settle who the better man is once and for all. So it will be Jean Rabesque vs. Sean Edmunds in an 'I Quit' Match at Massive Assault! (crowd cheers) That's right, in order to win, one man must make the other say 'I Quit'! I believe that is the best way to settle that issue! And then we have the Masked Blazer, our little neighborhood pyro. Blazer, you and I used to be friends back in the old NFWA days, but now, I see a jealous, bitter man who is trying everything he can to stay relevant in this business. What you pulled last week was a despicable act. At the request of Jarod Poe, I will not fine you or punish you. Poe wants that job to himself. So at Massive Assault 2002, the Masked Blazer will face Jarod Poe in a Detroit Street Fight! Come as you are, bring what you want, no rules, and in order to win you must knock your opponent out for the 10 count! (crowd cheers) So that's all for now! Let's get this thing started!"

(The crowd roars as King Krusher walks behind the curtain. CUT-TO: Tony Ross and Rick Wiseman at the announcer's table)

TONY ROSS: "Hello everybody and welcome to GLCW Riptide here in Rockford, Illinois! Commissioner King Krusher dropped a few bombshells on us a few moments ago, and I for one am excited about Massive Assault 2002 coming up in a few weeks! Maelstrom and Michael Manson will go at it for the title in a covered steel cage!"

RICK WISEMAN: "That may be the only way to contain this feud, Tony, as this rivalry has escalated to epic proportions! This could be the biggest match in a long time in professional wrestling, and it's right here only in GLCW!"

T.R.: "Not only that, but King Krusher has announced two other matches! Jean Rabesque will battle Sean Edmunds in an I Quit Match, and that should be one to remember!"

R.W.: "An I Quit is the ultimate test of manhood! The match does not stop until someone says 'I Quit' and that tag will stay attached to whoever says it for a very long time!"

T.R.: "Also, The Masked Blazer and Jarod Poe will engage in a Detroit Street Fight! That should be a serious exercise in violence!"

R.W.: "Both men are from the Detroit area so obviously this is a fitting match! Blazer has made some claims about Poe's family and his late wife, so it will be very interesting to see how Poe responds tonight!"

T.R.: "Ok fans, we have a huge card tonight, with the main event being a Tag Team Title match with the champions Kraven and Flatliner taking on Jean Rabesque and Golem! Also, Michael Manson will take on Troy Martinez in a non-title match, and if Martinez wins, he will get a guaranteed shot at the belt! Also, Maelstrom takes on Chris McMillan, Gridlock battles the Movement, and much more! Right now, let's take it back to Lady Veronica standing by with 'Showtime' Steven James!"

(CUT-TO the interview area in back, and Lady V is standing by wearing a stunning blue velvet evening dress. Steven James stands next to her in his wrestling gear)

LADY VERONICA: "Thanks guys. I'm here with Showtime Steven James who is about to face off against a tough opponent in the Emerald Warrior. Showtime, how do you feel about your match tonight seeing that you're coming off a loss at the hands of Jon Savage?"

STEVEN JAMES: "Well, Veronica you see it's simple it took not one, but two men to beat me. Once again the wrestlers in the GLCW have proved my point and that point is that no man in the federation could beat me one on one, face to face, mono a mono."

LADY V: "Well how do you feel about facing a man who went through the tough Power Plant so quickly?"

SJ: "Oh, did the Emerald Warrior go through the Power Plant??? I HADN'T HEARD!! Anyway, Lady V you know that's not the question you want to ask me. What you really want to know is why I didn't have a interview with you last time isn't it?"

LADY V: "Well, why didn't you?"

SJ: "Well, you see Missy V, I had to get prepared with my match with Jon Savage, but I'm sorry and it won't happen again because I know how much you look forward to talking to me."

LADY V: (begins to blush) "Well, Good luck with your match tonight."

SJ: "Well thank you Veronica, and remember if any of these no-class Jackasses ever try coming on to you, you just let me know and I'll take care of them ok?"

Lady V: (nervous giggle) Ok, I will. Good luck."

SJ: "Thank you."

(Steven James walks away as Lady V watches him go. CUT-TO: Matt Faley standing at mid-ring)

MATT FALEY: "Ladies and gentlemen, in our first match, coming to the ring," (CUE-UP: "The Final Countdown" by Europe) "From Seattle, Washington, weighing in at 260lbs., THE EMERALD WARRIOR!! He is accompanied by Warren Nickolson!"

(The crowd gives a decent pop as the Warrior makes his way to the ring, wearing long green tights and green and black face paint. Nickolson trails behind him giving words of encouragement)

M.F.: "And his opponent," (CUE-UP: "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen) "From Warwick, Rhode Island, weighing in at 240lbs;, 'SHOWTIME' STEVEN HAMES!!"

(The crowd cheers as Steven James emerges from the curtain and jogs to the ring, slapping some hands on the way. He wears long blue and yellow tights with a jagged design on them and a blue unbuttoned shirt, which causes the girls in the audience to scream when he takes it off)

T.R.: "OK, here we go with two up-and-coming youngsters in the ring looking to climb the proverbial ladder here in GLCW! James is coming off a loss to Jon Savage and wants to avenge that but Emerald Warrior stands in his way! They lock up and Warrior shoves James away and flexes his muscles! James pushes the Warrior in anger and Warrior shoves back! They begin exchanging lefts and rights and Warrior gets the upper hand with a side headlock! James backs into the ropes and shoves Warrior off! Warrior rebounds into a high dropkick from James!"

R.W.: "He got some serious air on that one and it just shows the athleticism of Steven James, who is bound for glory here in GLCW! He just needs some more experience."

T.R.: "Warrior is back up and he walks into a deep armdrag from James! James holds the arm with an armbar as he looks out to the crowd and yells, and they respond! Warrior gets to his feet and reverses the hold and twists James arm into a chicken wing! James tries to elbow out but to no avail! James is able to back Warrior into the corner and the hold is broken! Warrior with the clean break and they immediately lock up again and James with a knee to the gut followed by an uppercut! James hooks Warrior and hits a big belly to belly suplex! James comes off the ropes with a knee to the head and a cover!! 1....2....No! James pulls Warrior up and whips him in! A reversal! James comes off and Warrior with a big backdrop!"

R.W.: "James almost went into orbit on that one and the Warrior is putting his power on display here against the smaller Steven James!"

T.R.: "There you see Nickolson encouraging the Warrior from the outside as the Warrior pulls James up and hits a vertical suplex! Warrior pulls him right back up and hits a big implant slam! A pin!! 1.....2....No!! Warrior drags James to his feet and punches James a few times before backing him into the ropes! James tries to fight back with rights and lefts! Warrior blocks a left and knees James in the ribs and axehandles his head! He pushes James into the corner and starts to work over the ribs some more! James gets a huge elbow to the face in and goes behind Warrior! He hits a snap sleeper neckbreaker!! Wow!! 1......2.....3 and that will do it! Steven James pulls out a big win here in Rockford!"

M.F.: "Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, 'SHOWTIME' STEVEN JAMES!!"

R.W.: "James hit that move out of nowhere and you can just see the torque that was put on Warrior's neck on that one, and that was good enough to put him away. Things are looking up for Steven James here in GLCW."

T.R.: "James exits the ring the victor, but wait a minute! Here comes Michael Manson! The Great Lakes Champion has entered the ring with the belt and some kind of large white card and he rolls Warrior out of the ring and threatens to nail Nickolson! He gets out of Dodge! Now he calls Matt Faley over to him! Faley obliges and Manson hands him the card and tells him to hold it up! What does it say!? 'PLEASE MAELSTROM COME TO THE RING IF YOU ARE NOT BUSY'!? What is this lunatic up to!"

R.W.: "Manson always has something up his sleeve so if I were Maelstrom I would think twice about coming out here!"

T.R.: "And now Manson lies down in the ring and is using the belt for a pillow! He's mock sleeping! What is this guy doing! Apparently he's waiting for Maelstrom to come out! The crowd is really booing this display as they have grown impatient with Manson's tactics!"

(crowd pops huge)

R.W.: "And here comes Maelstrom! He's walking slowly to the ring and I don't blame him, because who knows what Manson is up to!"

T.R.: "The Great Lakes Champion continues to lie in the ring as Maelstrom enters the ring carefully! Maelstrom gets near him and Manson 'wakes up' and rolls right out of the ring! What's going on here!? Maelstrom is clearly irritated and follows him out! Manson pulls something out of his pocket and grabs a beer from a fan!! It's a lighter!! Manson chugs the beer and OH MY GOD!!! Mason just spit fire at Maelstrom!! He used the lighter and spit the beer into it creating a flame jet!! Maelstrom is down and covering his face as Manson calmly walks away like nothing happened!"

R.W.: "Now Kraven and Flatliner are on their way to the ring and it seems like Manson opened a huge door for them, and this quite a cowardly way of going about getting at Maelstrom!"

T.R.: "Look at this!! Manson unfolds a chair and sits down and watches the Unholy Alliance beat down a prone Maelstrom on the floor!! This is disgusting!! The fans are nearly rioting over this display! Garbage is being thrown in mass quantities as Manson looks on with an amused look on his face! Here comes Jean Rabesque and Golem!! Both men sprint to the ring as the fans erupt and they lay into the Unholy Alliance! Huge rights and lefts are thrown by both men as the fight goes to the other side of the ring and up the aisle!! What a brawl, they are really laying into each other! But neither team is backing down!!"

R.W.: "Maesltrom is getting some attention right now and Manson is still over there looking at him with that smug look on his face! Unreal!"

T.R.: "All four men disappear behind the curtain! Fans, we have to take a break! We'll be back after this message on Fox Sports Net!"

(Fade to commercial as Maelstrom is shown having a towel applied to his face)