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12-30-02, 10:49 PM
(FADE IN: The cameras are backstage once again in Michael Manson’s locker room, and he is being released by security, once done, he begins looking around the room, and he then approaches one of the security guards)

MANSON: "Tempest? Where is Tempest??"

(the guard just shrugs his shoulders)

MANSON: "This is bull! I really don’t have time for this....."

(CUTTO: Tony Ross and Rick Wiseman at the GLCW announce booth)

TONY ROSS: "Well, fans, Mike Manson has been released from inside his locker room, but it turns out that Tempest is nowhere to be found. To be honest, it doesn’t seem like anybody has any clue where he has gone."

RICK WISEMAN: "I’m sure somebody knows, and I’m also sure we’ll be finding out soon enough. I think it will be interesting to see how this effects Manson as this match is getting ready to take place."

T.R.: "That’s right. Just as Rick said, our main event is upon us, and this promises to be one of the greatest matches in the GLCW’s short history. Let’s get to Matt Faley for the introductions."

(CUTTO: Matt Faley in the ring)

MATT FALEY: "Ladies and gentlemen, this match is an 3-way elimination match for the GLCW GREAT LAKES CHAMPIONSHIP!!" (crowd pops, CUEUP: "The Day the World Went Away" by Nine-Inch Nails) "Coming to the ring, the first challenger, from Death Valley, California, weighing in at 238 lbs., GOLEM!!"

(Golem, his ever fuzzy self, comes to the ring to a LOUD pop, as he is dressed in black, as he walks to the ring, he enters the ring, slowly and jumps around a bit before raising an arm to the fans, who respond in force.)

M.F.: "And the next challenger..(CUEUP :"Shadow Man" by W.A.S.P..) From Hell, Michigan, weighing in at 265 lbs, JAROD POE!!"

(Poe comes to the ring to a mostly positive response from the crowd, his generally look in unkempt, he wears all black and sports his numerous piercings, he also slowly walks to the ring, never taking his gaze from Golem, as he enters the ring, the two make obvious eye contact, and then both turn towards the entranceway, CUEUP: "Mechanical Animals" by Marilyn Manson)

M.F.: "And their opponent, weighing in at 230 lbs., he is the GLCW Great Lakes Champion, MICHAEL MANSON!!"

(crowd lets out with the biggest boos of the night, some fans are noticeably restrained from throwing things as Manson walks down the ramp, he is also dressed in black, but his demeanor is one of concern, as he is looking around, he slowly, almost hesitantly walks into the ring)

T.R.: "And we’re off to a flying start here as Poe and Golem immediately attack Manson as he enters the ring, the two are pummeling him with rights and lefts, and Manson is left with nothing to do but cover up."

R.W.: "Also, did you notice how distracted Manson looked as he came out to the ring, it is obvious that Tempest being missing is obviously weighing on his mind."

T.R.: "Manson manages to crawl out between Golem and Poe and runs off the opposite turnbuckle, both Poe and Golem duck a clothesline, and they hit a double backdrop onto Manson! They both hop on for a cover, 1-2-and Manson just kicked out of the double pin."

R.W.: "it’s becoming clearly obvious what the strategy for Poe and Golem is here, and maybe that’s what the glance the two shared before the match was all about. "

T.R.: " Apparently so, because they are now totally putting the boots to Manson. Golem now picks up Manson, and hits a takeover suplex, follows through with a cover, 1-2-and Manson is again able to kick out."

R.W.: "Now Poe gets a shot, as he scoops up Manson, and he hits a slam! And now Poe drops a leg right onto the throat of Mike Manson!"

T.R.: "And now Golem gets a few shots of his own in, as he locks in an armbar, Poe bounces off the rope, DROPKICK INTO THE RIBS OF MANSON!"

R.W.: "And Golem continues to lock the armbar onto Manson, who slowly makes it to the ropes."

T.R.: "Golem and Poe are working well together here, and it seems as though the referee is going to let all three men stay in the match at all times."

R.W.: "Manson is now slowly getting back to his feet, and Golem again kicks him right back down. Listen to the crowd here they are totally eating all of this up. Manson is now trying to get some offense in on Golem, but Poe responds with some brutal shots that take him right back down."

T.R.: "With Manson down, Golem is taking a few seconds to play to the crowd a bit, AND POE CLOTHESLINE HIM RIGHT IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD!"

R.W.: "Well, so much for that strategy!"

T.R.: "Jarod Poe is now pummeling Golem in the back of the head with rights and lefts as Golem is laying prone on the mat! You have to give Poe credit there, this match is every man for himself. Poe used Golem to gain an advantage on Manson, and when Golem was no longer useful to him, Poe took advantage of an opportunity."

R.W.: "But what this also means is right now as Poe pounds away on Golem the Manson gets to take a breather, and he needs every bit of it after that initial onslaught. Poe now whips Golem into the corner, and hits a knee right to the gut of Golem, and Golem goes down, also clutching his ribs."

T.R.: "Jarod Poe, definitely now in control of this match in the early stages."

R.W.: "Manson is now making it slowly up to his feet, Poe charges towards him, and Manson moves and throws Poe out of the ring. And Manson makes a move towards Golem, here’s a cover, 1-2-and Golem kicks out!!"

T.R.: "Manson is always thinking in that ring. Like him or not, it’s that kind of thing that makes him the Great Lakes Champion, he almost was able to capitalize on what Poe had done to Golem."

R.W.: "And now Manson works over Golem, picks him up, Northern Lights Suplex!!! He picks him up again, German suplex!!! Manson rolls through, and hits another!! Rolls through again, and completes the trifecta of German Suplexes onto Golem!!! He bounces off the ropes, and Poe grabbed his leg from the outside! Poe now climbs on the apron, leaps up over the top rope and lands a leg onto Manson, here’s a cover, 1-2-no! Manson is able to get out! "

T.R.: "That’s a little more high-flying than what would generally see out of Poe, and now Poe is digging those spikes on his hands into Manson’s forehead, and listen to Manson scream! The referee is now forcing Jarod Poe to break that hold."

R.W.: "Poe now picks up Manson and executes a nice Death Valley Driver onto Mike Manson!! And it looks Poe could be smelling some blood here. He has Manson up, and is going for the Fading Lights. He has Manson double underhooked, and Manson reversed it into a back body drop! But now Golem is back up, clothesline to Manson. Golem covers Manson, 1-2-NO! Golem sees Poe, and covers 1-2-NO! Golem almost had both of them there!"

T.R.: "And now Golem picks up Manson, and goes for a Death Valley Driver of his own, Manson slides off through, and hits ANOTHER German Suplex to Golem! You have to be wondering how Golem’s neck is putting up with all of this!"

R.W.: "Manson quickly up to the top, MOONSAULT out of nowhere onto Golem! Cover, 1-2-NO!"

T.R.: "Manson surprised me with that move. I thought it would be too early for a move like that, but Manson was able to hit."

R.W.: "Poe gets back to his feet, and he starts laying the boots into Golem, and now it seems as though Manson and Poe are working together on Golem."

T.R.: "Well, this is definitely a combative situation, and these wrestlers will do absolutely anything to give them a better shot at winning the match."

R.W.: "Poe is now holding up Golem, and Manson is just laying into him with rights and lefts, and a furious kick to the gut by Manson takes Golem down. Poe Now takes Golem to the middle corner, and Poe ascends to the middle rope and hits a nice Tornado DDT, another cover, 1-2-and Golem manages to kick out!!!"

T.R.: "They now whip Golem into the ropes, Golem ducks, bounces off again and hits a double clothesline! The crowd erupts as all three men are down to the mat."

R.W.: "The referee has now started the count, as all three men are stirring but neither has made it to their feet. Golem to his feet first, follows Manson. Manson throws a right, and it’s blocked. A left, and it’s also blocked. Golem lands some shots of his own, and now a clothesline sends Manson over the top rope to the outside!"

T.R.: "Poe was coming from behind, but Golem saw him and moved, Poe runs face first into the corner, he bounces off, SMALL PACKAGE BY GOLEM! 1-2-and Poe BARELY kicks out of that one!"

R.W.: "Golem is now in control as he DDTs Poe to the mat, Poe is down! Golem comes off the rope, and hits a neck snap to Poe. Golem needs to be careful not to catch himself on any of Poe’s multiple piercings. Now Golem picks up Poe and Hot Shots him across the top rope, Poe is stunned, GOLEM HITS A TIGER SUPLEX INTO A BRIDGE, COVER, 1-2-NO!!!!"

T.R.: "And again the crowd thought that Golem had that one, even though there is still a large contingent of fans pulling for Jarod Poe on this one."

R.W.: "Now it’s Golem who seems to be smelling a bit of blood. He could be going for his Backdrop Driver. He has won many a match with this very move. HE HAS POE UP!!!"

T.R.: "And now he drops him once he saw the Mike Manson had gotten on the ring apron with a chair in his hand. The referee is now fighting with Manson to get that chair out of his hands. The referee finally wins out and grabs the chair. He is now trying to clear it out of the ring! WAIT! Manson had another chair set up! He grabs that one and swings it at Golem! Golem ducks! MANSON JUST THREW SOMETHING IN THE EYES OF GOLEM!!"

R.W.: "Did you see that Tony?!!!! Manson had salt taped to the back of that chair!!! After he swung and missed, he grabbed the salt, and threw it directly into the eyes of Golem!!! Golem is writhing around the ring, almost like he’s spasming! Manson goes for the cover, FOOT ON THE ROPES! 1-2-and Golem just barely had enough ring sense to kick out of that!!"

T.R.: "And the best part about the entire thing for Manson is that the referee saw absolutely none of that as he was busy putting the other chair that Manson had brought to the ring away. Both Poe and Manson now have Golem up, and Golem can’t defend himself!! They’re just trading shots on Golem as Golem flails his arms, trying to do anything to defend himself!"

R.W.: "Manson now hits a Dragon Suplex! Cover, 1-2-NO!"

T.R.: "Wait, Poe capitalizes and attacks Manson! BULLDOG!! He now picks up Manson, BLACK CIRCLE OF DEATH! That was an airplane spin into a diamond cutter! Cover!! 1-2-NO!!! How did Manson kick out of that?"

R.W.: "That was good strategy by Poe there. He really has been a master manipulator in this match. This isn’t something we would expect from the man who is by far the least experienced in this match, but this goes to show how good Jarod Poe really is!"

T.R.: "Golem is now slowly getting back to his feet. He charges Poe but again misses, Poe gets a bulldog of his own to Golem!!! Poe is now picking up Golem and is sitting him on the turnbuckle! He could be going for the Sudden Impact here! He has Golem in position!!!"

R.W.: "Golem pushes him off, though!! Golem is now climbing to the top rope, and I’m not really sure this is what Golem really should be doing!"

T.R.: "Agreed Rick, and Golem goes for a top rope elbow, but Poe rolled out of the way!! Golem got caught up in the heat of the moment and tried to make a move that is really not his best!!!"

R.W.: "So let’s see if Poe can capitalize on this!! Golem really seems to have hit hard on the mat as he went down!! Poe crawls over to Golem, WINGS OF DEATH! Poe has a sleeper on Golem, and Golem is again writhing in agony, and the crowd is split between the two men!!"

T.R.: "Golem is really tying to hold on here, but it appears as though he might be having trouble dealing with the immense pain that this move would obviously cause! Listen to Golem’s supporters trying to urge Golem to get to the rope, and he inches every closer! He’s almost within grabbing distance, but Poe moves him back into the middle of the ring! GOLEM IS ABOUT TO TAP!!"

(CUTTO: the entrance ramp, where Masked Blazer is walking quickly towards the ring, yelling obscenities towards Poe)

R.W. :"WAIT! Here comes Masked Blazer!! Poe sees him and releases the hold on Golem! Blazer has walked completely around the ring and is now standing over here by us at the announce table. Poe is standing in the ring, and the two are just completely shouting at each other! This is one of those bitter feuds that really just keeps getting worse and worse. The referee is standing in between the two trying to retain some semblance of order, but the two just continue to jaw at each other!"

T.R.: "And now Manson is getting back to his feet, and he notices Golem, who is still almost out from the sleeper that Poe had just put on him. And now Manson, walks over and he puts the Tourniquet on Golem! That crossface is brutal, and how can Golem stand two moves like this in a row??"

(CUTTO: On the big screen, we see Tempest tied up in the back, a gag across his mouth, dressed only his underwear, across his chest reads a sign that says "To Pandora, With Love...," Manson is irate at this, and begins screaming in the ring)

R.W.: "It’s Tempest!!! Tempest is tied up in the back, and that explains why Manson couldn’t find him earlier. Manson has released the hold again, and again Golem is spared. Manson is SCREAMING in the ring. Who is responsible for this??"

(CUTTO: Back to the entrance ramp, Maelstrom makes his appearance, a grin going from ear to ear as he walks towards the ring)

T.R.: "IT’S MAELSTROM! Maelstrom has tied up Tempest in the back, and look at Manson, he looks like he could explode! It’s not very often that Mike Manson is outsmarted, but this is definitely what has happened here!!"

R.W.: "And Manson doesn’t seem to like it one bit, as he continues to scream out Maelstrom who is still walking towards the ring! Maelstrom now had made it to the ring. Golem is back to his feet!! Waistlock by Golem onto Manson! He pushes Manson into the ropes, as he does it, Maelstrom sticks a gag in Manson’s mouth. That looks like the gag on Tempest!! The referee turns around, ROLL UP BY GOLEM!!! 1-2-3!!! NO!!!! Manson somehow kicked out!!!"

T.R.: "That was about as close as a fall can possibly get!!! And look at Maelstrom, that smile has completely disappeared from his face, and it is obvious that he thought Manson was pinned there as well!!"

R.W.: "Meanwhile, Masked Blazer has made his way up to the ring apron, he swings a right at Poe, Poe ducks, dropkick to Blazer!! Blazer just went crashing into the rail on the outside, he seems to be out on the outside. Golem is now coming up on Poe, BACK DROP DRIVER!!! There it is!!!! 1-2-3!! NO!!!!! Poe managed to kick out of Golem’s finisher!!!"

T.R.: "Golem can’t believe it, meanwhile Manson, has come from behind Golem, he turns, kick, SWEET DREAMS!!! SWEET DREAMS TO GOLEM!! 1-2-3!!!! NO!!!! Golem kicked out of the Sweet Dreams!!!!"

R.W.: "And now it’s Manson who’s stunned, and now Maelstrom is the one who is up on the apron, but he’s not doing anything, he’s just smiling at Manson. Why is he smiling?"

T.R.: "It’s because Jarod Poe has gotten back to his feet, and is standing behind Manson! Manson has no idea that Poe has gotten back to his feet. Poe seems impervious to pain here! Manson turns around, POISON DART FALCON ARROW PRESS SLAM!!!! Manson is out in the corner!!!!"

R.W.: "Poe seems poised to pin the Great Lakes Champion here!!! This really could be it!!!"

T.R.: "NO!!! Golem has somehow gotten back to his feet, TIGER SUPLEX ON POE!!! HERE’S A COVER, 1-2-3!!!! GOLEM HAS PINNED JAROD POE!!!"

R.W.: "What a pinfall for Golem there, as he is slowly getting back to his feet, but Manson’s up as well, SWEET DREAMS STUNNER!! THE SWEET DREAMS AGAIN TO GOLEM!! COVER, 1--2--3!!! MICHAEL MANSON WINS IT!!!!"

T.R.: "Maelstrom is STUNNED on the outside of the ring! Manson just pinned to Golem to retain the Great Lakes Title!!!"

MATT FALEY: Here is your winner and STILL GLCW Great Lakes Champion, MICHAEL MANSON!!!" (CUEUP: "Mechanical Animals" by Marilyn Manson)

R.W.: "I can’t believe it!! Manson is still the champion! Maelstrom enters the ring!! And Maelstrom is now taking it out on Manson!! He grabs Manson by the throat, CHOKE SLAM!! The crowd goes insane!!"

T.R.: "BUT HERE COME KRAVEN AND FLATLINER!! They attack Maelstrom from behind and are now pummeling away on him!! And now Masked Blazer has gotten back into the ring, and is completely unloading on Jarod Poe!!"

R.W.: "Both Manson and Golem are slowly starting to revive, but Maelstrom and Poe are being totally destroyed!!"

T.R.: "AND HERE COMES JEAN RABESQUE!! Jean Rabesque is coming to the ring, and he goes after Kraven! The crowd is going ballistic in here as Rabesque and Kraven are going at it, Flatliner and Maelstrom are going at it, Poe is starting to comeback against Blazer, and now Golem is going after Manson!!"

R.W.: "Looks like we have a 4 on 4 here Tony!!"

(The "Unholy Alliance" can all be seen being dumped to the outside and congregating to the outside, Manson clutching onto his Heavyweight Title belt)

T.R.: "What action! It seems as though we have an alliance, as uneasy it might be between Rabesque, Maelstrom, Poe, and Golem! These four may be able to combat the reign of terror Manson, Blazer, Kraven, and Flatliner have brought to the GLCW!"

R.W.: "And what crowd response these four are getting! And even though Manson walked out of Riptide the champion, both Golem and Poe put up valiant efforts tonight!"

T.R.: "That is correct, and you have to figure that is only a matter of time until these men get their hands on gold here in the GLCW!! That’s all the time we have for tonight ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of Lady Veronica in the back, and my tag team partner Rick Wiseman, I’m Tony Ross, so long from Kalamazoo and make sure you tune in next week for Massive Assault 2002!!"

(FADEOUT to the shot of Maelstrom, Rabesque, Golem, and Poe in the ring as the crowd roars in approval)

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