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01-22-03, 01:34 AM
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Jan-22-03 AT 00:08 AM (EST)](FADEIN: Tony Ross and Rick Wiseman at the announce table at Massive Assault)

TONY ROSS: "Ok, we’re back, and our next match features two men who have recently engaged in what might be the most brutal feud in the history of the GLCW."

RICK WISEMAN: "That’s right Tony, in the past few months we have seen Masked Blazer and Jarod Poe absolutely destroying each other all over the Great Lakes region. Tonight will be the night where the score is settled once and for all."

T.R.: "There are even those out there who think that if it were not for Masked Blazer, Jarod Poe would be the Great Lakes Champion right now."

R.W.: "That is definitely a distinct possibility Tony, and we’ll never know how that match would have turned if Blazer had not interfered."

T.R.: "This is one of those feuds that only a street fight could settle, and that’s exactly what we have tonight, as Jarod Poe takes on Masked Blazer in a Detroit Street Fight!!! Let’s head up to Matt Faley in the ring."

(CUTTO: Matt Faley in the ring)

MATT FALEY: "This match is scheduled for one fall and is a DETROIT Street Fight!! (Crowd pops, CUEUP: "Firestarter" by Prodigy) Coming to the ring, from right here in Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 260 lbs, THE MASKED BLAZER!!"

(Blazer walks out and the crowd lays into him with a good amount of boos, he is dressed in a red shirt and black windbreaker pants, along with his trademark mask, his normal confident demeanor is replaced by something a bit more skeptical, CUEUP: "Shadow Man" by W.A.S.P.)

M.F.: "And his opponent, from Hell, Michigan, weighing in at 265 lbs., this is JAROD POE!!"

(Crowd pops for Poe, who casually walks to the ring, he with a much more confident demeanor, he is also dressed in street clothes, only his are completely black, along with his normal excess adornments)

T.R.: "This two men don’t waste any time here as they begin to lay into each other! Blazer throws a right, but Poe ducks and hits a swift clothesline, taking Blazer down!"

R.W.: "How ironic is it Tony that these two Michigan natives fight out here in Michigan Tony."

T.R.: "It’s definitely a unique occurrence, but right now Jarod Poe is all over Blazer, he has taken him down to the mat, and is leveling him! Listen to the crowd, they are absolutely loving this!"

R.W.: "This could be getting ugly in a hurry, Poe is going to the outside!!"

T.R.: "Jarod Poe is now grabbing a chair! He throws into the ring, Blazer picks up the chair! He swings, and Poe ducks, Poe connects with a spinning heel kick into the chair, which connected with Blazer’s face!"

R.W.: "Poe is proving he is far too quick for Blazer there. He is back up and is staying on the attack!"

T.R.: "He now has Blazer up, beautiful takeover suplex! Back up, and a belly to back suplex! Poe stays on the attack, off the rope, and knee drop to Blazer!!"

R.W.: "Poe is continuing the onslaught, and it is really looking like Blazer just didn’t show up to wrestle tonight. You would think after the heated feud these two have had this match would mean more."

T.R.: "And now Jarod Poe is gouging Masked Blazer in the eye with those piercings on his hands! This is all completely legal, and Masked Blazer is writhing in pain! Look! A hole has been opened in Blazer’s mask, right around the eye, and there is blood spewing from Masked Blazer!!"

R.W.: "Pretty soon that eye is going to completely close, and Blazer will be seeing with only one eye."

T.R.: "Poe relents, and Blazer staggers to his feet, but Poe is just teasing him, look at Jarod Poe stalking Masked Blazer, he stands behind him, Black Circle of Death right down onto Blazer!! Cover, 1-2-and Poe pulls Blazer up!!"

R.W.: "Usually, I would say that that was not the smartest move, but Poe has waited for this for a very, very long time, and Blazer is putting up no offense!"

T.R.: "Poe now drags Blazer over to the turnbuckle! He places Blazer on top and ascends to the second rope himself. He has Blazer up, Sudden Impact!!!"

R.W.: "I think Poe might be ready to put Blazer out of his misery here, as Blazer continues to gush blood from his forehead. This is one of the most gruesome beating I have ever seen in my life! But Poe is now content to this conventionally, he is going outside for some plunder!"

T.R.: "That’s right Poe, has brought a table into the ring! He has it set up, he grabs Blazer, Blazer attempts to throw some rights, but Poe merely shrugs them off! Poe has Blazer up on the rope, he again ascends, and hits another Sudden Impact release suplex, this time through the table!!!!"

R.W.: "This one is academic."

T.R.: "Here’s the cover, 1-2-3!!!!"

MATT FALEY: "Here is your winner, JAROD POE!!" (CUEUP: "Shadowman" by W.A.S.P.)

T.R.: "A big win in easy fashion for Jarod Poe tonight as he demolishes Masked Blazer, and a disappointing match for Blazer, as I wouldn’t be surprised if this were the end of his GLCW career after a showing like that."

R.W.: "Time will tell with that one, but I’m sure Poe will be happy to move past this feud."

T.R.: "Now, let’s cut back to Lady Veronica in the backstage area, with a developing situation."

(CUTTO: Lady Veronica is standing backstage, a very pale, shocked expression on her face, she speaks very softly, as if she were still in shock)

LADY V: "Well, Tony, none other than Jared Justice was just able to enter the building. He somehow snuck past security, and was trying to enter Michael Manson’s locker room, with a blowtorch in his hand. I’ve never really seen anything like that, but security was eventually able to restrain Justice before the situation completed escalated. However, it is also very possible that it was Justice that Karen Jewello had went to go see. I’m not sure right now, and if anything else becomes available, we’ll let you know. Back to you, Tony and Rick."

(CUTTO: Tony and Rick at the announce booth)

TONY ROSS: "A developing situation to say the least, we will definitely have to monitor this situation as it goes on. I haven't heard anything from Jared Justice in a long time and he may be here to extract revenge for Troy Martinez and Karen Jewello! We’ll be back right after this!"

(FADEOUT to a GLCW promo for the next house card in Hammond, Indiana)