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08-04-02, 07:50 PM
(FADE-IN: The camera pans around Cobo Hall, showing more fans in various states of silliness. One rather obese man pulls up his shirt as if to flash his "man-boobs" to the camera. Then the camera pans over a bit and we see two brunettes in their late teens, both wearing black tank tops that leave little to the imagination, and both tease flashing the camera as if to show up the fat guy. CUT-TO: Matt Faley standing at mid-ring)

MATT FALEY: "Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for the MAIN EVENT!!? ARE YOU READY!!? (crowd roars) First, coming to the ring," (CUE-UP: "The Day the World Went Away" by Nine Inch Nails) "From Death Valley, California, weighing in at 238lbs., GOLEM!!"

(The crowd erupts with boos as Golem emerges from the curtain and stalks to the ring, wearing black trunks and black boots, sneering at the fans and scaring a few kids along the way with his claw. He climbs into the ring and yells out in anger at the crowd booing him)

M.F.: "And his opponent," (CUE UP: "Narcosynthesis" by Nevermore) "From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 260lbs., 'THE ERADICATOR' TROY MARTINEZ!! He is accompanied by Karen Jewello!!"

(Martinez emerges from the curtain to cheers for one of the few times in his career with Jewello in tow. Martinez wears a black leather jacket with no shirt and blue jeans with black boots. Jewello is in full goth regalia, wearing a long-sleeve see-through fishnet top with a black bra underneath and tight leather pants and heels)

TONY ROSS: "Martinez getting a warm reception here in Detroit, and maybe its the fans applauding him for the great career he has had! Or maybe its because the fans hate Golem so much that they would much rather cheer Martinez!"

RICK WISEMAN: "There is no doubt that Golem is one of the most hated wrestlers in the world, if not THE most hated! He just has a general bad attitude towards everyone and everything, and combine that with a superiority complex and you got a guy that the fans love to hate! Take nothing away from Golem's ability though, he has proven time and time again that he can run with the big boys!"

T.R.: "Golem has guaranteed he will win this tournament, and I have to believe he is definitely one of the favorites here! But he has a huge obstacle in Troy Martinez to go through! Both of these men were fairly successful in the FWF, although they didn't win any major titles, their win/loss record spoke for itself!"

R.W.: "Golem has some high-flying technical ability while Martinez possesses a more ground-based wrestling and brawling style, and we will see how the styles clash here!"

T.R.: "Golem is already trying to psyche out Martinez with some trash-talking, but it's not working and Martinez slaps him right in the face! Karen Jewello bails out of the ring and here we go with our main event! Both men are exchanging huge rights and lefts and Martinez gets the advantage and staggers Golem into the corner! He whips Golem across viciously and he hits the turnbuckles with massive force and collapses to the mat!!"

R.W.: "You could almost see the ring move after the force of Golem hitting the turnbuckles! Wow! Martinez is stoked here!"

T.R.: "Both of these men came to GLCW with success on their minds, but only one man can advance here! Martinez stalks Golem and pulls him up and hits a swinging neckbreaker! Martinez drops a knee right to the throat of Golem, and Golem is gasping for air here!"

R.W.: "Great strategy by Martinez to knock the wind out of Golem by throwing him into the turnbuckles at Mach 1 and dropping the knee to the throat! A Golem who can't breathe is a Golem who can't win!"

T.R.: "Martinez pulls Golem up and applies a front facelock and this will wear down Golem even more! Referee Al Marinaro checks for a choke hold but nothing doing! Golem drops down to one knee but he is able to get a few shots in to break the hold! Martinez lets off and Golem is able to fire a few rights, a kick to the gut, and a snap DDT!! Martinez' face crashed to the mat with tremendous force!"

R.W.: "This will by Golem a few moments to catch his breath and take control of the match! Golem is very hard to keep down for long!"

T.R.: "Golem pulls himself up and comess off the ropes and measures him with a forearm to the head! Golem with a high jumping elbow drop and a cover!! 1......2.....Kickout!! Golem pulls him up and drills him with a discus elbow to the face! Ouch! Golem drops him with a back suplex and he charges up and mounts the turnbuckles! Guillotine legdrop!! A cover!! 1....2....Kicked out! Golem looks to the crowd and they respond with the usual boos and catcalls and Golem slaps Martinez in the face a few times before pulling him up and hitting him with a hangman's neckbreaker! Another cover!! 1......2.....No!!"

R.W.: "Golem possesses a huge repertoire of moves, and he's going to hit Martinez with everything he has here because he's not taking him lightly!"

T.R.: "Golem applies a rear chinlock, and he's got his knee buried in the nape of Martinez' neck amplifying the pain! Martinez' neck is trapped in a vice-like grip and Golem is just laughing about it! Golem is yelling for Martinez to submit but he won't give! Martinez knows what's on the line here! The fans have started a "Troy" chant to try and get him to his feet!"

R.W.: "It seems to be working because Golem doesn't have a good grip on that hold anymore!"

T.R.: "Martinez has broken loose and he powers his way to his feet! A few elbows in the gut of Golem break the hold and Martinez drops him with a jawbreaker!! Martinez staggers against the ropes, catches his breath, and comes off with a double knee to Golem's stomach!! Martinez pulls him up and hits a gutbuster onto the knees! Golem is sucking wind again here!"

R.W.: "Martinez just keeps trying to take the wind out of Golem's sails and it's working quite well here! Golem has great stamina so that will help in cutting it down!"

T.R.: "Martinez with a backbreaker, and he holds Golem on his knee after dropping him and he's bending Golem's back, making the move even more painful! Golem cries out in pain as Martinez tries to break him in two on his knee! Martinez drops him down rolls him over, holds him, and drops a few high knees down on the small of Golem's back! Now Martinez has him in a camel clutch! Golem is in serious trouble here!"

R.W.: "I can't remember the last time I saw Golem submit, so let's see if he can hold out here!"

T.R.: "Golem yells out, trying to hold on but the pain might be too much, Martinez really has that hold cinched in! Wait, Golem has an arm free, he was able to slip out but Martinez still has the hold cinched in, even though it doesn't have the same effect! Golem flails wildly with free hand trying to hit Martinez and ohh!! He's able to get a thumb to the eye in! Martinez breaks the hold and clutches his face in obvious pain!"

R.W.: "That's one way to get out of it! I don't care how big and bad you are, a thumb to the eye will stop anything pretty effectively!"

T.R.: "Golem collects himself, favors his back, and begins to stomp away at Martinez' face! Martinez is covering his eye and Golem pulls the arm away and rakes both eyes! Martinez goes to the corner to try and recover and Kareb Jewello is yelling at referee Marinaro to stop Golem from cheating! Golem yells out at Jewello to shut up and she flips him off and the crowd eats it up!"

R.W.: "It looks like Jewello is not afraid of Golem at all!"

T.R.: "Well she better be careful, because I don't think it's beneath Golem to attack a woman! Golem whips Martinez into the opposite turnbuckle and charges him with a spear, knocking the wind right out of Martinez, returning the favor! Golem throws Martinez down and kicks Martinez in the ribs a few times! He pulls Martinez up and nails a half nelson suplex!! Nicely done! Golem senses victory here as he goes after Martinez like a wild animal! Golem picks him up in a fireman's carry but Martinez is able to slip out of it, push him into the ropes and roll him up!! 1.....2......Kicked out just barely!!"

R.W.: "Oh man, he almost had him there! A millisecond away from advancing!!"

T.R.: "Both me are up and Martinez goes for a big boot! Golem catches the leg, jacks him in the face, spins Martinez around and hits a tiger suplex with a bridge!! 1......2.....3!! Golem gets the win here!!"

R.W.: "What a series of moves by Golem to secure that victory! Martinez looked like he might be on his way to winning the match and Golem snatched victory from the jaws of defeat!"

T.R.: "Aw, now come on! Golem has the claw applied in Troy's mouth!! This is uncalled for!! Golem already won the match, but apparently this is necessary to him! Golem shoves Marinaro out of the ring and I'm sure that will be a hefty fine!! Karen Jewello is in there now and she gets shoved down too!! Somebody stop this goon!"

R.W.: "Here comes Chris Macmillan!!"

T.R.: "'Mr. Dread is charging to ringside and he slides into the ring and pulls Golem off of Martinez! Here they go!! Golem and Macmillan will be facing each other in the next round and the fans are going wild here as they tear into each other! Huge rights and lefts and both men fall over the top rope and out but continue fighting as if nothing happened! Look at them tear into each other! They brawl up the aisle and into the locker room area! Looks like Macmillan wanted his shot at Golem a lot earlier than scheduled!"

R.W.: "I can't believe he even came out considering the condition he is in! He's a gusty guy, I'll give him that!"

T.R.: "There you see Karen Jewello and Al Marinaro assisting Martinez out of the ring, and here comes Naomi, Dean McQueen's valet! What is she doing out here!? She pulls Karen away from Martinez and she begins screaming in her face about something! Are we going to see a catfight here!? Martinez goes over and he's yelling at Naomi as well! What is she doing here!?"

R.W.: "Look out, there's Dean McQueen from behind!! He has a chain in his hand!!"

T.R.: "He wraps the chain around his fist and he lays into the back of Martinez' head!! Oh my, what a shot!! Unprovoked as well! What the hell is McQueen and Naomi doing! And look at them scurry out of here like starving rats! McQueen with a cowardly and unprovoked attack on Martinez who already had a rough match with Golem, with the claw applied to him as well! McQueen may have hell to pay when Martinez is focused without his back turned!"

R.W.: "Apparently McQueen wants to stir up trouble here in GLCW and he found it in Troy Martinez! We'll see how Martinez reacts to both Golem and McQueen's antics next week and I for one can't wait to see how that plays out! And it looks like Golem and Chris Macmillan have started their war early!"

T.R.: "Well fans, that's all for GLCW First Wave! Make sure you tune in next week to GLCW Riptide from Madison, Wisconsin where you will see the quarterfinals of the GLCW Heavyweight Title Tournament as well as much more! We hope you enjoyed our first show and we look forward to even more great shows in the weeks and months ahead! So long everybody!"

(The camera shows Martinez being assisted to the locker room by Karen Jewello and Al Marinaro. As they disappear behind the curtain, the GLCW logo appears on the screen. Fade to black)

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