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08-04-02, 07:51 PM
(FADE-IN: The locker room area. A trainer is seen bandaging Steven James' head after the vicious chair shot he took from Gridlock. He grimaces in pain, but he also looks like he is about to explode with anger. Commissioner King Krusher can be seen talking to Brett Irvine about something in the background. CUT-TO: Matt Faley at mid-ring)

MATT FALEY: "Ladies and gentlemen, in our next match, coming to the ring," ("Dogs of War" by Pink Floyd) "From Cadillac, Michigan, weighing in at 180lbs., CHRIS 'MR. DREAD' MCMILLAN!!"

(The crowd cheers as Macmillan comes to the ring, wearing black jeans and a sleeveless blue T-shirt. Many stitches can be seen as Macmillan walks with a slight limp. He slaps a few hands on the way down before getting in the ring)

M.F.: "And his opponent," (CUE-UP: "Whiskey in the Jar" by Metallica) "From Sweetwater, Texas, weighing in at 309lbs., HAWK MCDANIEL!!"

(The crowd mostly cheers as McDaniel comes out wearing black trunks with "The Big Texan" printed in the back and white longhorn on the front. His boots are cut like cowboy boots. He gets to the ring and throws one arm in the air and the fans respond)

TONY ROSS: "This match ought to be interesting since McDaniel has a huge size advantage here! Macmillan is also pretty banged up so we'll get to see how tough this kid is and if he can withstand the punishment!"

RICK WISEMAN: "Macmillan got pretty banged up in one of his indy runs, as his body is a mess of scars and stitches! He's limping too so that isn't a good sign!"

T.R.: "McDaniel has a big smile on his face as he approaches the much smaller youngster and he offers a handshake and it is accepted, but I can't help but think that McDaniel is laughing at the size advantage he has here! McDaniel is a ring veteran and he also has the experience edge here! McDaniel quickly moves in with clubbing forearms on the back of Macmillan! He shoves Macmillan into the corner and goes in with some big knees to the gut! McDaniel picks him up and gorilla presses him three times and throws him halfway across the ring! Wow!"

R.W.: "He's throwing Macmillan around like a ragdoll here, Tony! I don't know how much longer this can go on without Macmillan being permanently injured! This may not have been then wisest of career moves for Macmillan being in the condition he's in!"

T.R.: "Macmillan gets to his feet and shakes off the cobwebs and charges McDaniel and dropkicks him! The Big Texan is still on his feet but falls back into the ropes! Macmillan dives at him with a clothesline and both men go flying over the ropes! Macmillan lands on top of McDaniel as they crash to the floor!"

R.W.: "McDaniel landed pretty awkwardly there, so that might give Macmillan a better chance if he is hurt! Both men are down on the floor!"

T.R.: "McDaniel is up but he is limping around on the floor! Macmillan sees this and he dropkicks the knee! Macmillan goes right after the injured knee of McDaniel! McDaniel goes down on the floor! Macmillan has a leglock applied but this will do no good on the floor as referee Al Marinaro is yelling at them to get back in the ring!"

R.W.: "Macmillan rolls back in and he may be looking for a countout win here! McDaniel's knee seems to be really hurting him and he's having a hard time out there!"

T.R.: "McDaniel rolls back into the ring and he's met with a series of stomps to the injured knee! Macmillan wrenches on a step over toe hold! McDaniel is in serious pain here, but he's able to kick Macmillan away! McDaniel is up and Macmillan charges him with a body press and The Big Texan catches him!! Ohhh!! Big implant slam!! 1.....2.....No!! That knocked the wind right out of Macmillan but he was still able to kick out!"

R.W.: "Macmillan has got to stay on that knee in order to have any prayer of winning this match!"

T.R.: "McDaniel is limping around trying to shake off the pain, and Macmillan is up and he grabs McDaniel for a dragon screw legwhip, and that will do nothing but damage to that knee! Macmillan with a standing moonsault!! Wow!! 1......2.....Kicked out with authority as McDaniel threw him off!"

R.W.: "McDaniel is still very much in this match but that knee is going to give him some serious trouble if he doesn't find a way to keep Macmillan down!"

T.R.: "McDaniel to his feet and Macmillan tries a superkick but McDaniel catches his leg and throws him down! McDaniel pounces on him with right and lefts but Macmillan is able to slide out of the ring! Macmillan trips McDaniel from the outside and rolls back in and gets clobbered with a thunderous clothesline!! He practically did a flip in mid-air!!"

R.W.: "I can't believe Macmillan's head is still connected to his body!"

T.R.; "McDaniel picks him up and hits a suplex and rolls right over for the cover! 1....2....No! Macmillan is able to escape!! McDaniel looks frustrated as he pulls Macmillan up again, but gets a kick to the knee! McDaniel buckles and Macmillan hooks him for a crucifix DDT!! He nailed him out of nowhere!! 1......2......3!! Holy cow, what an upset!! Macmillan gets the hard-earned victory here in Detroit!!"

R.W.: "Tony, I thought Macmillan was a dead man in there and I'm sure everyone else in the arena felt the same way, but he has done the impossible and pinned Hawk McDaniel after a devastating DDT!"

T.R.: "Macmillan will advance to the next round in Madison, Wisconsin against the winner of the main event! Macmillan is in serious pain as he raises his arms in victory as he pinned a man almost twice his size! And the fans are cheering him on here! McDaniel gets to his feet and he looks angry as hell! But instead of pounding Macmillan, he extends his hand again and he gets a hearty handshake in return! It's nice to see McDaniel take a defeat like a man!"

R.W.: "McDaniel showing some good sportsmanship in there, and we will see how McDaniel rebounds from this in the weeks to come!"

T.R.: "OK folks, we will be back with the main event, Troy Martinez vs. Golem, right after this message!"

(Fadeout as the cameraman follows Macmillan to the back with his arms raised triumphantly. but limping and favoring various parts of the body)