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08-04-02, 07:52 PM
(FADE-IN: The rear entrance area of Cobo Hall. A long white limo is shown pulling up the ramp. The limo comes to a stop near the back door but no one emerges. The camera waits for someone to come out but it does not happen. CUT-TO: Matt Faley standing at mid-ring)

MATT FALEY: "Ladies and gentlemen, in our next match, coming to the ring," (CUE-UP: "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen) "From Warwick, Rhode Island, weighing in at 240lbs., 'SHOWTIME' STEVEN JAMES!!"

(Steven James emerges from the curtain to the cheers of the crowd, wearing long blue and yellow tights with the yellow cutting into the blue like a shark's teeth for a jagged effect. James slaps a few hands on his way to the ring, climbs up on the apron and raises his arms up in the air before climbing in)

M.F.: "And his opponent," (CUE-UP: "Pure Trauma" by Downset) "From Miami, Florida, weighing in at 234lbs., 'EL DIABLO' ANGEL CASTILLO!!"

(The crowd boos loudly as Castillo comes out and mocks the crowd. He has a mango with him and takes a few bites out of it before climbing into the ring. He offers James a bite and James blows him off. Castillo then throws the mango in James face and attacks)

T.R.: "And here we go!! No time is wasted as these two go at it! Castillo brought a mango to the ring with him and threw it right in James face and that all stems from what these guys talked about in their earlier promos! Castillo is peppering James with rights and pushes him into the corner! He wails away at the ribs but James with a knee to the gut stops that! James with a few rights of his own as he tries to get some offense going! James with a hard right that sends Castillo to the canvas! Another one sends him down! castillo crawls to the corner and begs off as referee Dave Powell steps in front of James! The crowd roars its approval!"

R.W.: "Off to a fast start here in this match and Castillo may not be able to outbrawl James here as he was sent crashing to the mat with some huge rights! James is not happy about that mango incident!"

T.R.: "Earlier on we saw Angel Castillo talking to Sly Sterling in back, and it seemed that Sly was offering his services to Castillo! Sterling already manages a tag team called Gridlock here in GLCW, which we have yet to see, so maybe he is trying to expand his stable!"

R.W.: "I've heard a lot about Gridlock and we will see soon enough what they are all about! Tony there was also a shot of a limousine that pulled up in the back of Cobo Hall, and I wonder who that could be!"

T.R.: "We may see soon enough! Castillo slowly to his feet and James moves in! A big right staggers Castillo into the corner and James chops away at his chest as the smacks ring across Cobo Hall! Castillo fires back with chops of his own, but James overwhelms him with his even more super-stiff chops!! Castillo falls to the mat in the corner and James knees him right in the face! James pulls him up and bulldogs him out of the corner!! James quickly to his feet and he pulls Castillo up and lifts him for a high vertical suplex! he holds him there for a few seconds and drops him down on his back!"

R.W.: "James let all the blood rush to his head before dropping Castillo and that will further disorientate 'EL Diablo!'"

T.R.: "James rolls him over and knees him in the back a few times before dragging him to his feet and executing a hard backbreaker! A cover!! 1......2.....No!! Castillo is able to kick out but he is in dire straits here! James pulls him back up and whips him in, Angel bounces off the ropes and catches him with a hurricanrana out of nowhere!! Angel quickly rolls out of the ring to catch a breather!"

R.W.: "We just saw the quickness of Castillo there as he hit that move from left field and surprised James! James collects himself and notices Castillo is out of the ring and he yells out at him!"

T.R.: "Castillo shouts something back and tries to get back on the apron but James knocks him right back down! Castillo gets off the floor and rolls in quickly and both men exchange rights and lefts! Castillo with a rake of the eyes gets an advantage and hits him with a spinning heel kick! Body splash by Castillo!! 1....2....No!! Both men are up and James walks right into a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker!! Ouch! Castillo quickly mounts the turnbuckles! He comes down with a forearm but nobody home!!"

R.W.: "Castillo didn't waste any time getting up there but James still had enough presence of mind to get out of the way, and that mistake could be fatal!"

T.R.: "James is on his feet and pulls Castillo up and hits a full nelson slam!! James picks him up and nails him with a belly to belly suplex! James signals to the crowd and they respond! He grabs Castillo and hooks him for a reverse suplex!!"

R.W.: "Wait a minute, there's Sly Sterling! What's he doing here!?"

T.R.: "Apparently he didn't get the hint that Castillo wants nothing to do with him! Sterling is yelling at referee Powell and Powell is telling him to get the hell out of here! Sterling's up on the apron now!"

R.W.: "And now who are these guys coming!? Is that Gridlock!?"

T.R.: "Yes it is, Raze and Nuke, Sly Sterling's team has jogged to ringside and James is setting up Castillo on the top turnbuckle, possibly setting him up for a superplex! One of them grabs a chair, climbs up on the apron and nails James right in the face with the chair!! Powell didn't see it because he was busy trying to get Sterling out of here!! What a shot! James falls down to the mat and Castillo leaps off the top ropes with a big elbowdrop!! He connects and covers!! Sterling calls Powell's attention to it! Powell runs over and counts!! 1......2.......3!! This is a travesty of justice! Gridlock has helped Castillo win this match! And look at this! Sterling enters the ring and he and Castillo embrace! They were in cahoots all along!"

R.W.: "Look at these two monsters, Gridlock! What a formidable alliance this will be if Angel has joined with them! And now what are they doing!?"

T.R.: "Raze whips James in and catches him in a bearhug! Nuke comes off the opposite ropes behind them and absolutely clobbers James with a big boot to the face and Raze drops him simultaneously with a sidewalk slam!! What a move!! James is out cold!! Look at these guys taunt the prone Steven James on the mat! Raze grabs a mike!"

RAZE: "Showtime Steven Jaaames!! You.... are the first man in Great Lakes Championship Wrestling... to experience what it means.... to be GRIDLOCKED!!! But let it be known, to each and every one of you guys in the locker room, that what you've seen here tonight.... is only the BEGINNING... Nothing but a PRELUDE to the unparalleled ABOMINATION, that me and NUKE HERE... are going to unleash!! That being said, let the GRIDLOCK... BEGIN!!!

(Sly Sterling then takes the mike)

SLY STERLING: "You see, try as they might, nobody here in GLCW, from the office brass right on down, can extinguish the blazes that burn within these men! I mean, just take a look at the line-up folks.. and I think it speaks for itself. Raze... and Nuke... the devestating force known as Gridlock, the EVOLUTION in tag team wrestling.... Hell, you might as well hand them those tag straps, because as far as the other tag teams in GLCW go, it's like comparing guppies and 'gators!! And, last time i checked, little fishies don't eat people whole!! ........But waaaaaait!! That's not all!!! No no no no no NO!! Because standing here, right to my side... right where he SHOULD be... is EL FUTURO, the FUTURE in technical excellence... and the GENERALISIMO of the latin explosion... El Diablo.. ANGEL CASTILLO!!! Speaking of whom, if you people EVER put him in the ring with an embarassment like "Showtime" Steven James again, your ASSES will be had, and I'll be right there laughing about it!! Because I am SLYYYYYYY STERLING, and not to say that these fine specimens of athletic superiority can't do the job on their own, cuz hey... res assured, they're all masters of their craft, but hey.. with me in their corners, with god as my witness, i do DECREE..... they'll be running this place within a month!! And like it or not, that's the way it's gonna be.... Why?? Cuz Sly Sterling wills it.... THAT'S why!!! Thaaank you, and GOOD NIGHT!!!"

T.R.: "Hey, somebody's coming! That's 'The Future" Brett Irvine!! He's a Canadian superstar who I heard was rumored to have joined GLCW!! The fans react as he climbs into the ring with a chair and he goes after all four men, but each of them duck out of the way and exit the ring area, avoiding some nasty chair swings! Brett Irvine has come to Steven James rescue here in Detoit! Irvine shouts some words out at Gridlock, Castillo and Sterling and something tells me this isn't over!"

R.W.: "That was one hell of a brave thing for Irvine to do in his GLCW debut! It takes some guts to run in and try to stop a 4 on 1 attack and I applaud his guts! The fans seem to like his courage too as he attends to Steven James who is still out cold from that devastating move from Gridlock!"

T.R.: "Well, we got our first look at Gridlock and Brett Irvine here on First Wave, but Angel Castillo gets the tainted win and he will go on to face Jobber in the next round! As Brett Irvine helps Steven James out of the ring, we need to take a break! We will be right back!"

(The camera follows Brett Irvine assisting Steven James back to the locker room area. Fade to commercial)