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09-19-02, 10:41 PM
Hey FwCentral... I was wondering...
A friend of mine who owned The XWF, had requested for it to be deleted when he decided to not run it anymore. The folder is sometimes still there within the confrences, the list where all the Feds are...
What I was wondering was , he said to me, knowing I wanted to start my own Fed ,I wanted to take over and re-open the XWF. He gave me the permission to do so. I wanted to ask if it's possible to put it back after deletion? I want to re-open the XWF. Xandor told me if he wouldve known earlier before requesting the deletion he wouldve passed it on to me. I still want to re-open it. Is there a way to go about this?
Matt H.~

09-20-02, 02:44 PM
you're NOT taking over XWF. Xandor and I have talked and we both concluded that XWF would not be the same without he and I running it or being a part of it.

And furthermore, Xandor NEVER gave you permission to run it. I asked him myself and he said that IF you had asked him EARLIER then MAYBE he would have given it to you. And even if he DID give you permission to run it, I'd still be opposed to you doing so.

In conclusion: if you want to run your own fed, go ahead. Go nuts. I wish you the best of luck.

But I'm telling you for the LAST time. XWF is dead. Put the notion of running it out of your mind, because it isn't going to happen. Ever.


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09-20-02, 03:07 PM
Hey Everyone,
I think I need to make a reappearance to clear things up once and for all. Matt, I have nothing against you whatsoever. I think you mean well and you are excited to run your own promotion. I'm sorry I told you if you would have asked earlier I would have given it to you. It was dumb of me, but I have been frustrated with FW for a while now and earlier I wasn't thinking straight. After thinking hard about it, I was more concerned about my situation than other people's. Lindsay put a hell of a lot of work and time into XWF, as did Ryan, to make XWF what it was. After Ryan left, Lindsay and I busted our butts trying to keep things going, but we were both burned out. We both mutally agreed to close XWF as she at this point was a moderator or in other words co-owner. It would not be fair to Lindsay and all her time and effort if I just gave away something that she had a MAJOR say in. Personally, I DON'T want to see XWF reappear unless either her or I re-opened it.

I want you to think about something. Even if you re-opened XWF, it wouldn't be the XWF of old. It would be a new fed under you with new ideas, storylines, and shows. What's the difference between running a new XWF and running your own fed? Just because you get the forums back, doesn't mean things will still be the same. XWF was original. I think every fed and its owner or owners bring originality to it. By you taking XWF over, it wouldn't be original as you are just taking something over. It may be original in the sense of you running it, but you would be doing it with the skeleton of a dead fed. If you want to run a fed so badly, start your own with the former members of XWF and run it with your sense of originality.

Matt, I don't mean to put you down or anything, but I did give my word to Lindsay when we mutually closed XWF. Thanks to my selfish attitude, I forgot about it. Lindz, I'm sorry. You are still the best. Matt, I wish you the best. I already talked to Andrew and he's fine with Lindsay and I's decision. Good luck with your desires and dreams!


09-20-02, 04:09 PM
To everyone formerly from The XWF , I do apologize if I had stepped on anyones toes. I didnt mean to, however my intentions to re-open the XWF were on the good side of things. No kind of dis-respect towards Lindz there. ok? No hard feelings... Now on to bigger and better things, I am going to go ahead with my own Federation if anyone from the XWF wants to help me run it. I am currently seeking people who want to Rp or be on a creative team. I need 8 people I got 3 so far. So if anyone is interested in joining something completley new, contact me at freakofnature316@hotmail.com
Or Page me on AOL Instant Messenger, thebiggapple1287
Matt H.