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08-11-03, 08:05 PM
(fadein to a simple grey wherehouse background with a short stack papers in a tray labeled "IN", next to a similiar-sized tray next to it labeled "OUT", sitting on an oak desk. With an echo of a door shut, Cruise walks in, clean-shaven and dressed nicely in a suit and tie. Sitting down, he opens a drawer and pulls out a card marked "week of...." and writes down the current information with what applies. With a final signature stamp on the card, he turns and takes the first file marked "NFW Business" from the "IN" tray, and reads the imformation regarding the past weeks comments and discussions and places it back in the folder.)

CC: Ya know, it's kinda funny, how some people who have been in the business alot longer than myself and have "paid their dues" so-to-speak....don't remember when it's a good time to say their piece, and other times when it's a really good idea to just keep your mouth shut.

(Cruise walks over to a side closet where a poster stand is kept and brings it out of the closet, setting it up. Walking back to his desk, he pulls out a stack of pictures selecting out three and placing them on the board, the first of which being of "Showtime" Shawn Matthews.)

CC: Now(Facing front), Shawn, I'm starting off with you, because lord knows, if you don't get yours first, you'll go even more insane than the amount of ratings your promo caused. Yep, that's right pal, I barely understood this time whatever it was you were trying to say. By the way, I'd remember whatever it was you said if you actually calmed down and spoke with deep breaths, but I know that's not in your recovery routine, so it's not quite a useful shot in attempting it so, why bother.

You lost. Sorry about that. Hope you try to do better in our match, so do us both a favor and relax. I got beat too, believe it or not. I'm not Superman. Was it a goal of mine to go a perfect record? Sure, but it's useless because everyone else wants to as well, so off to plan B: Do better next time.

We got a match this time with Dog-Collars involved, and I'll admit, this isn't exactly an advantage for me seeing as this is a first, but then again I don't exactly have time to make movies in my off time which also brings me to my next point in my presentation.

(Changes pictures to display Joey Melton.)


That's right, Good ol' Joseph "Gotta-have-the-spotlight-on-me-because-if-it-ain't what else is there?"....Melton. We did round one before. I gave you a run for your money but in the end, you pulled it out.

(Gives a thumbs up sign.)

I'll send a belated greeting card for my negligence to hand over props, believe me, the works included. But ya know...

(Scratching his head)

I just don't see the reason you gotta butt your nose in my business when it's not invited. Trust me, next week, when it's us versus Chris McMillan and Steel Viper and Jean Rabesque and Shawn Matthews....by the way, in case you didn't have your head up your butt at the time, we gotta team up, you an' me...(Walks closer to the camera) You...(points to the camera)...and me (points his thumbs back at himself), then we can have a little chat. But until then...(waving off in the direction of the camera, whispering...) Go away. Just go away.

Now...(changing pictures a final time, displays a picture of 'The Wolf' Chris McMillan.) Chris McMillan.

You pinned me last week in the match for the lead in NFW. Good job pal, props to ya. But lowering yourself to Joseph's level of intelligence...come on pal, knock it off. You wanna keep mentioning my name, great, just do me a favor and save it for next week. You know better.

Words out of my mouth. Awesome isn't it. Now get over it and move on. 'Cause if ya don't....well, you know.

(Cruise takes down the pictures and cleans things up, 'clocking out' as cameras fade.)