View Full Version : Fevered Egos

07-02-03, 04:47 PM
(FADEIN: CASTOR STRIFE's small work studio at the end of his apartment suite. The room's basically a mess, with old film roll on floor, which are basically things he had edited out of previous pictures. Around the room are various old, collector's items movie posters, mostly from the 50's and 60's. In the corner of the room sits LANA DREMIRE, legs crossed, in her black shades and a yellow hat, smoking a Virginia Slim's. Behind her is a painting of the Campbell's Soup can. Sitting in his red leather studio chair is Castor himself.)

CASTOR: In this world, there are two kinds of people; the Cecil B's, and the Edward Wood's. Some got it, some don't. Most don't. It is a sad fact of life that most people are more readily equipped to mold swamp creatures out of feces than they are to sit through Act III of Macbeth. But it has come to my attention that many such people here in NFW have convinced themselves otherwise. All of a sudden, everybody's been thrust into the role of "offended superstar" whose status has been trampled on by the evil CSWA and their grandstanding.

So now I'm supposed to believe that the NFW talent was thriving before the roster expanded? Why, because Armando Montezuma said so? Cuba's national treasure has, and will always be, cigars, my friend. I'm sorry, but Ricky Ricardo was a hack, and your career follows closely behind. You're important? You're not important; you're an overhyped sequel. Be gone with you. You're one on a list of many fevered egos which toil and twitch as the clan from Greensboro makes its way towards crossover failure. Shane Southern's the man to beat now? He built the NFW? Shane, I forget your name from time to time, and if it weren't for the fact that you remind me of Audie Murphy, I'd probably have forgotten your existance all together.

The point? It's this; I'm here to edit the crap out. CSWA crossovers? Crap. NFW roster? Crap. Different names, same meaning. This level of mediocrity will no longer be tolerated by me, or my assistants. We are in the process of routing you all out, whether you fight, or run. If America is a strong, healthy body, then its culture is the body's ass. No longer will I walk by a human being wearing designer imposter clothes and simply look the other way. Action will be taken, I promise you. The unworthy will be punished.

I won't beat Hornet because he's an aging relic of the past; I won't beat Joey Melton because he keeps bothering me to put him in my films; I won't beat Eli Flair because he's from the CSWA, or Monty for being a joke that was never quite funny. I will do all these things because, if I don't, then I just may wake up at 5am to find myself in a pool of vomit asking the almighty question; "Why, God, why?" And I just can't have that happening to me, understand? You're being put on notice; RUN.