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06-26-03, 11:37 AM
{{...FADE-IN: Shane Southern stands on a balcony of the Royal Sonesta Hotel. He's dressed the same as we saw him at the NFW lottery, McAllister Jersey, blue jeans and tennis shoes, but now he has a knee brace over that left knee. Southern stares out at the Charles river, lost in thought. He finishes off a bottled Budweiser and sets it on the ledge in front of him next to three other empties...}}

SHANE SOUTHERN: " Looks like it's mah' busy season again. "

{{...Southern reaches into his pants pocket and pulls out what looks like a plane ticket...}}

" I was really enjoyin' tha' fact that I only had one job...that I could stay in a town for more than just tha' night uvva' match before jettin' off ta' get mah' ass kicked somewhere else. In fact, last night, when I walked inta' this hotel, I ALMOST didn't check in. I almost took mah' bag, got back in that Towncar, drove back to tha' airport, n' used this ticket. "

" But I didn't. "

" I could have though. Bloodhunt's not here. Rick's gone...n' it wasn't very likely that Monty n' I would have been in tha' same division. It's a whole new world now. It's not tha' same NFW I left those many months ago. It's NOT tha' same NFW I was champion of for over SIX MONTHS. No, it's changed...n' ta' be honest, I didn't know if I wanted ta' be a part of it. "

" In fact, as I was waitin' ta' hear mah' name called over tha' loud speaker durin' tha' lottery, I STILL wasn't sure. I STILL had mah' doubts. It wasn't until I actually walked out there, took ah' look 'round n' saw faces like Hornet, Flair, Stevens, Montezuma, Aho, Stanley, and Melton that I realized that even though this ain't tha' NFW I left, it's an NFW I want ta' be a part of. It's a process I wanna' partake in, it's a TITLE I wanna' put up on mah' mantle back home. So make no mistake about it NFW. Shane Southern's BODY is not only here, but his HEART is here as well. "

" You hear that Hornet? "

" Tha' CSWA may be tha' house that Hornet built, but here, SHANE SOUTHERN layed tha' bricks friend. You wanna' strut your stuff in MAH' back yard...yer gonna' have ta' deal with tha' pit bull lurkin' in corner ready ta' bit yer ass. I'm not a man you can intimidate with "shoulder bumpin'" or limos, I'm notta' man you can BEAT with only yer reputation. You KNOW who I am Hornet, and you KNOW me better than that. Think otherwise? Try me. "

" That goes for tha' rest of ya' too. Here, Shane Southern's not just some "up-n'come-er" Here, in tha' NFW, SHANE SOUTHERN's tha' foundation, tha' GLUE that held this place ta'gether for TWO YEARS. I'm TOP DOG 'round here gentleman. Wanna' knock me off mah' perch? "

{{...Southern finishes off the beer in one long swig and sets it beside the others...}}

" Be mah' guest. "

{{...Southern turns to walk back inside and says with his back to the camera...}}

" Party's Over. "

{{...FADE OUT...}}

06-26-03, 12:33 PM
(OORP: Just to keep timelines straight, consider this to be after CSWA PRIMETIME in Anaheim.)

(Having left the Royal Sonesta Hotel, Hornet is shown staring out the window of a private plane, staring at the sunset as he flies south. As he starts to speak, his gaze is still out the window, not at the camera.)

I'm not sure why you decided to single me out first, Shane. But that's your prerogative, of course.

If I have to be in this thing, I'm glad you're around too. Don't get me wrong, like you, I'm amazed at the level of folks that are involved in this new-millennium quest for the ULTRATITLE. You've got some of the biggest names in the business, some known for being the best athletes, and others known for the biggest gimmicks. I just would've liked to have had some say-so in the matter. But that's a bridge over troubled water that I crossed a long time ago.

I know of your NFW exploits, Shane. I know about a lot of your career. And as I've always told you in the few moments of repartee we've had, I've always been impressed with your skill, your smarts, and your understanding of the sport...and the business.

But you're right. You were the cornerstone of the NFW. The upstart regional promotion that bent all the rules and proved it could build its business. But even though the commentators went out of their way to ignore it, this 'NFW' seems to have a different flavor then the one you were the lynchpin in a year ago. You and I know most of these guys. Hell, we work with a lot of them on a weekly basis already.

Yeah I know you, Shane. I know you're not intimidated at all. And yeah, I know you're the 'bricklayer' around here. And I'm not going to hype myself any more than to say this: you may have laid bricks, but I laid foundation. Dealing with me years ago made the owner of the NFW a lot of money to buy cigs with. A lot of the guys around here got their first 'rub' off my name. And some who I don't even know, made money just by throwing my name around.

I don't have a problem with that in the slightest. To each his own. But just like you can't be intimidated, Shane, don't try to toy with me by talking about your 'perch.' Who do you think shipped that 8-foot trophy over here in the first place? It didn't come out of good ol' Doc Silver's "Hall of Fame" exhibit, or even Joey Melton's.

(Hornet turns away from the window and faces the camera.)

Yeah, I know you, Shane. But there's one problem. I'm not the same guy a lot of people around here think they've known for the last five years. I'm not even the same guy some of these folks knew ten years ago.

I'm ready for the inevitable: "You're a step slow" or "Look, he doesn't press as much as he used to" comments. They're probably true. I'm ready for the naysayers to yell: "It doesn't matter what you did 15 years ago" and "This isn't the CSWA, it's not your home turf!" And they're right. Then again, I heard that five years ago in the AAWC and the UWA, and ten years ago in the UWL, JWA, and wherever else.

There are going to be some that underestimate me, and a few that may have me overestimated. Fact is, I can only do what I can do. If that's good enough, great. And if it's not, then I'll deal with that too.

Good luck, Shane. I'm proud to be in the same conference with ya.

06-26-03, 02:24 PM
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Jun-26-03 AT 01:26 PM (EST)](FADEIN to 'Showtime' SHAWN MATTHEWS, in his Pennsylvania mansion, packing his bags. Matthews is wearing a cut-off shirt that says "A New Day Has Begun", and a pair of Adidas shorts..)

SHAWN MATTHEWS: The time is finally upon all of us. Just about a year ago, I stepped foot into the ring with Wildstar... and figured, hell... after I beat the living crap out of him, I'm gonna be a top contender for the NFW heavyweight championship. Well, all I've got to say is that things don't always go as you plan them. Now, I find myself in a battle for a belt that was once "THE BELT", not just some little meaningless title that meant squat. I look around, and I see the Steel Vipers and the Chris McMillans and the Evan Aho's... and I can RESPECT THEM. But I'll tell you who I don't respect, Hornet and Shane Southern. For too long, they've been riding atop the sport of professional wrestling. And just like this shirt says, a New Day Has Begun. A day, when SHOWTIME SHAWN MATTHEWS will finally rise to the top and grab the ultimate prize in sports entertainment.

Southern, in the old days of the NFW, you were just a big fish in a small pond. Look around, man... you got people knock, knock, knocking on your door now... and we're all starting out at square one. I wasn't in the NFW very long, and in that time you didn't even grant me a title shot... even though I proved that I was one of the best wrestlers on the face of this planet, yet alone in the NFW. Southern, you may fit right in down here in the NFW South, but you know what else will fit right in? My foot up your (bleep).

Anyway, moving on to Hornet... you're the biggest name in the history of this sport, and I guess by the time it's all said and done... I'll be the man known as the LEGEND KILLER! I'll shake your hand at the beginning of the match, but that's as far as it goes. Your time has expired, old man. You need to realize that the people who pay all that money to sit in those seats, they don't want to see you around here anymore. You're wasting your time... you're not going to be able to win the Ultratitle. Yeah, you've done it before... but nuh uh, NO WAY... are you going to win this time.

NFW South, North... whatever, I'll beat every single wrestler in every single match if I have to. You know why?

Because I am, beyond the shadow of a doubt... ALL THERE (BLEEP)IN' IS!

(FADEOUT, as Matthews picks up his luggage and walks out the door)

06-26-03, 02:56 PM
Shawn Matthews is still alive? I thought you disappeared into obscurity the day you got rolled down a hill in a trash can. Glad to see you can still make public appearances.

Having you, YOU, of all people whine about me being on top is amusing. You've been in this business almost TEN years. You were a tag team partner with Troy Windham, who has gone on to be a significant World Champion. And what have you done?

(Hornet is silent as the sound of 'crickets chirping' is heard.)


Better men than you have been called "Legend Killer." The last one was a CSWA World Champion who went through me in a tournament to win the title. If you can get through me, fine, but let's not start counting legends before they're dead, shall we?

Fact is, Shawn, if I didn't put butts in the seats, then Miles wouldn't have made a deal with the devil to bring me here, would he?

Whether I can win the ULTRATITLE or not this time is up in the air. Fact is, I've competed in a tournament for it on four or five occasions, and only come away with it once.

Of course, the other fact is that, on your own, you've never come up with it, or much of anything, at all.

06-26-03, 10:59 PM
(FADEIN to a private plane, heading to South Carolina. Shawn Matthews is flying down to the new home of the NFW... he's sitting in the back, sipping on a martini. Matthews sets the martini down..)

SHAWN MATTHEWS: Hornet, you know what? Your attitude, or attempt at one... isn't working. Chill, Hornet. While you've been spending your entire life in professional wrestling, I've been out doing other things. I've been a successful businessman, a movie producer, and many other things along the way. But something, something... drew me back to professional wrestling. Tell me, Hornet... where were you at 30 years old? You were probably on top of the world, as the CSWA champion... hell, you WERE the best. I mean, they built that federation at you. Whenever they ran out of ideas, well... let's put the CSWA on Hornet's back, and see how far he can carry it. You were given the opportunity to run with the ball, and run you did.

Troy Windham, he was an ends to a mean. I don't care if he's gone on to win prestigious world championships... that was his choice at the time. If I wouldn't have taken that five year hiatus, I'm sure I'd have been the man that would have taken those championships... and Windham would have never touched 'em.

But getting on to my point here, I'm not stupid. I'm not calling you out because I don't have an ulterior motive. I know that the NFW pulled the COUP OF THE CENTURY, when they signed you up to compete in this breakthrough tournament. I'm calling you out, because I KNOW I can make a name off of you. I'm tired of toiling as a mid-carder.. because I never got a chance to take the big prize. I've never even gotten a shot at the world heavyweight title, of any federation... because I was young, dumb, and stupid. All I cared about was pissing people off and cursing like a GOD-(BLEEP) (BLEEP)HOLE! Times change, and so do people. I'm deadset on winning the Ultratitle this time around, and not even the mighty Hornet is going to be able to stop me.

Your time is up, Hornet... I'm gonna make sure that the NFW GIVES me the ball, and you better believe that I'm gonna run with it. I don't respect you, or anything you stand for... but I'll shake your hand, just because I'm not going to make any mistakes this time. I'm not going to stop either. I'm going right to the top.

Why? Because I am, ALL THERE (BLEEP)IN' IS!

(FADEOUT, as Matthews waves off the camera and picks up his martini and continues to drink it...)

06-27-03, 02:42 AM
(Fadein, a Black-and-White stenciled backround of the NFW logo. Cameron Cruise slowly paces across the lense, and back again, repeatedly.)

CC: How does a man who think's he's the greatest thing since sliced bread....get to be so pigheaded, that he dig himself a hole....almost too big to get out of.

(Cruise stops, turning his head toward the camera for a quick second and smiling, continuing to pace.)

CC: I gotta say....thus far, what I've heard and seen about NFW...damn impressive. It really is. Both conferences filled with AMAZING talent, and legitamacy, it's indescribable.

Then there's Shawn Matthews.

See, there always has to be a 10% of something....to screw something else up, no matter what that something is. You, Shawn Matthews, are that 10%. You are the one bad egg out of the rest of us dozen....who quite frankly looks like (BLEEP!).

Now, this isn't to say that there isn't anyone here who can't take care of themselves, cause Im sure we all can. But from someone who sounds like they had a Disney show cast named after them....for Christ's sake's man....FIND A LAST NAME...and then get the idea of calling out veteran champions. Am I defending the most recent World Champion of NFW, and a man once upon a time labeled "THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO"?

(Cruise shrugs a minute, then silently waves his options)

Not really....then again, maybe I am. Never mind, the fact that I was in the same situation as any other guy on this roster. Yeah, I got sick of not being given "The Call", so-to-speak...but instead of sitting there and whining about it while making two-bit-under-half-the-budget films, I got off my (BLEEP!), and took a chance.

Now, I can't speak for Hornet or Southern...but I can speak for myself and say this:

Quit you're (bleep!)'n, shut your mouth and wrestle. Otherwise, you just might be finding yourself in a much more comprimising position than this one.

People who *DO* know me, know that I'm a man who speaks his mind without favoritism.

Don't like it?


(Cruise stops, facing forward and center toward the camera.)

Just do me one favor and take everything you just heard and *CHEW ON THAT*....because this is just one Reality Check....you REALLY WON'T LIKE.


06-27-03, 02:42 AM
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Jun-27-03 AT 01:47 AM (EST)](FADE IN: Joey Melton in front of a backdrop of a private jet.)

MELTON: “Shane you're not "ALL THERE (BLEEP)IN'IS!."

“You're just a little older, still dumb, and incredulously even stupider.”

“You couldn't get the rub off Troy, or any other of the names that have made wrestling over the past ten years, five years ago. We're supposed to believe that now, after you've added a third unit directors credit on Girls Gone Wild 2 to your resume, that you're READY?”


“No, you have found a catch phrase and a modest attempt at sincerity.”

“Shane you're here because two hundred other men said no. Citing family concerns. I.E. their wives are ovulating and couldn't risk the breadwinners rolling in mud with a talking Cuban, and other freaks, some of whom have pissing fetishes.”

“Don't take the invitation as a sign you have the opportunity to put an end to your constant toiling. If there's hope in your quest for the ULTRATITLE, it lies in being used by the eventual winner.

Helping others feel good about themselves is a noble profession. I'm sure you wanted more out of life, out of your career, but really Shane you don't need another five-year break to bust tables in Hollywood to see the light. You've wrung the most out of your talent.

You've been pegged. Shane Matthews is the guy you go to, to stand out in comparison.”

“And we all thought HORNET made names.”

“Why Shane, you gave us Troy. His luck was found in the ability to read at one higher level. Maybe if you hadn't been quite as dumb and stupid Shane, you wouldn't have got tossed down a hill, picking up more garbage as you went.”

“(feigns excitment) ‘Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! When I stop I'll have a movie career.’"

“What's done is done.”

“Simply standing in the corner and taking a time-out doesn't demand a retest.”

“You wanna show us you've learned a lesson?”

“Fill the need Shane, fill the need.”

“I'm taking this title for the third time, because I fear if I don't, one day, maybe ULTRATITLE '05 it'll be drug down to your level. This is my baby, and I'll be da*ned if it's going to toil for any length of time with the likes of you.”

“After I've won, after I've showered and signed the book deal to write: ‘Sixteen Weeks Standing Next To Stupid(s)’ you'll be allowed to fully grasp your part in all of this.”

“Along the way to ensuring what I built stays sanitary, I'm going to make a series of posters out of your ignorant a** to be signed and sold on EBAY.”

“That's right. It's the ULTRATITLE, Matthews. And you helped.”


06-27-03, 10:11 PM
(FADEIN to Shawn Matthews, unpacking his bags in a hotel in Charleston, South Carolina... Matthews is watching the interview with Joey Melton. The promo ends, and Matthews hits stop on the remote and looks into the camera with a look of utter disgust...)

SHAWN MATTHEWS: I guess you're right, Melton... maybe I'm not cut out to hang out with the likes of yourself and Hornet. I'm a second-rate wrestler, who's never going to make anything out of myself. Well let me just tell you something, Melton... YOU'RE WRONG! First of all, I don't even know why you decided to butt your nose into my business. Is it because you were defending your lover, Hornet? Or no, maybe you're jealous because it was Girls Gone Wild I was working for, and not Midgets gone wild... ya freak. I don't know much about you, and even more importantly, I don't even care much about you..

But if you wanna come out here and talk trash on me, well you can be the first in line to see that things are different this time. You're going to see that I'm not only smarter, younger, and more attractive to the ladies, but that I'm a better wrestler, as well.

So go back to point A, come up with a new trash-talking game... and leave your weak humor there, because I ain't buying it. I may have never held a world championship of any kind, but I guess there's a first time for everything. Why don't you just take your CSWA boys, and run home... because the NFW can stack 'em all up in front of me, and I'll knock 'em all down.

Troy Windham, another popular topic amongst the CSWA'ers. Seems that you guys can't stop sucking his schlong either... why, because he's CSWA for life, right? Melton, if I would've been around sooner, and stuck around longer... I would've made sure that you were nowhere close to the levels of success that you've reached in your career. But guess what? I'm only 30 years old, and I got a bright future in front of me. What do you have? Oh yeah, a nude midget bent over reaching for his ankles.

Melton, show up with your A game, because even on a good day... it won't match my C game. You're just another bump in the road, that I'm gonna speed over in my quest for the Ultratitle. So chill, Melton, because at your age... you're gonna have a heart attack.

(FADEOUT, as Matthews walks out of the room...)

06-30-03, 10:30 PM
"Shane, the sad part to all of this is you're even dumber than I thought. And keep in mind, I considered you had the wit of a brick to begin with."

"You've gotta be one hell of a poker player, otherwise how earth could you, with a straight face, compare our games."

"Matthews you don't have another gear. I dunno, maybe you've been hiding a B, or A level all these years as some sort of elabrate scheme to lull everybody to sleep just for this verison of the ULTRATITLE."

"But in order for me to honestly believe that, I've gotta sense 'somebody's home'."

"Stop comparing yourself favorably to men who HAVE won World Titles. By your math, 1 plus 1 equals....well...I'm afraid to ask."

"Due us a favor and put a piece of tape over your mouth, and just wait for someone to point you in the right direction. If you can follow directions you'll avoid looking dumber by the minute."

"And yeah, Shane...I am a freak."

"I'm a freak every night of the week. Droughts end because of me, baby."

"And those midgets...they're more of a man than you are."

"THEY Shane, have actually wrestled for and held World Titles."

"Maybe that's your problem, among others. You're in the wrong height class. Beat the half-lings and then we'll ponder the notion you have two more gears to reach."

-Joey Melton