View Full Version : Lackey come home!

06-30-03, 01:04 AM
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Jun-30-03 AT 00:17 AM (EST)](Scene- A field, the screen is black and white, a child's voice is heard "LAAAAACKEY!!! OH LAAAAACKEY!" Out of nowhere runs a collie dog towards the camera...balancing over a fallen tree, leaping over a fence. Michael Manson's face is superimposed on the head. From off camera runs up a black boy, from what he is wearing, he looks like he took clothes from every genre of black music, indicating the kid can't make up his mind. Quentin Sullivan's face is superimposed on HIS head.)

BOY: Yo, Yo, wassup Lackey? Wazzat? I'm just a pathetic Arsenio Hall wannabe'? Oh I already know that!

(Lackey Barks)

BOY: Wazzat Lackey? I don't care about anyone but myself? I'm just a miserable dirt-wad excuse for a scumbag? You know it, dog!

(Lackey barks some more)

BOY: Wazzat Lackey? Your 15 minutes of fame was up years ago and are only around because you stick those pez dispensers up my (censored)? Dog! True dat!

(Lackey barks yet some more)

BOY: Wazzat lackey? You think you can hang wit' those othuh dogs? You think you can fly like that one dog whose owner I wanna hold down as long as I can? Dog! You ain't ALL that?

(Lackey growls, and jaw-pulls a pez-dispenser out of his leash)

BOY: Whoah Dog! You all that and a bag o' chips! Now come over here and shove that dispenser up my (censored)!

(CUTTO- Neil Riddick and DC Stratton watching the TV, Stratton rams his head THROUGH the screen. As Riddick cringes, Stratton slowly pulls his bloody head out as the scene quickly fades.)