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05-14-03, 01:17 AM
((FADEIN: Michael Manson, dressed in black silk suit with silver vest and tie, sits at a table across from 3 federal agents in dull, gray suits and dark shades. One sits at the table, fingering a file,while the other 2 stand motionless in the background.))

AGENT: Now, Mister Manson, my name is Smith, Agent Smith. As you can imagine, we have been waiting quite a while for the opportnity to...investigate you and your activities. The current NFW situation and you serving as a commissioner grants us this.

((Manson pulls out his Darth Vader pez dispener and takes one, the scars on his face from his recent match seemingly starting to fade as he does.))

SMITH: It would seem that you, Mister Manson, live a double life...as a grappler and as commissioner using both roles as a forum for your...unique creative talents. Now you are protected by the first amendment....but I am sure we could find something if we looked closely enough.

MANSON(his face blank): Don't I get a phone call?

SMITH: Mister Manson, you are not under arrest. I simply want to see if you are willing to exchange ceertai..informtion about the NFW and a Mister Miles....I believe you want to do the right thing here...

MANSON: You really haven't looked through my file have you?

((Smith pauses.))

SMITH: You do not intimidate nor humor me, Mister Manson.

((Manson shrugs as his right eye starts bleeding.))

SMITH: Your eye?

MANSON: Oh that again? It'll stop in a few minutes. So, how about that phone call?

SMITH: Perhaps, you would be..more..comfortable..with my associate..

((Suddenly the door breaks down as a white panda barges in with a badge tied into the fur of his chest.))

SMITH: I believe you know our recently deputized associate.

((Manson takes a double shot of pez as he tackles and wrestles with the panda. He is pawed down and about to be clawed when he raises his pez dispenser and gets a piece of pez into the panda's mouth. The panda sits up, chokes and snarls as if poisoned. It falls backward onto a fetal position as Manson takes a seat on top of it.))

MANSON: Now what about my file?

SMITH: I think it would be best to do this later..