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05-13-03, 05:41 PM
{{...FADE-IN: The FBI Field office in Boston. CUT-TO: The guard gate as it swings open to reveal Shane Southern dressed in a dark blue "Duck Head" shirt, khakis slacks and snake-skin cowboy boots. His hair is pulled neatly into a pony tail behind his head, and dark sunglasses cover his eyes. Southern hands the guard his visitors pass, who then asks him to autograph it for him. He then walks into the parking lot, and over to his Ford F-250 pickup. Before he can get in, a man with a microphone walks up to Southern and sticks it in his face...}}

REPORTER: " Shane, Shane. Bill Umber, Boston Daily. Were you just in there giving information on the NFW. "

SHANE SOUTHERN: " No comment. "

REPORTER: " Is the NFW history? "

SHANE SOUTHERN: " NO comment. "

REPORTER: " What are your feelings about Futureshock, and the way it, and possibly your career in NFW, ended? "

{{...Shane stops and pulls off his sunglasses. He smiles that crooked grin and leans back on his truck...}}

SHANE SOUTHERN: " Now THAT, I can answer. That match was, without ah' DOUBT, tha' single most BRUTAL, TOUGHEST match of mah' ENTIRE career. Bloodhunt n' I blew tha' ROOF off tha' joint, n' HE, like 'em or not, came out with tha' NFW World Title. No excuses from yers truly. I got beat. Plain n' simple. 'Hunt deserved it that night, HE was tha' better man. "

REPORTER: " Are you anxious to get back into the ring with him? "

SHANE SOUTHERN: " From what I hear, tha' guy's takin' some time. N' ta' be honest, I'm justa' little glad....mah' BODY's gotta' heal from that beatin'. {{...laughs...}} Yeah sure, I'd like a chance ta' redeem mah'self...but ya' know Bill, I ain't exactly ASHAMED of what happened at Futureshock. I wore that belt for EIGHT MONTHS, I defended it 'gainst EACH n' every man who deserved a shot. When I won that title, THAT was mah' goal, n' I accomplished it. Tha' fact that 'Hunt beat me, {{...shrugs...}} it don't take away from that. NUTHIN' ever will. "

{{...Southern stares deep into the camera...}}

" 'Hunt, we may not be seein' each other any time soon, but we WILL meet again. Enjoy bein' that better man for tha' time bein'...cause one day soon, you n' me gonna' hook it up again, and I aim ta' make tha' result different next time. "

" Congratulations on a game well played 'Hunt. You earned it. "

" Party's....well, you know. "

{{...Southern puts his sunglasses back on and gets in the truck. He cranks it, gives it some gas, the screeches out of the lot...FADE OUT...}}