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09-28-02, 02:07 PM
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Sep-28-02 AT 04:34 PM (EDT)]FADEIN:NFW Press conference. Jim Roth, who is the head of talent relations, sits at a table fielding questions from analysts.

Analyst: What is the current status of the NFW as a whole?

Jim Roth: The NFW is having a rough time. Matches are not what the fans want and the talent is not agreeable to a lot the matches results and the directions of their characters.

Analyst: Is this how you explain the decline in ratings? What has to happen? Will wrestlers walk out? NFW needs a comeback.

Jim Roth: So far, many of our superstars are willing to ride the long haul. The decline in ratings has to do alot with the writing and our approach to the industry. We need more convincing plots and storylines. This is a time to shine. We have a rough spot in our company but we will prevail.

Analyst: How are your rookies taking to these sudden changes?

Jim Roth: We have alot of big talent and potential superstars. We got guys like Travis Knowles, RAZE, and Steel Viper. We have a goldmine with these guys. Some need a push but they need to earn it. Rookies maybe discouraged but they have to be willing to work through the problems. Adapt and overcome.

Analyst: Thanks for your time.

FADEOUT::NFW Press conference.

10-31-02, 01:58 AM
((Jim Roth is walking backstage when he is confronted by Commissioner and Lord Michael Manson.))

MANSON: Did I hire you?


MANSON: Did anyone hire you?

ROTH: .................

((Roth turns to turn to run, but trips over Triple 6. Manson steps in from behind with a roll of duct tape and coveres his face in it.))

((FADEOUT AND IN: Michael Manson is putting Roth into a car trunk with Triple 6 at the wheel. He slams the trunk and hits the glass. Triple 6 starts the car as Manson drops a case of beer and wine into the seat next to Triple 6.))

MANSON: Now remember, The speed limit only applies when you're sober. Intoxicated, you can drive as fast as you want.

((Manson waves as Triple 6 drunkenly swerves the car away.))