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07-23-02, 01:38 AM
(FADEIN to what looks to be a corporate office. We see Scotty and Jerome sitting in lush recliners, watching a TV screen... on the screen, the commercial that explains the origin of Gatorade. We notice that Scotty is still rocking out the bleached blond cut, but Jerome's hair is BACK IN BLACK, and his hair's almost cut like pinstripes.. finally the commercial ends, and Scotty's shaking his head agreeingly. Steve Callahan, a representative for GATORADE walks into the room..)

STEVE CALLAHAN: So guys, what'd you think of the ad... do you think you guys are into being the first tag team that has ever been sponsored by Gatorade?

SCOTTY: Oh, without a doubt. I've got what it takes to rise to the top. I'M IN IT TO WIN IT! WOO HOO! I REFUSE TO LOSE!

JEROME: Man, will you shut up. Steve, I don't know if I like this idea. I'm not so sure that I want to be some PUNK-ASS SELLOUT like that. I became a professional wrestler to RISE TO THE TOP!

SCOTTY: Oh yeah, and your gimmick as an Amish man... ha ha, that was really convincing. Anyway Steve, I just was thinking about it. Whatever happened to the man with the plan... Bo Jackson? He's the greatest player in sports TODAY, and well damn... I loved that commercial you guys recently put out, with him swimming in the pool with the alligator.

JEROME: You've really got to get your ass out of the EIGHTIES, man... and SAY NO, to all of those drugs you've clearly been taking. That commercial took place a long time ago. Do you fail, to RECOGNIZE... the goal that we have? I didn't come back to SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT... to be some CHEAP RIP-OFF of the WWE. We can be the best damn tag team in the business, but you've gotta get your head straight, FOOL.

(Scotty has an angry look on his face..)

SCOTTY: I can't believe you referred to this business as ENTERTAINMENT! Everybody knows that this is a real sport. Don't believe the PROPAGANDA that all of those people out there in the world SAY. Wrestling is REAL man (Matthews whispers to Jerome)... don't ever break script again, we'll get fired if we ever admit that wrestling is not real.

(Jerome flips the table and walks out of the room... the representative from Gatorade is way into Scotty and Jerome. Suddenly, out of nowhere... ENRIQUE appears from behind Scotty)

SCOTTY: Where the heck did you come from?

ENRIQUE: Ah yes, sneaky, sneaky sir.

STEVE CALLAHAN: So are you and Jerome behind the Gatorade idea? You'll make MILLIONS, and take us to the next level. You'll be a HOLLYWOOD STAR after we run some of the commercials we have planned for you.

SCOTTY: Enrique, what do you think?

ENRIQUE: I say go for it, sir.

SCOTTY: I always did want to be a HOLLYWOOD STAR! Can I get a part in the next BACK TO THE FUTURE or better yet, a cameo on Diff'rent Strokes, I love that little guy Arnold.

STEVE CALLAHAN: Hey, I'm sure we can get you a gig acting with Gary Coleman.

(Enrique is gone, but Jerome storms back into the room...)

JEROME HENDERSON: Alright, man... the G-FUNK ROLLACOASTA and the SUPASTA' SCOTTY COPELAND, in a GATORADE commercial? Yo' damn skippy. Let's sign the papers.

(SCOTTY signals for a good old-fashioned whiteboy high-five, but Jerome just looks at him, shakes his head... and signs the contract..