View Full Version : Reborn, Part Two.

07-20-02, 04:42 PM
(OORP: Yeah, well... two months later..)

(FADEIN to the barber shop, where we last left Scotty and Jerome. Matthews sits down in the chair, and the barber walks up to him with his clippers and a pair of scissors. The nameplate on the mirror reveals to us that the barber's name is "ENRIQUE"...)

JEROME: Damn man, you gotta fade this punk up high and tight. His hair's been livin' on a prayer for the last 10 years, and he thinks it's phat, dogg.

SCOTTY: Jerome, you don't know what the hell you're talking about. Enrique, is that your name? What, you don't have a last name?

(Enrique begins to speak in a thick Spanish accent..)

ENRIQUE: What would you like done, sir?

SCOTTY: I don't know man, ask the G-Funk Rollercoaster over here.

JEROME: Man, you ain't gotta be givin' me ATTITUDE. What have I ever done to wrong you. NUTTIN'! Enrique man, get yo PUNK ASS ova' here.

(Jerome whispers into Enrique's ear, and tells him exactly how to cut Scotty's hair. Suddenly, the video footage speeds up as we see Enrique going to town on Scotty's hair. The haircut is done, and Enrique steps aside to reveal the NEW and IMPROVED Scotty Copeland. His hair is faded up real nice, but it's BLEACHED BLOND...)

JEROME: Look at this sucka. Damn, Enrique... how'd you become such a good barber? You BROUGHT DOWN THE HOUSE, with this cut-job. Can you trim me up a little bit, fool?

(FADEOUT... as Scotty looks into the mirror with an improving look on his face. We FADEIN an hour later, and Enrique steps aside to reveal Jerome Henderson. His hair is really short, and it's also... BLEACHED BLOND! Jerome looks REALLY MAD..)

JEROME: What is this? Am I supposed to go out in public like this? Who do you think we are, Billy and Chuck? I mean, seriously... I look like that punk ass SISQO.

(SCOTTY's laughing his ass off as Jerome shakes his head, all mad..)

SCOTTY: Hey Jerome, you really don't look straight out of the ghetto anymore. Enrique, you're pretty slick. How do you do such good work?

ENRIQUE: Ha ha, sir... you underestimate my sneakiness.

(Jerome gets out of the chair and knocks over the stylist tray..)

JEROME: Scotty, let's get out of here... I've had enough of this.

SCOTTY: Enrique, we'll see you again.. (Gives Enrique a "You the man" hand gesture)


(Jerome gives Scotty a boot in the ass and sends him out the door.. FADEOUT)