View Full Version : NFW?

07-17-02, 12:46 AM
(FADEIN to Shawn Matthews at a seedy bar in Nazareth, PA... sitting by his side is the unnamed mystery man. Matthews has a look of disgust on his face. He's not hammered, but definitely not sober. The mystery man speaks...)

MYSTERY MAN: Shawn, don't worry about it man... live to wrestle another day. You did your best at IMPACT. I mean, hell... you lost to the man who eventually won the TV title. That's nothing to be ashamed of, man.

SHAWN MATTHEWS: No Travis, you don't understand. That was a bunch of bullsh(bleep)! Did you watch that match? Did you see what happened at the end of that match? Well I just happen to have some footage of what went down...

(Matthews grabs the remote from the bartender and hits PLAY. A clearly edited piece of footage plays from what Matthews says is IMPACT. When "Tempesta Del Fuerte" reverses the small package, you see his hand grabbing a handful of Matthews' tights. Matthews hits stop, and breaks into a spree of pouting..)

SHAWN MATTHEWS: IT AIN'T RIGHT, TRAVIS... IT AIN'T RIGHT! FIVE YEARS... FIVE YEARS, I sat at home, WAITING for my moment to return to the ring... and this is where I'm at? I'm sitting in a bar in some town where brothers screw their sisters. Right, this is FU(BLEEP)IN' STARDOM? And the NFW... I don't think I have time for it anymore. I don't care about Wildstar. I don't care about Tempesta Del Fuerte... and most importantly, I don't care about the NFW. They SCREWED ME, worse than Siegfried gets screwed by Roy! I deserve more than this, and I'm BETTER THAN THIS! NFW? NO FU(BLEEP)IN' WAY! I'm out of here, I'm OUT... of the NFW! Good luck on your ascent to the top, KNOWLES... you'll need it, because you've got the entire NFW against you. Bartender, give me a double shot of 151.

(MATTHEWS does the shot, grabs his keys and runs out the door. The mystery man, obviously now known as TRAVIS KNOWLES runs after him. Matthews' Lexus speeds out of the parking lot as KNOWLES has a look of pure anger on his face. He shakes his head and walks back toward the door, kicking it in. He walks up to the bartender and begins talking to him...)

TRAVIS KNOWLES: That drunk idiot. Forget the NFW, that may be the last time that we ever see him. Bartender, a Miller Lite.

(Half an hour passes, and a cook comes running out from the kitchen..)

COOK: Travis, TRAVIS! I was listening to the police scanner in the back, and I heard that a car matching the description of Shawn's ran off the road, hit a tree, and went up in flames.


(Knowles slams his beer bottle against the wall, and goes running out the door.... FADE TO BLACK)