View Full Version : Commissioner Manson Speaks

03-29-02, 09:06 PM
((FADEIN: Michael Manson is sitting Indian style in his wheelchair
still in his office, in the same attire as beforem shaking his head.))

MANSON: Its really quite simply, Southern, even for you. See I let
the title go to you because Sullivan said I had to, to receive this
job. The people don't really give a damn, I'll just tell them what to
think. I can and will take that title from you by just walking over
to you and telling you to hand it to me. Because you have a
contract..I've read it and everyone else's contract. And should you
ever not hold up your end of that contract, you will not only lose
that title, but your job. You don't seem to understand that I am the
one that pays you money..I allow you to be Shane Southern and I can
take that all away anytime I want. You have yet to grasp a concept
about me..I don't really care what anyone else thinks..I will fire
everyone in this promotion and hire someone else if I want. The
reason Sullivan gave me this job because I would do that. You are not
above anyone else in the NFW..you receive no special treatment.
Remember everytime someone chants your name..everytime you're on
tv..everytime you look at that belt....everytime someone calls you
Shane Southern..that is only because of me. At my tolerance and at
anytime, I can take it all away.I don't even have to fire you,
there's much worse things. I'll put you in a neon jacket and give you
an ambiguously gay gimmick. I am many things, and in the NFW I am
God. Now pay the fine or I'll have to inform the promotional machine
to get behind AGGRO-Intenzity.

And the same applies to you Montezuma...you signed a contract as an
active wrestler..I allowed you to be a manager because you didn't
seem to have anything else to do. Now I am enforcing that contract.
Its one match, just don't tag in. In fact, I might prefer it if you
didn't. You might think I am working with Miles or anyone else...but
I am on the same side I was always on. My own. Miles is in the NFW as
an active participant at my tolerance, he could not set the match
himself. He needed me. And while Bloodhunt does have to go through
Miles..and perhaps cripple or kill him...I don't really
care...eventually, I will get out of this wheelchair. I'll stand,
I'll walk. Did you really think you could ever really cripple me? Me,
who has fallen from cages and been beaten half to death for my own
amusement? The wounds you gave me will heal, but the ones I'll give
you will last far longer. Because the only thing in the world you
want, besides Miles..besides Southern..is the title. If you could
have that, you wouldn't even care about Miles. Put him in a
wheelchair and he's reduced to nothingness. Put me in a wheelchair
and I'm still me. And on your road to the title, past Southern, past
Miles, past hell and the inferno, you will have to eventually deal
with me.

"Did you think the fire would burn me? I'm the lightbringer, shepherd
of suns. As if merely saying something were enough to make it true.
Its perfectly plain, Morpheus. It's over. Nothing will come of
nothing. And the wheel has come full circle..."
by Mike Carey