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03-04-03, 04:03 PM

There have been several incidents lately between handlers both here in GXW and in another federation as well that have caught the attention of the staff. As of now, there has never been a rule or by-law necessary to govern the behaior of our handlers out of character. There have always been the "unwritten rules", but never something clearly stated in black and white. Recent events, however have necessitated that we do just that.

Effective immediately, the following rule will be in effect regarding OOC behavior. Any OOC arguing, complaining or general unseemly behavior posted publically on our boards will be dealt with by way of a gradually increasing level of discipline. This behavior includes, BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO:

Complaining about the lateness of cards publically OR privately, complaining about the content of someone else's roleplay publically, airing out personal grievances between handlers publically, using "shoot" style roleplays in an attempt to take a shot at another handler personally.

There will be NO DISCUSSION if we have determined that you are in violation. These rules are at OUR DISCRETION, and if you are deemed to be in violation you will be dealt with in the same fashion as ANYONE else who comes into violation.

There will be three steps which we will take in order to enforce this policy.

After the FIRST violation, there will be a private verbal warning given.

After the SECOND violation, the violating handler will be suspended along with all of his character for a month. This includes the exclusion of his/her characters from matches, angles and storylines of any kind. They will simply be "dropped" for a month.

After the THIRD violation, the handler and all of his characters will be permanently BANNED from GXW.

This is the policy that we have come up with, and it will be written in stone. There is no need to reply to this post. You simply are to abide by this rule or face the penalties.

We provide GXW as a free service so that we may have fun writing and living out these characters, and when issues are brought into public display it affects not only the quality of the fed itself, but the enjoyment of the fed by those who wish only to work with other handlers to create something enjoyable. This policy will not affect most of those in the fed, and those that it does affect will be weeded out by design. It is your choice to make.

Thank you,
GXW staff