View Full Version : GXW UpDate 16 JAN 03 Part II

01-16-03, 01:55 PM
Hey Everyone,
As promised, here are the matches for X-perience!

First Round Matches for King of the Cage:
'The Ego Buster' Dan Ryan vs Boogie Smallz
'Career Ender' Chris Lehew vs Kin Hiroshi
'Mr. Irresistible' Johnny Styles vs Legend
Zell Hunter vs Hellfighter

Dragon Assassin vs. Judas

Non-Title Match
'Mr. Main Event' Rob Samspon vs. Troy Douglas

Handicap Match
Zero (C) vs. True Living Colors

X-perience will take place at The Odyssey Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland!

The RP Deadline for this show is at 11:59PM EST on the 23rd of January 2003

The Angle Deadline for this show is at 11:59PM EST on the 22nd of January 2003

Always remember that, just because you are not on this card, doesn’t mean that you can’t have something on the show.

The X-perience threads will be up in a few moments so get ready to RP!

So, on that note ...

Erik Zieba
Co-Owner GXW