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08-05-02, 04:05 PM
Hey Everyone,

Well we had a good run with Onslaught and Revolution and I hoped you enjoyed them both. Now that you know what we're doing I hope that we can see more storyline stuff sent in so that we can push stuff even further. More cards means more time to develop characters and such.

But now ... with that said ... it is time to introduce the NEXT SET OF SHOWS!

First, here is the line up for Onslaught!

"Wonderboy" Kyle White vs. "Big Deadly" Christian Sands

The "Shockmaster" Jacob Sikes vs. Boogie Smallz

"Mr. Irresistable" Johnny Styles vs. John J. Battles

Grudge Match:
D-Money Devon Jackson vs. Tommy Rage

Eric "The Marauder" Gibson vs. Chris Carlson

Cameron Cruise vs. The Reaver

Main Event!
For the GXW Television Title
Hellfighter vs. Kin Hiroshi (champion)

And here is the line up for the EVER POPULAR X-PERIENCE!

For the Tag Team Titles
Scotty Mason & Garth Tate vs. The Assassins

Cruiserweight Tournament featuring: "The Sandman" Devon Slayton, "The Living Legend" Alex Bainbridge, Inferno, and "The Messiah" Zell Hunter

Six Man Tag Match
Gabriel Bane and Horror Business vs. Kevin Powers and A Team of his Choosing

Gauntlet: Match One
Zero vs. John Miller

For the Continental Title
Hardcore Fatal Four-Way Elimination Match
"Mr. Main Event" Rob Sampson vs. "Cocky" Justin Tyler vs. Kin Hiroshi vs. Kendall Codine

Both of these shows will take place in Pittsburgh at The Mellon Arena!

The RP Deadline will be Sunday, 11 August 2002, at 11:59PM EST
The Angle Deadline will be due Saturday, 10 August 2002, at 11:59PM EST

Remember that the new Angle board is on the GXW website!

Also, just in case, look for postings of GXW cards on FWrestling.com ... you never know what will show there. Maybe even a house show or two!

The threads are up and are ready to go so do what you can!

Erik Z
Co-Owner GXW