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06-27-02, 04:34 PM
Hey Everyone,

As you probably know by now (And no jokes about how late we are ... WE KNOW!) Part II is up so go and check it out.

Thanks to EVERYONE that helped out on that card. It took awhile, but it looked good.

So now, on that note, it is time for GLOBAL WARFARE!

First things first ... here is the OFFICIAL LINE UP!

For the GXW Unified World Title
'The Ego Buster' Dan Ryan vs Kendall Codine
For 100 Percent OWNERSHIP of GXW!
Co-Owner Chad Dupree vs Co-Owner Erik Zieba

For the GXW Unified World Tag Team Titles
Fast Lane vs The Assassins

Respect Match
Hellfighter vs Zero

For the GXW Continental Title
'Mr. Main Event' Rob Sampson vs 'Cocky' Justin Tyler

No Holds Barred / I Quit Match
ExE vs Paul Dumont

For the GXW X-treme Title
'The American Nightmare' Gabriel Bane vs Tommy 18

'Good God' Kevin Powers vs 'Career Ender' Chris Lehew

For the GXW Ladies Title
Trynyty Wang vs 'The Dark Lotus' Miso

Winners get first shot at the Tag Team Champions!
The Night Cripplers vs True Living Colors

For the GXW Cruiserweight Title
Eric 'The Dragon' Davis vs Inferno

Exploding Table Match
John Miller vs 'The Executive' Eric Edwards

For the GXW TV Title
The Reaver vs Kin Hiroshi

Table Tag Match
Horror Business vs Monsta Boyz

KK Hollywood vs Troy Douglas

Exciting isn't it?

The RP threads are up in RP Central and the RPs will be due for this card on WEDNESDAY, JULY 3RD, at 11:59PM EST!

Attacks/Interviews/Angles/and anything else not covered will be due on MONDAY, JULY 1st, at 11:59PM EST!

If you want to write for the card ... LET US KNOW! The more writers we have the sooner we'll have this one out and in the history books.

Also keep a look out for updates on the website!

Let your friends know we have OPENINGS in all divisions!

Until then ...
Erik Z
Co-Owner GXW