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Mr Main Event
12-08-01, 05:31 PM
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Dec-08-01 AT 03:33 PM (EST)][font face=verdana]Hey gang. Here's the lineup for Fallout. This event will take place in the Toronto Skydome from (where else?) Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Please note that all RPing should be in your thread on the boards only and that the RP limit for PPVs is 5 per handler. All RPs, angles, etc., should be submitted NO LATER than December 15 in order to assure that this PPV comes out before Christmas. And yes, we are going to do our very best to get it done before then. Everyone remember to have fun and let's make this PPV another good
one. Here's the lineup:

*Main Event - Six-Pack Challenge for the GXW Unified Title: Marcus Johnson vs. Eric Davis vs. Dan Ryan vs. Gabriel Poe vs. Cole Steele vs. Hellfighter

*World Tag Team Titles: The Motor City Maniacs vs. True Living Colors

*Grudge Match: Kevin Powers vs. Gemini

*Continental Title - Three Levels of Hell Match: John Miller vs. Rob

*Grudge Match: J.T. Savage vs. Randy Cobb

*Television Title - First Blood Match: Jeffrey Roberts vs. Chris Lehew

*Television Tag Titles: Fast Lane vs. Insane Pain

*Cruiserweight Title: Kin Hiroshi vs. Ricky Payne

*Women's Title: Miso vs. Lori Wilson

*10-Man Elimination Street Fight - winner receives X-treme title shot: Angelus, Gabriel Bane, Carnage, Eric Gibson, Cameron Cruise, Inferno, Triple X Sean Stevens, The Reaver, Deezee, and Black Death Devil MastR

~ Chad