View Full Version : A little heart to heart!

04-19-03, 04:52 PM
When the camera comes in from black you see Goth sitting all alone on a couch where you regurally see all of his friends with him. Goth is sitting on the edge with his elbows on his knees and his head in his hands. Shaking his head he looks up to see the camera!

Gt: Well you guys seem to always find us in the most inappropriate times. As long as you are here I might as well talk to you. I has been forever sience our last little chat, when was it, oh yeah back in the EWI. Not like many of you remember back that far. Kevin, Zeiba, Gemini, Hellfighter a good freind since the beginning. The few of us that remember the good ole' days of the EWI remember when the competition respected eachother and congradulated each other for matches well fought. But know it has become a game of politics, either you are in or you are out. I tired to be civil with some people and they chew it up and spat on my kindness. Well that ends now. Expessially for the TLC wanna bes. All they do is whine and complane about being misstreated and now they are splitting up. Heh, I knew they did not have what it takes to be a tag team. The Monta Boyz know though, through teamwork and dedication they rose to thier current title and have sucsessfully defended it on many occassions.

He looks away for a second and pulls out a picture frame and stares at if for a while.

GT: You know that sometimes in this sport we even find ourselves falling in love with another. As in my case I have fallen for someone but the chances of he accepting me are slim. I mean we are from such different cultures and I know nothing about here. For those of you out there that have found someone I applaude you. You have done something that I could not do at all. But I need to let here know how I feel.

Follow me!

Goth enters a purple pinto streach limo and he drives off. When the camera comes into view again you see Goth in a flower store looking for a arrangement of flowers.

Goth: Excuse me I am looking for an arrangment to impress a lady that i am intrested in.

ShopKeeper: What flowers does she like?

Gt: Well I really do not konw! She is athletic and favors Asian cultures!

SK: I know just what you need. How about a dozen Lotus flowers arranged?

Gt: Sounds good how much do I owe you?

SK: $25 should cover it sound good?

Gt: Of course and have it sent to this address. With this card.

SK: Will do thanks for your business.

Goth walks out of the store and looks at the camera.

Gt: Do you not have somewhere else you need to me right now! Go see her and see what her expression is. Now Go!

Goth turns around and walks away as the camera fades to black.