View Full Version : Smallz vs. Codine

Mr Main Event
10-19-03, 11:46 PM
Grudge Match for the Continental Championship.

Mad Dog
10-31-03, 10:36 PM
(FADE IN to a man wearing a Jason Voorhees hockey mask, sitting on the front porch of a unidentified home. He lifts the mask up to reveal himself and lights up a blunt. The glow from the lighter shows Boogie’s face, as the camera pans back to show a tray of candy lying next to him. He tosses the lighter on the tray, takes a few big puffs, and then addresses the camera.)

BOOGIE SMALLZ: Global Warfare? By tha look of tha lineup, it looks like Global WELFARE to me. Look at these fools they got gettin’ title matches. You got that goofy muffin’ stuffin’ trick-ass punk, Kin Hiroshi, in tha futhamuckin’ main event? And how did he do it? By poising some people and callin’ out tha World champion…what kind of ish is that?

Then you got my opponent, Kendall Codine. No on paper it looks like a hell of a match up, but recently Blade looks to have lost a few steps and I don’t see him as tha threat he once was. I put his ass out in that tag match on Revolution and for getting’ his ass handed to him…I guess he gets a Continental title shot as a consolation prize. (Shakes his head.)That’s just pathetic and I can’t just sit here and let that happen.

Codine, you got a title shot, make tha most of it. Because I am using this match as a chance to send a message to erryone in tha back and especially tha top dawgs in this company, that GXW is slowly becomin’ Smallz’ World. And errythang in my World…I control. Ain’t a nownudda gonna tell me differently. And if they think they can…then please STEP THA KCUF UP, because I’m tired of bullshittin’. I’m through with this…fade me out.