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10-27-02, 09:52 PM
Winners receive a shot at the World Tag Team titles!

10-27-02, 11:14 PM
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Oct-27-02 AT 11:11 PM (EST)]Fade in...

"Gah... that stings."

The exclamation in question is emitted by a rather large man of Swedish origin, garbed in a teal Hawaiian shirt and green jeans. Buff Bellows, the undisputed leader of the Monsta Boyz, currently sits on a table in a white-walled doctor's office, wincing as a thin man with grey hair applies medication to the burns that Bellows suffered during the hardcore triple-threat match at X-Perience recently. Fat Farrell sits in a corner, a row of stitches already visible in his forehead.

"I swear," says the doctor disapprovingly as he begins to wrap Bellows' burn with a bandage. "I don't know why you wrestlers do this to yourselves."

"Hey, it's all about makin' the fans happy," Bellows says, wincing a bit as the bandage is applied.

The doctor tsks as he finishes applying the bandage. "There are ways to make people happy that don't involve killing yourself," he says critically.

A nurse suddenly leans into the room. "Urgent call for you, doctor," she says.

The old medic nods, then looks at his two huge patients. "I'll be right back," he says, quietly following the nurse out of the room.

Immediately, Farrell crosses the small room to stand near his partner. "You doin' okay, brotha'?" he asks, concern in his voice as he clasps his comrade's shoulder with a meaty hand.

"Yeah, I'll live," replies Buff, removing Farrell's hand from his shoulder. "You know me, man. I bounce back. Don't worry, I'll be okay by Fallout."

"Fallout, man," echoes Farrell.

"Yeah, we got a hell of an opportunity," Bellows says. He glances over to where the cameraman sits. "'Cause ya see, we may not have come outta X-Perience in mint condition, but come Fallout, the Monsta Boyz are gonna be kickin' at a hundred percent. And with a shot at the Tag-Team Titles on the line, we got added incentive ta go in there an' do some real damage."

Farrell remains silent, folding his arms over his chest and moving his gaze towards the camera.

Bellows inhales slowly, moving his right hand up to rub his left shoulder. "Ya know, rumor has it that the Elites turned tail an' ran when we answered their challenge," he says. "But I really hope they show up at the battle royal. I've been waitin' a long time ta kick their candy a**es inta next week. Coupla a' big mouths, they are. If they got the, uh, the testicular fortitude ta show up at Fallout, they're gonna learn real quick that ya don't talk smack about the Monsta Boyz unless yer ready ta get mauled."

"Hell yeah," Farrell says in agreement.

"But anyway," Bellows says, "Onto the teams who are actually worth something. First off, TLC. So ya finally won a match. The streak is over. Congrats. But there's one thing that nags at me... how'd they win that match, Farrell?"

"Dey cheated out Horra' Business," informs the fat man.

Bellows nods, then looks back to the camera. "Cheated," he echoes. "That just proves what I been sayin' all along - that the most graphically-colorful tag team in all of sports entertainment has faded a lot. Ya know, TLC, you two used ta be contenders. But now, yer just a shadow a' yer former selves. Ya can't even win one single match without cheatin'. Hell, even when ya cheat, you usually lose. Yer nothin' nowadays. Now maybe ya think that this battle royal is yer big chance ta climb back ta yer days of glory, maybe win the Tag titles again?" The big man shakes his head slowly. "Think again. All the cheatin' in the world ain't gonna help ya at Fallout, boys. Yer pretty much the weakest link in the tag division, so yer chances are pretty slim, especially since yer in there with the biggest tag-team in GXW."

"Dat's us!" Farrell adds in.

"You should do yerselves a favor an' just stay home," Bellows finishes, "since you ain't gonna be winnin' nothin. And yeah, X-Perience was a fluke. But keep in mind that lightning don't strike twice."

Scowling, the big Swede tugs at the bandage on his arm. "This itches," he grumbles.

Farrell nods very slightly. "I know how ya feel."

Bellows lowers his arm after a moment and looks back to the camera. "Next on the list, we got Horror Business. Ya know, us and you, we go way back. We came inta this fed together, had a few matches, then went our separate ways. Ya pulled out a fluke win over us at Global Warfare and went on ta start dismantlin' the GXW tag scene, only ta have yer undefeated streak ended by... TLC? Yeah yeah, I know it was a fluke, but still. That's an ugly stain on yer record, guys. But if I know you two at all, I know yer comin' inta Fallout lookin' ta avenge yerselves by claimin' that title shot." The big man shakes his head- "Sorry. No deal. You want that title shot, ya gotta go through the Monsta Boyz. And this time, there ain't gonna be no flukes. There ain't gonna be no rolling offa the table at the last second ta pull off the upset win. Last time we met on Pay-Per-View, ya won; this time, it ain't gonna happen like that. Me an' Farrell have worked our a**es off ta get this far. We've EARNED a title shot. No way in hell we're lettin' you two psychos take what's ours."

Bellows raises a hand to clear his throat. He looks up again. "As fer the rest of the GXW tag-teams, take a hike. Not that there are very many teams left ta do any hikin' anyway. Whatever happened ta Fast Lane and Mason & Tate? On second thought, I don't care. What I DO care about is this title shot that's on the line. You other guys can fight over it all ya want, but we ain't gonna let ya have it. That title shot is gonna be ours. It's the Monsta Boyz' ticket ta somethin' we've been shootin' for since day one: The Tag-Team gold. Make no mistake: Me an' Farrell are gonna take that title shot an' bring the Tag Titles home ta Monsta Country. Got a problem with that? Too damn bad. We Monstaz deserve this title shot probably more than anyone out there right now, and by God, we're gonna take it."

Farrell crosses his arms over his chest, scowling. "Ain't nobody gonna be holdin' da Monstaz back dis time," he declares.

Bellows offers a slow nod. "The jokes are over now, fellas," he says seriously. "The Monsta Boyz like havin' fun, but this match ain't gonna be fun and games. So come Fallout, we ain't jokin' around. We ain't even gonna roll out a truck full a' midgets. Come Fallout, yer gonna be facin' a pair of Monstaz more determined than ever before - a pair of Monstaz totally focused on winnin' that title shot. So ya better just clear out, or we'll stomp ya inta the ground an' keep on rollin'."

As Bellows finishes speaking, the doctor reenters the room, and both Monstaz look over at him. The medic blinks, then glances at the cameraman. "I won't even ask," he says blankly.

"Works for me," says Bellows.

"Good," answers the doctor. "Now give me your other arm."

Sighing, Bellows extends his unbandaged arm to the doctor. Farrell steps back as the medic moves in, taking up his bottle of medication. The last thing we see is Bellows wincing as the medication is applied to his burns, an image which slowly fades to black...

10-28-02, 12:27 AM
*Fade In...

*New York City...

*Inside a local doctor's office...

(Cut to inside the outpatient operating room. The camera pans around to see many different white walled rooms. The camera passes by the Sweedish big man, Buff Bellows, the undisputed leader of the Monsta Boyz being tended to, wincing while a thin man with gray hair applies the neccessary treatment from the injuries he suffered in the Hardcore Triple Threat match on X-Perience as another cameraman with his camera is filming Buff at the start of his promo. Bellow's cameraman, while still filming Buff, glances over and does a silent wave in his direction before returing to his filming. The other cameraman continues to walk on down the hallway until it reveals inside another room, just three doors down from Buff's room; MR David Allen BLACK, and MR Jevon Alexander White of True Living Colors. Mr White is already bandaged up; however Mr Black's wounds are a little more extensive and requiring a bit more time. The other doctor working on him continues to localize and tend to the wound. Black winces in pain while the doctor works. White is talking to him.)

Black: (While the doctor is sowing and cleaning out the wounds on his back and head.) "GODDAMN that hurts. Talk about the treatment hurts worse than the actual disease. If I knew it would hurt this f***in bad, I would of stayed in the ring and beat myself senseless with a steel pipe a few more times."

Doctor: "I'm sorry, but I have to clean out the wound before I can sew you up."

Black: "Well make it quick. I've got a match to get ready for."

Dr: "I'm doing the best I can. I hope your GXW pays me well for this."

Black: "Yeah yeah yeah. Just send the bill to them. (Looks over at White already bandaged up.) "Hey Jevon, thanks man. You had my back man. Not the most graceful win, but a win's a win. It don't matter if you win by a squash or a screw job...winning's winning."

(With his fist closed, Black bangs his chest then holds it out and White responds by hitting it.)
White: "Hey man, that's what tag team partners are for. You would of done the same for me."

Black: "Yeah, that's what's cool about us. People think just because you're smaller, your the weaker one. Your just as good as me. You hold your own and can throw down with anybody."

White: "Alright enough of me man. How about getting a win finally? How about breaking the losing streak? How about reaffirming to everybody that we are TRULY the...

Voice of Buff Bellows from three rooms down: "the most graphically-colorful tag team in all of sports entertainment...

White: What the F**k? Is that who I think it is?"

(Black and White silently listen as Buff Bellows and Fat Farrel in the beef of their promo three rooms down addressing TLC about their loss. Black and White try hard not to laugh even though they are in somewhat shock.)

White: "What are the odds?"

Black: "Farrell and Bellows here in the same doctor's office as us. Now Jevon what should we do about this?"

White: "Ah gee...that's a no brainer...go over and beat their ass."

Dr: "Might I remind you gentlemen that you're in my office and if you start anything I will call the police."

Black: "Oh fine. Besides I hurt to f***in bad to start something now. How about we wait until Fallout, then we can finish what we didn't do on X-Perience."

White: "I agree. Can you believe that? They call our win cheap? They say we cheated? How in the holy mutha f*** do you cheat in a hardcore match? The only rule in a hardcore match like that is don't get killed. We didn't die. We pinned the peice of s*** to the mat. What should it matter if I just so happen to hold his feet down so he didn't kick out. Like he was going to kick out anyway. He was as dead as you...almost. The point is we won the match and now we have every reason to fight in that tag team battle royal match thingy at Fallout. Those to fat faggots are just pissed off because we proved what we said."

Black: "My only complain about that match is that I slammed the wrong guy down. I f***in wanted to slam either Farrell or Bellows on those thumbtacks. Oh well, I take what I get. I slammed somebody, and that's what matters. What I thought was cool was how nobody thought we would come up with the win. They were so dead in the beginning, but by the end, they were cheering for us. (White looks at Black with a puzzled look on his face) Not that I care about what the fans think, I just think that we went in as underdog/losers and came out winners. We proved everybody wrong. And we did it in the most graphically colorful way possible. We back."

White: "You damn right. We go SO homicidal on their asses. And at Fallout is when finish the job, and one step closer to becoming Tag team Champions again might I add. We have a chance to become once again...


Black: "Just like the old days of Nthwa."

(Lillian Watts walks into the room with three bags of food.)

Lillian: "Hail to the conquering heros. A little victory dinner for the winners of the night. Here you go boys. A little something to eat for a job well done. For David (Handing Black a bag) A Fried Zombie, and for you Jevon (Hands White a sack) a Grilled Bellows Burger. Dig in."

Black: "Lillian, what's this for?"

Lillian: "Oh the vender that stands just outside the Garden during events created two new additions to his menu. He gave me a discount because of who I am. Ever since the match, it's all this city is talking about. We're hotter than the Yankees and Knicks."

White: "Sweet baby. (He takes a huge bite of his burger, and then talks with his mouth full of food.) Goddamn. This is a tasty burger. I never thought I say this, but who'd thought that Bellows would taste this good...the damn burger people. I'm not a midget. How am I supposed to know what Bellows taste like."

Black: "And your not Farrell, how are you supposed to know what Bellows taste like?"

White: (Swallows his food) "Let's leave that one for the midgets and Farrell to answer. Drop subject now."

Black: "With pleasure."

Lillian: "Hey guys, did you know that Farrell and Bellows are here in this very office?"

White: "We know. We heard."

Lillian: "They think you guys cheated tonight."

White: "So we heard baby."

Lillian: "And they think that you should stay home and not show up at Fallout."

Black: "Well I got news for them. We will show up. We will finish where we left off tonight at Fallout. We will beat their fat asses senseless. We will use every last mutha f***a in that ring to literally send us to the top of the tag team division. We finally got out of the bottom now. At Fallout, we go from zero to top in .00002 seconds. Everybody will help us become stars again."

Lillian: "You mean people like; Fast Lane, Mason and Tate, The Assassins, Horror Business, and best of all...The Monsta Boys will send us right up the mountain?"

White: "Yeah, but we just like it when you say it Lillian."

Lillian: "And I'll be ringside for the most underated and underacheiving tag team becomes famous all over again. When everybody else turned their back on you. I never once did."

Black: "Alright, doc are you done messing with me yet. I wanna enjoy my victory dinner?"

Dr: (Just putting in the last stitch in.) "Just finished. Now will this mean that you will get out of my office?"

Black: "Just as soon as I finish my hero's sandwich."

Dr: "Fine."

(The doctor gets up and walks out of the room leaving Black and White enjoying their dinner while Lillian talks to them. As they talk amoungst themselves, the camera fades out to black.)


10-29-02, 04:26 PM
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Oct-29-02 AT 02:29 PM (EST)]Fade in to the interior of a gym somewhere in Greensboro, walled in plain white and floored in the same pigment. A few of the lighter pieces of equipment are in use, but the camera passes right by them and focuses on a massive, bare-chested figure figure near the back. The enormous man, clad in a pair of knee-length black shorts, is bench-pressing a stunning amount of weight with seemingly no effort. After about five repetitions, he eases the weight back onto its rack, sitting up. The figure is none other than Buff Bellows. The camera focuses on his enormous physique - almost freakishly muscled, thus dispelling any illusions of Bellows being fat.

Fat Farrell, clad in jogging pants and his typical blue Hawaiian shirt, enters the shot from the left and tosses a towel to his comrade. "Dey ain't here, man," he says as he follows the towel with Bellows' teal Hawaiian shirt.

"Good," Bellows says as he mops his brow with the towel. Tossing the item aside, he throws on his shirt before looking at the camera, though he remains seated. "Nice ta know that we're not bein' stalked today," he says almost genially. "Unless Mr. Black and Mr. White are gonna show up three gyms down an' do the exact same thing we did. I can understand gettin' some treatment after a freakin' deathmatch, but come on - with all the clinics in a city the size a' New York, what're the odds of you two stumblin' across us? Coincidence? Maybe, but I somehow doubt it. But whatever; I don't care."

Bellows tilts his head a little, buttoning his shirt up as he begins speaking again. "But ya know, Dave and Jevon... yer little video was pretty funny. Then again, I wasn't expectin' anything less. Ya know? I always know what ta expect from yer videos. It's like yer followin' some kinda format - ya talk about somethin' irrelevant, spout yer silly catchphrases, say one or two words ta yer opponents, then Lillian walks in an' ya talk her ear off for the next forty-five minutes. I'm startin' ta think you two don't know how to think up a new idea. I mean, honestly."

"Seriously," chimes in Farrell.

"But in any case," Bellows continues, adjusting his collar. "Kinda funny that yer in denial about how yer win at X-Perience was cheap. Legal or not, ya played dirty, 'cause ya knew ya couldn't win in a fair fight. And ta make matters worse, ya targeted the weakest link. If you'd tried that crap on me, I'd have kicked up and beat both yer asses bloody. So don't you go off and start talkin' sh*t about how ya beat the Monsta Boyz, 'cause ya did nothin' of the sort. Ya beat a 5'7" Horror kid cheaply. BIG FREAKIN' DEAL! What the hell d'ya want, a damn medal? How about the Nobel Prize for Ineptitude?"

Farrell raises a hand to his mouth, covering up a snicker.

Bellows glances over at the jolly fat man, then returns to scowling into the camera. "Couldn't help noticing you two chowin' down on Fried Zombie and Bellows Burger or whatever the hell you two retards pulled outta yer asses this week. Yummy, fellas? How about dessert? That's right - humble pie a la mode. Ya talk big about how yer gonna finish us at Fallout, but when it's all said and done, yer gonna be leavin' with a taste in yer mouth that yer intimately familiar with. Defeat."

"By the way," Bellows continues. "About that mountain yer talkin' about? How ya said everyone's gonna push you up it? Keep dreamin', fellas. Ain't no way yer goin' up the mountain at ANYONE's expense. Yer stayin' right at the bottom. And history proves that. You've had plenty a' chances to climb that mountain. Global Warfare? Ya fell off the mountain. Hell, you've had chances up the wazoo, an' yer still down at the bottom of the pile. I mean, think about it - if it weren't fer JP, yer careers would be over - thanks to US, no less! By all rights, you two shouldn't even BE here. But as long as you ARE here, we'll just kick ya down the mountain again. Have fun at the bottom."

"Ain't no mountaintops in yo' future!" Farrell adds gleefully.

Bellows offers his fat colleague a nod of agreement before returning his attention the camera. "I noticed a reference to the NthWA in there," he says. "Well, wake up. The NthWA is LONG GONE. This is GXW now. Maybe you were hot sh*t back then, but this is now. Yer tanks are empty; yer runnin' out of steam. Just go home and quit botherin' us with yer stupid nostalgia trip."

Folding his hands in his lap, the big man leans forward. "I'll leave you two with a question," he says. "What IS yer favorite colour, anyway? Ya never did answer that. But ya know what my favorite color is? Do ya? It's GOLD."

The image begins to fade out, but Buff suddenly raises a hand and says, "One last thing." Gradually, the screen fades back in again.

Farrell blinks at his tag-team partner for a moment. "What?"

Bellows grins at him, then looks to the camera. "Oh, by the way, Lillian," he says, his eyes dancing mischieviously. "If ya ever get tired of those two short-d**ked lunatics David and Jevon, stop by my hotel room. I'll show ya why they call me the BIG KAHUNA." He holds his hands in front of them, spread apart as if to indicate something of great length. Off to the side, Farrell begins laughing like a hyena.

Bellows continues to grin as we fade to black...

10-31-02, 01:59 AM
*Fade In...

*Greensburo, North Carolina...

*Inside a downtown Gymnasium (No it's not the one that the Monsta Boyz are at)...

(Cut to inside the weight room. We see the members of True Living Colors working out as they prepare for their big match at the GXW ppv, Fallout. We see MR WHITE in the squat booth doing full squats with 325 lbs to start out with. Over on the other side of the weight room, hanging on two towels on a pull-up bar, wearing a belt with a 45 lb weight chained on it is MR BLACK. Black and White are wearing usual work out clothes. Moments after, their manager, Miss Lillian Watts, wearing tight red spandex, a matching tight red sports bra, and white sneakers comes in. All of the other bodybuilders in the room stop what they are doing as she walks in. She seems to be looking for something, bending over and mock looking under towels and so forth. White finishes his squats and racks it back on the pegs. He picks up a towel to dry off the sweat off his brow, and takes a drink from his water bottle as he walks over to her. The camera moves in for a close up, let's listen in.)

Mr. White: "Hey baby, whatcha lookin for? You lose a contact or something?"

Lillian: "You know I don't wear contacts. If you must know I was making sure that we didn't walk into the same gym that Bellows and Farrell are fighting in."

White: "Lillian, baby, you gotta understand, that was a freak occurance. Even David and I were blown away by that. I still can't believe that out of all the doctor's offices and hospitals that we could of went to in New York, we had to choose the same one that those two fat asses went to. What pisses me the f**k off even more is the fact we were too messed up to do anything about it."

Lillian: "It's okay Jevon, just think you and David get your chance at Fallout. Which by the way I will be at ringside to watch as you two finish what you started."

(Mr Black finishes his pull-ups, he takes the weight belt off and drops it to the ground, and walks over to talk with Lillian and White.)

Black: "What's everybody talkin about?"

White: "Oh how we chose of all the places to get patched up in New York, and we chose the one place where Farrell and Bellows were getting tended to."

Black: "Oh yeah that was some weird ass s**t. I guess it goes to show that it really is a small word after all. Bellows and Farrell should know all about that."

(Black and White casually look down for a moment, then chuckle as they start humming the words to the song "It's a small world afterall" before Lillian cuts them off.)

Lillian: "Guys, don't take these guys lightly just yet. We're still not out of the woods...YET. Technically we are still a 'celler team'. We're at the bottom of the barrel. However, we win at Fallout, we will return. I gaurantee it. The Monsta Boyz are right about one thing. This isn't the Nthwa. Nthwa is long dead and buried."

White: "Yeah I have to admit, it's as dead as ECW and WCW."

Black: "Yeah not to mention that WWE is on it's deathbed."

Lillian: "But GXW is running strong. X-Perience, we won our match. It's doesn't matter if you win by a screwjob or by a squash. We won and their pissed off about it. I don't care what the Monsta Boys say, we won in the bloodiest of bloodiest of matches. And you thought that the Maniacs Hardcore Halloween match was bloody. I'm sorry, I was there for both and nothing compares to your match at X-Perience. You won that match, and you will win at Fallout. The losing ending last week. We get back on top this week. We make our run for the World tag team titles again. We return to what they call, our former glory."

Black: "We know your right, and that match was brutal. How in the hell do you cheat in a hardcore match?"

White: "Well I found a way." (Giggles methodically)

Black: "My point. It wasn't cheating. If it were cheating then the ref would of saw it. If he saw it it wouldn't of counted. If it didn't count, the match would of continued. Guess what, it did count. We did win. End of story. Onto Fallout."

Lillian: "Guys there's something else you should know about the Monsta Boys. Now brace yourselves, this will piss you off oh so much, but keep your cool, and save it for Fallout."

White: "What is it baby?"

Lillian: "Guys, I listened to Buff and Farrell's promo about you. And of all the things that they could of done to you or said to you. They did the unpardonable sin."

Black: "Oh hell no, they didn't?"

Lillian: "That's right David. They called you guys by your first names."

White: "No F**kin way. Of all the low down things in this earth, they dare call us by our first names?"

Lillian: "Afraid so. They talked to you guys as if they know you personally."

Black: "That's it. Those mutha f**kers are gonna die. You do not call us by our first names?"

White: "Lillian, now look what you done, you got him started."

Lillian: "I didn't get him started, they got him started. I take it that it's promo time again."

White: "Oh you know it."

(Black turns facing toward the camera.)

Black: "Of all the dumb ass, things you two s**tbricks could do. You don messed up now. You called us by our first names. Did we grant you permission to address us by our first names? Are we on some kind of first name basis now with your peasant, scrubnut asses? Do we go out for a beer after the matches and party until the sun comes up? Hell no! Then why oh why did you call us by our first names? You are in no position to address us by our first names. You can F5 us through tables over and over again. We will keep coming back for more. You can castrate us for all we care. We'll still come back for more. You can. You can insult our whole familes like their's no tomarrow. We'll come back at you. But you NEVER...EVER...address us by our first names. You have no right. You aren't our friends. You never will be. We ain't going for a beer together after the match. We won't smoke a pound of grass together until the sun comes up. So why oh why did you call us by our first names. Just for that, you know right there that you ain't getting out of the Tag team Invitational match alive. You just signed your death warrents and you are returning to wherever the hell you come from...in a body bag. Fallout will mark the end of you, and the rebirth of the MOST GRAPHICALLY COLORFUL TAG TEAM IN ALL OF SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT."


Lillian: "You guys, like it or not can testify to that one if we can live through the match on X-Perience, they can live through anything...unlike the Whore Business, which is officially OUT OF BUSINESS."

Black: "We are TRUE...LIVING...Proof that we will never die. We are well back on our way to immortality. We were bleeding and dying. It's safe to say that we're back. Miricles do come true and we're finishing what we started. What we started with is the end of you two s**tbricks."

White: "We don't dream. We are real. Everything we speak. Everything we say. Everything we do is 100% Living Truth. You don't believe us now? At Fallout, we finish what we started. And like it or not. Win or lose. It will be TLC night. We will reign supreme. We will show that we ain't f**kin around anymore. Now wrap this thing up. We gotta get back to training."

Lillian: "Just a minute...David. I have some parting words for these boys."

(Lillian takes Black's place in front of the camera while Black and White stand in the background.)

Lillian: "You know boys. First you mock me. Then you insult me. I thought you two were gay. Now all of a sudden you have a change of heart. Now Bellows, you're telling me to dump David and Jevon, and come up to your hotel room later on after the match? I'm confused. Especially since midget eye witnesses have revealed that your...BIG KAHUNA isn't well...BIG to say the least. And you're gays asses are inviting me to your hotel room? Gee I really am confused. What happened...*Snickers*...Buff, did you have a change of heart? Are you wanting to come back to the straight and narrow? Well let me tell you that you can stay on your side and I will stay on my side. I don't swing like you and Farrell. I'm not down with the freaky s**t like you guys are. I like it just fine right here, thick and thin with David and Jevon right here."

(She steps back and puts her arms around Black and White)

"David is my friend, but Jevon and Me have been in love for a long time. We like to keep it that way. Jevon and I have been through a lot in our lifetime, and we're going to keep it that way. Just for the record. Contrary to what you think."

(She looks down at Jevon and smiles as she looks back at the camera)

"Trust me when I say that, he is very...very...very...GIFTED to say the least. So if I were to leave Jevon for...well you Buff. As you can see, I stand to lose...ALOT. Jevon is way more than you'll ever be."

(Lillian puts her arms around Jevon and gives him a very passionate, very sensual kiss while Black steps right in front of them looking back at the camera.)

Black: "I think it's funny how you guys said your favorite color is gold. That's bull s**t because that's Lillian's favorite color. Now I'll admit that she hasn't worn any gold dresses since we lost the tag titles over a year ago. But trust me when I say this (She looks back at Lillian still making out with White)...the girl looks damn mighty fine in gold. So if you want to see her in any gold dresses, and trust me...we do. We will do everything in our power to get those tag titles back around our waists just so she can wear the gold dresses again. However, in the meantime, her second favorite color is RED. Meaning the kind of color of blood your fat asses are gonna bleed at Fallout. We're gonna gut you and cause you to bleed like stock pigs...some really big f**kin, gay ass stock pigs."

(He looks back at Lillian and White still making out in the background.)

Black: "Okay, give the kids some privacy. This promo's over. Choke on them apples you chodes. Fade to black."

(The camera complies with Black and cuts the camera to face out to black.)


10-31-02, 04:50 PM
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Oct-31-02 AT 02:51 PM (EST)]We fade in to the interior of a hotel in Greensboro, floored in pale blue carpet and walled in white. The room is dominated by two large beds and a set of shelves which houses a television set. The TV is playing the latest promo produced by Mr. Black and Mr White; however, the image suddenly freezes as someone presses the pause button on the remote. That someone is Buff Bellows, clad in his typical teal and green garb; he sits on the nearest bed, chuckling.

"You know," Buff remarks, "Dave... Jevon... for a minute there I was actually startin' ta take you guys seriously. But then I realized somethin'. Do you two actually TALK like that outside of your tapes? I mean, god. Run-ons an' dead-end sentences an' sloppy mispronunciations? What the hell are chodes? Are they, perhaps, some new relation to chodas? Not only that, your damn vocabulary is what I'd expect from a first-grader. Sh*t, not EVEN a first-grader - I've seen drooling, bucktoothed kindergarten retards with a better grasp of the language than you two have."

"But you know what," continues Buff, raising a hand. "That's not even the worst of it. I swear you two are vultures or somethin', 'cause ya keep scavenging our videos looking fer good ideas. I mean, first ya stalk us all the way to the doctor's office, then ya film an interview in a gym ONE DAY AFTER WE DID THAT VERY SAME THING?! Hell. For a couple a' 'homicidal artists', you two sure don't got many original ideas. Artists' block, maybe? More likely it's sheer stupidity at work."

The big man pauses to take a breath. "But let's get down to business. Since you two amateurs can't seem ta figure out how ta cut a decent interview, I'm gonna show ya how it's done." He turns and unpauses the TLC video.

Black: "Did we grant you permission to address us by our first names? Are we on some kind of first name basis now with your peasant, scrubnut asses? Do we go out for a beer after the matches and party until the sun comes up? Hell no! Then why oh why did you call us by our first names? You are in no position to address us by our first names. Blah blah blah, blah blah blah... But you NEVER...EVER...address us by our first names. You have no right. Blah blah blah, blah blah blah. Just for that, you know right there that you ain't getting out of the Tag team Invitational match alive. You just signed your death warrents and you are returning to wherever the hell you come from...in a body bag. Fallout will mark the end of you, and the rebirth of the MOST GRAPHICALLY COLORFUL TAG TEAM IN ALL OF SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT."

Buff pauses the footage. "Very nice, David," he says. "Now could you please translate that into English for those of us who don't speak retard? Nevermind, I got the gist of it. DAVID... JEVON... I'll call you whatever the f*ck I feel like. What's that? Ya don't like it? Ya don't LIKE it when I call you DAVID? Well, DAVE... if you don't like it, you can tuuuurn around, hike up yer panties, put on yer jacket, and catch the 5:00 subway straight to hell. And I have every right in the world ta call you DAVE and JEVON, 'cause this is a free country with laws supporting free speech. Got a problem with that? Go take it up with George Dubya. I'm sure he'll take your complaint very seriously - for about ten seconds, after which point he'll have ya thrown out on yer asses."

"And by the way, about those death warrants and body bags - do you honestly think I feel threatened by that? Do you seriously think that my heart stopped with fear when I heard that? If ya must know, I laughed the first time I heard it. Vintage TLC - that is, stealing some old, clichéd, recycled lines that they used back before you two were even born and throwing them back in our teeth. ''Oooooo, you signed a death warrant! Oooooo, we're gonna kill you! Oooooo, we're gonna put you in body bags!'' Please. It's almost sickening just how pathetic you sound when you say sh*t like that. It's a given that you're NOT gonna kill ANYTHING, so why bother even sayin' it? Unless you ENJOY looking like retards. I wouldn't be surprised."

Bellows turns and unpauses the footage, fast-forwarding to a few more choice TLC-isms:

White: "We don't dream. We are real. Everything we speak. Everything we say. Everything we do is 100% Living Truth. You don't believe us now? At Fallout, we finish what we started. And like it or not. Win or lose. It will be TLC night. We will reign supreme. We will show that we ain't f**kin around anymore. Now wrap this thing up. We gotta get back to training."

"Yeah," Buff snorts, pausing the tape. "You're real, all right... really frickin' retarded. But ya know, this little spiel about not dreaming comes mere moments after you two threaten ta kill us. Apparently, you DO dream, 'cause you can't even BEAT us, much less KILL us. And as for it being TLC Night at Fallout - in a sense, yer right. It'll be TLC's Night of Being Totally F*cking Owned By The Monsta Boyz 'Cause Dave And Jevon Are Ass-Slapping Fairies With Short D*cks And No Brains Who Can't Win One Match Cleanly." Buff takes a breath after that long sentence, then turns and unpauses the tape.

Lillian: "Jevon is way more than you'll ever be."

Buff pauses, emitting a low chuckle. "Yeah... way more STUNTED than I'll ever be. Comparing Jevon ta me, Lillian, is like comparin' a goldfish to a mako shark. You ain't seen NOTHIN' until you've experienced the Big Kahuna." He unpauses the tape again.

Black: "We will do everything in our power to get those tag titles back around our waists just so she can wear the gold dresses again. However, in the meantime, her second favorite color is RED. Meaning the kind of color of blood your fat asses are gonna bleed at Fallout. We're gonna gut you and cause you to bleed like stock pigs...some really big f**kin, gay ass stock pigs."

"More vintage TLC," notes Bellows as he pauses the footage. "I don't know why I'm even dignifyin' that line with a reply, 'cause it's just another of yer stupid clichés. And by the way, Dave, it's STUCK pigs. I've never heard of STOCK pigs. Do they play the stock market? On second thought, I don't care. But go ahead, boys. Make us bleed. I dare you. After all, one bleeding Bellows is better than both of you two at a hundred percent. You always say that ya don't give a f*ck about pain? Well, neither do I. You can beat the hell outta me with anything you can get yer hands on, an' I'll still bounce back and beat yer a$ses. An' with a shot at the Tag gold on the line, rest assured that I WILL beat yer a$ses but good."

With that, the big man hits the STOP button, and the video flickers off. "Well, that's my spiel," he says. "By the way... Horror Business? Assassins? Any you other guys out there? Say somethin'. Or have you all become mimes? Well, it'd make my job a lot easier if you have. Here's somethin' for all of you ta pantomime: Gettin' yer a$ses handed to ya by the Monsta Boyz at Fallout. Oh, and here's somethin' for the Night Cripplers: Shine them belts up nice and good, boys, 'cause we're comin' ta collect our gold."

Buff rises from the bed and walks past the camera, leaving the scene to fade to black...

10-31-02, 06:13 PM
The scene fades in on a comfortable looking office. Deep, wine colored paint covers the walls, with the trim pieces painted off-white. A few paintings hang on the walls, mostly bizzare, abstract works. Toward the back of the room there is a large oaken desk, covered in paperwork, with a large gold nameplate at the front that reads "John Penley - GXW Commissioner."

Out in front of the desk, standing perfectly straight, staring perfectly forward, motionless, are the tag team known as Horror Business. Both men are covered in sweat, with patches of blood still staining their ring gear. Carson and Zombie are both clothed in tight black leather pants and spandex black shirts; showing off Carson's lythe body and Zombie's utterly massive, bulging muscles. Carson has a few scratches on his clean shaven face while Zombie has a long gash running down his cheek, which sullies the white paint in the shape of a skull on his face that is his norm.

Pacing back and forth, back and forth, over and over again in front of them is one Commissioner of GXW and General Manager of X-Perience, John Penley. He speaks to the men, still pacing back and forth.

JP: Let me...get this straight.

Penley tilts his chin upward, closing his eyes as if remembering something.

JP: First, I get Chad Dupree coming on X-Perience and crapping up my g**damn show. Then, as the coup de'grace, you two f***ups lose to TLC? Kyle...Paul...

Suddenly JP's hand flies from his side, stricking Carson across the face, about slapping his teeth out.

JP: Maybe you don't remember who your f***ing boss is, Carson? Maybe you don't remember who writes your f***ing checks? Let's see...is it...Buff Bellows? Is it...Kin Hiroshi? Is it even...Chad Dupree? Hm?

Penley stands about an inch away from Carson, staring him in the eye.

JP: Aaaahh, wrong answer, s***head.

JP rears back and punches Carson in the stomach, Kyle slightly bending over and letting a small whoosh of air escape his lips.

JP: I'm sorry you forgot to phrase your answer in the form of something right. The answer is "Who the f*** is JP?" Who the f*** is JP? I'll tell ya, Kyle. He's the guy who owns the deed to both your asses. I'm dead serious. I'll show it to you sometime. I own you both. And my property does not f***ing lose. Do you understand that? Every clear? Crystal? Clean? All of the above?

Penley tilts his head, still looking into Carson's staring eyes.

JP: Damn straight. Now...you.

JP walks a few steps over to Paul Zombie, eyeing him up and down.

JP: Paul, you looked pretty good in there. Great form. Great holds. Superb.

Out of nowhere, JP's hand flies from his side and slaps Zombie across the face, right on the large gash already on his cheek. Zombie's eyes become slits, but he makes no sound.

JP: YOU ARE ONLY AS GOOD AS YOUR TEAM! If Carson gets pinned, that means you just got pinned, motherf***er! I don't care how many submission moves you have, Paul, it doesn't f***ing matter if you don't work as a team. Do you understand me? DO YOU F***ING UNDERSTAND ME?

The only response Zombie gives is a short, slow nod.

JP: Good. If you ever put on that piss poor of a performance again, you both will be wrestling your way to the f***ing unemployment office. Get out of my sight.

Horror Business walks out of the room, closing the door behind them. JP sits down at his desk, pursing his fingers together, deep in thought. From outside the office, the sound of a phone ringing is heard. JP shouts loudly, alerting whoever is outside his office.

JP: Whoever it is, Vicky, I'm not f***ing here.

The door opens and Victoria McCave sticks her head into the office, looking at JP.

McCave: I think you want to take this one, JP.

Penley glances down at the caller ID on the phone, smiling slightly. The camera fades out as he picks up the receiver.

JP: Good to hear from you, sir...

10-31-02, 07:48 PM
*Fade In...

*Greensburo, North Carolina...

*The blanketed night time sky covers the city below, the bright lights alluminates the city...

(Cut to a large hillside cliff overlooking the city. There is a oh to familier, Navy Blue 2002 Humvee parked near the edge of the cliff. Sitting on top of the hood together are the always beautiful, Miss Lillian Watts, wearing a red with black trim, sensual evening gown. She is sitting on the lap of MR Jevon Alexander WHITE, one half of True Living Colors. He is wearing a white Nylon Addidias Windbreaker with black trim, a white velvet Gazooks shirt-unbuttoned, and white FUBU tennis shoes. She sits on his lap casually looking up at the sky talking amoungst each other. The camera moves into position, let's listen in.)

Lillian: "You know, I almost feel kind of thanks for Bellows and Farrell a little bit."

White: "Why the hell is that?"

Lillian: "Because they showed me what's important to me in my life...our life. I know that we tried to keep our relationship a little more private since coming to GXW, but since then it's like it put a whole wedge in it altogether. But having Bellows come onto me has made me appreciate what I do have and thanking God what I'm glad I don't have."

White: "Yeah believe it or not, I'm thankful to. I still wasn't sure if I wanted to kick the s**t out of Bellows for coming onto you, or laugh at him for even coming up with such a thing."

Lillian: "Well just think about it. He's a fat, bisexual, disillusioned, ugly ass, and you're; tall, dark, handsome...and VERY VERY VERY gifted to say the least. Trust me when I say this. That's an understatement."

White: "Yeah. Hey where in the hell is David at. He should be back here by now?"

Lillian: "Well you know him and how mad he gets. He went on ahead to make sure we didn't go anywhere else that the Monsta Boyz have been. It pisses him off to know that we were working out at the same gym as the Bellows and Farrell. We're not even trying and we just somehow keep running into them. The first time at the doctor's office was pure coincidence, now it's getting annoying. I thought that we chose what would be the opposite of where they would go."

White: "So did I, but David is looking over the city to make sure that we don't run into the Bellows and Farrell prior to the match. Yeah I wouldn't want to kick their ass before we beat their asses in the center of the ring at Fallout."

Lillian: "But they have the audacity to say we are copying off of us. Correct me if I'm wrong, but they have no room to talk."

White: "Really?"

Lillian: "Ever since we did the midget thing to Bellows and Farrell, saying that they had really small d**ks, now they keeps saying that you and David have small penis. I also think's it's funny how they used to cut me down one minute, and now Bellows is hitting on me. Like he actually has a chance. If you ask me, I think that the Monsta Boyz are suffering a major case of Penis Envy. They want what they will never have."

White: "If you ask me, they want to cross back over to the other side. They realize their buttholes are mighty sore and wish they could dip their little smokies in someone else's catch-up."

Lillian: "Well tell them to go to downtown Greensburo and check for some desease spreading whore. They'll do anything that has a pulse. I have a lot more class than that."

White: "Kind of reminds me of a joke; Mommy mommy, what's a nemphomaniac?"

Lillian: (Cutting In) "Shut up and help me get Buff Bellows off the door knob."

White: "I haven't heard that one in a long time."

Lillian: "Hey Jevon, remember how we first met."

White: "How can I forget? You changed my entire life. You just flew in from San Fransico to watch my team play. Pro scouts were everywhere ready to see who they would recruit to compete for Team U.S.A. on the pursuit of the World Cup."

Lillian: "I was a cheerleader for that team. If I remember correctly, your team beat my team. You had a hat trick that game."

White: "I'm sorry to say this baby, but I made your team look sorry."

Lillian: "Well they were sorry to begin with, but still you were destined for great things. On the verge of going pro, competing for the World Cup, possibly more."

White: "We talked for the very first, but not the last time later that night."

Lillian: "You asked me out."

White: "We went dancing at that nightclub."

Lillian: "Was having a blast...up until my team showed up. I guess they were pissed that the same guy that kicked their asses in the game was dancing with their cheerleader."

White: "I tried to be nice to them. They only pushed the issue even more. Just for the record, I didn't start that fight, but I made sure that I finished it."

Lillian: "That's right, you didn't start it, but you made it worse. You did finish it. You got some injuries yourself."

White: "Some broken ribs, a broken nose, some punk pulled out a knife and actually cut me in my stomach. I tore his ass up to. I went to the hospital and was discharged later on that night. You waited for me the entire time."

Lillian: "Oh course, you went through all that just for me. Of course I was going to. You took me back to your place and we made love all night long. You were amazing, even with your injuries."

White: "And the doctors told me no sex...yeah right."

Lillian: "Remember what happened the next day?"

White: "Yeah, my coaches and the administration with me. Because of my conduct at the bar, they felt that I brought an immediate dishonor to the team. Also I was fratinizing with the enemy...or something like that what they said. They released me from my contract."

Lillian: "Remember what you said to them?"

White: "I basically said it was worth it and I do it again. I walked out and never looked back. I gave them the bird before I left of course."

Lillian: "You did all that for me. You trained your entire life to become the next big soccer star. All of your awards and championships in highschool and college meant nothing to you at that moment."

White: "And I do it all again if it meant coming back into your arms."

(They look into each other's eyes as they kiss again. While they kiss, another car pulls up right next to them. A black 2001 Corevette. The car door opens up and Mr Black comes out. He is wearing black slacks, black boots with steel tips, a multi-colored silk shirt, and his hair is up in a pony tail. He approaches Lillian and White.)

White: "Hey what's going on bro?"

Black: "Nothing. I surveyed the city for those s**tbricks. I think I have an idea where they've been and where they might turn up. Don't want to get accused of following them around town. I even went ahead and changed our hotel room just in case if their staying there to. Hey did you know that the Whore Business did a promo recently?"

Lillian: "No what they say about us?"

Black: "Yeah apparently JP's like really pissed at them for losing to us on X-Perience. Zombie and Carson are obviously pissed at us. I wonder if their gonna make excuses about why they lost to us, or did the Monsta Boyz steal all their excuses for them."

White: "I think the Monsta Boyz are regular customers for the Whore Business, but that's just me."

Lillian: "We've pissed off JP, we've pissed off the Whore Business, and soon enough, in a matter of days we're gonna piss off the Monsta Boyz and every other tag team in the GXW locker room.?"

Black: "Ain't pissing people off so f**kin cool."

White: "Very. I can't wait until Fallout. And to think, the Monsta Boyz were almost about to take us seriously."

Black: "Please, they never have taken us seriously before. Why should they start now. Oh well, that will be their downfall soon enough. Just like everybody else that steps into that match."

Lillian: "You know what will really piss Farrell and Bellows off?"

White: "What?"

Lillian: "The fact that after Fallout, we'll go from nothing to something once again. We'll be literally one step away from the GXW World Unified Tag team championship titles."

Black: "That is awesome. Once step away from becoming TW0 TIME UNDISPUTED TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD."

White: "At Fallout, we won't just own the Monsta Boyz, we'll own every single son of a b***h in that locker room. We'll own the Night Cripplers to. I can't wait. (Looks over at Lillian) Then you and I can really celebrate."

Black: "So what are you two doing here on this hill anyway?"

Lillian: "Oh just catching up on old times. Why you wanna get out of here David?"

Black: "Yeah I do actually. I wanna try out our new hotel room and make sure that it isn't infested with fat f**gott lard asses."

White: "Okay that sounds good to me, and if we find any, we'll flush'em out."

Black: (Walks back over to his Corvette.) "And I got just the thing."

(He pulls out his steel pipe and starts giggling methodically.)

Black: "You two coming?"

Lillian: "Yeah we'll be right there. Give us a minute."

(Black gets back in his Corvette and starts up the engine. Lillian and White get off the hood and start to get in the car.)

Lillian: "Gotta love David. He's a real laugh a minute."

White: "Yeah we've been friends since we were kids. I may get sick of him sometimes, but he's my boy nonetheless."

Lillian: "And I'll forever be your girl."

White: "Girl, forever ain't even a word I describe."

Lillian: "Why?"

White: "Not long enough. Come on get in the car. We'll talk more later."

(Lillian and White get in the car and drive off behind Black in the Corvette. The camera fades out to black.)


11-01-02, 05:22 PM
*Fade In...

*Greensburo, North Carolina...

(Inside a local hotel highrise penthouse suite. Again no it is definately not the same hotel the Monsta Boyz are in. It's on the opposite end of town. Inside this lavish suite, we see sitting on the balcony, Mr David Allen Black. He is still dressed in his same clothes from earlier tonight. Black slacks, blacks boots, but only this time he is wearing a black silk shirt instead of the multi-colored one. The shirt is unbuttoned exposing a ripped muscular body. He sits looking outside quietly sipping on a beer in a bottle softly, almost like he's pondering something in deep thought. After a few moments, Mr Jevon Alexander White comes out and sits across from Black on the balcony to talk with him. The camera moves into position, let's listen in.)

Jevon Alexander White: "What's up bro?"

David Allen Black: "Nothing really man. I was just thinking. Where's Lillian?"

Jevon: "In bed sleepin man. It's been a long day. We've got a big day at Fallout, but by the look on your face, you look like you wanna talk about it?"

David: "Yeah I do. Everything we've done over the past few weeks, the losing streak coming and going, last week's match, our attitude toward everything. I realize it's all bull s**t. The whole time we played with a game called IDGAF and it never really worked for us once. Last week's match really got me thinking. There's something much more to all this. It's bigger than us. It's not this business that makes us great. It's not us that makes this business great. It's the fans that makes us great and makes this business keep going. It's all about them. We've been going at it all wrong by shutting them out and doing things our way."

Jevon: "You know, I see where your going with this, and I couldn't agree with you more. I've been thinking about the same things to."

David: We've ridiculed our oponants, the fans, everyone for years. It got us somewhere, for a time, then it brought us no where. We almost gave up on this business and left it forever for St. Louis with our tails tucked between our legs. I almost gave up on everything. Johnny Penley saved us from making the biggest mistakes of our lives. As much as I hate the bastard, he stopped us. We would of lost everything. If I'm gonna leave this business, it's not gonna be like that. We spent an entire year of putting everyone over at our expense. A whole year before we finally won last week. You can call it crap how we won, but we won and people are pissed off. I don't care, we will do whatever it takes to win. We lose and lose and lose as a team, we win as a team. Last week we won as a team. I may of slammed Zombie on those thumb tacks, but you made sure that he didn't kick out or if anybody else interfered. Isn't that what tag team partners are supposed to do?"

Jevon: "Hell Yeah."

David: "Exactly. Tonight, I didn't go surveying the city to make sure the Monsta Boyz were following us. I just went out driving around the city. Believe it or not, this Greensburo is a wonderful city. I am proud to be wrestling in this city. I couldn't be more proud to be wrestling in a place with this type of rich tradition. If I somehow ran into the Monsta Boyz, I probably wouldn't go over to beat the s**t out of them. I probably would of went over to thank them for beating some sense into us. For showing us what really matters."

Jevon: "Man that is awesome...especially hearing that from you of all people."

David: "I blew myself away when I said that. I said it though and I meant it. I ain't taking it back. Everybody in the tag team division is what the business calls a 'heel' Someone who is against everybody. There are no true hero. Even us, we were no better. You know what I noticed about the GXW tag team division?"

Jevon: "What?"

David: "That everybody in the division is looking for numeral uno. Themselves. They don't care about the fans, all they care about is how much they get paid and when will they get their push, their shot at fame. We were no better. We were the same. Take the Monsta Boyz for instance. They call themselves fan favorites. They're what the business call babyfaces, yet they're no better than anybody else. They rip off other people't routines, they call themselves Big Kahunas, and they don't give a damn about the fans. When they did that midget routine, they got that from WWFE. I meant what I said when we said I liked it better when Edge and Christian did it. They want to call us rip offs and they are no better. They are just as unorigionally as we WERE. They have no room to talk. Most importantly, they're liars. They play up to the fans as long as they get their push. If they don't get their push, then they b***h to the front office. I will say this much though, it's stuff like that that makes me even more thankful that I got my one little win last week than they get their push. I would rather have one little win, than one title reign anyway. The Monsta Boyz want to complain about us getting unorigional and yet we're the ones who told them they had the small d**ks first. Now they want to brag about the big kahuna crap to us. They're such full of s**t. They contridict and lie to themselves."

Jevon: "You thought of all this in one weeks time?"

David: "To say the least. We've played this game long enough, it's time for a new game. We rewrite history and it all starts at Fallout. We win as a team...

Jevon: "And we lose as a team?"

David: "I wasn't thinking that far, but yeah. My point is I'm not going into Fallout to lose or to look good. I'm...er I mean we're going in there with one thing on our mind. We're going with victory on our mind. It's either win or well win. But this time we're doing it right. We're doing it with the fans behind us. We're doing it WITHOUT...


being the most graphically colorful tag team in sports entertainment...

being the homicidal artists...

and most of all without these...

(Black picks up his trademark weapon of choice, the steel pipe, and throws it over the balcony ledge. It clangs to the the ground below on the concrete.)

David: "The only time we touch a weapon is in a hardcore match. That's only because we fight in anything and everything. We fight not for us and our egos, but for the fans and for the one person who has stood by our side through the good times and the bad."

Jevon: "Lillian?"

David: "You got it. Think about it, she's stuck by us from the very beginning. She stayed with us through the good times and the bad. When we were ready to split, she could of stayed and found another tag team. When we stayed, she could of left us and found another tag team. Yeah bro, she could very well be the manager of the Monsta Boyz, yes dare I say it she could ride the 'big kahuna.'

Jevon: "Oh come on, don't bring her down to their level. Lillian has alot more class than that. She would of aligned with the Assassins before them. She would of at least went where the money is."

David: "You see my point. She could of but she didn't. She stayed with us...she stayed...with you."

Jevon: "Yeah I hear you loud and clear. I never knew how much we really meant to each other until this week."

David: "Because she loves you man."

Jevon: "You know I sacrificed my career in major league soccer because of her. She was worth it then and she's worth it now. When I heard Bellows hitting on her. I was so pissed off. I want to beat his ass. Not because they called us by our first names, but because he hit on MY GIRL!"

David: "I see where this is going. I was getting pissed at the Monsta boyz for the wrong reasons. Not because they sent midgets to impersonate us. Not because they called us by our first names, but because they think they own us. They think they own this business. They don't own squat. They never did. They beat us ONE time and they think that's more than enough. It's only ONE time. This is not even our time. It's the fan's time. We just happen to be apart of it."

Jevon: "Before you pulled up, Lillian and I were reminded what brought us together, and I want that again. I never want to lose it."

David: "You love her that much?"

Jevon: "Do I ever."

David: "Then why don't you tell her how you feel. All the way. You've been dating long enough off and on. It's time for the next step. Last week for us as a team was a new beginning. Fallout for us is the next step. Why don't you tell Lillian how you REALLY feel?"

Jevon: "David, I don't think I'm ready for that yet."

David: "Jevon, if you don't do it now, then you'll lose it. You two love each other. We've known each other since we were kids in the hoods of St. Louis. I know what makes you happy. She makes you happy. More than any championship, award, major league soccer status has ever made you happy. Hell not even Tag team gold has made you more happy than her. Here's what I think we should do, call this a little arrangement."

Jevon: "Arrangement?"

David: "We win at Fallout."

Jevon: You mean if we win."

David: "No we win at Fallout. I don't plan on losing again. You tell Lillian not only how you truly feel about her, but you propose to her."

Jevon: "I don't know."

David: "You love her?"

Jevon: "Yeah."

David: "Then what do you have to lose? Do it this week at Fallout. DO it for her. She deserves it, she deserves you."

Jevon: "Yeah you're right. If we...er I mean we win at Fallout, I'll propose to Lillian."

David: "That's the spirit. Now first thing tomarrow morning, you and I will go out and find an engagement ring for Lillian."

Jevon: "Sounds like a plan, and at Fallout, we'll take the match. You know you gotta be my best man."

David: "Of course, you're my boy."

(David and Jevon bang each other fist together.)

David: "Come on, Let's get some sleep. We gotta big day tomarrow, and at Fallout. We need our sleep."

Jevon: "Hey David? You think people actually think we have a chance at taking the match?"

David: "Hell f**kin no!"

Jevon: "Good just the way I like it."

David: "Me to bro."

(David and Jevon go back inside of the hotel room, as the camera fades out to black.)


11-01-02, 09:07 PM
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Nov-01-02 AT 09:27 PM (EST)]Fade in to a room backstage in the Greensboro Coliseum. This chamber is walled in white and sports a beige tile floor; a shelf is mounted on one wall, upon which rests a television. The appliance is turned off, and thus receives only a brief bit of attention from the cameraman as the scene pans left, bringing Buff Bellows and Fat Farrell into the shot. The two huge men are seated in steel chairs, facing the camera.

"Well, nice ta see Horror Business actually puttin' some effort inta sendin' out a tape," remarks Bellows, smirking. "Way ta go, boys. I actually enjoyed that footage. Carson... Zombie... sometimes I wonder if you two can actually, you know, SPEAK FOR YOURSELF. I mean, ya just STAND there like retarded six-year-olds and let that whiny d*ck Penley talk the talk for you. Hell, you didn't even do THAT this time - ya just stood there and let yerselves get b*tch-slapped. That tells me somethin'. Not only do you apparently lack voice boxes, you also lack another critical part of the human anatomy. SPINES. Do you honestly feel obligated ta let that scrawny loser JP slap ya around? Hell, if it's that easy ta smack you two all over, yer chances in the battle royal are pretty much zero."

Farrell continues his partner's diatribe. "But I guess you's gonna get b*tch-slapped by JP AGAIN, 'cause you's gonna be losin' ta US at Fallout."

"We'll make damn sure that the Horror Business goes into Chapter 11," says Bellows. "By the time we get done with ya, yer stock in this company is gonna be remarkably low. Maybe then you'll be inspired ta maybe grow backbones an' join the rest of us vertebrates up here in the upper echelons of the animal kingdom. Don't worry; once ya develop the spines, balls and voices will soon follow."

The big man pauses for a moment, then suddenly grins like a grand piano. "Now for TLC! Ya know, I said a few days ago I was gonna be serious, but hell - I'm gonna make an exception today! Ya see, I enjoyed yer last interview, and since I'm such a big copycat I've decided ta produce my own version of it. I call it 'Tremendous Loss Count: The Saga Continues'. Play that sumb*tch, Fat man!"

"Wit' pleasure!" hoots Farrell as he reaches over and hits a button on the TV. The camera zooms in on the screen.




Cut to two short people sitting on a cliff overlooking Greensboro, even though there are no mountains around Greensboro. The two short people are Lillian Watts and JEVON ALEXANDER WHITE! Wow!

Midget Lillian: "I is love you veddy much Jevon!"

Midget JEVON: "Yes you is purty and I luv you too!"

Suddenly, a little Chevette pulls up, even though there are no roads here! DAVID ALLEN BLACK steps out of the car!

Midget DAVID: "I is looking all over city and could not find any of the gays! That is bad because I is loving gay people!"

Midget JEVON: "Yes! But we will get gay people soon because we think every opponent we face is GAY!!! We are graphically rainbow-coloured homosexual artists! IGDAF! IGDAF! We are so jealous of the Monsta Boyz! We do not like that they are better than us! We want to get back to our former glory at their expense! Unfortunately, we are True Living Chodas and we can't win matches without being cheap! IGDAF!"

Midget DAVID: "We is lack basic linguistic skills! We is also lack brains and have to steal all our ideas from other people's videos! We think they are copying us, but it is WE who are the copycats!"

Midget JEVON: "But that is all over! At Fallout, we will BEAT EVERYONE'S BUMS!!! We are homosexual artists and we will kill you because we have p*nis envy and want to get back to the "top" again! However, we were never at the top! We have sucked since day one! We devalued the Tag Titles when we held them! Luckily, we will never hold them again!"

Midget DAVID: "Yes! Now I is going to look for more gay people!"

DAVID gets in his Chevette and leaves! Now Lillian and JEVON are all alone!

Midget JEVON: "Oh, Lillian! I want to tell DAVID how I really feel!"

Midget Lillian: "Okay!"

Midget JEVON: "I know! I is make a deal! When we get totally owned by the Monsta Boyz at Fallout, I is going to propose to David! We will get married and be lovers for ever and ever!"

Midget Lillian: "Oh yay!"


Disclaimer: No midgets were harmed in the making of this video. All footage including midgets was filmed with said midgets' consent.


Cut back to the locker room, where both Monsta Boyz are snickering like hyenas. "Oh, man!" Farrell cackles, slapping Buff on the back. "Dat's Oscar material!"

Bellows grins back at his friend, then turns his attention back to the cameraman. "I think that pretty much summed it up, boys. You talk big about how everyone you face is gay and copies your schtick, but when it comes down to it, ya just make yourselves look like stupid kindergarten dropouts. Maybe after seein' that footage - which is pretty accurate - you'll realize how foolish ya really look when ya cut one of yer retarded interviews. And that, boys, is exactly WHY you ain't gettin' to the top. No one has time for a couple a' screaming flamers like you. Do us all a favor an' get off the airwaves. Or just get outta the industry altogether. 'Cause you aren't the only ones who don't give a f*ck. Ya know who else doesn't give a f*ck? The fans, whenever you two show yer faces on TV. The boys in the back, whenever you two cut an interview on one of us. Hell, nobody in the entire f*cking WORLD gives a damn that you were even BORN. Just give it up. Your time is over. This is Monsta Country now. And in Monsta Country, punks like you two get deported. An' since that's the case, Dave an' Jevon, there's one last thing that needs ta be said..."

Fat reaches over and flicks on a radio next to the TV. Music fills the room as the Boyz begin singing in unison:

"Na na na na... Hey-eyyyyy... Goodbye... Na na na... Na na na na... Hey-eyyyyy... Goodbye... Na na na..."

Fade out, with the Boyz' singing slowly drifting into silence...

11-02-02, 08:58 PM
*Fade In...

*Greensburo, North Carolina...

*The next morning...

(Cut to the interior of the hotel highrise penthouse. The current base of operation of True Living Colors. It's the next morning. The sun is shinning bright as it peers over the city of Greensburo below. Peeking through the windows inside the hotel room. On opposite sides of the main room. One bedroom door opens and Jevon Alexander White steps out from inside. On the opposite side, another bedroom door opens and David Allen Black steps out from inside into the main room. Both appear to have just woke up. They walk up to each other as they begin a morning conversation. The camera moves in for a close up, let's listen in.)

David: "Morning Jevon."

Jevon: "Morning Dave. Sleep well?"

David: "Yeah actually I did. For the first time in a whole year, I slept really well. I can't wait until Fallout."

Jevon: "You know nobody else will be? They'll think that we'll just choke and lose another match."

David: "Let them think what they want. I don't care what they think. All I care about is winning. Losing is the last thing on my mind right now."

Jevon: "Mine to. Hey did you happen to catch the Monsta Boyz latest promo at all?"

David: "Unfortunately yes. I saw it right before I went to bed. Unfortunate because I was too tired to respond to it. So I just went to sleep and said to myself, I get to it in the morning sort of thing."

Jevon: "I saw it when I first woke up on the bedroom television. They must of been playing it all night. Must of been great music for the insomniacs."

David: "Or a great substitute for the paid programs thingys. I can see it now."

(David impersonates a TV broadcaster)

David: "Your following paid program has been replaced by The Monsta Boyz, in an attempt to hype the GXW PPV; Fallout."

(Normal voice)

David: "Yeah, like Bellows and Farrell are gonna help persuade people to rent Fallout on PPV or buy tickets for the event."

Jevon: "Well you have to admit one thing, at least the midget community have found new jobs by being filmed on their promos."

David: "Yeah like how many midgets did they have to molest to get them on their promos is what I wanna know?"

Jevon: (Thinks for a moment) "Hmmmmmmm Three. One to play you, one to play me, and one to play Lillian."

David: "God knows the real Lillian would never dare go near that Kahuna, so Bellows had to settle for a sick, lame ass immitation. And to think they call us unorigional. We slip up a little bit, and nobody likes us. They continually steal sketches from WWFE over and over again, and they're considered as origional. Face it Jevon, they are no better than we are. And this from two guys who claim they own us. They don't own squat. They certainly aren't going to beat us. Do you think that they even caught what we really said?"

Jevon: "Not even close."

David: "Do you think that we should spell it out for them. In crayon if we need to just so we can make sure that we're not the same team they faught over a month ago now?"

Jevon: "It wouldn't hurt, but they won't listen anyway. We need to set the record straight once and for all. David you want the honors?"

David: "Yeah if you don't mind. I got a lot on my mind to talk about."

Jevon: "Well then go ahead, the floor's all your's."

David: "Thanks man."

(David Black stands in front of the camera while Jevon stands off to the side listening.)

David: "You know Monsta Boyz. I'm not gonna stand here and curse at you, and make fun of you. What's the point. You'll do the same to us. The point is no matter how many jokes we crack on each other or in your case, how many joke you rip off. All that matters is how we wrestle in the ring at Fallout. During this passed week, Jevon and I have went through a lot of changes. We should be bitter at you, but in reality we're very thankful for you. You showed us that what we were doing wasn't working and we needed to change. We've started the proccess. For us, it's been instantaneous. For you, it's been slow. Nevertheless, it's begun. We've not the same guys you fought now over a month ago on Revolution. You think you own us. You don't own a thing. You beat us one time, but you never owned us. You never will own us."

"We went off spouting off stuff like IDGAF...most graphically colorful tag team in sport entertainment...homicidal artists...

(He pauses as he looks back over at Jevon)

"My god Jevon, they're right. Even I hate those phrases, and we're the ones who said it."

(Turns back toward the camera)

"The point is those phrases are dead. There is no IDGAF. There is no graphically entertaining. There is no homicidal artists. Those phrases are dead, if they even had life in them to begin with. They didn't work then, and they're not gonna work now. So they are no more. They were just apart of some gimmick. They were just apart of the gimmick...True Living Colors. The reality and the true essence of True Living Colors will live on with Jevon, Lillian and Me. But the gimmick is dead. The attitude is dead."

"We use to have the attitude of We're good and we know it. Well we're still good. However the only difference is we're gonna show it."

"We're good and we're gonna show it. At fallout, we will show it. It's not a matter of returning to our former glory anymore. It's now a matter of turning the page and doing something we've never done before. Far exceeding anything we've ever done before. I'm not gonna make anything idol threats you guys or empty promises. All I'm gonna part with is...

You're gonna lose...

We're gonna prevail...

We're gonna win...

"This will come to pass. We will make it happen boyz. You can laugh all you want now. At Fallout, you won't be laughing. Your gonna be pissed off when we beat you in the center of the ring. We'll do more than show up. We will defy the odds and beat you...1-2-3. Now I'll just leave it at that...for now and let you all choke on them apples. That's a real mouth ful. Hope you can swallow it."

"Now fade to black. I'm done."

Jevon: "That was good, hope that got the message."

David: "They didn't, but we can hope."

Jevon: "I'm gonna go out and get you know what for Lillian. You hold the fort until I get back."

David: "Okay will do. (He throws Jevon his car keys) "Hey Jevon take the Vette, you'll be back quicker."

(Jevon takes the keys and walks out the door as the camera fades out.)


11-05-02, 10:45 PM
{Cut to the close-up of a street sign in downtown Greensboro, NC. The sign shows that this is the intersection of East Friendly Avenue and South Elm Street. The various sounds of the city can be heard as the camera pans down to reveal the Bank of America. Suddenly, the front door the building comes flying open and out walk Orion and Osiris, dressed in their traditional attire. The black suits the men wear seem to contrast the brightness of the city on this day. The two men walk calm and collected, their eyes focused on the black Chevelle that sits parked on the curb. A cigarette dangles from the lips of Orion, the smoke trailing off behind him as he walks, flowing through his long blonde hair. Osiris carries a large steel briefcase in his right hand, until he reaches the car, where he throws it into the passenger side door. The men engage in a conversation that the camera picks up, yet they are unaware of its presence.}

Orion: You know if we do this, it means we're on our own, right?

Osiris: We've gotta'. There's no other way now man. The Boss has become a liability, and we can't have that.

Orion: No... we can't. And I understand that. But isn't there some...

Osiris: Just listen to me for a minute! Christ! You want those belts back or not?

{Orion looks down in silence, obviously thinking about what Osiris has just said.}

Osiris: Now I know this isn't the smartest thing to do, but we've got all the money we need man. We're taken care of. We've been pulling off these jobs right and left, and it's about <beep>ing time we do what WE want to do. I don't know about you, but I'm sick of listening to someone else tell me who's ass I should kick.

Orion: Yeah... I know....

Osiris: We end this bull{beep), and we do it now before we're in too deep. We've lost the titles because of our lack of focus. We can't be worried about pulling off the hits while we're trying to do our own thing.

Orion: Then what the hell are we gonna do, Osiris?!

Osiris: We're cuttin the ties. From now on, we do what we want... when we want. You want to kick someone's ass? Let's do it. No more waiting for the Boss to tell us whether or not it fits into our schedule.

Orion: {chuckling} Schedule? What {beep}ing schedule? Ok, so you really want to do this, huh?

Osiris: I wouldn't have taken the money out of the account if I wasn't positive.

{Osiris leans back against the car and sighs. He rubs his temples in frustration. Orion calmly walks over and stands next to him on the passenger side of the car. He pulls out a cigarette and hands it to Osiris, giving him a light with his Zippo. The two men stand in silence for a few moments before the cameraman walks from his previously concealed spot. He walks up to the two men and they take notice.}

Orion: JESUS! You guys come out of the woodwork like {beep}ing roaches!

Osiris: Just the man I wanted to see.

Cameraman: Hey guys, the offices sent me down here to cut your promo before the show. You got some stuff to say or what?

{Orion looks over to Osiris, then back to the camera.}

Orion: How long've you had that thing on?

Cameraman: Ummm... just give me a second to turn it on here, and we can start.

{Osiris looks to Orion and his eyes narrow. The two men suspect something, but instead let it go. They begin to cut their promo. Osiris straightens his jacket and crosses his arms, Orion takes another drag off his cigarette.}

Cameraman: And go...

Osiris: You know... what I've seen in the past few days {beep}ing disgusts me. Apparently, we've been put into a match to decide the Number One contender to the tag team titles. How quaint.

Orion: Here we are, Greensboro, North Carolina. A city I could have done without. But none the less, I'm here, with my good friend, on business. Not the normal business we tend to... just... our own.

{Orion cracks his knuckles and continues.}

Orion: You see, it's been quite a while since we've dealt out a beating, and I'm really in the mood to whip the living {beep} out of someone. Just so happens that the offices have given me the choice of three teams. Hmmmm... who to pick, who to pick?

Osiris: Let's use the process of elimination shall we?

{Osiris holds out three of his fingers, tapping each one as he goes.}

Osiris: T.L.C. I'll let the promos do the talking.

{Osiris rolls his eyes.}

Osiris: Two retards led on a leash by perhaps the dumbest {beep} I've ever laid eyes on. You'd think with a woman behind them, they'd actually tend to make some sense every now and then.

Orion: Not if that woman's Lillian Watts.

Osiris: Ahh, how true. Let me continue, bro. Well it seems as if these mongoloids have injected themselves into the scene once more, taking this opportunity to again show us their never-ending metamorphosis. White... Black... whatever. You're for the fans? You're not for the fans? You don't give a {beep}, you do? Who the {beep} cares. All I know is that I'm sick of watching you battle your identity crisis on national {beep}ing television.

Orion: You know, the promos really aren't that bad on mute.

Osiris: Yeah, I hear ya'. So let me just take this opportunity to tell you two to shut the {beep} up. It's bad enough that Dumb and Dumber reruns on TBS every other day, now I have to watch it every time I turn on GXW TV.

Orion: Hey, I liked that movie.

Osiris: Yeah, so did I, but that's beside the point. TLC, you're still as lame as the 50 some odd times we beat your ass before, and from what I see, you haven't improved on any one aspect of your game. You still suck, and apparently you always will. Get a {beep}ing life and START giving a {beep}... because the stuff you're pulling now isn't working. From the look of things, The Boyz and Horror Business have got you two by the gonads.

Orion: Which brings us to point number two.

{Osiris taps his second finger, putting down the first.}

Osiris: Horror Business. Commissioner JP's squad. Nothing special, but nothing to be overlooked, either. Two bad ass mother {beep}ers, but apparently not bad enough to stand up to their {beep} of an owner. JP slaps you two around like he's your {beep}ing pimp... and you just sit and take it like little Catholic school girls. Please. You gonna bust into tears when I'm standing on top of you, #####-slapping your ass back to whatever godforsaken place you came from?

Orion: Probably New Jersey. They always come from New Jersey.

Osiris: Regardless, just because JP's got his own head so far up his ass he can lick his {beep}ing molars doesn't mean he can manage a team for a {beep}. You two have accomplished what? Nothing? That's right. Oh wait... you DID beat the Monsta Boyz.

Orion: Point number three.

Osiris: Boyz... it seems as though you've been making some waves here in GXW lately. You went from nothing to... well... nothing. But hey, at least you've got some checks in the win category, right?

Orion: Well that ends... now. You guys think your tough {beep}. Well excuse me... let me beg to {beep}ing differ.

Osiris: Seems as though you guys are pretty confident with your abilities. Well we'll just have to bring you back down to earth, now won't we? Nothing like a good ass kicking to set you straight.

Orion: It's been a while, man... I'm likin' this.

Osiris: Indeed. Boyz, it seems as though you're the most vocal of this group. But while I've enjoyed this "verbal chess match" between you and T.L.C...

{Osiris looks to Orion and the two begin to laugh, but contain it.}

Osiris: I find that it's getting harder and harder to listen to one of your promos.

Orion: And that's not a good thing. See, if you're not entertaining us, then you're not entertaining the fans, and if you're not entertaining the fans, this company's not making the money it should be. And if this company's not making the money it should be...

{The men look at each other again.}

Orion: Let's just say we're gonna' put an end to your little circus. As much as I enjoy watching you bring out midgets every other promo, I find enough humor in the fact that you two think you're worth a damn.

Osiris: You've had your spotlight long enough... now it's time we shut your asses down. You see, this is for the number one contendership. To the belts WE used to own. OUR {beep}ing belts.

{Osiris gets visibly frustrated. Orion hands him another cigarette.}

Osiris: Ok, so this is the chance we've been waiting for, right? The chance to get 'em back, right? {beep} yeah your right. And this is one chance we're not going to pass up. We've sat back and watched the six of you make complete asses of yourselves. It's been fun, but it's gotta' come to an end. The place is here... the time is now.

Orion: Scotty Mason and Garth Tate. Assassinated. Fast Lane. Assassinated. The list continues to grow. After Fallout, we can chalk up three more. Horror Business... T.L.C.... and the Monsta Boyz. Three teams, three hits.

Osiris: Play time is over, fellas. The big dogs just jumped the fence.

{Osiris gets into the passenger side of the Chevelle, Orion walks around to the Driver's. He enters, starting the engine. The two men leave the scene, smoke billowing out from the tailpipe. The cameraman fades the shot to black as the Asassins turn the corner and go out of sight.}

11-05-02, 11:55 PM
Fade in to the backstage area of the Greensboro Coliseum. The cameraman walks briskly down the walls, making a right turn at the nearest intersection; he approaches a large man standing at a Coca-Cola vending machine. The man is Buff Bellows, garbed as always in his teal Hawaiian shirt and green cutoff jeans. At the moment, the big man is retrieving a bottle of Vanilla Coke from the machine. He cracks the cap off with a soft *hiss*, then shifts his attention to the camera.

"Nice ta finally hear somethin' from Osiris and Orion," Buff remarks as he turns down another hall and begins walking slowly, the cameraman keeping pace with him. "Well, better late than never, fellas. What took ya so long, anyway? Off cryin' in a corner about yer loss to the Cripplers? Aw, boo-hoo. Cry me a freakin' river."

The big man smirks a bit as he turns a corner; he takes a brief drink from his bottle of Vanilla Coke. "But ya know what, Osiris an' Orion? I noticed somethin'. Yer little tape there sounded really familiar. Ya know why? 'Cause yer just like TLC - desperate. At least desperate enough ta ditch yer pal the Boss. An' that's a good thing - always good ta dump the excess baggage. But let's face it, fellas - the problem ain't with the Boss. The problem is with the employees. I mean, seriously. You had the tag titles for how long - a couple WEEKS? Ya couldn't even get past ONE title defense? I suppose you could pass it off as a lack of focus, but I got a better explanation - LACK OF SKILL. I mean, look who you won the tag belts from. Fast Lane. What a freakin' joke! Why not just wrestle Barney and Baby Bop? I'm sure they'd be just as tough as Fast Lane, if not more so. And that's pretty damn sad."

"As for yer threat ta quote-unquote 'End our little circus'," Buff says, continuing to walk at a slow pace. "I don't think so. This little circus is just gettin' under way. So put on yer big shiny red noses an' yer big floppy shoes, 'cause the big top is up and it's time ta send in the clowns! Unfortunately for you two, in this here circus, I'm the lion, an' if ya get in my way I'll eat you alive. An' don't even bother tellin' me yer the lion tamer, 'cause I kicked HIS punk @ss a long time ago. I think his name was Ripper Robertson. Ya know him? Thought so."

Buff turns another corner and stops near a door labeled "MONSTA BOYZ"; he leans on the wall. "So ya say yer gonna take back the Tag belts, eh? Yeah, sure you will... and Mr. White is as straight as an arrow. And since Mr. White is NOT as straight as an arrow, yer not gettin' those tag belts back. You had the ball, an' ya dropped it. Right now, it's sorta bouncin' around in the Night Cripplers' corner. But that's all about ta change, 'cause now the Monsta Boyz are on the court, an' we're gonna take that ball an' score big time. An' if you two so-called 'big dogs' wanna jump the fence... well, give it yer best shot, Scooby Doo, but yer gonna have ta earn yer Scooby Snacks the hard way this time. Are ya up to it, Scooby? ... Yeah, didn't think so."

The big man takes another swig of Vanilla Coke, then goes to open the door, but stops: "Oh, and as for TLC. Are you two still here? I didn't even realize. Huh, guess I've lost interest. Here's some advice, fellas: Head back ta St. Louie an' stay outta my hair. You and I both know that yer NOT gonna get that title shot, so why try? That goes for all of yas. TLC... Horror Business... Assassins... Bugger off. The Monsta Boyz have earned that title shot. The PEOPLE wanna see us take that title shot. An' by God, I'm the kinda guy who gives the people what they want."

"See ya in the ring, fellas."

With that, Buff opens the door and enters his locker room as we fade to black...

11-07-02, 01:56 AM
(OORP: I know that this rp will put me over my limit. If possible I hope it does count. I just want to further develope my new direction on TLC, but something to springboard me into the next session before I lose track. I love this new direction. I hope I don't get penalized for this. I just want to punctuate everything going on tonight. Hope you all like it and can use it in some way.)

Fade In...

Greensburo, North Carolina...

The Greensburo Arena, the sight of the GXW PPV: Fallout...

(Cut to right in front of a locker room door. The front says, "True Living Colors" on the plate. The cameraman opens the door and steps inside. It pans around to see that nobody is there at the moment. After a few moments, the door swings open and Mr David Allen Black walks in with a very bustfully beautiful woman on his arm. He shuts the door behind him. This girl stands at about 5'8 ft. She has long straight dark brown hair. She is a caucasion lady, but she has a deep brown tan. She has big brown eyes. She is wearing; a black mini skirt, a multi-colored sleevless button up blouse, black high heel pumps. Black pulls her into his arms and looks into her eyes to talk to her. Let's listen in.)

David Black: "This right here Delilah is my...er I mean mine and Jevon's locker room for the night. It's also the place where you and I will be doing our celebrating after the match tonight."

Delilah: "That's the match when you become number one contenders for the World Unified tag team titles right?"

David: "That's right, you know your wrestling."

Delilah: "Well I used to be a little involved in it. In some federation in Atlanta Georgia. It's since closed down, but it taught me a thing or two about this business."

David: "Really?"

Delilah: "Yeah I even met my last boyfriend down there. A real playa, but he was good. Held a title or two a few times."

David: "Were you close?"

Delilah: "For a while, shortly after it ended, we drifted apart. He went overseas to tour on some other federation circuit, and I came back home to Greensburo."

David: "So this is your hometown?"

Delilah: "Born and raised. I'm glad I was done with that federation anyway, they even made me use a different name from my own. As if there was anything the matter with Delilah. It's been so long, I think they called me something like Monadjah...or something like that. I hated it."

David: "And I thought I loved St. Louis. Man I love North Carolina."

Delilah: "You must say that to all the girls."

David: "Well yeah, but I mean it with you."

Delilah: "Ah that's so sweet. Not only you're hotter than my last boyfriend, but your sweeter than him to. At least you're honest to."

David: "Maybe I can be more."

Delilah: "Well are you as pumped as he was? Here let me check."

(Delilah takes her hand off David's chest and runs it up his thigh until he gets to his pelvis, she smiles seductively as she looks back at him. David just stands there nice and cool.)

Delilah: "My GAWD, you are...'gifted.' I definately can't wait until tonight after your match. I'll give you a night you'll never forget. By the time I'm done with you, you'll forget about all those other girls, and I'll forget about...him."

David: "I'm counting on it."

(David and Delilah look to lock up in a passionate kiss and start when the door opens up and Jevon walks in with Lillian. David looks at Jevon with a little frustration but turns his attention to Jevon.)

Jevon: "Hey man, sorry to interupt, but I think that we need to talk. I don't know if you heard, but Orion and Osirus finally hopped in the game for the first time all week, and the Monsta Boyz are as dense as ever. You mind if we talk strategy for a few moments since are match is later on tonight?"

David: "Well I rather you wait about an hour, I was already in the process of getting ready...in my own way. (He looks at Delilah who looks back at him and blows a kiss at him.) But I guess we can talk strategy for tonight." (To Delilah) You don't mind holding this off until later tonight do you? Make it mean a whole lot more. You can stay here backstage, or if I can I can pulls some strings to see if you can come with Lillian, Jevon, and Me down to ringside to watch the match?"

Delilah: "That would be great either way, but I will definately wait for you until you get back."

David: "Okay. (Back to Jevon) "Okay, yeah I heard what they said, but what is there more to say. Everything we've said has been said. The jokes mean nothing, we mean what we said this time. It's done and over with. It's time to back it up."

Jevon: "I know, it just frustrated me that's all with what I said."

David: "Dude, don't let it get to you. So the hell what. We changed, if they can't see that, then f*** them. We're gonna prove it in that ring. "

(He walks up to Jevon and slaps his fists on Jevon's shoulders.)

David: "This is our time. No more putting over everybody. No more making them look good at our expense. No more 'taking the job'. We've paid our dues. It's time that they make us look good at their expense for once. Orion and Osirus...Bellows and Farrell...think that just because they beat us one time, they think they have our number. They never had our number. Tonight we get to prove it. It started last week on X-Perience. It finishes tonight. Contrary to what the Assassins say, we have never been for the fans. We've always been against them. Always trying to milk the 'heel heat' so to speak. We've only looked out for one person and one person only...ourselves. We never appreciated the fans. They breathed new life into us. Most importantly, we're doing this for Lillian. She's stayed by us thick and thin. Through the good times and the bad, she has been there. This is for her. We aren't running back to St. Louis with our tails tucked between our legs. We're going into that match and we're taking it all. Then we're gonna knock on the Night Cripplers' front door and take the titles right from them. Hunter and Titan won't know what hit them. Hell the others won't know what hit them. We pissed off alot of people when we won on X-Perience last week. They said we didn't win, but we did. Now we're gonna prove them wrong and take this match to."

Jevon: (Bangs his fists on David's shoulders, getting psyched up) "They call us jokes. They call us unorigional. And they have no room to talk. We exposed the Monsta Boyz as Homosexuals long before they started accusing us as homos. They stole our jokes. They stole WWE's use of the midget routine. I guess it was there way of saying life is short. Well they're gonna find out how right they are. Life is really f**kin short when you're a monsta boy. They say we have have small d***s, and they're the ones who have trouble finding them in the mirror everyday. Most of all, they think we will tuck tail and run. We aren't doing anything in the slightest. We're staying. We're winning. We're kicking ass. Simple as that. And we're doing it for something much bigger than us."

(Jevon puts his arms around Lillian and looks her in the eyes.)

Jevon: "And baby, after we win tonight, I gotta big...big...big surprise for you after the match."

Lillian: "Surprise? What is it baby?"

Jevon: "I can't tell you now, but it'll be more worth while if you just wait until after we win. Think of this as the icing on the cake to OUR NIGHT."

David: "That's right. It took us one solid year to go from the team to beat to the bottom of the ladder. In just two weeks, we gain it all back. One whole year, we lost almost every single match up until last week. Tonight is when we take back everything that was taken from us 100 fold. This is OUR NIGHT."

(Delilah walks over to the cart where there is an expensive bottle of champaign and some glasses, she takes the bottle and opens it up. She pours four glasses and passes them around to everyone. Lillian and Jevon stand next to each other and David and Delilah stand next to each each holding a glass.)

Delilah: "Well I think you're both serious about tonight, and I want to propose a toast."

(They hold their glasses in the air in a toast like fashion.)

Delilah: "To YOUR TIME. May you be successful tonight and all future matches after tonight. May this be a prosperous and joyous night. May everything return to you 100 fold."

Together: "Cheers."

(They all drink from their glasses. David puts his arm around Delilah.)

David: "Man the more you talk, the more I love you, and it's not just your lucious bodacious curves. You are so awesome. I love you more and more."

Delilah: "And just think, if you love me now, just wait until tonight. You'll really love me then."

David: "Marry and Consumate me baby."

(Delilah: "With pleasure."

(David and Delilah kiss in a passionate embrace. Jevon and Lillian watch for a moment to admire their technique before doing a kiss of their own. After a few moments, they all stop and look at each other.)

Jevon: "Hey David, what do you say we get ready for tonight. It's starts in about an hour."

David: "I hear ya bro."

(They bang each other's fists together.)

David: "Delilah, you're more than welcome to stay and watch."

Delilah: "I plan to."

Lillian: "And that leaves one little thing. (She looks at the camera and walks over to it.) "Okay you've seen enough, this ain't no peepshow. Game...set...match! Fade to black. This promo is done. You wanna see this two, you'll have to wait like everyone else when they make history. See these people in the match later on tonight, and True Living Colors comes out...on top."

(Lillian makes the cut motion as the camera gets the message. She helps escort the camera out the door. The camera gets the hint and turns the camera off. It cuts to static, and then to black.)