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Mr Main Event
10-27-02, 09:53 PM
Last Man Standing match!

10-27-02, 11:21 PM
*Fade In...

*New York City...

*Madison Square Garden...

(GXW Onslaught has just ended. The television copyrights has already shown on the television screen. Most of the people in the arena have already left the arena. All that's left is the GXW crews, and a handful of wrestlers who have just finished getting dressed and leaving as they move on to the next show. GXW reporter, Joey Tyler whisks right by the camera in hot pursuit looking for someone to give their post Onslaught thoughts. As he is running, he waves the camera to follow behind him. He stops at the locker room marked, "HellFighter". He opens the door to find it almost virtually empty except for a janitor cleaning up the locker room.)

Tyler: "Excuse me, but did HellFighter just leave here?"

Janitor: "Oh yeah, he just left. You might be able to catch him. It wasn't too long ago. He should be heading toward the parking lot."

Tyler: "Thank you."

(Tyler runs out of the locker room running down the hall with the cameraman in tow. He runs all the way out to the parking lot where he sees a very openly frustrated "HellFighter" Michael Shutt walking to his car. He is already showered and dressed with his gear in his duffle bag. He pulls out the keys to turn off the car alarm to a 2002 Gold Mecedes SUV. Right before he gets in the car, he sees Tyler and the camera coming toward him. He slams the car door and walks over to meet them half way.)

Tyler: (Catches up to HellFighter, trying to catch his breath while he gets out a sentence.) "HellFighter...*huff* *Wheez*...Thank God...er I mean goodness I caught up with you before you left. I was wondering if I could get your thoughts on what happened tonight."

HellFighter: "Sure Tyler, what do you want to know first? Make it quick, I have lots on my mind."

Tyler: "Right. First off why did you attack rookies Shawn Hart and Jack Voorhees at the start of the show?"

HellFighter: "I'll tell you like I told them, they got in my way. Everybody's in my way and I don't have time to play the respectful babyface game anymore. They're just like everyone else in the locker room. Don't give a s**t about me and would love to use me for their gain. I just quite simply put them in their place. Beneath me where they belong. I will return to the top. Next question Tyler."

Tyler: "Right, then you later barged into CEO Dupree's office, did you receive the answers that you wanted to hear?"

HellFighter: (He pauses as he looks back at Tyler with a look like he almost ready to hit him for asking a stupid question.) "What do you think Joey? He refuses to answer my GODDAMN questions. I came to him diplomatically and calmly. He made the call for JP to screw my ass. He deserves to give me a reason."

Tyler: "But I thought he did?"

HellFighter: "Yeah he gave me a answer. He didn't give me a good enough answer. He only gave me an answer just enough to make him look like 'the proverbial good guy'. Anything to build up that front eh Dupree. I still want a true answer. I don't care if it's from you, or from that lipd*** son of a b**** JP. I want answers. I guess in the mean time I will take this one as an answer...for now."

Tyler: "Perfect timing HellFighter, which brings me to my next question, what are your thoughts on what happened between you and Die Kriegmaschine with Dupree ordering the Last Man Standing rematch for Fallout?"

HellFighter: *Sarcastic* "Oh gee, I almost forgot about that one. Thank you so much Joey for bringing that subject back up to me. While your at it, why don't you drive a meat cleaver through my skull and pour salt on the wound. Thanks."

(He pauses for a moment as he recollects his thoughts.)

HellFighter: "So Donavan, in that ring tonight was your big killing machine? That was the guy who's supposed to use me as your big stepping stone for detroying GXW? That's the guy who was going to finish what others have failed to do in my past? Funny, all I saw tonight was a cheap shot taking c*ck sucker. What's wrong German blunder, couldn't take me out all by yourself, so you had help from of all people...you're own manager? And you call yourself a one man wrecking crew. You are no machine. Machines are not programmed to cheat. I guess that makes you just as human as let's say...ME! And finally Dupree gave me a little bit of an answer. He gave me you in a Last Man Standing match. This is the type of match that I get to see you from the INSIDE...OUT! I get to see if you really are...a machine, or if your just another lamb being lead to MY slaughter. Guess what next big blunder? Not only will I slaughter you, but I will make you bleed like a stock pig. Everybody in the GXW at least knows what I'm made of; however we have yet to see what you're made of. We have yet to see what makes you tick, or scream, or what color your blood is. For now Die, all I have seen is how much of A COWARD you are. You look for the easy way out."

"Not this time fat boy. This time you can't beat me by pins or submissions. You get to back up your words. You get to finally TRY to kill me. I mean you literally get to kill me because that's the only way how you will beat me at Fallout. You have to physically, mentally, emotionally kill my ass. I dared you to try and kill me tonight. Once again YOU FAILED just like every other single d*ckless peice of S**t in this federation before. Are you a failure? Will you prove me right? I think you will."

"You know, I actually took my sweet time coming to the arena tonight. Why you ask? Because I was actually waiting in my hotel room hoping that you and Donavan would show up to try and kill me early. I gave you the location where I was staying in New York, and you never came. Your cowardly ass never showed, so I had to settle for kicking your ass in the arena. I almost did until your 'programmer' waste of life hit me with a chair, and then you grabbed my tights for a quick 1-2-3. I settled for taking out my frustrations out on those two pitiful rookies Hart and Voorhees. At Fallout, I will finish what I started. What will you do DIE?"

"Oh and Wallace, I thought I warned you. I thought I told you to stay away. I thought I made it perfectly clear that if you interfered in the match at all that I would bury the both of you. Guess what b****? At Fallout, I will rip both you and DIE apart. I will tear you limb from limb. At Fallout, I will put DIE in his own personal Holocaust. When I'm done with the both of you, the concentration camps will seem like a paradise."

(HellFighter finally stops as he looks back at Tyler.)

HellFighter: "Thanks Tyler, I feel alot better now. I got a lot off my chest. I got a match to get ready for and I'm never late. Fade to black and leave me the f*** alone."

Tyler: "Right HellFighter. Thank you for your time."

(HellFighter just walks passed Tyler and the camera man in a 180 degree turn, mock Nazi style as he gets back in his vehicle and drives off. Tyler looks at the camera and makes the "Cut" motion to sign out. The camera man complies and cuts the camera out. It goes to static followed by black.)


11-07-02, 01:54 AM
{Fade in to the depths of Greensboro Coliseum. The cameraman walks down a dirty, damp, basement hallway, pushing his way through cardboard boxes and other debris. At the end of the hall is a door which sits half opened. The camera picks up voices from within. The first man to speak is obviously Donovan Wallace.}

Wallace: You are trained to do as you're told, my pupil. You have been given direct orders, now I expect you to follow them.

{A loud crash is heard.}

Wallace: There is time for you to vent your frustrations... the match is in a few hours. Soon we can take this to the next level.

{Suddenly, a louder, much more brutish voice is heard.}

Man: ..... HELLFIGHTER ....

Wallace: He is ready for his slaughter. Things have been prepared. Everything is in order. You will destroy him tonight... or you will bleed his every pore. I want him to feel the utmost pain. He is a symbol of strength in GXW. He is the largest man here... yet in so many ways, he is NOTHING. You... you must take this opportunity to assume the role of GXW's new giant. YOU must start the cogs in motion.

Man: .... DESTROY ....

Wallace: The last match was a fluke. He was merely winning because of luck. It's no matter. His size isn't even comparable to your strength. You must break his body, and you must crush his bones. I know you have the power to do so, Kriegmaschine. We have waited for this moment....

{Another loud crash is heard, and the lights in the room dim. It was obviously lighting of some sort that hit the floor.}

Wallace: They've placed a stipulation on this match. You must remain the last man standing. I assume this will be no problem for you. You will stand tall, over the fallen body of this pathetic excuse for a human. His body will become putty in your hands, a work of art for you to showcase. Make a gallery out of the ring, my friend. Dress the fans in his blood. Show the world what really makes Hellfighter tick. Rip him down to the identity he so desperately tries to hide from the world. Expose him for the man he truly is.

{A grunt is heard, then the sounds of wood splintering.}

Wallace: Save your energy. He awaits you tonight. His time has come. The reckoning is upon him. For months the world has had to sit and watch as he struggles with his own identity. Tonight... we solve his problems for him. We end this ordeal. Hellfighter has dealt with his decisions before... now he understands them. Tonight we show him WHY it was the correct decision for him to give up his faith. Because his faith in God got him nowhere... and his faith in himself is a falsehood. Faith... is deceiving. There is no divine answer, and there is no solution... for Hellfighter. Now I will be at ringside tonight... and if I feel that you are not performing as planned, I will interject as I see fit. It was a shame that I had to make my presence felt last...

{Suddenly Wallace's voice is cut off.... a grunt is heard. Wallace comes flying through the door, his back and head slamming off the far wall. He lays unconscious as the dark, intimidating figure of Kriegmaschine walks into the corridor. He pauses for a moment, staring at his "creator". Kriegmaschine then turns towards the camera, beginning his march to the ring. The cameraman turns in a hurry and the feed is cut.}

11-07-02, 02:32 AM
*Fade In...

*Greensburo, North Carolina...

(Cut to the backstage of the Greensburo Coliseum. The location of the GXW PPV: Fallout. The camera stands in front of Joey Tyler with large GXW Fallout backdrop behind him. The little Tyler is standing next to the veteran GXW high flying giant, "HellFighter" Michael Shutt. HellFighter is already dressed out in his wrestling gear ready to fight tonight against Die Kreigmaschine in the Last Man Standing match. He stands proudly with his muscles flexed and poised next to Tyler. Let's listen in.)

Joey Tyler: "HellFighter, in about an hour from now. You will go up against one of your hardest oponants to date against the giant, Die Kreigmaschine in the Last Man Standing match later tonight at Fallout. Now I'm sure you have heard Wallace's words to you, and even Die's. What is going through your mind HellFighter?"

HellFighter: "Believe me, it's not fear. It's not terror. It's not anything but pure, unadulterated, excitement. I love you're words Wallace. I wasn't amused. I was actually flattered by words. You want Die to do all that stuff to me? You want him to bust me open? drain out my blood from my pores? Rip my flesh from my body? Saturate and rain down on the arena? Crush my bones like putty? One part of me would love to see you try that. One part of me would love for Die to be the last man standing. One part of me would love to see you try and do what your cowardly cheatin ass couldn't do on Onslaught. The fact of the matter is...


HellFighter: "I gave up my faith not for you, but for me. I intend to do what my faith had stopped me from doing before. My shackling, constricting faith kept me from utterly decimating my oponants lifeless in the ring. My faith made me play by the rules. My faith made me be nice. Not anymore. Now I get to play by my own rules. NO RULES! I have no rules. I have only rule. To survive and for everyone else to kiss my ass right before I piss on their rotting corpse."

HellFighter: "You call last week a fluke Die. You're right. Last week was a fluke. That fluke was called...the rules. Now you won't have to rely on the rules tonight will you? You're only concern will be trying to stay alive. Trying to hope that you could be the last man standing. I will make you scream. I will make you bleed. I will take anything you throw at me. Whatever you do to me will not kill me. It will not only heal me. It will make me stronger. I will take all my rage and nail you into Oblivion. We will go straight to hell. The only difference is I will be coming back. You won't."

HellFighter: "Now Die finally said more than a grunt and a snarl. You said two actual words. Your vocabulary allowed you to squeel out those two. Is that what you've been doing for the past week? Did Wallace teach you those two words? HellFighter and Destroy? Those are good words to me. When you said HellFighter, that says to me that my name will be the last word you utter right before you croak. And Destroy will be the word that could describe what I will do to you tonight. Even thought I say destroy is an understatement. I will be surprised that your kin will recognize you after I'm done with you. You could only be so lucky. But then again...(He pinches the skin on his arm) this is only a shell, what really matters is on the inside. I plan on taking your essence, your soul, gift wrapping it, and sending it straight to hell in a handbasket. No I'm not a satanist in anyway shape or form. If I don't care about God anymore, what makes you think I care about his adversary? To him, I'm worse. I'm worse than the devil. I'm stronger, I'm better. I am a god in my own right. And tonight, I get to prove. You can't kill me because I'm immortal baby. I love pain and I can't wait to see what pitiful crap you try to do to me."

HellFighter: "Okay I've said enough. Anything else will be answered in the match. One way or the other. This is my vow. That's all I gotta say, and you can quote me on that...all of it."

(HellFighter walks off passed Tyler and the cameraman. Tyler shutters in fear as he motions to cut the camera out. The cameraman complies.)