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03-08-03, 04:22 AM
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Normal Match

03-08-03, 05:20 PM
*{Fade In}

*{Barcelona, Spain}

*{Cut to the front of a GXW X-Perience backdrop where the members of True Living Colors stand in front of it. The camera stands by with Mr. David Black, Mr. Jevon White, and their managar, Miss Lillian Watts ready to speak their free willed and arrogant minds. They are all wearing casual non wrestling attire. Black is dressed in all black attire, White is dressed in all white, and Lillian is dressed in a very nice silver evening gown.}

Mr. David Black: "So finally the GXW front office finally heard our constant banters with the GothAC Alcemey. They gave us this match for X-Perience. What they fail to realize is that X-Perience is OUR show, and soon Revolution will be OUR show. The only difference between X-Perience and Revolution is that Revolution is our opportunity to shine in singles competition while X-Perience is our chance to return to our former glory as the singles greatest tag team to ever set foot in professional wrestling."

Mr. Jevon White: "That's right bro, we will once again be known as THE MOST GRAPHICALLY COLOR TAG TEAM IN SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT. But for now, we'll just be the most graphically colorful tag team on X-Perience for now. Soon enough we'll be the baddest, immortal mutha f*ckas on the whole goddamn planet. Revolution will be when we really spread our wings and fly."

Miss Lillian Watts: "Hey guys, it's says that this match is supposed to be under normal rules stipulations. It's not by the GothAC Alcemey's big cage match and funky stips. Will that be a problem?"

Mr. White: "Baby, not even. We can take the Goths in any match situation. Remember that it's still not too late. The front office could still accomadate for the Alecemy in that time. The point being is regardless of whether or not the rules changes. We're still gonna beat them anyway. We're ready for anything they come up with."

Mr. Black: "Jevon's right Lillian. Goth and AC think that this is all one big game, what they fail to realize is that to me, it's never a game. This is all real now and I'm gonna take them to their graves. This is my time...er I mean OUR time!"

White: {Joking} "I was about to say your time? Good thing that you corrected yourself or else I would of had to whoop your ass for not being a team playa."

Black: "Hahahaha, you know me bro, I'm just messin with ya. {To himself almost with a look of sadism } You have no idea."

White: "What?"

Black: {Instantly changing back grinning mischeiviously.} "Oh nothing. I guess I was just thinking what I'm going to do to Goth and AC when I get my hands on them in that match on X-Perience."

White: "YOu and me both."

Lillian: "Yeah and why you guys are focused on Goth and AC, I wanna clean somebody else's chops who's been a thorn in our side."

White: "Who's that baby, that chick of Mysticall Illusions?"

Lillian: "Yep, I wanna F*ck that b*tch up. After I'm done with her, elf boy won't ever recognize her. I'm going to turn her into the literal giant tub of goo that she was meant to be."

White: "Man Lillian, I never knew you had it in you."

Lillian: "Well I can't let you and David have all the fun all the time can I? No I gotta have some fun to and whoop ass from Barcelona to Cali."

White: "That's right, you can do whatever you want to do with that Alexas Butler chic. You go girl."

Lillian: "Well I ain't the manager to the most graphically color tag team in sports entertainment for nothing. Some of your bad ass knacks for whoopin ass rubbed off on me sooner or later. The time has come. Who knows Jevon, you might find me as the next GXW women's champion. Next to all the titles you guys are getting, we'll be drowning in the the gold."

White: "All in due time, but think one step at a time, and for now we gotta focus on the gay ass, incesting, gothic scrubnuts."

Black: "So on X-Perience, first the GothAC Alcemey, and then the rest of the pissants of the GXW."

{True Living Colors laugh amoungst each other evilily as the camera fades out.}

*{Fade Out}

03-11-03, 01:43 AM
Fade from Black you see the Gothac Alchemy in a Midevil Arms shop in the middle of Barcalona.

Goth: Do you have any Batliths for sale.

Shop Keeper: Sure do! What kind would you like?

GT: That one right there.

SK: There you are that will be 200 Euro Dollars.

Goth hands over the money

GT: Thank you!

SK: No thank you!

The Gothac Alchemy leaves the store and bumps into Mystical Illusions.

Ac: Hey man whats up! Man can you find us some wheels we need them.

MI: Sure be back in a hour.

GT: Meet us over across the street at the resturant.

Goth and Ac go to the resturant and have lunch when they see the front view of a purple pinto.

Ac: Man look at that, I thought we got rid of those things when we flew out here.

Gt: I know but it is a cool color.

The pinto pulls up in front of the resturant. However the Pinto is not like normal. It is a streched limo and Mystical Illusions pops his head out the sun roof.

MI: Time to go.

Gt: In that, your crazy everybody will think that we are crazy.

Ac: I kind of like it.

Gt: Okay lets go.

They get into the limo you can only see Goth and Ac. Mystical Illusions is out of the camera view.

Gt: Where did you get this.

MI: I purchased it. I really love it, it even comes with a fully stocked bar.

Ac: Aren't we loosing sight with what is at hand.

Gt: Oh yeah! TLC you wanted to fight us now you are on. I just hope that you did not take more that you can handle. For Lilian she need to stay away from Mystical Illusions and Alexia. They are not part of this. GXW did not give us the match we called for but we will get one in the end.

Ac: Your big talking and endless banter make for quite the lovely promo dont you think bro! Even more that Mysticals, but he does not mind watching someone making a fool of themselves. Oh yeah by the way the whole funk think is dead so come to the times.

Gt: See you princesses!

Fade to black

03-13-03, 10:38 PM
*{Fade In}

*{Cut to the interior of an almost pitched black room. The only light source that can be seen is a lone spotlight dangling overhead. Standing in the center of this spotlight is Mr. David Allen Black. He is wearing only black baggy Umbro shorts with white trim and speedo shorts underneath them, and black FUBU high top tennis shoes. We also see that he is wearing no shirt exposing his firm, muscular, ripped, bulky upper body glistening in this lone spotlight. He stands grinning sadistically back at the camera. The camera moves into position ready to record Black's thoughts. Let's listen in.}

Mr. David Black: "Oh isn't that cute. You bought a new toy. Seems awefully sharp. I hope that you poke someone's eye out with it. Even thought, I think that you'll using that batlith before you know it. Oh well you know what the Klingons say, it's always a good day to die. I'm about to put that saying to the test. Now don't revel in your new stretched Ford Pinto limo. I wouldn't want you to think that you have this match in the bag. Trust me boys you don't, so don't go drinkin your dumb russian asses stupid. I want you at your peek performanance this week on X-Perience so that when I am standing over your soon-to-be dead rotting carcuses in the center of the ring. You'll both know that your best wasn't good enough to beat me...er I mean us."

"You know, I actually feel angry that the GXW front office didn't give you the match that you requested, but hey that's the way the ball bounces. You boys know the ol phrase, sh*t happens. I don't care what stips you have on the match, I'm going to beat the both of you in the ring 1-2-3. [Gets visibly upset with himself.] Goddamnit, I have to stop doing that! I mean we're going to beat you in the center of the ring for the 1-2-3."

"The point being is Goth, is that even if you and your brother AC beat us in the center of the ring on X-Perience. You still lose. Even when I...er I mean we lose, we still win. Then when we win, WE really win. We're good and we know it. Simple as that. You say that we make fools of ourselves. I think you're right, but I'm right to say that I am in good company because at least I'm not going out and buying cheap, immitation Star Trek accessaries. Who's the fool? You might wanna rethink that if you know what I mean."

"Now as far as what you're planning on doing with Lillian. Listen boys, I know she's quite the dish to look at and all. Trust me even I've been more than tempted to steal her from Jevon every now and again. Let's face it, we're all men here, we all wanna hit it, but the point being is you can't have her. Do you really think that Lillian would dare be associated with a bunch of freaks like you? Hell NO! She is locked onto Jevon, and there's nothing you can do about it short of masterbating to her pics over the internet. I don't think she's gonna mess with your Trekkie asses so get your minds off of her and onto the real prize...us. Take us out, if you can."

"This is another one of my quality time so you can get to know me better. In case if you noticed, I have nothing to hide. That's why I am standing underneath this spotlight to let you see me for what I am and what I will soon become. I will become something greater, more stronger, far more awesome than you can ever comprehend. This is only the beginning Goth and AC. Trust me when I say this, it won't be the last. Take my words to heart and fear me because evil incarnate is coming your way. And it FINALLY all starts on X-Perience. My unveiling will be known...one way or the other. See you later...girls."

{The spotlights over Black's head cuts out to where it is completely pitched black. As the camera fades out, you hear the sound of laughing in the background. It's the sound coming from Mr. Black.}


*{Fade Out}