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03-02-03, 10:10 PM
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Mar-08-03 AT 02:18 AM (EST)]Okay I'm looking for Challenges for X-perience in Barcelona. Make the challenge and, if it is in our power, we'll sign it!

Hellfighter, Dan Ryan, Kin Hiroshi, and Johnny Styles need not apply cause you know you have matches KotC style ;)

Erik Z
Co-Owner GXW


True Living Colors vs. The Gothic Alchemy

'The Messiah' Dallas Winston vs. Troy Douglas

For the GXW Continental Title
'Mr. Main Event' Rob Sampson (C) vs. Boogie Smallz

Mystery Match
Eric 'The Dragon' Davis vs. ???
GXW Owner Erik Zieba will choose who shall face Davis at X-perience. If Davis wins then he will face Zieba at Genesis.

Special Attraction!
Arm Wrestling Match
The Assassins vs. The Monsta Boyz

Brother vs. Brother
Devon Sands vs. Christian Sands

Reuben Fasco vs. Gemini

King of the Ring Round 2:
'The Ego Buster' Dan Ryan vs. 'Mr. Irresistible' Johnny Styles

Kin Hiroshi vs. Hellfighter

03-02-03, 10:21 PM
"The Messiah" is leaving an open challenge for ANY... G X DUBYA... so-called 'superstar' to step up to the plate.

03-03-03, 01:49 AM
{Fade in to a shot of Eric Davis sitting slyly in a plush leather chair. He looks through a pair of dark black sunglasses to address the camera.}

ED: You want a challenge Zieba? I challenge you to book me against someone worthy of my time. Maybe Sampson for the Continental Title? Perhaps Chris Lehew? Or maybe that little piece of gutter trash known as Nate Logan? No? If those names don't suit you Erik... how about you step into the ring yourself?

{Eric flashes an evil grin.}

ED: What's the matter chump? Is someone... CHH...CHH...CHICKEN???
And here's a stip Zieba... howabout you grow some balls and put the company on the line? Yeah you heard me. I win... I get control of the company for 30 days, howzabout that one? And if I lose? Well now... if I lose... you can do whatever the hell it is you want with me. Yup, I'm not afraid to lay it all on the line loser, what about you?

{Eric turns around kicks his feet back in his chair.}

ED: Poor wittle Ewic didn't even have the bawls to stand up the Ratings Boost. Remember what happened LAST time you stepped into the ring with me Zieba? Your ass was laid out faster than Chad Dupree's mom!

{Eric does a fake basketball free throw, then follows up with a "CHACHING".}

ED: IT'S GOOD! So pimp daddy... you tell me... what's it gonna be? You're the boss, why don't you act like one?

{Eric's grin widens, then the scene fades to black.}

03-03-03, 01:51 AM
{Fade in to a shot of Osiris and Orion standing at their lockers in the backstage area. Osiris looks to the camera.}

Osiris: Want a challenge? Alright... we challenge the Monsta Boyz to an arm wrestling competition.

{Osiris looks to Orion, who smirks slightly. Both men continue doing what they were previously involved in.}

03-03-03, 01:59 AM
{Fade in to the dark interior of a GXW locker room. Sitting alone in the corner of this area is Devon Sands, GXW newcomer. His hair hangs in front of his face, hiding it from the camera's view. He speaks with a slow, rather soft tone.}

Devon: I challenge ...

{Devon stops mid-sentence and raises his hands up to his head. He pauses and then continues after a few seconds, visibly frustrated. His voice begins to shake.}

Devon: ... CHRISTIAN SANDS.... to meet me in the ring. No security... no interferences... no escape. The choice is yours brother...

{Devon gets up and walks out of the picture, the camera fading to black.}

03-03-03, 02:06 AM
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Mar-03-03 AT 00:09 AM (EST)]Fade in.

Christian: "My dear, dear brother... consider the match signed. You may also consider your obituary signed... as it was all those years ago..."

"This time, however, you won't be coming back..."

Fade out.

03-03-03, 02:07 AM
Fade in.

Buff Bellows: "Arm wrestlin'? Deal. Too bad you'll lose."

Fade out.

03-03-03, 07:22 AM
EZ: Eric Davis. As much as I admire this new found confidence you have in yourself I am afraid I will have to decline to your laughable challenge.

First of all the names you mentioned are not in your class. In fact they are ABOVE your class and if I signed a match for one of them to face you then I would only be lowering their standards. I, personally, do not have the desire to face a class action suit filed by one of them because I put them in a below sub-par match with the likes of you so I'll decline on their behalf.

Second, in reference to your stipulations, I can only answer with one question ... you're kidding right? You are an okay wrestler and it is always good to have you in a match so that the GXW audience can have a humor break. Think about it ... what have you done in GXW in which to request that I put my company on the line? I made that mistake once before ... never again.

Still ... you have requested a match and you have gone to a great degree to slander my name. Therefore I will have a match for you at X-perience and I'll let you find out who you'll be facing on the day of the show. Also, cause you were so kind as to come out and demand my time, I'll make a stipulation of my own. If you happen to do the unthinkable and defeat your opponent then you'll have your match against me at Genesis and I might ... I MIGHT even put the company on the line. But if you lose ... if you lose ... then instead of having the company for thirty days I'll do the exact opposite and SUSPEND YOU for thirty days ... with no pay what so ever I might add.

So Eric Davis that is my counter offer to you. You can either accept or reject, but the choice is yours.

And, oh by the way, it has been ... your pleasure ...

03-03-03, 04:45 PM
{Fade in to a shot of Eric Davis laughing wholeheartedly. He tries to refrain and then calms enough to make a statement to the camera.}

Davis: Wait, wait... did you just say they're ABOVE my class??? Oh my... let me regain my composure...

{Davis attempts to settle and leans forward in his chair.}

Davis: Right. That's why I'M a former GXW Unified Champion. Tell me Erik... did Sampson and Lehew ever win a GXW Unified Championship? I don't think so. You know... I just love how you're going to "decline" on behalf of other wrestlers. That's showin' me EZ! Who are you protecting? You won't let the men on your roster make the decisions for themselves? Sounds like a dictatorship to me...

{Davis kicks back in his chair yet again, smiling slightly.}

Davis: Whatever... that doesn't matter much to me. {Cough cough}fascist {cough cough} Just because Rob Sampson is the biggest fish taco this side of the Rio Grande doesn't mean you have to make all the decisions for him. Maybe little Robby might want to come out and play... you never know. Or maybe Chris Lehew can drop his obsession with stalking Nate Logan long enough to take on another challenger... either way, I've got it all worked out. Howabout this one, assmaster... since you're so reluctant to step into the ring with me, howabout we skip all the foreplay. Why don't you just schedule the match right now for Genesis? You pick any man... that's right I said ANYMAN in this organization to represent you at Genesis, and I will gladly wrestle 'em. Like I said, I win... I get control of your company for 30 days... I lose... and you can put any stipulation you want on it. You're so confident that everyone's above my level? Then let's see those brass balls of yours. I'm sure since everyone here is SOOOOO awesome you won't have to worry now, will you?

{Davis kicks his feet up in front of him.}

Davis: Funny... you know what... it HAS been MY pleasure. Sign it chump.

{The camera starts to fade out before Eric stops it.}

Davis: Oh... almost forgot! Don't forget kids, the official Davis = Ratings DVD is on the shelves in 2 weeks! Reserve your copy today! OH YEAH!

{The scene fades to black.}

03-03-03, 06:16 PM
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Mar-03-03 AT 04:18 PM (EST)]**The Messiah shown sitting on a little stool...**

DW: "You know when Erik Zeiba got me to sign onto GXW. I wanted to believe that he had competition. I wanted to believe him when he said this was 'the greatest company on earth'... I wanted to believe him when he said that his wrestlers weren't a bunch of pansy's... I wanted to believe this. I even signed onto this place.. Because of that. I wanted to believe."

**Shaking his head**

DW: "Now reality has set in and I realize something. All that I wanted to believe, just isn't true. I come in this 'company' call it every name in the book, daring anyone to step up to the plate. Yet, get nothing?!?"

**Confused look...**

DW: "I can picture the first brain surgeon now. 'Oh it's because you're a nobody in this place.' 'This isn't SCW, this is where the big boys play' and all of that other garbage spare it. If you want to put that much effort into making yourself look like a fool... Then sign the dotted line and believe me... I will make you look like a first class, A-number ONE! Jackass in the ring, when I run circles around you with my ability."


DW: "But it's up to whomever to defend the great 'honor' of GXW. Just say the word... be a 'big boy' and step up to me this week and find out what's it's like to actually wrestle a real man... Not some GXW cardboard chumps that you people have wrestled in the past."

**Hopping down off the stool...**

DW: "Anyone... come shutup 'SCW's' finest..."

**Grinning as the scene fades away...**

03-04-03, 01:46 AM
EZ: That's how petty you are Davis. You actually beleive you won that Unified World title all by yourself and dare to put your name against the greats that have won it? You didn't even hold the title for five seconds before Dupree came out and stripped you of the title and gave it back to Johnson. And you're proud of this? You're kidding right?

And another reason you're a dufus is because I said that I would have someone fight you at X-perience and if you beat them then I, and I alone, would face you at Genesis, but since you are that stupid to understand what I'm saying ...

You ... will ... face ... a ... person ... of ... my ... choice ... at ... X-perience ... you ... midget.

I'll see you in Barcelona ... (in a mock type voice) champ.

03-04-03, 10:47 AM
You're on kiddo. Troy Douglas accepts for Xperience. Sign it, seal it, take it to the bank. The New Revolution continues. Bye bye now, pal.

Mad Dog
03-04-03, 12:57 PM
BOOGIE SMALLZ: I thought it over. And as much as I want to kick Shawn Matthews’ ass…I’ll have to save that for a later date. Triscuit comes around herre talkin’ much ish…and he will get dealt with. Some folks think maybe I will call out that White kid from TLC…but I think there is just too much Black On Black Crime and I will not be apart of it! So White boy…you’ll have to make your singles debut against somebody else.

So then who’s left? Get revenge on Tommy Rage? He’s too much of a hoe to accept it. Nah, I think I’ll set my sights higher. I’m talking World title shot…me and Zero. Zieba himself couldn’t book a better match! But oh yeah…there are rumors goin’ around that Logan wants more money…that’s why he no-showed Revolution in Belfast. Now that I think about it…maybe it was him posted up in that hash bar in Amsterdam. Anyway…tha guy would have to show up for me to get the match and we all know how Zieba is…so we may not see Logan for a while.

Maybe Rob Sampson? He’s sittin’ there, chillin’, layin’ in tha cut…waitin’ for somebody to call him out…and erryone is too damn scurred to do it. But maybe Rob’s got other plans…and I would hate to be tha one to ruin them.

So I guess I’m left with tha only option remainin’…and that is to lay out an open contract. Tha Blunted One has spoken.

03-04-03, 01:48 PM
{Eric kicks back in his leather chair and sighs.}

Davis: Sure thing, Mussolini. I guess after all... you ARE the (in a mock voice) boss.

(Davis cracks his knuckles and chuckles slightly.}

Davis: I'll be seein' ya' at Genesis El Duce'.

03-05-03, 01:21 AM
*(Fade In)

Mr. White: "What!? That brotha Boogie Smallz doesn't wanna fight MEH!? MEH!? This has nothing to do with race at all, this happens to do everything with WINNIN, and I wanna beat Smallz in the center of the ring whenever, wherever."

Lillian Watts: "Jevon, just bide your time, you'll face him before you know it. Let him avoid you...for NOW! In the meantime let's take this time to issue out another challenge."

Mr Black: "Lillian's right Jevon, there's someone that I've been ichin to get my hands on since they addressed us, and I wanna clean their mutha f*ckin clocks."

Mr. White: "You mean it's time?"

Black: "Yep it sure is. It's time the GothAC Alcemey stop runnin their mouths and put their money where their mouths are."

White: "That means Russian peons that we're challenging you to a match on X-Perience. A tag team match between The Gothic pansies and the MOST GRAPHICALLY COLOR TAG TEAM IN SPORTS...Well for right now...X-PERIENCE! True Living Colors!"

Lillian: "So what do you say boys, you up to the challenge, or are the real chicken sh*ts...YOU?!?!"

Black: "We await your decision with eager patience...I know I am!"

*(Fade Out)

03-05-03, 12:37 PM
Hey Boogie, how 'bout we go at it Triangle style. Sign it for X-perience:

Troy Douglas v. Boogie Smallz v. Dallas Winston.

This has been the New Revolution's latest message.

Mad Dog
03-05-03, 12:45 PM
If none of them fools I named steps up...then it's on.

- Boogeezey

03-05-03, 03:20 PM
The Bruiser has an open challenge to anyone who is willing to step up to the plate and face the Bruiser to a Hardcore match!

Mr Main Event
03-06-03, 01:24 AM
RS: Boogie, you won't be ruining my plans, but I'll be more than happy to ruin yours. Consider your open contract signed. And just for grins and giggles, I'll put my Continental title on the line. Who's scurred now?

03-06-03, 02:57 PM
in the words of Mr. Smallz....

this card is off the heezy fo' sheezy