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06-11-19, 08:27 PM

You have until June 23rd, 2019 @ 11:59 pm to get your feud docs completed for the forthcoming arc. This includes all minor details like referees, segment locations, etc. Completed docs should be shared with Brian, Tom and Seth by the deadline. (please contact us if you lack our email addresses).

Everyone, in one way or another, has been incredibly slack with this ? no one is new here, let?s get it together!

ASC2019: Wrestler vs Wrestler (Title, if applicable)

Some people still are not doing this.

Arc Summaries are nice but proved less beneficial then we hoped. So these are no longer required. What we do ASK is; If you prefer to write you SEGS and MATCHS in your ARC Doc, do so ? but please do so underneath your ARC Doc Outline. Once we get deep into an arc, this is how things get missed or lost. Especially updates and changes.

The D v. Kerry Kuroyama
Mikey Unlikely vs. Scott Stevens
Gage Blackwood v. ???
SOHER: Elise v. Andy Sharp
TAG: Steven Dynasty v. Team Viagra
FIST: Oscar Burns v. Uriel Cortez

We are having, segment HEAVY shows with not that many matches. If this trend continues we will have to automatically relocate some SEGS to UNCUT. Not everything needs to be an in-ring. Backstage segments CAN take place on UNCUT. Please keep this in mind while planning.

Uncut is on the "off-weeks" It will be booked and waiting for whoever wants it. If there is only one segment submitted we'd prefer that be moved to Propaganda, but two or better and the show goes out! This is a great way to build a story and/or further your character. Uncut is literally that, there are no hard and fast rules. Get inventive, try some stuff out. This is supposed to be fun after all.

As usual, this thread is mostly for the purpose of keeping track of our cards. If you've booked a match, please list it below. If you're looking for a match, reply to the post. If you wanna respond to someone looking for a match, do that here too. BRAZEN cats are always available just claim them below and please be sure to check with Tom and Seth as well as the BRAZEN Master Doc and familiarize yourself with said character(s) so that they are used properly!

All deadlines listed below are subject to change.

06-11-19, 08:44 PM
no one is new here, let?s get it together!

Hi! ;)

I've already noted I will have a brief segment on the first UNCUT and I'll most likely be using the second UNCUT as well, so hopefully others will use that show, if you do you won't be all alone in doing so!

06-13-19, 03:35 PM
Quick Question...

What is a feud?

06-16-19, 04:24 AM
Quick Question...

What is a feud?
It's where I beat you with a waffle iron.