View Full Version : NBW/PULSE Presents: The PULSE Race!

Spike Saunders
08-27-18, 01:42 AM
Published by: Adria Hoyt 08/25/2018
ST. LOUIS, Mo Evening fans! We're just a week out from the return of SLAM, after a tremendous SCORCHED ppv. But the action hasn't stopped yet! In fact the unsung heroes of NBW were given a chance to have the spotlight this weekend in Missouri. Edgar Collins, The Silencer, Laszlo, and more of PULSE's best talent competed in a tournament called the PULSE Race. That's not all though! We also had some of NBW's familiar faces on hand and even in action. Including our Dynasty Tag Team Champions defending against PULSE's Hightowers plus a pretty massive Six Man tag match. Including the Main Event that would feature the finals of that tournament. All in all a pretty exciting night for NBW fans on hand. And now for you as well! So check out the recap and highlights by clicking through below! -Adria

CHECK OUT THE HIGHLIGHTS! (http://thenbw.com/16/events/pulse/AugShowcase.shtml)