View Full Version : PIC BASES?!?!?!

02-10-18, 06:21 PM
so we all have an idea of what our characters would look like in the real world. some of us draw inspiration from a real life person whether it be an actual wrestler, actor, etc. so i ask... who would be your character's pic base?

mine is a little hard, let me rephrase that... i assume harvey would look like cesaro, similar build and stature as well as ability.

02-10-18, 10:27 PM
Dave Batista with a beard.

02-12-18, 12:17 AM
Oscar Burns - Kenny Omega, but a wee taller
Angel Trinidad - Younger Matt Morgan
Aleczander The Great - Rob Terry

02-12-18, 12:44 AM
Gage Blackwood - mix between Chris Benoit (I feel weird saying that) and a Seth Rollins type build. Maybe face a little more like Raven.

Much harder with The Fuse Bros. because I am supposed to be LLB, my main character I ran for years back in the day and The Fuse Bros. are supposed to be LLB's brothers, so I guess they are also me? But could do...

Tyler Fuse - mix between Bret Hart/HBK
Conor Fuse - maybe a combination of Finn Balor/Owen Hart, at least the hair is very similar to Owen's bowl cut back in the formation of The Hart Foundation stable.

02-12-18, 01:49 AM
oh shit... i forgot about catalina! i think of her looking like catrina from lucha underground.

VJ Valentine
02-14-18, 01:32 PM
Definitely Tila Tequila. Don't even have to think about it. lol

02-14-18, 01:47 PM
The D would be a Tom Cruise impersonator. Not the real Tom Cruise. Just a good impersonator.

Harmen? Who has green freaking hair as a dude?! So... I'mma just say Bruce Campbell for bad ass points.

Klein...well... uhm... a UPS logo?

Considering if we jump to a new fed, they'll prolly be a pic based fed... so I'd have to come up with something legit for Harmen. Either that, or just use someone from an animated show and be a stickler about it.