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12-06-17, 12:01 AM
This is where the feedback lives! Don't let the feedback die ... the feedback never really hurt you.

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DEFtv 93: http://defiancewrestling.com/results/191 (http://defiancewrestling.com/results/191)

12-06-17, 12:15 AM
Nice change up this week without the rundown and of course Mikey and his cohorts are gonna come out here and gloat. The “I TOLD YOU SO” really sums up the perfect tone for this whole piece. The braggadocious heel and his heelies rubbing it in after DEF took a big L. Fantastic start to the show.

The Technical Spectacle going one on one with the Gentlemen German. This spun nicley out of the PPV/Uncut and is a perfect first match for this show. Seth really sold the whole thing in the opening commentary as well as hitting that super important “infighting” note. This was a solid match if not maybe a touch long for TV, but a great read. Hoffman takes the loss and even taps - but wethered by War Games and then so evenly matched against Burns. That plays. The handshake at the end of the match was well written as well and lends to DEF finally getting their shit together - maybe. Great job.

Wrote it. Douglas has no match tonight coming off of the WG loss but he has some words for Michael.

A lot of Interview stage action tonight. It’s funny how something barely gets used and then everyone is thinking along the same lines at the same time. “Fake dirtsheets.” Entertaining read that was equal parts great follow up from the PPV as well as setting up the next match. This Charlie Ace thing has been at time a little hard to follow, I think mostly because I’ve never been too invested in who he is managing (burn me once...) but it’s still been a fun ride and overall this is clearly shaping up to be something great.

I wasn’t expecting such a quick win, caught me by complete surprise. And now we have a kerfuffle. “Can someone get out here?” “Someone is out here” good stuff. Question is who the hell are these two unidentified fellows. Intrigued.

More Russian that I never bother to translate. Only because if the writer/tv producer wants us to know what they are saying it’ll come up at some point. Otherwise I take it as a language I don’t know or understand and therefore as a standard American television watcher - it’s scary. #RasslinLogic. I’m loosely involved in all this but I didn’t write a word. Justin and Stevie killed this, super entertaining set up to later events in the night. DEF already seems to be completley fucked … if the Reapers and their budding Army of Brazen talent jump ship - there may be no winning.

Solid segment, Crimson’s dialogue read a little weird in some places. The more heat thing plays well though and Crimson if sure after it. Burns pops up, that was a surprise. Burn’s is always good for a chuckle. Felt like this started to go a bit long, but Crimson jumps back into the back and forth and we end up in quick exchange that bodies Burns.

This one confused me from the first time it popped up in the ARC Booking. So I’m interested to see what happens here. “Stevens is easily the most despised member of UTA” I can dig that is what the writer wants to get the character over with and I get that it fits into the #FUCKDEF deal but at this point … fresh off of WG I’d say if it isn’t Ryan, Harmen, or Mikey there are still a name or two before Stevens. The promo was hit or miss with me. I felt like some lines were great and others just really felt clunky and missed their mark. Overall I wasn’t a big fan of this. Is Satánico Pandemonium made up just for this occasion? Honestly he could be a UTA NPC that I’m not familiar with but the way he is written and described doesn’t feel like it. Squashes certainly have their place to build a character but I don’t really feel like the way this reads it did anything to help Stevens.

Helped with this one.

Good segment. Andy is back and Cayle responds to Mikey’s bounty. NJNP in the place to be. Looks like we got a title match and some mutually agreed stipulations that I’m sure won’t come into play at all. Good read.

Abrupt start but it works and hey Ross has music … twice in a row! I felt like the Ross promo started really strong as it goes on it starts to get watered down, goes from badass to “watch it on youtube” - lost me a little there, referencing the past is fine but for a inring may be beat that drum a little less hard. It feels a little too on the nose at times much like saying “I’m UTA’s loose cannon” - most loose cannons don’t know they are a loose cannon. I do like the continuity that everyone in UTA is jockeying for basically the same position and stumbling into other qurallels. The attack was set up nicely . Blackwoods reaction to DEFsec was nice too. My nitpicking aside I liked this one and can’t wait to read the rest of this feud.

Granted this start with a segment, but the opponents are in the ring already so I was surprised not to have a Quimbey introduction. Promo seemed to drone on a little long but overall the segment was fine. Not sure if it was entirely needed but it does continue the theme of UTA members monopolizing TV time to gloat and rub in the MAXDEF results. The match was fine enough and served it’s purpose stated into the segment. Good stuff.

Creative vignette. Very interesting read. I think some of the video game references are lost on me but this has been solid stuff from the jump. Can’t wait to see this act in full swing.

Good follow up to before. This is strange to say the least. A little bit a mutual respect? Or at least common curitousy between Lisil and Blackwood. Interested to see where this is going.

PCP coming out now and we get some nice selling and the fall out from the DEF perspective. “Bee-tee-dubs” Reginald Klein Boxman III, Esq., now that’s just funny. I actually laughed out loud at “Maybe you unite toughness by putting the same word on both end...wait, where’d Jack go! Klein! Subpoena him!” Good segment overall. The knee thing was interesting. Fun read.

Solid TV match. Diggs of course does is cheating, cowardly shitheel stuff and Andy gets upset in the end. This seems be setting something up, can’t wait to see what.

And there it is. Nice little button to the match before. I dig the subtlety of this one. I think this puts Stevens in a much better spot than the jobber match from earlier in the night. I forget if it was here of Harmen’s appearance above but there were some find and replace typos in there with Harmens name.

Just When You Thought…
This is the interview stage show. “glove that makes hamburgers not taste like shite!” ???? DEF gets a little gloating of their own in but NJNP isn’t gonna let that go on for long. They’ve made it personal now with the attack of Capital Punishment and it looks like we a MAXDEF rematch.

Squash. There were some spacing issues in this as well, prior to proof. Please check the doc on that. I thought it was weird when I joined up but now seeing Defiance not in all caps is odd. Quimbey's announcements where very bare, especially for Rich. I know we harp on keeping TV matches short - but over all this just felt phoned in. A squash can certainly serve a purpose but when it's this brief, it feels undercut and that point I don't know if it actually serves that purpose any longer.

New entrance for Cayle and this match is off to the races. Great match and incredibly written as usual. Super solid main event. With DEF firmly on the ropes it makes you wonder how long Cayle, already injured, can keep this up.

Strong ARC opener. And guys please, capitalize your titles, format correctly and space correctly. We are all going to make mistakes here and there, sure - but some of you are consistently making the same ones over and over again.

This means more work in the proofing process and will translate to late cards… and for awhile now we’ve been on a pretty good roll of on time cards. Also follow the RUNSHEET when reserving segments. If there is an issue with your placement let us know in the RUNSHEET thread so we can try to accommodate your needs without throwing something else off completely.

12-06-17, 07:04 PM
Wrote this! Hope you enjoyed!

Liked this match and the philosophy used. The multiple pin attempts consecutively is nice, and something rarely done in EW. Angus was on his form In this one, “twists off their arm and beats them with it” lol. If this were an Indy show, this is the part where the crowd shouts out “WRESTLING~!” randomly. This was a different style, Loved it. usually you only get this much grappling in a Impulse match. Nice handshake finish. This was lovely.

Nice segment from Scott Douglas, follows up a little from Mikey earlier In the night, but addresses the real issues. 1) The Invasion 2) The SOHER 3) Reaper Co. This was a checkmark across the board. Good face promo into the Reaper stuff. Scott Douglas won’t “assume the position” for anyone. I like it. Angus was very anti Dooglas tho.

Nice segment leading into the following match. This was a good “hey what now?” seg to further the Charlie Ace angle. I’m a big fan of this stuff that Damien is doing! It’s great! Loved the line that Caballero is finally getting everything he thought he would by waiting patiently.

Hell of a quick match but very well put together. This was a fun read, kept me interested throughout. Nicki Synz won’t die! Two new men in on the equation now! The stable is building quick! The slow play is paying off in a big way here on this arc.

This was awesome. Loved the play on JFK going to Paz to pitch a job for the reapers and getting no answer… JFK lays down the law and tells her how awesome it would be for Reapers to be in team UTA. Then he threatens at the end, if Reaper co makes the wrong choice…. Well there are consequences. AWESOME

YES! This is great! Hahahahaha Loved the promo from CL alone in the beginning, just rubbing it in the faces of the fans. Then burns comes out and this turns into half comedy/half seriousness and it was great! I feel like Seth is finding the voice of Burns a bit better now than previously. The personality came through here. Good work. Loved the quick brawl. The heel started it, but he finished it too! This feud feels gold already J

If you would like feedback, provide feedback J

Read this while it was coming together. Good job here from Stevie and Justin. I allowed them to use mikey freely and in no way did they do anything I wouldn’t have. UTA IS THE PLACE TO BE YEA!? Nice way to give a definitive statement from Reaper co. they are on their own. Mikey’s party has slowed down a bit. Good work guys

B.E.A.UTIFUL! Good seg from Murray and great response to the Bounty. Loved the waqy he worked NJNP in and gave them a spot to give their say before the match. This went from “The FIST isn’t ready” to “He better be real quick!” Nice!

The Most Dangerous Man in Defiance
“Mikey doesn’t pay Chris to play by the rules, he pays him to get the job done!” Nice line especially keeping with continuity with the invasion. Thought this was a pretty good promo actually. Like the direction Chris is taking this. He’s a Hired gun, but completely unpredicable (Except to the person with the moolah). I like it. Ditch “Loose Cannon” and go with something like “Wildcard” seems more original. Gage Blackwood comes out and interferes after Chris is Jaw jacking with the crowd. Nice way to give Gage some momentum going forward. I know some may complain about the face attacking the heel, but I like this kinda stuff in the “war” setting. Good appearances from both guys. This benefited everyone in it.

Ring The Bell -
i loved this bit from harvey, plays off the War Games match, still wearing bandages from the opening seg (CONTINUITY!) and mentions how he’s STILL going to beat anyone that gets in his way. Good promo. Also I love the word Bozos and it should be reserved for Harvey!

Triple Threat-
Great TV style match here. I enjoyed Harvey playing more of the “outthink, not outwork” attitude. One of my favorite heels on the roster, but goddamn is this roster stacked! Good match Harvey keeps moving up! Good job bud.

Hide and Seek
Enjoyed this bit too, world building, hints at future stuff, and continuing the current angle. Ross probably left, it’s the right move for a shit heel LOL.

If you would like feedback, provide feedback J

Great match, and great storytelling. Andy Murray seems to have lost a step and the ever shady Danny Diggs picks up a HUGE upset. Nice stuff. Liked the rib work, and the exposed turnbuckle, the roll up, the tights the whole deal. Looking to see what fallout comes from this.

To short not to beef. Good stuff, little hints and world building. I like that two UTA guys got together for this!

Just When You Thought…
Love that the feud keeps building and growing. Nice turns in Brazen to help the angle just a little more. good stuff SETH. LOVE what you are doing with NJNP.

Crimson lord picks up a big win. Rich wasn’t himself, ill chalk that up to Scott not knowing the character. This was fine for what it was. Another Crimson win and he keeps on Rolling as UTA Champion. Nothing wrong with the match, just would have liked to see more personality shine through.

Great match! Had to do it all in one read, I don’t know what it is about Murrr’s writing but he turns the Suspense to 12 everytime! It’s great! Nice first Bounty match here tonight. Shame Felton couldn’t get it done, he would have made a great FIST J Murrr is doing a ton of work on this arc, so kudos out to you boyo.

12-06-17, 11:52 PM
celebrate good times, c'mon - mikey and the rest of his roster gloat and with good reason, a win is a win. after that mikey puts a bounty on the FIST of DEFIANCE title. we will see who tries to cash in on that. no complaints, it was long but that is to be expected.

burns vs hoffman - this match had some stank on it. nice paced match that had both men in the driver's seat. match ends with a submission. solid contest and a good win for burns after the ppv loss to stoovins.

follow the lights- started off solid and then went in a crazy direction. things continue to get weird between douglas and the reaper's. definitely something out of the attitude era imo. wondering where this goes.

getting to know you - good segment. liked how victorious picked holes in caballero's victories and time with ace. very good set up for their upcoming match.

victorious vs caballero - that was a quick one. after the match all hell breaks loose. ace's stable seems to be growing. i dug this a lot. good work.

talent scout - kendrix trying to make a deal to get the reaper co to align itself with wrestleuta? we will see what their answer is later on. wrestleuta seems to be going to any length to finish this hostile takeover.

who is left? - crimson lord pours more salt in the wounds after war games but is stopped when oscar burns comes down, making his claim for the wrestleuta world title and for the pride of DEFIANCE. burns got his pot shots in, the two brawled and crimson does what crimson always does, dominate. good work boys.

stoovins vs local talent - stoovins continues the trend of shitting on defiance. i actually like his security team gimmick. the match was quick and gave stoovins more heat.

no sides - reaper co. is fucking errybody up. i guess that's a solid "no" to jfk and mikey's offer.

wolves - nice face promo from cayle murray. murray has his first challenger to try and claim the bounty on his head, should be interesting.

the most dangerous man in defiance - ross has gotten better and better as time goes on. solid heel work and loved when blackwood came out to get some revenge. the brawl gets cut short by security but these two has unfinished business.

my stuff - i wrote dings.

gow:last day - what?

hide and seek? - im torn on this. i get there being a segment like this but idk if it was necessary.

a call for justice - going to some lengths to get a rematch. harmen doesn't want to hear any of it when he comes out. this isn't done, not one bit. i liked the segment, continued their story and i loved the harmen digs at... everyone really.

big brother murr vs diggs- shocker. murr runs into the exposed turnbuckle and suffers a tough loss. a win is a win and diggs beat a legend.

defiantly united - planting seeds. loved it becuz stoovins didn't say anything, woooo!

crimson lord vs mahogany - squash. loved how crimson put his forearm in mahogany's face as he made the pin.

just when you thought - a challenge has been made. the defiance tag team division continues to heat up.

murray vs bigsby - classic face comeback at the end. murray gets it taken to him but finds the fortitude at the end to go above for the victory. solid win and good match.

Chris Ross
12-07-17, 03:04 AM
Celebrate Good Times: Great way to kick off the show.... Will be fun this Arc to see who all goes for the belt and how things will play out from here!

Burns VS Hoffman: Nice match to get Burns back on track. Much needed win here!

Follow The Lights: The Reapers being as unpredictable as ever. Will definitely keep an eye to see where this leads.

Getting To Know You: Simple set up for the match. This seg did it's job.

Victorious VS Caballero: Looks like we might have a new stable to keep an eye on. We'll see where this leads.

Talent Scout: UTA are simply shameless... Surely the Reaper crew won't join UTA...... OR will they?

Who is left?: Simple and to the point. Nothing fancy just 1 guy wants a shot at the belt and the other just wants to eat the guy for breakfast. Nothing out of the ordinary needed here to kick off this feud!

Stevens VS Local Talent: Well this was inevitable. Though I didn't expect Gangrel to make a cameo tonight!

No Sides: Well guess we aren't sharing Oreo Frappes with the Reaper crew afterall.... Bummer....

Wolves: Looks like we got the first man to step up to the plate! Let's see if Bigsby is able to swing for the fences or if he'll strike out.

Ring The Bell: I know it's not the writer's fault but seems odd to have back to back in ring promos. Even though it was typical Jay Harvey Heel antics we all know and love.

Jay Harvey Three way: Yeah this was inevitable. Yeah Harvey is a prick and we all love it.

Gears OF War: Last Day: *Insert head tilt here* Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....... Consider me thoroughly confused.....

A Call For Justice: Jack Harmen man I loved him in UTA And I still love him. He's such a goofy over the top character. Anything with Harmen in it is usually pure entertainment regardless of what it is.

Murr VS Diggs: WOW. I did not see this coming. Perhaps this is the classic "Has the old vet lost it?" Angle. as cliched as it kind of is I still am intrigued to see where this angle will go.

Defiantly United: Looks like the piranhas are licking at their chops to get to Cayle Murray now.

Crimson Lord VS Mahogany: Yeaaaaaaaaah this was inevitable. Crimson Lord is just a monster and plays the role so well.

Just When You Thought: Nice to see the tag division heat up. Looking forward to see where this goes.

Murr VS Bigsby: Great match! Good comeback at the end but the reality is going into next show he's going to be defending the belt and not at 100% either. Blood is in the water and the sharks are swarming.......

User Poets
12-12-17, 06:46 PM
DEFtv 93 beef

Celebrate Good Times

It's the victory parade - it had to happen. The only thing I don't like about this - literally the only thing - is "It's almost comedic how much he stands out" referring to CL. I feel like the original DX worked so well as goofy assholes because Chyna was always serious without having to call attention. Nothing about CL in this scene should be comedic, even in an ironic way. But that's just me. Good move with JFK kicking Lance Warner out, tho.

Burns vs Hoffman

Good point by Angus - stop fighting each other and fight the mormons. 'German from the German' should be a thing Angus says from now on. But it was a solid win for Burns, which makes sense with everything going on - Hoffman did not make a difference in war games, so he needs to fade back for a bit.

Follow the Lights

We don't see interview stages often enough. Awesome promo from Scott Douglas - with Cayle beaten down and Impulse on the shelf, we need another strong pro-DEF babyface to pick up the slack and he's doing it in spades. The interruption from Paz and the Kabal was a needed reminder that there is still another enemy out there that we can't see. LOVING THIS ANGLE.

Getting to Know You

Literally my only beef with this seg is the back to back use of Lance Warner on the interview stage. Jesus fucking hell, who proofreads this shi wait this is a great segment.

In all seriousness, this segment was a setup for future things, which is what you need coming off a PPV. In this case, it was a direct setup for

Caballeros vs. Butcher

Quick, storyline "match" - like I said before, this is the show to set up the next things.

Talent Scout

Another Paz sighting. Interesting flip flop from ACTS - this time the Reapers are being scouted. It makes sense that Kendrix would assume the Reapers are on UTA's side, but it also makes sense that Paz rejects him (but not fully, not yet) because they're on their own.

Who is left?

This is the Crimson Lord we need.

Scott Stevens vs Local Talent

I kind of feel like Quimbey shouldn't be that excited about a WrestleUTA guy. Maybe the Mormons should have their own ring announcer?

No Sides

Logical followup to both the Kendrix/Reaper seg from earlier - and the Douglas stuff. This arc I think is the arrival of Scott Douglas: he'll be a top tier babyface at the end of it, whether he wins his feud or not. The tension was perfect in my opinion, though - so while I love the way the Reapers attacked both DEF and WrestleUTA pillars with equal ferocity, I'm not sure I liked them doing it in THIS particular segment.


The Murrray boys are best bois.

The Most Dangerous Man in Defiance

I would love to see this arc conclude with literally everyone Chris Ross insulted to line up and kick him in the dick. Words have consequences, sir. :) But it's a good reminder that Everybody Hates Chris. And now, Everybody Loves Gage.

Ring the Bell/THE Jay Harvey vs two guys

I mean, it's a squash and the squash setup. Not much to say about it but it establishes more about Harvey and his character beyond "WrestleUTA guy." Well done.

You Will Play

There's a band from NYC called PUi that has an EP called "You will clap" - my brain immediately went there. But I'm excited for the Fuse Bros.

Hide and Seek?

Good start to the Lisil Jackson redemption. He's the one guy on the WrestleUTA side that is clearly not trying to take things over (as opposed to Harmen who... we don't know what he's capable of). I like the establishing moment for him.

A Call for Justice

This might be my favorite story of all from the past year: the slow-burn face turn of the PCP. It takes a bit of a turn with Jack Harmen, who is ostensibly a heel - but who is enough of a legend for the fans to pop no matter what.

Big Murrr vs Danny Diggs

Surprising loss for The King, but this makes it look like he's entering his winter. Respect for the realistic type angle, even if it involved a pull of the tights.

Defiantly United

Well written, but felt like filler.

CL vs. Rich Mahogany

Feel bad saying it, but this match is the reason why we've been harping on Angus Skaaland's Very Important Opinions. I have no problem with Rich Mahogany being used as enhancement talent, or with CL being an overpowering monster who destroys his opponents. Rich Mahogany is one of the more... interesting... characters in DEF, and he is an Angus Skaaland favorite, which should have been reflected in the commentary.

Just When You Thought

...that TEAM HOSS would be an Angus favorite again. Glad to see a tag team feud that does not revolve around the titles.

Cayle vs. Felton

Squidboy keeps hope alive. The bounty has the potential to be a great arc-wide angle, I hope it keeps on rolling.

12-30-17, 01:14 AM

is this real life? - classic bruvs segment. it finally gets serious and mikey lets christie know what the deal is. mikey continuing to flaunt the titles that have been "borrowed".

team hoss vsnj,np - not a bad match. nj,np looked like they were going to be on the wrong side of the decision and found a way to steal the victory.

gears of war: the end - leads into the debut of the fuse brothers and the utter beat down of nj,np. the video package seemed pretty cool. only con is "game over" is harvey's mfk name. other than that i dug it.

who says no? - kendrix is hot and it's to be expected. nice piece from stevie. telling the world once again, if u aren't with us u r against us.

burns vs hightower - wow. burns with a major upset. hightower had it won but got caught and kicked out too late. good match, hightower dominated but burns never gave up.

a totes official summons - this reminded me of old cartoons. harmen's reaction to PCP was hysterical. a nice comedic segment to break things up, really good.

long night - looks like murr will have to compete even if he was dead per dane's orders. sucks being the man sometimes.

bruvs title defense - the bruvs won but scott douglas took mikey's soher title. he's gonna pay for this!

my stuff - i assumed there was going to be a segment before mine so idk if that's my bad or the proofers. i would have changed it to commercial.

aces wild - charlie ace reveals the hooded men who made their presence felt two weeks ago. a little long but it sets up his stable and his claims that they are going to control defiance.

stoovins vs murr - stoovins adds insult to injury after hitting his finisher. only issue i have is the use of the word "selling".

round three - great face promo from blackwood. hit all his points; ross, his match/opponent, and his run in earlier in the night.

adler vs blackwood - solid match until chris ross gets involved. of course some fuckatry goes down. blackwood out smarted chris for a minute but ross essentially gives adler a win by the executing a low blow. im not sure why chris didn't attack blackwood... maybe to show gage what is in his future? only issue i have with this is the chris ross attack at the end, seemed like it was too minimal on detail which isn't bad but seemed extremely minimal.

xmas spirit - starting off with that funny part about candy crush. i have a hard time with this version of crimson lord. i preferred crimson when he chose he words precisely and kept things to a minimum. maybe i have to get used to him insulting the fans more and doing things im not used to crimson doing. all in all it wasn't a bad segment and made me laugh but didn't seem like something i'd be reading from crimson.

open challenge - huh... not a bad match. the d spitting in crimson's face - wait, crimson later kills him and wins the match. crimson continues to brutalize until ares comes out for the save... herself challenging crimson lord. some continuity issues aside not bad. ares showing she is a fighter to end this whole shabang.

the color of war - reapers want the tag titles and challenge the hollywood bruvs. scott douglas is the topic of the night, a good lead in to the upcoming match.

douglas vs reaper green - classic face vs heel match. douglas got his hope spots but for the most part of this match got his ass handed to him. douglas stands victorious at the end after a sub pop plex.

questions - fitting title. eerie shit between douglas and reaper green.

lil murr vs the boss - murray retains just by the skin of his teeth. ross had murray but somehow the champ's ring awareness kicks in and pops his foot on the rope. good match, solid back and forth.

the afters - ross loses it and attacks murray but this brings the defiance roster together as the faces run down causing ross to slither away.

there were a few times during the show where the defiance roster aligned itself as one. that was good to see. good show imo. one more show before the go home and things are still coming together. some matches are already taking shape but many more are still getting there.

01-07-18, 10:10 PM

Following Mikey's feedback to get feedback ... ya'll made this an easy one.

I don't know if things got moved around here, if so that should have been caught but again I don't know if this differs from the RUNSHEET or not. In the future it'd probably be best to not write descriptions with such an in character slant. Other than that solid segment, Harvey is in classic heel fashion here, very Rick Rude-ish. Elise's entrance and quick pitch is solid. The back and forth is nice but this seems to drone on a little bit longer then needed (in reading it, its hard to say watching if it would feel as wordy as it does with well you know ... the words in front of you.) Solid segment and it sets up the match. I don't know that SO many matches need in rings just before them ... there are others ways to set it up. News, Propaganda, UNCUT. That being said solid segment. Also I thought the commentary was written well here.

Elise comes off as a fighter but still takes the L. Blackwood rushes the ring. Solid TV match, I don't know that it does THAT much for Elise but it seems to have set up Harvey/Blackwood.

EDIT: There was note of the opening bell that I missed. Not in standard format but it was there and it adheres to the latest match TV writing guide, my mistake.

Decent show, but the in rings ... far to many. There are other ways to set up your match ... hell if it's not a personal dispute the match can just be "scheduled" ... if it's just setting up something else anyway (hopefully for both participants unless you are using BRAZEN) there doesn't honestly need to be a whole big jaw jacking to make the match happen. That being said - that works sometimes but lately it's been EVERY CARD and more then one match. TV is one thing I CERTAINLY hope we are going to be seeing ANY of this on PPV. The whole point of TV is to build TOWARD the PPV ... so if you aren't doing that, please reevaluate what you are doing on the GO HOME and certainly keep that in mind for your next arc.

Unlike Mikey's feedback set up - I will not be coming back and adding any for people who are playing catch up. Although I applaud anyone who does, it's been two weeks or so. You had time.


01-08-18, 08:44 AM
even tho in murr's demo match it just starts with a "bell sounds" line...


01-08-18, 07:52 PM
I hadn't noticed that. Then that's fine for TV.

01-10-18, 01:46 PM
DEFtv95 Review & Feedback

FYI, I wrote this feedback as I read the show and I am just getting familiar with everyone’s character.

THREE title matches!? Three!? That got me pretty hyped.

Spoiler alert but this wasn’t even the worst thing to happen to a Murray in the show. My heart goes out to Cayle who gets attacked by Scott Stevens backstage. Stevens comes off looking like a pretty ruthless badass in this segment.

The action throughout the match was great and that wasn’t even the best part of it. Things really picked up after the match and I like how Harmen essentially went crazy. Was the damage Big Murr endured slightly over the top? Maybe, but maybe that was intended. After the neck stomp in the chair I thought for sure that’d be a career ender but I think that’s what the audience was encouraged to think, so in that respect, it did the job and got the moment over in my opinion. It makes Harmen look extremely dangerous and I am left wondering what will happen to Andy Murray post attack.

Good verbal jousting by No Justice, No Peace, slamming their multiple opponents. Their goal of ending the careers of The Fuse Bros. before it truly begins is intriguing.

I like these guys... and I want a Hollywood bruvs t-shirt (obvs!). Their misunderstanding on how to pronounce Kebal was funny. Their antics are great and the writing here is sublime too. I can’t wait to see more of these guys and I hope they retain their gold.

I love the length of the match. Clear, succinct, and easy to follow, all a direction I want to take my writing in. The end via submission was nice, especially in a tag match, and the run in after sets things up nicely should Aces Wild and Synz and Victorious meet again.

The Enrique inspired title just melted my heart. Blackwood speaks with purpose here, even calling Chris Ross the b word, which made me gasp. Plus, calling a man a coward is code for let’s duke it out. Ross comes out, which surprised me and the verbal judo that ensued was great. I especially liked the part where Ross called Blackwood on never hitting his finisher. The threats Ross made were great because I got the feeling it put Blackwood on edge.

I thought this was a great seg. It made me truly fell like DEFIANCE is losing this apparent war with WrestleUTA and that Scott Douglas was in possession of the most meaningful belt... at least to him. A few great quotes like “Paint by number” and “My act of defiance” made this segment resonate with me. I’m interested to read Unlikely’s response to the challenge.

A quick and convincing win by The Fuse Bros. deletes NJNP’s plans of ending them in one match. The brisk pacing was good. I am sensing a theme with yet another event taking place directly post-match as Team Hoss came out to save The Fuse Bros. who received cheap shots from NJNP.

I learned three things from this segment. 1) I like Jay Harvey and he is a pompous ass. 2) Gage Blackwood certainly has a lot of enemies. 3) Tensions build as PCP impedes Harvey’s lambasting of Blackwood, which I found great because now Harvey and Catalina have another mixed gender duo to deal with.

The comedy was real in this segment and I liked it. It also showed a fortified front between DEFIANCE wrestlers. Showing Cayle still in a lot of pain really brought a sense of reality to this segment too. I have an insta-crush on Elise Ares... totes lol.

Well shit, son. This was a tilt I was looking forward to. A pissed Blackwood and arrogant Harvey! This just exudes a pay-per-view caliber matchup, if it hasn’t already happened, in my opinion. The match was good and I’m somewhat surprised Blackwood lost although the argument could be made his mind was on other things.

I’m scared of Jack Harmen. He was so unnecessarily rude to Christie Zane. Not going to lie, the lines of “Two buoys and an ugly face,” and “Film school reject” made me mark out a bit. Someone needs to contain Harmen before he actually ends someone’s life. I desperately want to see Murray hand Harmen his just desserts.

A nice segment heading into the WrestleUTA Title match. Ares knows Klein and D are unavailable but it was a nice shock to see Cayle walk out.

The hot start to this match was awesome but once Lord got rolling, Ares was broken. I can’t help but get behind Ares in this match despite her shortcoming. I’d like to see Ares overcome Lord eventually.

Blackwood is clearly harboring some injuries of his own. Ross’ blindside attack finally drops on both Adler and Blackwood, laying them out with a plate of glass, which, in my imagination, was sick. The faces are truly getting the hell kicked out of them this show.

The match was solid and things took a turn for the worse for Mikey Unlikely when Scott Douglas showed his face and cost them the tag belts. Now I feel Unlikely has no choice but to accept Douglas’ challenge. It’s neat to see new tag team champions!

Graphic advertisement. Short and simple.

I was worried for Cayle’s health going into this matchup. The writing throughout this matchup was terrific. The pace was fast and it really felt like Cayle was a true underdog because of all he had been through previously in the night. The ending was well executed as Cayle barely, and I mean barely hangs on to the title due to time expiration. As much as I want to see a healthy Cayle face Stevens for the title, I don’t think that’s going to happen. Glad to see one thing swung the Murray’s way tonight.

THE Jay Harvey with the shocker for a challenge. I feel that Jay just hates everyone and wants to challenge everyone... when it’s convenient for him to pick the bones of whoever (Blackwood or Murray or otherwise). I think Harvey would have to earn his right to face Murray by beating Stevens or put them in a triple threat but either way, it will be interesting to see whoever challenges next for the FIST.

This was the first true show I sat down and went through and I can see the dedication to well-developed storylines here. I always like staying positive and I think the action during the matches was great. Were there too many run-ins post matches? Maybe, but I understand things need to happen to progress the story. There were multiple wrestlers creating multiple rivalries throughout the show, which I thought gave it a chaotic, yet awesome atmosphere.

STAR OF THE SHOW: Cayle Murray for showing resiliency and supporting his troops as well as defending his title.

ROSS’ MUST-READ CHARACTER: Elise Ares. She’s the only one that can get away with flirting, humor, and almost upsetting the WrestleUTA Champion in the same show. She’s surrounded by deep characters like The D and Klein who add a unique dimension to all their antics.

01-10-18, 09:20 PM
Soooo behind on beef

DEFTV 93 Beef /with uncut

Celebration and good times
Great little opener focusing on the aftermath and a story I am really looking forward to this arc with Cayle and whoever can collect on the bounty.

Burns Vs Hoffman
Good match with a good story told in it, but will that be enough to make Crimson give old Kiwi a shot?

Follow the Lights
Douglas determined to get back what belongs to him, but Mikey seems to be the least of his problems now. Seems the Reapers want to get a piece of Douglas now. Should be intersting to see how this develops

Getting to Know you
Some form of break here before this segment aired should of been added, considering Lance took a powder during Douglas/Reapers segment. Then he is right back on the stage again. Just a nitpick. Cris runs down his victory over Synz only to be interrupted by Butcher and we got ourselves a impromptu match - Pretty quick match, Synz tries to save but Charlie has one more trump card left. Mr. Ace is building quite the stable here.

Talent Scout
JFK making a offer to Paz about the Reapers joining WrestleUTA, given their actions recently they could accomplish their goal much faster. But will Paz and her clients accept?

The Most Dangerous Man in Defiance
Ross is great on the mic, the only issue I have with this is after all the beatings and being tossed off the stage at MaxDef. Gage pretty much does not sell any of his injuries from Ross. For someone that Ross has made his personal punching bag, a bit of touching on it just to keep the story moving on track would of helped. Just seems to make me think the events in the past never happened and these two are starting fresh.

Stevens Vs Local talent
The Gangrel poser was a interesting concept, typical squash match

UNCUT Ross/Gage
I loved how Gage interacted with others until he inevitably met his nemesis. Great set of segments there.

No Sides
So the bruvs want a answer, only to get Scott, who falls and goes boom by the Reapers, some gibberish is said, and then my boys are laid out wtf! Guess we all got our answer on their allegiance

Andy just a big old grouch heh, the bounty clearly does not phased Cayle and it did not take long for someone to step up and try and collect in Mr. Bigsby

Ring the Bell
Harvey as only the Natural One can do rub the Wargames victory in front of all the Faithful - Wolf vs Race Vs Harvey - pretty quick matchup, and Harvey continues to keep rolling with the “W’s”

Gears of War: last day
Not sure what to say about this, have to wait and see where this goes

A call for Justice
Elise trying to go all legal to get a rematch with Jack, didn’t work out so well for her

Not gonna say much about my segment, Oscar put his spit shine on it thought it came together well. As for the Rich/Crimson match not going to lie after writing it I was not totally sold on it. Didn’t have a lot to go off of from the bio, or it had not occurred to me to check Angus and his relationship. Not my best work frankly.

Murray Vs Diggs
Boy, Andy has just had a really bad last few months, Diggs pulling off a upset over the Scot.

Definitely United
Scott seems willing to get that bounty.

Murray vs Bigsby
Nice match up really looking forward to seeing Cayle’s arc develop

01-13-18, 01:34 AM

intro - it sure was.

i'll go away alright - stoovins kicks the shit out of murray, setting up the title match that will take place later on. stevens brings some history into this that i enjoyed. only con i have is i think the commentary staff would have been more "emotional" than they were.

murray vs harmen - i enjoyed the overturned decision at the end. i feel like we don't see enough of that in real pro graps and fake pro graps. harmen keeps his heat and andy finally gets a win. tbh i haven't been a fan of the way andy has been used, it just seems as he is an automatic loss and beating him doesn't mean much. this kind of saves face for him. just my 2 cents.

screwed - fucking solid man. i dug this promo a ton. no complaints at all. NJNP is cruising right now. they've been hot and this "feud" with the fuse bros has potential knowing the people involved.

the cable - lol. classic mikey and steve. love how they turn the lighting situation into a way to plug a new hollywood bruvs product. mikey hit all his points, tag titles and addresses scott douglas and the soher title. good segment.

p.o.e. vs thug 4 hire - the tag division in DEFIANCE is white hot and has been since i came aboard. i fucking wish wrestleuta has another team or two to add to this but that could be an overkill right now.

you can run, you can hide, but you can't escape my love - jesus christ this was a long segment title. segment seemed a little long but it was effective. blackwood calls out chris ross and we have the grudge match of the century set up for the ppv. chris ross is the master of the no dq street fight. blackwood is a fucking fighter though and hasn't backed down at all.

head of the snake - great promo from scott douglas. cut mikey down for his dastardly ways. scott douglas in these scenarios is a king. a great face and still rising. good job b.

fuse bros vs njnp - HOT TAG! the match was good, fuse bros get the win but the real story is the return of team hoss. that tag division tho...

the two bills - we wrote dings.

break in case of emergency - hahaha. the d's dialogue in this is gold. defiance continues to unify and this is another case of it. nice comedy segment to break things up.

harvey vs blackwood - yep.

prep work - jack harmen is a savage. that's all i got to say about that.

choices - i enjoyed this segment the more it went on. it progressed nicely, from crimson giving ares her options, then her teammates being knocked out in the back, ares stood strong and showed she is a fighter. crimson lord going through his different personalities is different but i liked it.

ares vs crimson lord - ares showed her grit in this but ultimately she fell to the big man. crimson lord proceeded to kill ares and oscar burns. crimson lord is not a man, not a beast, just a fucking devastating force.

groundhog day - chris ross continues to show he is a dangerous man. the segment starts off with blackwood and adler beefing then discussing ross and then speak of the devil. ross fucks them both up with glass.

bruvs vs reaper co - i felt this was coming. reaper co. are your NEW defiance tag team champions. douglas essentially costs mikey and kendrix the titles, adding more fuel to their title match at the ppv.

stoovins vs murray - jeez. cayle murray must have a rabbit's foot up his ass. great finish to a match imo. something you don't see too often in an e-fed. stevens looked strong throughout and murray keeps the title. good match guys.

my segment - yep.

great show guys. lots of matches announced for the ppv. the tag team division stole the show imo. invested in that story more than most. mikey and douglas is white hot as well. who layed out the pcp before ares title match? the show started off with a bang and finished with one.

metzler would rate this show a 5 star affair.

01-13-18, 02:54 AM
THE Jay Harvey with the shocker for a challenge. I feel that Jay just hates everyone and wants to challenge everyone... when it’s convenient for him to pick the bones of whoever (Blackwood or Murray or otherwise). I think Harvey would have to earn his right to face Murray by beating Stevens or put them in a triple threat but either way, it will be interesting to see whoever challenges next for the FIST.

harvey was one of the top guys in wrestleuta. he was a former wrestleuta legacy champion and fought for the wrestleuta world/heavyweight title. harvey is undefeated in his time in defiance. harvey holds a pinfall victory over bronson box. so if anyone should get a shot to take on the fist of defiance, harvey should be at the top of the list.

01-14-18, 10:58 AM
DEFTV 94 Beef

Is this real life?
Bruvs taking a break from the wrestling world, with some VR games, until Christie enters. Zane trying to set the record straight, but Mikey just shows off his victories since the invasion and his championships. Decent segment to recap Mikey/Douglas history with the SOHER.

Team Hoss vs NJNP
Pretty good matchup

Gears of War: The End
I am not really feeling these characters, pretty long video. Considering you got a beatdown ready to happen. For a tag team just debuing to get a quick “over” cheering from the fans seems a bit premature.

Who says no?
JFK sending a message to the Reapers, a threat I am sure the Bruvs will make happen.

Burns vs Hightower
Goliath vs David, and man Burns took a hell of a beating. Then surprises everyone with a upset! Is this enough to earn a shot from Crimson? Good match up

A totes official summons
Interesting segment, Elise trying to get a rematch with Jack. Chuckled a few times

Long night
Cayle, battered and beaten, the kid has heart. But the human body can only take so much before it gives up.

Bruvs title defense
Decent match up, but the way Scott took the title back seemed a bit heelish.

Come On
Jay wanting a match with someone from Defiance, and gets Elise.

Harvey Vs Ares
Good matchup, i wish i would of talked to Will or Bill about Ares condition after this match I would of kept the continuity when she showed up during CL/D match

Aces Wild
Ace introducing his crew and the new masked men, Ace’s Wild catchy name.

Stevens Vs Murray
Stevens shows his mean streak and Andy just is having a hard time hanging with the WrestleUTA talent. Decent matchup

Round three
Gage promising to stay out of the main event, and we finally start seeing more Defiance guys getting their shit together when it comes to this war. Nice prep segment for his match.

Adler vs Blackwood
Well it was a decent match, until Ross interfered. Boy the bad blood between these two is great. They both have built it up quite nicely.

As I read through the card I realized I made a huge glitch, Crimson handed the title to Carla in the segment before the match, then in the match he had the title. Can’t believe i never caught that, also had i known what kind of beating Elise would of had I would of had her selling her ribs. That's on me for not getting a general run down on what happened with Elise earlier with Jay. Yes, I do realize I seem to type “Crimson” ALOT I will be making that change in the future.

The color of war
Reapers with a ominous message, to the tag champs and Douglas. It's a interesting concept to have a 3rd faction in this war, kind of reminds me so much of Sting/Savage time in the rafters.

Douglas vs Reaper Green
Good matchup, like how Douglas hit his finisher when before Reaper Green was able to react

Scott trying to get answers from Kerry, but a whole lot of nothing. Good story builder segment here.

I am thoroughly enjoying this bounty story Cayle is in, Ross though match wise seems to be getting a bit too predictable. Seems every match he is in whether he wins or loses he always does a major beating afterwards. Ross pretty much does more than enough damage throughout the match to not need to do beatdowns after the match as well, just starting to become overkill for me. This was a nice touch of the babyface’s saving Cayle and finally Ross is driven off.

Uncut 33
Show Open
Mikey unveils the Hollywood Heritage Championship or HOHER for short. God that the win at WarGames has given a bit more leeway for WrestleUTA to have things they never had. Like taking over this Uncut..nice touch

Interrupted Transmission
Haha, nice touch Douglas about to give a response about regaining the SoHer only for Mikey to cut off the feed before anyone can hear what he had to say..I like it!

Look at my Nose
Harvey vows to make Blackwood pay for disfiguring him. The doctor seemed amused when he repositioned Jay’s nose. He is lucky Harvey didn’t lay him out for it. Nice set up for next show

01-16-18, 11:33 AM
Uncut 33 Review & Feedback

Pretty good rant by an understandably upset Scott Stevens. I especially like how the writer of the segment played up the fact that the outcome was “bush league” stuff and it wouldn’t have necessarily flown in a place like UTA but seems acceptable in DEFIANCE, giving the edge to UTA in the war yet again. I also really like how Stevens addresses Harvey’s challenge for the FIST and how Stevens just brushes it off because in his eyes, he’s the real champion. I also like how this segment seems like “found footage” after DEFtv went off the air.

There is no doubt CL is an intimidating man. I liked the touch of the alligator shoes at the beginning. This was a long but also deep and revealing segment. Overlooking the very minor grammatical errors, this segment was tremendous. It clearly painted the picture that CL is really the one with all the power, behind the scenes, pulling the strings he deems fit. It makes me want to see him defeated though. I feel his status is tied to the fact he is the WrestleUTA Champion. I don’t think Warner was ever in trouble of getting hurt but there were numerous moments throughout the segment where tensions clearly rose. I felt that CL came off as extremely confident with most of his answers and just brushed aside any time Warner brought up an injury of his or a possible weakness. This truly gave me the feeling of an all-out war being on the horizon. Clearly, CL does not “feel” anything. Oh and he is sexist and should be damned to hell for it.

This segment was great. I like how the Dibbins brothers used a character from a completely different occurrence and made it work to their advantage. Adler was already crushed from his run-in with Chris Ross so pissing in the wound was easy for the Dibbins brothers. I especially like the comedic relief comparing Duke’s throw to a drunken / high one of the fabled Johnny Manziel. It’s just small segments like this that gradually get guys over in my opinion.

This was another stellar segment. I am totally getting more and more invested into this WrestleUTA / DEFIANCE war. I like how flamboyant of a character Mike Unlikely is and on top of everything, he is the owner of WrestleUTA. Usually, when you think of fed owners, a cookie-cutter business man comes to mind but the way Unlikely talks is completely abstract from that. I want to know what Unlikely has lined up for Stevens! Tell me now! Also, the trophy was a funny touch.

Are you ready? Are you really ready? I feel like this segment started out like a traditional Mega Man level does with the word ‘READY’ in big bold capital letters in the center of the screen. This was a pretty good segment. I really liked the banter between the brothers, reviewing all the video game “specs” of DEFIANCE. It all made sense too... motion controls... well, yeah. Online capabilities? Technically wrestling is a multiplayer game. I also liked the reference that they survived fWo and they are determined to survive WrestleUTA, which adds to the roster-wide theme of the war that is being waged. It also makes UTA look more daunting than anything they had faced before. I just hope The Fuse Bros. aren’t afraid to use the “Konami code” if they think they’re running out of lives.

The whole writing in present tense thing is taking a little getting used to. It’s not that I hate it; it’s definitely a unique writing style that makes everything feel like it is literally happening in the moment... which is the point. I really like this two show system of predominately wrestling happening on DEFtv and character driven segments on Uncut to the point where I think less and less segments should actually happen on DEFtv because the build-up happens on Uncut but I also understand that uncut is literally just that, a set of random segments that happen in and around DEFtv. I think it would be neat to see Uncut be its own show that happens between DEFtv’s and both debriefs the previous and sets up the proceeding show. The size of the show is excellent.

STAR OF THE SHOW: Crimson Lord for being a prick to Lance Warner. I just feel he stood out the most with his threatening behavior. I am looking forward to seeing more from him.

ROSS’ MUST READ CHARACTER: Scott Stevens. He not only appears in multiple segments but my (heel) heart kind of goes out to him. Plus he got an awesome trophy for his efforts.

01-20-18, 11:34 AM
Boy Cayle has had it rough as of late, he has been brutalized this entire arc, but damn lil Murr continues to show why he is STILL The FIST. But Scott may have finally put a halt to Cayle’s momentum.

Boy Andy continues to struggle, and Jack was just looking to take him out once more.

Nice setup segment for the NJNP Vs Fuse Bros

Absolute gold, Loved every line of this one!

Quick match with a appearance by Ace’s Wild

This has me a bit confused here, if its a street fight, then why does it have a Last Man Standing sort of feel to it? Beat someone down til they cant get up just doesn’t sound like a street fight. It was a ok segment but tbh Ross talking about a “finisher” kind of took me a bit out of it. Not exactly a word you hear a lot from wrestlers, and the description of a Street Fight left me a bit confused.

Loved the segment, and making it Champion Vs Champion brings a nice spit shine to the match at AOD.

Eh, just not feeling these Fuse Bros, Video game rules? WHAT exactly is video game rules? Team Hoss joins in to save them from NJNP...

Loved the introduce Jay right portion, and the lead up to Jay vs Gage. Only for Ares to piss Jay off even more. Perfect segment here

This was a decent segment, but would of liked to see her not so free spirited. After all she has no small task ahead of her later in the night. Elise just came off without a care in the world. Would of expected her to be in a zone or something before her title matchup. Seems the doctor's office is Cayle’s second home nowadays poor guy.

Well, I expected a heated match up given Blackwood has been a thorn in Jay’s side for a few weeks now, and man they gave a hell of a performance!

Jack just being a absolute prick to Christie. No respect for Andy, or even wants to give the time of day to Elise. Nice segment


As I read it live I realized I made a typo, when Oscar got involved CL has Oscar in a snake eyes position on his shoulder, before the battering ram into the steel post.

Bit of a descriptive issue here, if their facing each other then how did Chris hit both with a plate of glass? Was he coming from the side? Behind? Choice of weapon probably could of been better and more believable. I was thinking he have to lift one heavy long piece of glass to hit both of them (if he indeed was coming from the side of them). If ya wanted to use glass maybe a glass vase in both hands. But aside from that seems some seeds are being planted for the future with Adler, Ross, and Blackwood.

New Champs, did not expect the bruvs to drop them so soon, and to the Reapers nonetheless. Makes that third faction have some strength to it. Oh Boy is Douglas going to pay for interfering.

This was another great matchup for Cayle. The ending i absolutely loved, was not expecting Stevens to pull off a win…...not so fast Stevens you took too long great way to end the matchup and Cayle managing to survive with the title in tact.

Well, Cayle this shit is not getting any easier for you. Now you got to deal with THE Jay Harvey next. Only thing i can say about it was Jay asking to challenge Cayle. Thought that was a little odd, given its a bounty story I wouldn’t think you would need his permission tbh. Shouldn’t he be able to just say in two weeks he has to deal with ME (HARVEY).

01-24-18, 12:34 PM
DEFtv 96 Review & Feedback

I really liked this segment as a “pre” show opener. The descriptions about the rain that had just passed or the transition from outdoors to indoors were minor but it’s those details that make reading this stuff so much fun. Another sort of “found footage” segment, which I like, sees Douglas get soundly ambushed by Reapers. The way the action was written was unique and I especially liked the part where the writer described the Reapers exit with “the clang of the discarded steel chair on the concrete floor.” I couldn’t help but have that sound effect of metal meeting concrete ring throughout my mind over and over and over again. Last week it was Cayle who got beat down throughout the show and now something tells me it’s Scott Douglas’ turn.

The signs were great. Especially whoever brought the “Taste the Reaper Rainbow” one... that was already proven in the previous seg. Good rundown of the show ahead. Witty banter between Skaaland and Keebler.

This segment was good. What I liked most about it was the comic relief Conor brought to the table. Amidst a serious war, there is still a place for much needed laughter and Conor delivers. I like how he also cannot “skip intros” in reference to skipping cut scenes. I like the application of video game jargon with The Fuse Bros. but I am biased because I am somewhat of an avid gamer. The part at the end with Conor asking what kind of women Aleczander had been with was also funny.

Another strong segment with a challenge attached to it. Acts of DEFIANCE is shaping up to be that all-out war I’ve been looking for. It was nice to see a challenge issued and responded to literally immediately. All hell fittingly breaks loose which was cool to see. It should be a good match at Acts of DEFIANCE.

Good action overall. Good pace. Good finish. All hell breaking loose right after the bell definitely builds up the Acts of DEFIANCE tag match. I like how NJNP came away looking stronger after the match and accepting the challenge.

This was a fine portrayal of an injured Douglas and his status for the ensuing SOHER Title match later in the night. Not much more can be said here at this point outside of the presumption Douglas will not be fully healthy to compete.

This was great for a squash match. Something about CL is magnetizing. I like his moveset more than his size but it’s his size coupled with moves like the Yokosuka cutter that make him interesting to follow. I also like how the after-match run-in bled into its own segment.

I really liked the verbal shellacking Oscar Burns put on CL here. He even spoke to CL about him never having faced someone of his skillset, which automatically put Burns on a higher level than most of the competition. I really liked the ultimatum CL gave Burns with lasting 5 minutes or not. I feel like if this was a real wrestling promotion; a commercial break would have been inserted directly after CL outlining the rules of the 5 minute challenge but credit to the writer for seamlessly transitioning from match to seg to match.

Burns appeared to have a pretty adept moveset of his own. I especially like his ‘Technical Spectacle’ nickname as well. The match has a good pace and plenty of action. I think the writer did a wonderful job of getting it across that Burns wasn’t there to simply survive the time limit but to make an actual statement. Seeing CL take some damage and look half human added to the believability that Lord can be defeated by someone. Burns hangs on like Cayle did to earn himself a title shot... in a last man standing match! The odds keep getting more daunting for Burns and this is definitely a match I am more than looking forward to.

A good lead-in for the SOHER Title match. I was marking out to see Douglas take the fight to Reaper. Enough getting beaten up! It was time Douglas brought the fight to them.

A pretty decent match. The description of the action was really well detailed here. Sad to see it end in a DQ though and I mean that from a fan perspective. I wanted Douglas to win outright and get revenge for the attack he endured earlier in the day but, like a true good story, I think I might have to wait for that. Glad he’s still the SOHER Champ though.

All the crazy twists and turns unveiled in this segment were amazing. Not only was the Red Reaper a friend of Douglas’ but the other Reapers were actually Mikey Unlikely and company. Douglas caught in the crossfire will undoubtedly motivate him even more to best Unlikely at Acts of DEFIANCE now. Looking forward to this.

Utter chaos. Credit to the writer for coordinating such a cluster. I have a feeling the bigger matches on Acts of DEFIANCE will need similar care and attention to detail. It felt like the writer has dealt with insanely big matches before. I really liked the streamlined entrances and I’m sorry but I’m not familiar with Mushigihara yet but just at face value, it was cool to see the DEFIANCE team even the playing field with the surprise entrant. Blackwood’s aggressive style on Chris Ross to open was not only intense but intimidating. I also saw Harmen’s viciousness carry over here. I hope Rich Mahogany is okay after getting his skull introduced in the exposed turnbuckle. This match was just utter chaos... it wasn’t even a match at all, which I’m sure was the intention in the end. Just... so much happened. This is what I want to see come Acts of DEFIANCE when UTA (sorry) hopefully get their rear ends handed to them.

Jay Harvey coming off very confident... it has me worried. I like the whole gang style promo with Unlikely, Harmen and Catalina supporting their UTA challenger. I like how Harvey does call the FIST trash but he provides some justification as to why he wouldn’t just toss it in the garbage. At first I was like, why would he want it if the place is such a dump in the first place but it all made sense after reading he wants to show what a true champion is like. Still... I’m looking forward to Cayle putting Harvey and the rest of WrestleUTA in their place.

There’s not much here, which is not a problem. This was a quick and easy segment where Butcher Victorious gets assaulted and must have suffered a broken leg at the hands of Aces Wild.

I can’t help but really like what Angus says about Harvey at the start of the match here, that he’d be an excellent addition to the DEFIANCE roster if he wasn’t a UTA lackey, which I completely (kayfabe) agree with. I like how this was the first time Murray had been seen all show too. I like how Harvey targeted Murray’s injuries. The finish was surprising! It’s rare to see faces resort to “heel” tactics such as distractions but I feel Ares’ appearance was more than warranted considering how cheap the UTA have been towards DEF talent. Murray needed the help too because of his injuries. I really think Jay Harvey could end up being a HUGE face if he ever breaks away from UTA. Great match for its length. Glad to see Ares.

Jack Harmen nailing Murray from behind after the match was shocking, surprising, unexpected, but cool to see. Harvey annihilated Ares, which obviously sets things up for them. The spray painting of U-T-A on Murray was a tad nWo but it still works here. I think UTA talent could literally piss on DEF talent and it would still get over.

Great show. I don’t have many gripes... if I were to pick one thing it would just be a reminder to read over things and do one last edit before submitting. That way, very minor spelling errors can get picked up and corrected. I thought the writers did a great job meshing segments with matches and keeping out of ring, before match, or after match occurrences relegated to segments and then fusing the appropriate pieces together. The end to the show really leaves DEFIANCE in a desperate position and the only way they can prove themselves or overcome UTA is by beating them at Acts of DEFIANCE. Looking forward to it.

STAR OF THE SHOW: Scott Douglas. He overcame a massive beating the afternoon before the show and the match he defended his title in albeit against one of his allies.

ROSS’ MUST READ CHARACTER: Conor Fuse. I touched on this in my review but his comedic present balanced an otherwise very serious show.

01-24-18, 04:53 PM
Sorry everyone, I had one last segment to insert into the show. I was a little late, so it's my fault.

It's right before the DEF vs. UTA 12 Man Tag.

Ross, you're just gonna have to do your feedback AGAIN!!!


01-25-18, 09:20 AM
Disregard what I said in my previous feedback about Murray only being seen in the main event match because he makes an appearance here. I thought it was nice to see Cayle in a real leadership / verbal segment (for the first time since I’ve started following DEFIANCE) because this segment gives meaning to defending the DEFIANCE side of things and also identifies Cayle as the leader not just because he has the FIST but because he is able to put things into such perspective. I find Cayle’s physical injuries as a metaphor to the scars the entirety of the DEFIANCE faithful has endured throughout the whole UTA invasion arc. Through isolation, I hope Murray can break through. This was a simple yet well written segment.

01-25-18, 08:53 PM

Solid Harvey promo, going over his beef with Blackwood. I think it's a little wordy in the middle but Harvey definitely nails the heel shtick. "See, I knew all we had to do was ask a local!" was great. Elise's oblivious nod to the nose. Solid promo segment.

Felt like the promo was way longer then it needed to be with a lot of clunky dialog. But that Heart/Boobs gag at the end was great. This was a decent match and we keep seeing that Elise has a lot of fight in her and a lot of guts but keeps winding up on the losing end of things. Hope all this is going somewhere and we get to see it turn around at ACTS. Burns to the rescue, sort of ... which seems like it has to be setting up CL's next challenger. Interested to see where Elise goes from here and whether or not we will see Bruns/CL.

UTA has been running wild in DEF for quite some time now and though beaten and at times broken DEF is still holding on by a thread. With the next show being the go home this card seemed to have served to set up some big things that in turn will set up the PPV. Great effort by all.

01-26-18, 11:41 AM
I'm not sure if this is the best place for role play feedback but I figured it fits because it has to do with this arc. Be warned, this review contains spoilers.

Disclaimer: I do not intend to provide feedback on each and every role play propaganda everyone posts.

Well this looks interesting. A nostalgic throwback to those Super Mario Bros. Choose Your Own Adventure Books.

All I can say is that I better not get an expletive game over. If I do, I will be pissed. Depending on the outcome I intend on reading this series in a few different ways; legit following the story and making decisions I would actually make, possibly going through a second time to change my decisions, and if I feel like I haven’t seen it all or didn’t experience everything, then I will read the ones that remain, should any be left. I want to be able to piece the entire story together and not miss anything... because... I’m a 100% completionist on this quest! I’m only going to cover a part the first time I read it.

This better not be a Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 series or I’m out dude, I’m out. Just a quick question... can I save my progress through this series... or... ? Yeah... I guess I’ll have to marathon it.

I’m most definitely waking the hell up. I’ll assume the younger ass clown brother is Conor, waking Tyler, the player, up, so hell yeah I’m getting up because Conor pretty much just woke me up. Off to three.

The identity of the ass clown brother is indeed Conor and he is way too hyper for this early in the morning. He comes off as a tad annoying here but that’s exactly what you want out of a brother. I have no choice but to go to seventeen here. I’m interested to see just who the heck this developer person is.

Conor wanted to use warp tunnels and so did I. Confirmed, my name is Tyler. Hell no I’m not going back in the house to see if I forgot something. Also, there should be a third option here to send my worthless brother back in to fetch whatever just crossed my mind. Off to five we go.

I kind of get the feeling Conor is a little dumb... maybe a little too dumb. I get that he’s a happy dude but Tyler is very direct and to the point and maybe that’s why Conor is so quiet. No cheat codes? Pffffffft. What kind of game is this? It gets worse... no... everything. I like the A for Adult line. Classic. The story is starting to take form here and something tells me this is the story of The Fuse Bros. signing with DEFIANCE... but if I didn’t go back in the house... to maybe grab the contract or something... maybe I just expletive-d myself. No choice here, going to twenty two.

I swear if this is a game over I will break my computer. I like the “it had the best graphics line” here. I didn’t realize how applicable video game jargon was to real life. We check into a hotel and it’s off to fourteen. I like how The Fuse Bros. are familiar with DEF events, because, they’ve been watching it on TV.

So the Bros. get up and drive all the way to Louisiana. Hopefully they stopped for some Popeye’s Chicken along the way. I think Conor would’ve liked that. Off to six.

MARK OUT!!!!!!! The Fuse Bros. arrive at the shady Wrestle-Plex and there’s some fed shout outs that just blew my mind. Totally forgot about 21w... and of course, GCW, which is fondly close to my heart. Represent. And a Flying Frenchie name drop. Cool. Ummm, why would we turn back? We’re playing as The Fuse Bros. after all. If we encounter danger, we’ll just jump on their heads! That’s a thing, right? Off to nineteen.

Conor telling Tyler to go first because he’s player one infuriated me although, for story purposes, it makes sense. Just the common sense in me doesn’t understand this. Who cares who goes through the door first but to them, it’s all a game. The comment about surviving DEFIANCE but not surviving Conor was interesting. Off to sixteen.

I feel like Mario just entered the castle. The Bros. talking about “systems” couldn’t help but make me think about the television series “ReBoot.” Ummm so I got to the end... and I think I don’t have the blue question mark... assuming this was what I chose to not go back in the house for at the start? So it’s off to eighteen with The Last of Us (see what I did there?)

Phew. Made it through eighteen to seven but before we go I just wanted to say I like the 8-bit reference to the character art on the websites.

Despite the fact this assistant to Mr. Dane was rude, I’m going to roll with it, slightly because I’m impatient but I don’t quite believe taking the rude route would get me anywhere and I have a sneaking suspicion Eric Dane won’t make an appearance regardless. Off to thirteen.

This was by far the best part I’ve encountered so far and the previous parts were good. It seems like Conor forgot to take his ADHD meds with all the muttering he was doing though. Well, I’m going to sign the papers because I made it this far. Off to twelve.

Some more witty banter between everyone and I signed the contract! Let’s go to ten to see our prize... ?

Uh oh. I do not have such a screwdriver. To twenty five we go... to die?

Phew. We avoided whatever it was that was lurking around. Going to twenty three now.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-EXPLETIVE-HOOOOOOOOOOOO! I WON ON MY FIRST TRY, PEOPLE! LOOK AT MEEEEEEEEE! I AM SO GREAT! This definitely was a lot of fun and I enjoyed making different choices but let’s go back and make some different ones.

Let’s sleep in.



Screw this; I’m going back into the house to get what I forgot.

Hells yeah I got the powder blue question mark box. I heavily dislike how Conor’s room is messy. Back to five we go.

Even though I think turning back will result in a game over, let’s explore. Off to nine.

Got the screw driver. Moving on to sixteen.

Seeing that I have the blue question mark, we will go to eleven next.

So basically the question mark box was a snack box... with real mushrooms. Cool. 500 BONUS POINTS!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! Back to twenty one.

I want to get pissed off here but only to see number two. I reserve the right to return to this moment and go to thirteen if two ends in a game over.

Game over. I knew it. Those mushrooms must’ve made Tyler mad. The jOlt jab was funny but now it’s time to go back to twenty one.

This time I won’t sign the papers. Off to four.

This video game stuff kills me. Requesting a “demo” is spot on gold. Classic. I mean, this stuff has been clearly thought out over a long period of time and the timing and usage of everything is great. Wait... wait... just expletive wait... DID I GET A GAME OVER!?!?!? DID I JUST GET ANOTHER MOTHER-EXPLETIVE GAME OVER!? So... I didn’t officially sign with DEFIANCE but it says Game Over? What does that mean?

Let’s just start at thirteen with all the same decisions made from the previous try.

This time I have the screwdriver so let’s go to eight, which is the last part I have yet to visit.

Holy hell I UNLOCKED AN ACHIEVEMENT! This part totally felt more like a Gage Blackwood promo, and fittingly so because there was an achievement waiting for me at the end of this. Plus, with so many parts, it’s cool to see one dedicated to someone else. Cool. Off to twenty four.

And victory awaits for me once again. Nifty.

I must say that I like the length of each part. None is overly long, which keeps the pace steady but also changes the story rapidly. A less is more approach to writing is something I want to pattern myself after and this is the best of both worlds; 25 choices but they aren’t daunting to navigate through. No one wants to read a 25 part role play that contains 5 pages of text per episode. No one. This might be pushing it but a link to the next role play at the bottom might have been a cool touch to add. It didn’t take much to just click back and find the next one though so no biggie here. This really paints the picture that these two NEED each other to survive. Conor is over reliant on Tyler and is a bit of a wuss, HOWEVER, Tyler probably needs Conor more not just so he has someone to boss around but so he has someone to look after and feel his existence has meaning. Not really a gripe but not every part ended with a choice, which is understandable for story coordination and whatnot. I’m sure this was hard to plan and I think it turned out very well. 500 Bonus points to the writer for trying something unique, which I encourage everyone partaking in this craft to do. We are, after all, creative writers telling entertaining stories more than anything else.

I highly recommend everyone take at least one try to read this series. When I got a game over, it made me want to go back and try again. Really excellent work. May I have some more?

01-26-18, 04:18 PM
This might be pushing it but a link to the next role play at the bottom might have been a cool touch to add.

Actually that's genius. I'll edit that in right now. Thanks for the feedback.

01-30-18, 11:33 AM
Uncut 34 Review & Feedback

Good promo that really shows The Fuse Bros. concern for their upcoming match at Acts of DEFIANCE.

The news setup was cool. I especially like how most of Stevens’ segments run. I like his comparison of donning the reaper suits to that of the Power Rangers. I’m not a huge fan of swearing but I understand it is part of the character and it fits here. Good segment. I wonder, can I subscribe to this news network?

I liked this. Gage puts on a front, whether intentional or through an adrenaline high until he gets to be alone in the closet, where he starts to show the pain he was feeling. I’ll admit I wasn’t the biggest fan of Blackwood the first few times I read about him but the writing is well done and I feel there is a set story progression mapped out for him. Slowly but surely, I enjoy seeing him come out of his shell.

This was a good, quick segment where Unlikely trash talks Douglas. I am intrigued to see how this feud ends up. Douglas has been SOHER Champion for a good bit and while I (kayfabe) like him more than Unlikely, I think it’s time Unlikely gets a run with it and Douglas can move on to bigger and better things... like the FIST.

Oscar Burns cuts a good promo here with Warner. It’s obviously apparent he isn’t scared of CL and nor should he after earning his shot. It’s about time someone dethrones the Messiah of Pain.

Whoa, a brawl breaks out! I really, really hate these Dibbins d-bags. Stop picking on these BRAZEN guys and go play a game of horseshoes and get drunk or something.

The title reflects its content. I’m interested in becoming more familiar with the Impulse character as I know the handler’s impeccable reputation precedes him.

Great way to end the show by announcing Ares versus Harvey. This might be one of the matches I am looking forward to the most come Acts of DEFIANCE.

If this is what I can expect from Uncut on a continual basis then call me hooked. These shows might just be stopgaps between bigger shows but I find this really drives the story deeper.

STAR OF THE SHOW: Impulse. I know he was barely on the show but the short segment left me wanting more. I wanted to hear from him. It just gave me a feeling of something shrouded in mystery and I want to find out more!

ROSS’ MUST READ CHARACTER: Oscar Burns. I chose him because he has shown confidence against all odds. His fearlessness is mark-out worthy and I think the Burns versus CL match at Acts will outdo expectations.

01-31-18, 08:34 PM
DEF 96

The Reapers strike, Douglas seems to have more than just Mikey on his plate these days.

Talking in gamer code, is a interesting twist to a character. Its starting to grow on me a bit, but a nice setup for a possible 8 man tag for AOD

Hearing about another 8 man tag for AOD, kind of took me out of it. Considering Hoss/FuseBros seem to be heading for the same type of match. I digress though, it was a nice trap setup for Charlie’s Aces. So a nice setup for the matchup at AOD.

Nice matchup between these two. Should be interesting to see what is going to happen at AOD

Douglas looking to get a hold of some reapers, here. He is bloody and pist off, can only imagine his state of mind going into his upcoming match later tonight.


Douglas seeing RED so to speak, taking it to the Reapers and I guess their second in charge Reaper Red. The SoHer clearly has had enough of the beatings he has taken from these men and is out to end it with them.

The brawl continued, and we are even graced by even more reapers. Douglas winning by DQ after being attacked by Yellow, Purple. Match was what it was flowed well.

Saw the title I am not sure if this was meant to be a typo, or the actual title? Awesome swerve! This adds even more dimension to Douglas/Unlikely/Reapers story. The UTA playing Reapers, in essence framing The Reapers, and beating Douglas good friend down...which can only get some sort of response from The Reapers. Really looking forward to Douglas/Unlikely at AOD.

Keeping Tabs
Another meeting between Cayle and Ryan. Bit of a backstory on why Ryan joined Mikey, not too much though. I can just picture Dan just admiring the bruised Murray with a snicker. How much more can Cayle take? Heart will only get you so far, eventually your body will give out. Its been a great story of a fighting champion and a survivor.

What a clusterfuck this was, interesting write up. I felt though the entrances could of been more condensed by just having the leader of each side come out to their music and be followed by their team, instead of the music playlist. Just a tiny nitpick

Harvey just oozes confidence in this segment, and Cayle has alot of work cut out for him if he is to survive tonight against him. Only issue I saw with it Jay sort of dismisses the UTA guys who faced Cayle the past few weeks, and only says DEFIANCE guys as though they were his only challengers. Aside from that great segment

Ace’s Wild with a vicious assault on Butcher, nice ending twist before AOD possibly leading to a 8 vs 7 now?

Well rounded wrestling type match, felt the ending was kind of sudden though. Given Jay’s expression you would expect him to kick out. Elise continues to poke and prod Jay.

02-01-18, 01:36 AM

It's the GO HOME folks!

Wrote this with Mikey.

Wrote it, hacky as it may be. I picked up that 'Gus deal from a Drunk Bro's segment awhiiiile ago. I don't think anyone really even gets it anymore but every once in awhile I like to have Darren toss it out there because in my mind he knows Angus hates it.

First time I read NPCs it through me off a little bit, almost like breaking E-Rasslin' Kayfabe or some such but after thinking about it for a second; it works perfectly. In real life that'd be nothing more than a video game reference. I also get the feeling Conor is on the spectrum. Abed from Community-ish.

"he can't just skip intros, he HAS to play through." Loved that line. and "Princesses?" Great promo. This makes me feel like the big Twelve Man deal should've been titled LAN Party. This sells the PPV and had some good humor in there. I NEED Fuse Bro's interacting with PCP - that'd be gold.

All the Charlie Ace/Ace's Wild stuff has been great for the past three arcs now; but I will say the rotating cast of characters - Brazen and other wise have made it hard to keep up with at times. Also see: my drinking. That being said this sets up the PPV match wonderfully and I can't see any reason why Ace's Wild won't be on the top the tag team division in short order.

"Say things now, Quimbey, and get to the HOSSFITE!." Solid HOSSFITE indeed and again, much like any good Go Home, it really hammers down on the PPV match. Everyone comes out looking strong as we move to the PPV! "NEVER doubt what OUR HOSS OVERLORDS can do, heathen!" Also ... Flying Hossbody is fantastic.

Wrote it.

As we've come to expect from the giant green vested Crimson Lord, a squash. It's fine enough for what it is. Most importantly it is the seg way into selling that sweet sweet pay per view, which works. I will say though there are some some typo issues within that probably could have been sorted with a once more over.

Lord has been on a demolition course for the whole arc bowling over folks and the segment that follows the squash serves well to set up some doubt that maybe he has some competition - or his reign of squash will continue. But you have to tune in to find out. The fan response to Oscar's Shut The Fuck Up perfectly embodied my no verbal response while reading it. Took me by surprise. Burns gets a little long winded but it works. Lord does my least favorite big man thing and talks a lot but all in all - it's dialogue logistics to get to the following match.

The match it self it solid and Burns is literally saved by the bell. So again we have hope and also doubt - maybe a little more doubt than hope, but regardless I think this three piece segment is a strong reason to want to see what happens at ACTS.

Wrote it with Mikey and Stevie. Also misspelled the title of THE ANSWER. Probably could have used a once more over. :)

Keeping Tabs
No caps on the title ... boss man. Great segment, Ryan back in the picture really helps to raise more questions and spur along the fall out of this UTA Invasion. No clue what he is up to or what this may mean but I'm certainly interested. Really dug this one from the opening description of Cayle to the natural feeling dialogue.

For such a match, I really appreciate the abridged entrances. This serves as the big surprise return of Mushi and he's hot after Ross. The oddest man in UTA, Lisil cuts him off though. This turned into utter chaos quickly but the action was well written and not to difficult to keep up with the goings on. Reaper's have been busy (or presumed to be busy) tonight and Impulse's return would be a hell of a sell for the PPV. Just when it may have felt the focus of this entire Invasion angle may have been reigning slightly this really knocks it out of the park.

A little show of power from WrestleUTA, serving almost as a self affirmed pep-talk for Harvey's upcoming match. If DEF had commercials this is certainly something I could see just before a break to hype up the Main Event.

Same as if above was heading to commercial, if this was straight out of one - it'd be perfect. And as I've mentioned several times though out; this continues to sell the PPV. Solid attack segment.

The opening really sells (if previous segments hadn't already) Murray's condition. Solid action to start off this match and although I somewhat expected something to break up the action I didn't think it'd come this quickly. Didn't expect the roll up either but it sells. Leaves Harvey looking competent and Murray wins with out actually cheating. Although I like some of the mentions of uncharacteristic viciousness. Gives off the feel that Murray is a injured dog backed into a corner - and although not evil as Calico Rose would describe it, he certainly isn't going to lay down and die. This clearly sets up Harvey/Elise for the PPV, which is solid as well.

The fall out segment was great. Harmen out of nowhere and now we see where this is headed. Perfect way to sell two matches with one ... stone? Only thing I didn't dig was the spray paint deal. I like it as a heel tactic. It's a super effective one - falls RIGHT in line with everything that has been going on here but - we all know what the but is ... Even though it's twenty years ago, I just don't know if it's something that could ever be realistically done again without feeling like the original but cheaper. Hell THEY even did it more than once and each time it was less effective than the time before. But much like ... much of this it's just personal preference. Beyond that I dug the segment and the "WE REMAIN" closer.

02-10-18, 01:08 AM

intro - yes, it was.

man down - solid face promo to set-up the 8 man tag match... 7 man tag. i wish this segment and the upcoming tag match would have gotten swapped. start off the night with a nice tag match to set the tone.

dibbins vs adler and krueger - nothing like a nice tag match to get the show started off with a bang, dilly dilly.

mushi-mushi-mushicackagoogoo vs lisil jackson - this match was the definition of slugfest. then completely out of character for jackson he goes all out heel in his "good bye" speech. since i've heard some things, i realize why this is happening. now it could have been handled a tad "neater" than just telling people to go fuck themselves because of the role he had to play in the invasion but it's fake pretend wrestling and things just happen even in actual product.

soul survivor - god damn mikey unlikely is awesome. really good segment here. mikey and crimson were on point with a little humor thrown in. crimson seems focused and mikey stands by his champ, your champ, the people's champ.

ross vs blackwood - this was an entertaining read. it was funny and brutal. loved how the guys fucked up angus' car. loved the metal detector skit as well. i just wasn't a fan of them fighting in the road with cars around... or when chris ross died at the end. :p

coming up next - i felt that a recap of the feud was apt. i also didn't want to do a bunch of copy and pasting to add shit people might have read before. hope you enjoyed.

ares vs harvey - 2 guys named bill doing shit 2 guys named bill can do.

pep talk - obvs harmen needs no such thing as a pep talk. harmen is on his game, telling mikey how it truly is. loved it.

aces wild vs synz and thugz 4 hire - exciting match that had some good moments. loved the "fake tag" moment, something you don't see too often anymore. When Victorious makes his return you think this is gonna put his team over the top, but swerve... ace's wild walks out with the win. they are growing in strength and look to be a formidable group here in the company.

special attraction - yep. nothing really to say other than impulse is back and reap is gonna reap.

big ass tag team match - lots of near falls and saves in this one. this match was very good and put everyone over well. the tag team division has been the highlight of this arc and this match summed all that up imo. i see bigger and better things for everyone involved going forward.

wrestleuta world title match - wow. burns got his ass handed to him for most of this match and even like they mentioned in commentary he was fighting the 10 count the whole match. burns took it to crimson lord and had some great spots. just when it looked burns was gonna win, crimson's cock holster (i think was the phrase) intervened and cost burns a victory but the match continued and crimson lord had the whole defiance roster against him. crimson got his comeuppance and we have a new wrestleuta world champ. good match guys, a real banger.

the future - i don't know if impulse's comments are shocking or not. his hatred for the reaper co is so strong he'd rather see wrestleuta with the defiance tag titles than reaper co. nice little segment to break up the action.

hoher vs soher - this match had it all... excitement, violence, comedy, and a happy ending depending on which side of the fence you are on. the story told was a good one. solid back and forth, mikey's blase attitude factored into his downfall, and scott douglas is quickly becoming/is the next face of defiance after this.

character unlocked: clyde fox - YOU GUYS ARE ALL WEIRD.

I wanted to say something weeks ago, the new hires imo should have been jumping on posting segments/promos/vignettes on either deftv shows or uncuts to hype their debuts. this is a practice i've tried to maintain with all my characters because in the real world, you are going to see packages for a new hire/signee w/e. unless it's some huge name and they go after a companies big star in a big "wow/wtf moment". most people's debuts are hyped. just my 2 cents.

reaper co. vs team wrestleuta - this match confused me... i'm sure it's for storyline purposes but why put the titles on the reapers just to take them right off them less than a month later? the reaper's have looked super strong in most cases since i started my tenure until tonight.

tale of the tape - nice recap. great minds think alike.

fist of defiance - jack harmen has some real anger issues, huh? what a war. jack harmen destroyed a lot of defiance property. both harmen and murray did their best to murder each other and this would have been a sick match to have witnessed if it was real. harmen went all out but the squid boy shows why he is the top dog. if murray loses the belt tomorrow, this reign has been a tremendous success. he's beaten all comers, and come out on top against all odds.

this ppv seemed to have defiance gain more of an advantage, which was expected imo. defiance won most of the major matches (sans tag team) and basically won the entire show expect a couple of matches. wrestleuta is looking a little weak now that defiance is looking stronger and more unified. defiance owns every title but one, and did what wrestleuta couldn't and that's take their main title away. wrestleuta is going to have to respond to all this. they're losing bodies after this ppv and aren't looking good imo.

this arc was a good one, murray's gauntlet and the tag division major highlights. impulse's return is a nice addition, because he could throw the scales even more in defiance's favor.

02-10-18, 02:59 PM

Overall this show was excellent. Writing was really, really well done. Proud to be here. I don't need to get into the writing aspects of things too much because it was all good. From a storyline standpoint, I was a little disappointed... in myself just as much as anything else lol. I use the term disappointed lightly and maybe that's the wrong word to even use. Everyone here in DEFIANCE is bloody amazing and the backstage atmosphere is great. Anyway, I'll get to what I mean later and explain. :)

Great, quick opening and good use of characters.

Wrote this. God bless Mikey for The Dibbins, they are great. I think this fell a little flat. I had written it without knowing it was the opener beforehand. I might have created more tension and action otherwise, as I initially was writing it to kind of bring the crowd down haha. It's clear none of these guys would truly be over. The Dibbins can get there, though.

Wow! Shock of the century! Mushi loss coming back from injury! I thought he was going to murder Jackson! Truly stunned. Then Jackson quits! This blew my mind, great stuff. Also perfect length for its placement. Makes you really feel for Mushi, even though I personally feel like I would boo Jackson.

Not much to add here, love the UTA interactions. Love the Mikey character.

So begins my disappointment or whatever I need to call it, lol. I echo Will's comments. Going near the road I could have tossed. We had other plans but they changed. I wanted Blackwood to lose here. For the most part, I thought this card would be filled with UTA murdering DEFIANCE, looking like the final nail is there. But we went with this ending. While I don't mind the whole Chris Ross giving Blackwood that cocky look before he's "killed", we still could have gone in a different direction. Like I said, plans changed and I think we will eventually revisit something here and THAT, hopefully, will leave me happy.

Good lead in, need more of these on PPV shows.

Excellent stuff. Truly, like The God-Beast match, just a perfect outcome for this show. Credit to both "Will's". Jay Harvey, amen, THE Jay Harvey can be built like a god damn star soon. I would put him next in like for the SoHER though. He can be built up so well for the DEF crowd.

Been a big fan of these since the Mikey-Hightower interaction. Love all UTA world building. That being said, Hightower should have had a huge role here! He fought for the FIST last time!! Dammit Mikey! :)

I love how this lives in its own "bubble" if you will. It's great to have that side aspect from hardcore UTA vs. DEFIANCE. I've enjoyed all this stuff. I like how this reads a little different for me too than the rest of the card. Hope it goes longer.

Quick but interesting. I can't help but think plans changed here too. It's good to see Impulse back but I'd like him near the top or to do something big. Pete probably never pulls the trigger on this lol but I want a heel turn.

Seth and I wrote. Happy with things. However, maybe the match result should have been different here, too. Even though NJNP are true "NPC's", they are aligned with the UTA. I'm more okay with this outcome and much more disappointed in the route I took in the Blackwood match. Fuse Bros. are new. Team HOSS is legit. A loss would hurt them way more. Their losses will come.

(also noted Brian's comments on The Fuse Bros. using the term NPC for characters. It's a tough spot because if this was WWE, they would call everyone NPC's. Hell they would have a "You're an NPC" t-shirt). But since that's an eW term too I'm like wtf! I think I'll only use that term now for characters who are definitely NOT NPC's. And use it sparingly.)

Great match, edge of your seat stuff right here. However, I would have not taken the title off Crimson Lord. Not yet. Have Oscar do that on the next arc. I guess it comes down to me having different expectations on how this card would go. I got my hopes up UTA would truly "bury" DEFIANCE on this one, making it look like all hell has frozen over once and for all. They hold all the titles. All the power. We're all fucked. What next? I guess that's my key in all of this. No doubt, though, because I had no clue where the night was going I was right into this one. You guys killed it in terms of drama.

Needed more Impulse so happy here.

Again another match that brought it in the writing department. Had me every line. Great stuff. While yes, I would have followed with the Mikey victory, this is maybe the one title match I would have kept the title on a DEF guy. Douglas is a great character. Though I can't help but think he should be moving up the ladder (pun intended) shortly. Thinking further, you could have kept Douglas the solo DEF title winner and then lose it on tv.

Wish this was higher up the card, but it had to be after The Fuse Bros. match and I think it was the only slot where it made sense. Yes, we're all fucked and noted on the vignettes for new characters. I agree. But I'm also going to ambush any new character coming in so The Fuse Bros. can unlock them. Like you said, I'm weird. :) I think there's a place for some comedy and I am determined to hit a balance between comedy and seriousness with The Fuse Bros. eventually.

Beautiful. Love it. Best outcome on the show and something I'm really excited for. However, I do think Stevens should focus a little more on the here and now and not Cayle. He can get there eventually. But he should see these tag titles as THE FIST and forget about Cayle soon, if that makes sense. For now, anyway.

Like I said, this should be done more.

Gonna Jericho list this:

1.) You guys melted my screen. Epic stuff in a night of lots of that.

2.) OMG popped like crazy for the NES being used. Holy fuck. JACK HARMEN HAS COMMITTED LARCENY OF THE HIGHEST DEGREE. The Fuse Bros. would be pissed. Also I might have Conor make a comment he can't find his NES anymore.

3.) Murr is a bloody champ for jobbing out his past star character Andy Murray, which is sometimes hard to read on my end knowing that character was a top guy for so long. But everyone goes out on their backs when they're close to retirement. Just a credit Murr is willing to do that with his self-titled guy (whom I'm convinced is much smaller in real life than he is lol).

4.) Murr has gone above and beyond with this but also really building up all the UTA mid card with "almost-wins" last month. As a result, I thought this was the time to pull the trigger on him losing the title, for a month or so. Like I said, coming into this arc I thought the final nails would be put in DEF (until they ultimately come back and banish UTA to the wastelands). In my mind, that's the way you do the WWF vs. WCW and NXT vs. WWE. At least 2-3 arcs of complete misery. And you can't really establish UTA as THE threat without a few titles and definitely the FIST. I thought this was it. Harmen made sense. He's a star in his own right, maybe a bigger star than Cayle just based on longevity. Now I'm left asking... now what? Which is obviously a good thing but dammit I wanted that nail! I'd be asking "now what?" then, too.

And again, I'm as much to blame as anyone. I put zero nails in my coffin on ACTS and really disappointed in myself for going with the change on Blackwood-Ross.

I think everyone deserves credit. I would have gone in a different direction, but ultimately that's because I cared. And a credit to everyone for that. So that, in itself, getting investment from the readers is great.

Even though I would have had UTA come out on top for most of the big matches, looking at that route, the outcomes are more formulaic. Get beaten on MAXIMUM DEF, get murdered on ACTS, finally overcome and kill UTA next PPV. But on the bright side, when it comes out this way... no clue what's happening next. Whoever takes the belt off Cayle will be even MORE of a star than before. So there's 0 hope loss. Just being honest with my thoughts.

Finally, I think I will be happy with this if I see a huge heel turn and I still get my UTA payoff. Although now it might be dragging. I want Impulse to turn to the darkside. Does Andy Murray turn? Maybe that doesn't make sense since he was killed by them.

Anyway, that's all!

02-11-18, 11:12 AM

Story: Continuing Nicky and friends story with Ace’s Wild talking about Butcher injury.
Follow: It kept to the main concept currently for these men.
Build: Decent build.
Overall: Nicky and company are determined to beat Ace’s Wild even if its without Butcher.

Story: This told a great story, with Flex still suffering from the beating he took at DEFTV 96. Also Gunther selling his beating from Ross. Flex pretty much was left out of the match making it a handicap match for the most part.
Follow: Found the match rather easy to follow.
Build: Have to be honest I really have not followed anything with the Dibbins, or this spontaneous matchup that makes me wonder why its on a PPV card?
Overall: Pretty decent opener, It was more interesting than I thought it would be. When you keep consistency thats a big plus.

Story: Wasn’t much of a story told during this match.
Follow: The match was easy to follow.
Build: This was one of those matches, that just seem to just be made. I really felt it really had nothing in the line of a build. Or even a desire to want to see these two go at it.
Overall: It was a well written match lots of near falls, and a surprising win for Jackson, only to turn his back on the WrestleUTA. Makes you wonder if this is the end for Lisil, or we will see him again. He didn’t exactly start waving the DEFIANCE flag after he turned on the WrestleUTA.

Story: Ya not much of a story here just two men who hate each other.
Follow: Again the follow of the match was easy to follow.
Build: Probably the best build of the arc. I thought these two were going to get it on last arc. But having them develop this bitter hatred over the span of 2 arcs I felt really made this match a must see.
Overall: This was a brutal war, as I expected. The tease of going into oncoming traffic though I could of done without, if I were to speak realistically here pretty sure traffic might slow down or even come to a stop if they saw two men beating the hell out of each other on the curb to the street. This match however did not disappoint and was rather brutal. All I could think of was RAW 25 though, where the guys in the bingo hall had to watch the show on a titan tron lol. But nice piece of work fellas, great pay off!

Story: Classic face/heel vibe here story wise, leading to Jay focusing on the fingers of Elise for revenge for breaking his nose, and a fake finish.
Follow: Again no issue here, flowed very well. Again helping with being able to follow the match for those not familiar with these two another great video montage of the two.
Build: Had a decent build, wish I saw just a bit more build toward this match, seemed to start off really slow and finally picked up steam toward the end of the arc.
Overall: Catalina, just was all over this match. I don’t think Jay would of beat Ares had she not been by ringside. Thats a great heel manager/valet there! No matter how much PCP tried to nullify her, that devilish vixen found a way to help her man. Jay going all mobster on Elise hand breaking her fingers showed that vicious streak Jay has. Seeing the replay also was a very nice touch wish people do this more. It really brings the reader in as though they were actually watching it on tv. Although the finish was a bit meh, all in all another nice write up.

Story: Aces made it a handicap match, and took full advantage of it. Butcher eventually hobbled himself back to the ring to even it up.
Follow: This one I kind of was having a hard time following. Just not too familiar with all the guys in the match up sometimes I was wondering who was on which team.
Build: This was a well develop build for these guys.
Overall: Match was a decent write up, it kept to the point of the story and did what was needed to be done.

Story: This was all over the place, but told a decent story.
Follow: As with a lot of the 8 man tags, it got to a point where it was hard to follow.
Build: Another decent build for these teams as well.
Overall: Aside from the difficulty following it the match was put together nicely. I am getting use to The Fuse Bros’s dialog and references and its growing on me which says a lot considering was not a big fans of theirs. Not going to lie though I was begging for Hoss to turn on the Fuse Bros. Team Hoss strikes me as a team not really into the animating type of team like the Fuse Bros.


Story: Impulse out for revenge against all the Reapers, eventually getting Red.
Follow: No issues here
Build: Established build, might not of been here when the Reapers first initially took out Impulse.
Overall: Impulse segment after Lord/Burns given the exciting ending fell flat for me since it was not even mentioned. Felt this segment should of been put before Lord/Burns. Just took all the boom out of Burn’s victory. Just a simple grats to Oscar would of sufficed. Only nitpick there, the segment i realize was meant to hype up Douglas/Unlikely which did what was needed to be done. The match itself was good with even Cally getting involved something I have rarely seen her do (at least from the UTA). Impulse is back and is ready for some action.

Story: Mikey focusing on Douglas back throughout the match, seemed to be the main story of the match aside from unifying the championships.
Follow: I had no trouble following this match either, had a good flow to it.
Build: This had a great build, with a great surprise toward the end. However in the beginning I was thinking Douglas was going to have a Reaper at AOD. Felt a bit confusing at first, I knew Mikey was in the scene but was not seeing a lot from the two in the beginning.
Overall: The ending got to say have never seen that before. Absolutely loved it, another brutal match but you come to know that when its a ladder match. Bit of no continuity again here, no mention of Oscar’s win here. Would of helped with the continued story of the card thus far of DEFIANCE finally on the offensive.

Story: Introduction to the new guy
Follow: Promo was not hard to follow
Build: ---
Overall: It was a good introduction, I do agree with what Will said in his beef. Some Vigs could of helped build this unveiling up a bit. Fuse Bros look like they have another player now.

Story: JFK/Stevens use The Reaper’s trick against them.
Follow: No issue here
Build: This really had no build, I can see Kendrix have a beef, and well Scott is just your run of the mill asshole. But aside from the invasion story really no clue why he was even in this match.
Overall: This was not what I expected, and seemed a bit rushed. The Reapers seem to not have any offensive. It seemed more of a jobber match than a actual PPV match. I can see getting the titles off Mikey, and The Reapers being transition champions. Just expected a better fight out of them.

Story: A history of Cayle Murray from becoming the FIST to the present time.
Follow: Easy to follow, and did shed some light on the hard road Cayle has traveled as champion.
Build: --
Overall: This type of segment is always a breath of fresh air, sometimes you can forget everything a certain character has gone through, this type of segment helps refresh your memory. This did give a bit of build to Jack being his next for Cayle.

Story: Harmen’s shoulder and Jacks ribs. They stayed true to the story for both guys.
Follow: You guys sort of lost me as I tried to picture what exactly happened to the ring ropes
Build: Cayle’s build was awesome, it was nice seeing the way he survived the bounty. Jack being the last kind of disappoints me. I would of expected it to be Mikey. Only issue with the build from me is you really had no idea who Cayle was facing at AOD until the last card. But you never really get a confirmation. You would assume it would be Jack but Then it gets announced on the site, which honestly I wonder if people still go to.
Overall: This was a awesome Main Event, I do have one complaint and maybe i missed it earlier. But when did this turn into a No DQ match. The use of weapons in the ring should of called for a DQ immediately. There were a few times I was trying to figure out what exactly Jack was doing to Cayle in the ropes. Again it was hard for me to follow where you guys were going with that sometimes. Although the ending I could follow and they played a valuable part of the story in the end. Aside from a few issues, great write up you two.

The last half of the show where the championships matches were. There was a lot of continuity issues. It felt like the match was the first title match of the card, Think Angus said we stopped Total Dominance of Defiance in the Main Event. That clearly would not be true considering UTA got the Tag Titles back, Douglas retained, and Oscar won..how would that be Total Dominance if Jack won? I think in the future the handlers in championship matches need to get together and connect each others matches as they are placed in the card to keep a steady flow overall for the show. Aside from that I enjoyed almost every match, the championship matches clearly did not disappoint.

02-11-18, 01:57 PM
I am in agreement with Will that this part probably should have come after the opening tag team match, but other than that, this painted a good picture to recap the goings on between Aces Wild/Synz and Friends. This did what it needed to do.

I know Roland said he was disappointed with this, but I actually liked that the Dibbins won this match, thus putting the rest of the night in doubt that we could be seeing more UTA domination for the night. I like that The Dibbins won and could have a fun gimmick of "they're stupid, but stupid like a Fox!"

Great seeing Mushi back and the match was a well-written, hard-hitting affair that I could definitely see playing out in real life. That being said, I get there were circumstances for Lisil leaving, but I really think Mushi should have taken the duke here if that was the case. Lisil winning and resigning from UTA (if he isn't sticking around and there's more to the story than I know) without follow-up and Mushi losing yet again? Not a fan of. But I do want to reiterate I loved the match as it was.

When I finished reading this, I was rooting for Crimson Lord to flail that Burns fuck alive. That being said, I am ashamed of myself that I didn't offer up any final Burns words of wisdom before his match, either (though I did do that on UNCUT, I still should have done it here). Mikey and CL owned this segment and they were game for later on in the night. Good stuff.

This has been one of the really better built-up feuds since this has been going on for a while now. It has been really fun watching Gage Blackwood's transformation from "good hand/no personality type" to "extra violent" when he has been pushed to the brink by Ross (and a little Jackson) thus far. The stuff with Angus' car and the metal detector was hilarious and the ending was befitting to the "end" of the Chris Ross character for now. I hope if he comes back, these two pick this off and we do for sure get a definitive "winner" as it were, but this was an excellent blow-off ot this feud for now and look forward to seeing what happens to Gage coming off of this after.

This was a nice way to recap the goings-on between the Battle of the Bill characters, which has been fun as a whole. Though Elise has come up short once against THE Jay Harvey before, she has stuck it to him at least twice to set the tone for this match...

...And my favorite match up to this point, which did a fantastic job of KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid) booking. Dickhead heel against underdog face is hard to fuck up and Billy and Will did a GREAT job playing to both Harvey/Catalina's strengths with Ares refusing to go quietly the whole time. This is one of those that I would almost like to see continue to where Elise finally gets her big singles victory over Harvey, who has been unstoppable, less a blemish to Cayle Murray. I don't have a single bad thing to say about this one - great work.

Man, Harmen has been on another level these last few shows, and it has been great. Good segment here and I kind of wonder what happens if Harmen wins the title. I haven't seen a whole lot of the dangerous side to Harmen and I fucking love it.

I haven't given too much feedback on account of me being an un-feedbacking asshole, but the rise of Aces Wild has been a fun mid-card story and seeing them rise to prominence over this arc has been fun. I think for its spot on the PPV, this was perfect as far as action, it did a good job making Synz and company (and the surprise Butcher apperance) make them look like they would get far, only to be stopped short. I'm looking forward to seeing what Damien has planned for the group later on.

And Impulse gets some (shockingly easy) payback on the Repears for taking him out. I am a mixed bag on this as I'll have more to say on The Reapers a little later with the tag match, so I'll wait until I get to that point to cover my overall thoughts. But for what this was, very strong return for a former SoHER and FIST champion.

Credit to Roland who pretty much handled the meat and potatoes of the match. I hope we did a good enough job separating this from the earlier eight-man tag to make this one stick out and I feel like we did, but that's up to everybody else to decide. I will say I had fun doing this one and had fun tackling the ending stretch.

We came in (okay, CL's handler did) with a great gameplan for this one and I would like to think this paid off well. He tackled the major majority of this match so I can comment on this being hell for Burns and I liked how he had to fight from the bottom at the very start. Larver antagonizing Angus and DDK throughout was a hilarious touch. I enjoyed the hell out of this match and how it played out for the most part and hope folks did to.

That being said, this is where I echo his sentiments and say I think this should have come off like a bigger moment through the rest of the card, but that ends up being one of the pitfalls of not knowing exactly how things turn out so that can't really be blamed on anybody. That minor gripe aside, I had a lot ot fun doing this and enjoyed this arc.

Short and to the point.

Holy shit, I am genuinely shocked that Douglas won this one. This was a great war and the ending was creative as hell with the red carpet being Mikey's undoing, haha. And I think after months (maybe a year or more?) of Angus bashing grunge jokes, the payoff with Angus personally greeting him at ringside was hilarious. Goddamn, DEFIANCE are coming back hard in this show.

I liked the segment placement, good way to add some levity to a hotly-jampacked top of the card where everybody has busted one another's ass so far. Clyde Fox looks like a really fun character and I think pairing him off the bat with like-minded (Sort of) characters like The Fuse Bros was a good introduction.


That being said, I find it REALLY odd that The Reapers just sort of got their asses handed to them on this show more or less unless I suspect I'm missing something (probably am), but it's good to see the UTA have scored a major victory getting the Tag Titles back in their camp. Where do we go from here?

Well, Fuse Bros and Team HOSS are probably going to be saying hi to the new champs (I hope, anyway). Outside of not knowing much about the fate of The Reapers, I can say the tag division is off to a fucking hot fire and with new UTAH champs, teams like Fuse Bros, Team HOSS, Aces Wild, The Dibbins, NJNP, could all make plays for the belts. There's a lot of ways this can go.

Another great way to recap all that has gone down with the bounty and the Rise (and simultaneous fall) of Cayle Murray fighting his heart out for DEFIANCE. I laughed at Harmen getting Rick Rolled by the PCPS, which tells me that their issue may not be done.

Like the ladder match, I was SHOCKED that Cayle retained here as this had all the makings of Harmen taking the title which would have been a great moment for the UTA and at least helped them break even in the four title matches (which shows that DEFIANCE has SOME fight in them, but UTA comes back more dangerous than ever).

Cayle winning, however, is not a bad thing as he's been positioned as THE fighter in this. I think this made Harmen look like such a badass even in defeat and most of his opponents (to me) have come out looking better than the did before mixing it up with Cayle. And what's more, having recently helped with a bounty angle in another fed I'm in recently... not once did anybody say that the bounty was OVER, did they?

DEFIANCE certainly struck back hard on this show, but I don't believe the UTA takeover is over yet.

I think this overall was a decent show. I think like was said before, maybe a little more communication on the top title matches to make things flow a little better altogether but nothing that I think overall hurt the night.

02-12-18, 10:04 AM
Acts of DEFIANCE Review & Feedback

Yay. Hype and promos.

Nice spin on the numbers disadvantage by saying the heels need it, which adds a dimension of confidence to Synz and company.

So The Dibbins are family, yet one is from West Virginia and the other is from Texas lol. This was a great opening match with plenty of action. I like the incoherence of The Dibbins wrestling style and strategy, which is probably better suited for an angelfire indie fed. They get under my skin so easily. Surprised to see them win but they are over with me, which again agitates me.

Another good match. The action was varied enough throughout the match which kept it interesting. I especially liked the comment that Mushi was “wearing his heart on his sleeve and his company on his face” literally. Jackson showing his hand after the match that he has been essentially forced to do UTA bidding didn’t dampen the UTA’s victory at all. It just shows how much of a powerful stranglehold they have on everything. Even the disheartening in DDK calling the three hit home with me.

I thought this was a good segment. Even though he’s heel, Unlikely comes off to me as someone who is a chronic jokester so it was unique to see him with such a serious attitude. Call it a PPV moment but it seems like Unlikely cuts the garbage when all the marbles are on the line. I liked what CL said here too. The wheelchair was a nice touch.

Really entertaining match. This had plenty of good spots and I was itching for a well written parking lot brawl, which this essentially was. I like the seamless transition from the start of the match to the action and all the mayhem that followed. Blackwood comes out of this looking like a complete badass and even though Ross appeared to lose, he looks good from the violent battle too. I liked the car spot. Looks like Angus will have to buy another Camaro. Whoever would own such a vehicle deserves to have it ruined by wrestlers.

Pre-match fluff.

Solid action throughout the match. I especially liked how Ares blew kisses and winks at Catalina, obviously. Anyways, another DEF talent falls at the hands of the UTA. The finish was nice. I like how the ref only saw The D move Harvey’s foot off the ropes and not when Catalina put it on.

This was a short but sweet segment that sets the stage for Harmen.

Injecting Butcher into the matched got me hyped... only to bring me right back down. Actually, come to think of it, I think this was brilliantly executed. Nicky Synz and Thugz 4 Hire might have been able to win on their own, or at least, the appearance of such was given. Butcher unintentionally serves up the win due to his pre-existing injury. This was a pretty good match with an even better finish.

It was just that; a special attraction. Impulse seems to exude this unparalleled energy and this was highly entertaining to read. The knee cracking spot got me to cringe a bit and not because it was badly executed. I just can’t handle some of the blood and guts stuff.

Another solid match with plenty of action. All these PPV matches are delivering on lots of good wrestling. Surprised to see the good guys win here after a trend of mostly baddies getting it done but I’ll take it. Team Hoss and The Fuse Bros. pulled out some pretty incredible moves at the end.

CL was relentless with his attack to start things out. Plenty of big moves leading to plenty of near ten counts. Burns battles back a bit but each time he does it seems like Lord has the answer. Seeing the whole locker room clear out to prevent a pretty beaten CL from leaving was a neat touch too and led to more opportunities for Burns to do damage. Congrats to Burns on becoming the new WrestleUTA Champion. Lord put up a good showing but it was Burns that ultimately comes away with the win. Great match.

This seg just goes to show how much Impulse despises the reapers by stating he rather see UTA guys with belts.

I liked the use of the ladder here, especially the Russian leg sweep off the apron which broke the ladder in two. I really like how Unlikely is the owner of the UTA yet he isn’t competing in the main title picture. I feel this really elevated this feud as well as the status of Scott Douglas. The hair product spots were funny. Wow! Another devastating blow to the UTA that started out the show with such promise. They’ve lost their two top belts in the last two contests! Congrats to Scott Douglas on becoming the true HERITAGE.

The night vision goggled attack was cool. Kendrix and Stevens soften the blow a bit for the UTA but still, they are reeling big time after Lord and Unlikely fell. Still one chance remains for the UTA to salvage the night if they can steal the FIST away from Cayle.

A good recap and stage setting for what appears to be the final battle in the DEF vs. UTA war.

Oh my. The rick-rolled entrance of Harmen, and his reaction was priceless. I also liked the use of the UTA announcers coming out for a moment. A Nintendo under the ring? Did The Fuse Bros. leave it there or something? There was so much great stuff in this match like the epic exchanging of punches back and forth or the complete destruction of the ring which ultimately led to Murray winning via an amazing submission sequence. The ending was especially well written.

Ummm who had the bright idea to book a PPV on Super Bowl Sunday? That said, I know we stole a ton of viewership away from the NFL. It’s hard for them to compete with us and they should know better lol. So it looks like the war is over... or is it? With DEFIANCE pretty much defeating UTA where it counted most. This was a huge show and I think most of it was really well done. I look forward to contributing this arc and beyond.

STAR OF THE SHOW: Oscar Burns. I know Murray is on an epic run with the FIST but I picked Burns because I feel he really got the ball rolling in terms of DEF momentum by capturing the UTA Title and toppling Lord. Both wins were equally as impressive.

ROSS’ MUST READ CHARACTER: Cayle Murray. This is where I can fit Cayle in. His impressive reign includes victories over pretty much every major heel the UTA could throw at him. I wonder what is next for him.