View Full Version : BIOS on the website... [everybody]

Evan H.
06-23-17, 02:52 PM
Can everyone do me/the fed a solid and take a gander at your characters various bio pages in the backstage? It's still the number one resource for info when match writing and planning our arcs, and if it's super out of date or blank (as is the case with most of the tag team and faction entries) it makes it extra hard to get stuff done. Include as much information as you can squeeze into those things! Rivals, allies, update move-sets, etc. I've kept sort of a running cliffs notes version of Bronson's entire history in the fed on mine.

The more character info the better folks! Fill out and keep those bios updated!

Evan H.
06-23-17, 02:58 PM
Additionally, if your bio is doing that weird "doubled" thing let Brunk know so he can nag the website guy.