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Handler Information

Name: Roland
Email Address: rolanderman26@gmail.com
Best Way to Contact You: Email, forum, facebook, anything really (I will be away May 25-30 but I always check my emails)
eWrestling Experience: It's been a while (probably 6-7 years) but PIW, Action, fWo, the Asylum, jOlt, LoC and ACW.
How did you find DEFIANCE? e-Wrestling search and came across it on EW Zine since that site went back up.
Are you willing to write matches? 100%. After reading the DEFIANCE Introduction and the last 2/3 shows, I went with a character that is much more wrestling-oriented than particularly character/gimmick driven so it's in the ring I would be telling the majority of my character's story.

Writing Sample:
Took me a while to look up some things because most of the sites are gone but:


Also wrote this as a past part 1 RP for Blackwood:

At some point in a person's life, everyone will come to realize they did not live up to expectations. At this moment, the individual can choose to accept it or push on and get better...

Rain poured heavily outside the streets of the Keele Arena. The 10:45 night bus pulled away from the side of the road, leaving one former passenger standing at the stop, quickly becoming drenched from the storm surrounding the location.

The man dug into his pocket and pulled out a small slip of paper. He unfolded it and managed to confirm what was written before the rain blotted out the ink, by walking underneath the only street light in the abandoned street.

"104 Keele Street".

The man looked up to confirm the address in the distance. He slightly nodded in approval. Then, slowly, he walked towards the arena. It was pitch black and although faint sounds of a crowd could be heard from inside the building, the location of this complex and the town the man had just driven through, signified he was bound for disappointment.

Unhindered by the heavy rain, the man took his time walking towards the area, almost dreading the moment he got there.

"Back door," he muttered to himself.

He slowly walked around the arena, finding what looked to be the back entrance and knocked loudly on the hard, steel door.

He waited.

He waited a while.

Finally, the door swung open. A man in a red hoodie stood, eyes pale blue and seemingly staring a hole through the person who knocked.

"You must be Gage, Gage Blackwood." The man in the hoodie said.

Blackwood nodded.

"Come in, Gregor is waiting for you."

Blackwood entered and followed the man down a very unkempt hallway. He could hear the faint sounds of the crowd a little louder now. He was able to approximate about 100-200 fans in attendance yelling and screaming. Gage also heard the impact from the wrestling mat. He could tell there was a match taking place.

A few turns later and he was in front of two large green doors. The man in the red hoodie nodded, signifying Blackwood could enter and then walked away.

Gage walked into the room. There wasn't much to note of in this office, just a large oak table that had seen better days and a man sitting preoccupied in the chair, who had also seen better days. The lighting was dim, dimmer than the hallway and even the night outside. Gage quietly walked towards the table. He didn't make much noise but as he drew closer the man in the chair looked up and took notice.

"You must be Gage," the man said. He was wearing a plain white t-shirt and a black baseball hat. The shirt had to be a size 2XL, but he was clearly a size 4XL or bigger. "Sit."

Gage took a seat across the way and brushed off some water that had collected on his jacket.

"My name's Gregor, but you knew that." He said, now staring coldly across at Gage.

Blackwood nodded.

"So you want a gig, huh?" Gregor stated. He had gone back to looking down at his paperwork, frantically scribbling some thoughts in his head. "Listen, kid, I don't have a lot of money to give you. We do a weekly underground show... and as you can hear, we don't draw a huge crowd or anything."

Silence followed. Gregor just collected his thoughts and was not expecting Gage to respond.

"Just because you have the last name Blackwood means fuck-all, too." Gregor scratched himself before he continued to write down a few more ideas and then glanced back up at Gage. "Not a big talker, huh kid?"

Gage politely shrugged while Gregor took the cup on his table and spat his chew into it.

"Well, fuck me. I only like to employ people with personality."

Gage looked down. He wasn't surprised by these comments. Instead, they were commonplace. He had heard it all before and he was always being compared to his family name.

"However," Gregor began, "Look at this shithole. It's not like I have much choice. Nobody comes to watch us anyway. We'll probably be closed before you know it. Wrestling isn't what it used to be. Nobody cares anymore, nobody stays in this business for long. Promotions come and go, come and go."

Long pause.

"You start next week but I'm not giving you half of what my worst guy makes."

Gage looked back up. He didn't display much emotion, but he was grateful. "Thank you," he said. Knowing he did not want to overstay his welcome, Gage stood up quickly and repositioned the chair.

"Go on, get outta here. Report back next Thursday at 7pm. I'll figure out something."

"Aye." He said quietly, to the point where Gregor probably didn't hear him. Gage walked back out of the office. By now, the sounds from inside the small arena had vanished, though the backstage hallway seemed just as vacant as it did when he first arrived.

Gage made his way out of the arena and back outside. The rain still poured down heavily. A crowd of 100 or so people did not take long to evacuate the arena, leaving the surrounding area just as empty as it seemed coming in.

Blackwood threw up the hood on his jacket and walked towards the bus stop, towards the one dim street light and waited to go back to the hostel where he was staying.


Wrestler Information

Ring Name: Gage Blackwood
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 210

Hailing From: Edinburgh, Scotland
Alignment: Face
Gimmick: Gage is a no-nonsense wrestler, in that he doesn't get tied up in alliances or in-ring politics. He enjoys hurting people and being hurt, but nothing that pushes him past the line of becoming a heel. He doesn't talk a lot and much of his previous history is unknown. However, he comes from a family of past wrestlers (he's technically a 4th generation wrestler) whose previous family members have all been highly respected in their careers for their charisma and flamboyant personalities. Fans are drawn to Gage because he doesn't show off, he works hard and is usually respectful of his opponents (after the match has ended). Although, I would like to tell a story about Gage initially not getting over with the fans and them being somewhat apathetic to him because of his lack of personality (he will still be considered a face).
Wrestling Style: Usually Gage is stoic in the ring, this is with his physical/facial reactions and body reactions. He is slow and methodical. However, due to his size, he can pick up the pace and wrestle many different styles. He trained in an underground, hardcore federation and has no problem or resistance in no holds barred matches, as this was commonplace in his development.

Three Weaknesses: 1. Is not very personable, 2. has a hard time understanding team dynamics and 3. is still learning and prone to mistakes.

Three Strengths: 1. High pain threshold, 2. hard to distract and 3. has the desire to get better.

1) Spinning heel kick
2) Hurricanrana
3) Spinning toe hold
4) Single-arm DDT
5) Crucifix drop
6) Running bulldog
7) Northern lights suplex
8) Top rope knee drop
9) Shoulder block followed by elbow drop
10) Rolling prawn hold

2-5 trademark moves:
1) 'The Midlothian Hangover' (brainbuster)
2) 'The Scottish Trinity' (3 successive suplexes: 1st snap suplex, 2nd hanging/delayed vertical suplex, 3rd rolling release suplex).

1 Finishing Move: 'The Gaelic Storm' (running double-knee smash)

05-23-17, 04:07 PM
Hi there.

Nice application. The writing samples are good, and the matches will fit out own summary format, which is great. Character sounds interesting and I like that you have a specific opening angle in mind. We're also short on faces, and Blackwood is from my native Scotland... so that's a bonus point.

I'm throwing a "yes" vote down.

05-23-17, 04:17 PM
I agree with Murrr on the opening angle and that we all have short faces. Plus you've read the Introduction, some cards and shaped the character around that/kept that in mind when putting the character together.

Yes from me.

05-23-17, 04:19 PM
My vote doesn't count, but I like the app and the idea of the wrestler. You may have to make a few edits to the move list I think DEF has someone using rolling suplexes but maybe im wrong. Otherwise this looks like a solid hand. Some of the transitional or break up stuff in your roleplay could be condensed because it almost appears as if you're trying to get a lot out of nothing... .for example ...

"He slowly walked around the arena, finding what looked to be the back entrance and knocked loudly on the hard, steel door.

He waited.

He waited a while.

Finally, the door swung open. A man in a red hoodie stood, eyes pale blue and seemingly staring a hole through the person who knocked."

This could be one much shorter paragraph. without 4 line breaks. You always use some of the same transitions over again "Blackwood nodded" is in there a lot. I get he doesn't talk much, but you need a way to flesh that out a bit. so basically flesh it out and condense it (makes no sense I know, i hope you get what im saying). Im sure you're also a better writer now than a few years ago, at least thats what happened to me after my break.


User Poets
05-23-17, 05:29 PM
Just curious because it came up elsewhere, I remember you from FWO but did you run Action Wrestling too?

05-23-17, 06:33 PM
I am going to edit my post, just based on the formatting. It didn't break up the spacing when I posted it on my initial laptop but now I can see it's all haywire. Also thanks for the feedback. It's been a while since I wrote, and there are definitely parts where I strung things along and didn't need to. Totally agree with you on transitions as well. In my past essay writing, I used to do word searches on transitions and other words I normally use too often.

And yeah, I did run Action. Long time ago now lol.

Thanks guys and I'll wait to hear from others on whatever is decided.

Evan H.
05-23-17, 06:55 PM
Yes from me. Solid app.

05-23-17, 09:22 PM
Pile on vote of yes! Very good app and I look forward to seeing your character develop.

05-24-17, 03:02 AM

I think you reached the necessary quota. Congrats Roland. I just wanted to shout objection.

05-24-17, 03:25 PM
You're in!

PM me with your preferred password for the backstage script and we'll take things from there.

05-24-17, 07:31 PM
Cool thanks guys.

Yep I will message you. I am going to be away until the 31st but I can still check email/facebook/etc. I'll have time to get on the forum too, just no idea how my phone will deal with it lol.

Also hi Ford!! You've been overruled. :)

05-26-17, 05:05 PM

That is the statement I have to offer on this and all matters forever.


06-01-17, 10:26 AM
Ahaha thanks Colin, cheque is in the mail. :)