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04-15-17, 02:02 AM
Name: Brian
Email Address: indrecordings@gmail.com
Best Way to Contact You: Skype/Facebook, KaeGiacona
eWrestling Experience: MWC, SCW, HEW, CSWA, DEF
Are you willing to write matches? I suppose.

Writing Sample:

A janky produce stand sits roadside amongst an obviously rural area. The horizon beyond meets the tree line several acres away. Four persons sit, casually on guard of the produce.

The first, flanking the far left next to a stack of three tires acting as a display piece for a basket of corn, grips a beer bottle by the neck as he sips. His work booted ankles are crossed as he reclines in a outdoor folding chair and a few drops of condensation drip from the bottom of the glass bottle and splash his gingham flannel shirt. His free hand swipes away the excess water; casting the unwanted liquid onto his well worn jeans.

Another, flanking the far right; staring blankly off into the distance, grips a similar bottle resting the base on his blue overall suited leg.

Offset in the middle, and economically hindering to the produce stand, is a large set man in overalls, a gingham shirt and a woodland camouflage hat; conversely a slight of frame female lays in a beach chair proving not every pair of overalls are created equally.

The heaviest of the four speaks first, his name is Squirrely Dave.

Squirrely Dave:
… all I’ms sayin; is if Darry here is Darry … that would be to say he isn’t using his God givens name then why’s it I’m Squirrely Dave and not just Dave, bud.

The man on the far left chimes in.

How ‘bout you give your balls a tug there, Big Shoots.

The right follows close behind.

… tough to say there, Squirrely Dave, on the ‘count … your acting so squirrely in reference to how your referred.

Wayne and Daryl launch into a rapid fire back and forth.

Why don’t you take ‘er down about five percent there, bud.

… a ten piece of timbits, bud.

...a tenth year tin anniversary.

… rin tin tin K-9; go fuck yourself.

Finally the seemingly napping female of the group pipes up from her reclined position.

Dave, squirrely or not your pertnear one of the finest fellas on Letterkenny.

Squirrely Dave:
Well, now … Katie you're awful nice and that's what I appreciates about you.

Katie: [sarcastically coy]
Is that what you appreciates about me?

Take ‘er down twenty timbits, there bud.


Wrestler(s) Information

Character Name:
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 278
Hailing From: Letterkenny Road (Quadeville, Ontario, CA)
Alignment: Face
Gimmick: No nonsense “hick” farmer with a small farm off Letterkenny Rd in Ontario, CA. Toughest guy in town and never backs down from a fight as long as he is in the right; or if there is a fight. Doesn’t tolerate skids or anyone deemed 10-ply. Accompanied by his neighbor (of several miles) Darryl, Squirrely Dave and his sister Katie "Kat".

Wrestling Style: Brawler, Power Moves.

1) Forearm smash
2) Shoulder Block
3) Lariat
4) Abdominal stretch
5) Backbreaker
6) Powerslam
7) Belly to Belly
8) DDT
9) Twisting Neckbreaker
10) Back Elbow in Corner

2-5 trademark moves:

1) Big Boot
2) SOS Suplex
3) Half Crab

1 Set Up Move: Kick to the Gut
1 Finishing Move: Crucifix Powerbomb