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04-08-17, 04:10 PM
Return of the Mack
Part 1

Charleston, South Carolina

Two lone figures dressed in very expensive looking suits can be seen, standing side by side in front of a large abandoned building. As we zoom, we come to notice one of the figures, a slightly gray bearded black man kneel over and rub his palm against the ground lovingly, as if this place was home to him in the past.

“It's almost time, sir...” says the second figure, his pale freckled face can be seen pushing his glasses tight to his nose using his index finger.

The gray beard gentleman rises from his position and smiles, “I know that, BUT.. Do you know what that means?”

“Uhhhh, Mr. Smooth. I'm a REIGNING spelling bee champion of the world. My IQ is higher than Johnny Blaze, SAT knows all.”

The camera pans and finally settles on dusty and faded promotional sign that has seen far better days.

It reads: HARDCORE CITY Arena presents HEW Hardcore TV.

“Legends were born here Triple XXXstasy, Hector Ruiz, Semper Fi, Zero, Eli Flair, Kevin Riggs,” Simon interrupts.

“What about HIM?” Smooth scoffs obviously annoyed with Simon, “What about him? He's not invited to this, no fucking way!”

Simon smirks, “He's going to find out eventually. How do we handle that?”

Smooth’s blood begins to boil at the thought of HIM coming here and ruining everything he's trying to build.

“Fuck HIM, that's what!”