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08-03-16, 12:31 AM
*A primer, I will not be trying to drag Gary into this writing endeavour with me. He's got 4 kids and works 6 nights a week, so, you know...

Handler Information

Name: Michael Mitchell
Email Address: mitchell.bcf@gmail.com
Best Way to Contact You: Skype (TheSteelShin)
eWrestling Experience: PTC: PWA, SCCW, GCW; jOlt, UTA
How did you find DEFIANCE?:
Are you willing to write matches?: Yeah, yeah.

Writing Sample

Let’s use this as a match writing for-instance: http://archive.wrestleuta.com/results/146#1785

Wrestler(s) Information

Ring Name: Alexander “Red” Redding
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 225 lbs

Hailing From: Kitchener, Ontario

Alignment: Heel, with selfish and shit-disturbing tendencies.

Gimmick: Alexander Redding made his claim to fame and one half of Red & Ted in GCW. Since those days, he’s taken odd bookings, but mostly he’s gone off to stuntman jobs in the small Toronto filming scene. He’d be coming back to wrestling as a 28 year old trying to prove himself relevant.

Wrestling Style: His style is essentially the confused heel. He is all about taking a guy’s legs away from them with less flashier moves, but he is dramatic enough that he hits a pair of high spots trying to get himself over. Far from a hardcore wrestler, he will still take an advantage if it presents itself.

Three Weaknesses:
1 - Doesn’t play well with others: Red has exactly two friends in this business; his tag partner Ted, and his agent, Grady Patrick. He is clear about not wanting any more. If he is on the losing end of a numbers game, no one will be anxious to help his sad ass out.
2 - Temper: Along with being selfish, he is petulant at times. Expect him to question a referee’s ability to count to the number three.
3 - Show-off: When he gets to a point where he is comfortably in control of a match, he will toss it aside for a high-risk move.

Three Strengths:
1 - Athleticism and Stamina: A natural athlete (quick, agile, co-ordinated), Red has always found his skill set applicable to the world of professional wrestling. Staying in shape, he’ll have as much energy in minute 10 as in minute 1.
2 - Mean streak: Alexander has the mind of a bully. He has no qualms about taking advantage of the injured and weak. Once had a stretch of 7 weeks in a row of ‘retiring’ inferior wrestlers from GCW.
3 - Pride: Driven by the question if he can still go in a 20’x20’ ring, he has spent more hours than he would ever admit studying film, scouring for new holds, escapes and reversals.


Ten regular moveset moves:

1) Thigh Kick
2) Snap Suplex
3) Dragon Screw
4) Double Knee Surfboard Stomp
5) Shinbreaker
6) Lungblower
7) Over-the-back Backbreaker
8) Turnbuckle Powerbomb
9) Rope-assisted Leg Stretch
10) Diving Cross Body

2-5 trademark moves:

1) The Stereotype (Sharpshooter)
2) Air Canada (Springboard Diving Thigh Punch)
3) Grady Special II (Running STO)
4) Running Front Chop Block
5) MEH! SHADDUP! (Devil Lock Discus Lariat)

1 Finishing Move:
Indian Deathlock

*Grady Special III (Gutwrench ¼ Turn Piledriver) <For those that are sensitive about submission losses>

1 "MDK" (murderdeathkill) Finishing Move
Joker Fish (Fishhook Regal Stretch)

08-03-16, 01:17 AM
You address in your primer that you're not going to ask Gary to come back, but what I care about seeing is something addressing you now having time to give DEFIANCE a go after applying with Ajax Gore some months back but deciding you didn't have time or motivation to commit and then quitting. So without knowing what's changed, or if you're really ready to give this a go today, I'm going to have to vote no.

DEFIANCE needs 100% committed handlers right now who are ready to be engaged and writing right out of the gate. We're about to kickstart our next calendar year and speaking as one member of DEFstaff, I need to know that the people who are applying to be here are going to be firing on all cylinders if they get in.

08-03-16, 01:40 AM
All too fair.

Where Ajax misfired: my first match. I fucked up in the match I wrote, against Griffith, where he needed two powerbombs to finish the kid off. I heard as much in the feedback, and felt I had made a terrible first impression.

Where my head was: in dark clouds. I hated the job I had. My friend was losing interest and it stopped being something we talked to each other about. And I had fucked up my first impression with a 'new' group of writers.

Where I've been since: injured my shoulder/rotator cuff/lat at said job I hate. Still hurts like a sonofabitch, but it is my new normal.

Why now: I have realised that outside of this hobby, I don't get around to writing anything. And that upset me. All this time recovering, and I haven't written out a single idea. I know now that this isn't going to be something I share with my friend, and I am fine with that.

If that still does not suffice, this is your (in the collective sense) group of writers. Add who you want.

08-03-16, 01:52 AM
Alright. Let me think on this again tomorrow. I will say that we have accepted quite a few heels recently and I'm wondering if the MDK is like Frank Pastore's move that he adopted from Tony Gamble.

It's late, so I'll revisit this fresh later.

08-03-16, 05:57 AM
I'm going to vote yes.

From our talks towards the end of your UTA run, I know you felt dissatisfied by the booking and disconnected from the fed in-general. I'm satisfied that this won't be a problem in DEFIANCE, as you'll always be involved in a feud and will have control over your own destiny. Angle feds are neat like that.

I was under the impression that you asked for time-off from DEFIANCE rather than outright quit last time around. As my memory is fuzzy there, I'm not going to judge the situation at all.

Lindz is right in that we're now a little heel-heavy, but the MDK finish is significantly different to Pastore's, IMO.

User Poets
08-03-16, 06:43 AM
The character itself looks solid, though like Murrr said we do have a lot of heels right now so you'll need to work hard to make Redding stand out from the pack. And you answered Lindz' questions sufficiently, but the idea that you "fucked up" in front of a new group of writers? You need to be able to take criticism in order to improve.

Can you take criticism in order to improve?

08-03-16, 06:52 AM
The character itself looks solid, though like Murrr said we do have a lot of heels right now so you'll need to work hard to make Redding stand out from the pack. And you answered Lindz' questions sufficiently, but the idea that you "fucked up" in front of a new group of writers? You need to be able to take criticism in order to improve.

Can you take criticism in order to improve?

I'm similar to Pete here and slightly divergent with the Murr man. Although yes, there is far greater control in an angle fed, I think the kind people of DEF also have a lot higher standards than ye olde UTA when it comes to delivering. My concern here is what you've already had a pattern of doing and let criticism throw you off too much to the point of character destruction.

I remember the whole Sanctus thing and although it's easy to blame RP feds for a lack of full control, I also remember your character spiraling out of control who you were having success, before you even get into the frustrating feedback and direction, which is where I have more reservations than the Murr man about things being different here.

Basically, can we trust you to stay the course and only make mild tweaks based on input? It was legit tragic to see your death spiral in UTA.

08-03-16, 07:28 AM
Pete: I am more than willing to make whatever corrections I need pushing forward with a character that I know, and one I am truly invested in.

Colin: UTA was a shit-show. I say this as I had conversations with Gary and we were working together to get his Colton Thorpe character over. UTA was more of a angled fed than the handlers knew. I tried telling a story I would have killed back in the PTC days, but never could convey what I needed for a guy in Quinlan going under a mask that he knew was stupid. I never got used to Ben's preferred trash-talk, rinse and repeat favourite rps.

Sanctus was always meant to have his mask ripped from him by Thorpe as a heat grab. By the time it came to that, CT was so far over that Ben tried all he could to make sure Quinlan and Thorpe never had much out of it. I knew the Bray Wyatt gimmick was going to flake (cannot recall the handler's name) and was legit pissed when he was paired up. I might have been a dick to call it out, but I was right as to how it was going to go down.

I want to be able to chalk up the twelve left turns I made with the character as just trying to find something that would work with what Ben was looking for, but I never really did.

In the odd case I do get in, I am happy to collaborate to get a good card over. I want to think that with the long view of angle fedding, I would be able to tweak the character slowly over the course of time to fit whatever the community needed.

08-03-16, 08:04 AM
Again, DEF needs 100% committed handlers and if there's even the slightest chance that you're going to wilt under pressure or criticism I don't think I can give consideration to possibly changing my vote.

You noted that you called out a flake in UTA. I had the same concern when you applied with Ajax Gore but noted in the app thread that you had been consistent there with Sanctus. I voted yes there. Then you left DEFIANCE, so I have to raise this again.

Moreso than all of this, I'm not sure I want to throw a yes vote to another new-app heel. I'm afraid this guy is going to get lost in the shuffle with the heels we've got already.

User Poets
08-03-16, 08:07 AM
Gonna have to say no.

Nothing personal on it, but between this app and the Ajax Gore app and all of the explanations between them I'm not convinced that you've got the long term staying power we're really looking for. Good luck, tho.

08-03-16, 08:12 AM
Well, worth a shot.

Thanks for the honest opinion. I know how this works, but I ain't waiting for the other votes. Sorry to have wasted your time.

08-03-16, 09:45 AM
Yea Im going to vote no as well. Your writing wasnt bad in UTA but you flaked out pretty hard, and not only that but you left your feud partners hanging there... that doesnt fly in angle fedding. Your excuse at the time was that you couldnt figure out which way you were going with the character, and then you got flustered and just quit. Sorry man. Put together a long run elsewhere to prove you have staying power and I would vote you in. the writing is good enough but the experience in UTA left a bad taste in my mouth.