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Handler Information

Name: Vladimir Thiel
Email Address: da​simpaler@gmail.com

Best Way to Contact You: Email, Forum PM, Skype (in that order)eWrestling Experience: All told I have over ten years of e-fed experience, and at one point was actually kind of good at this.

How did you find DEFIANCE? FWrestling.com -- I felt the itch and looked at several resource sites and Defiance looked like a place with talented people and a level of polish that was very enticing.
Are you willing to write matches? Honestly, I'd rather not

Writing Sample

Sample 1 (From 2005 -- god, I'm old)

**The scene opens out of focus just a soft white fluorescent glow, slowly things come into focus and it becomes a single bulb overhead lamp comes into sharp focus. The camera pulls back to show an otherwise poorly lit room in which many chairs are haphazardly arranged in a rough circle. Occupying the seats is a great myriad of characters, some are dressed in all black and have gaunt pale skin darkened only by various tribal tattoos, others are dressed in suits yet have ridiculously long hair, and then there sits one familiar dark haired punk rocker, none other than Jake Savage. A rather nondescript man, who is conveniently wearing a name tag proclaiming him as Marty stands up and moves to the center of the circle of people. **

Marty> Hey everybody, I see that we have a lot of returning faces, which always makes us happy. . .and I’m also thrilled to see a new face with us tonight. Would you like to stand up and introduce yourself to the group? Don’t worry, we’re not here to judge you. That’s right stand on up.

**Jake Savage stands up and joins Marty in the middle of the square. Jake silently takes a look at the people surrounding him. He clears his throat and speaks.**

Jake Savage> Hi everybody.

Everybody> Hello Jake.

Marty> Go ahead and introduce yourself.

Jake> My name is Jake Savage. . .and I. . .I am a “return-a-holic”. I always have to make a big comeback, and then I just disappear so I can do it again. I don’t know why. I can’t help it, I mean to stick around. . .I lay down a few gimmicks, I make long term angle plans and then before I know it I’m gone and already making plans for my next “big comeback”. Help me. . please!

Marty> Don’t worry Jake, you’re with friends. We all know you’re pain, everyone here suffers from a “Wrestling Ailment of Severe Problemhood” or a “WASP”. I, myself, am a recovering “WASP”-haver. I fought for years against my own “jobberitis”. Why. . .at one point it got so bad that I threw my own mother through nine flaming, barb-wired wrapped, acid covered, C4 coated tables. Every other word out of my mouth was “teh” or “hELl INa Cekl”. . .it was awful. Thank you for your courage to admit your problem Jake, now to old business. . . Alex, do you want to give us a progress report.

Alex> Hi. .. It’s me Alex Owen, and I have now managed to go a whole week without a heel turn. I really thought I was going to on Sunday when my girlfriend ate the last slice of pizza without asking, but I just slowly took deep breaths and before I knew it the urge had passed. I think I finally have it whipped.

Marty> Way to go Alex, but remember one day at a time. Baby steps, Alex, baby steps.

Alex Owen> One day at a time? Baby steps? Oh really Marty? Hmm Marty Mar? Is that the secret?! Thanks for sharing! I don’t think that without the guidance of a man who’s life work consisting of learning how to use spell check I would’ve ever figured out that “pearl of wisdom”. You have the gall, nay, the testicular affront to give me advice? Any of you bunch of eunuchs dares to assume that could teach the Power and the Glory a thing or two? I look around and you know what I see? I see the only people who spend more time on their backs than Marty’s mother. . .so don’t you even start with me. . .MARTY!

Loud Unidentified Voice> Wooo! Dahymn boy! You laid inta those boys quicker than a fat girl inta a buffet.

Marty> And who might you be sir?


Marty> Okay. . and exactly what brings you to “WASP” tonight Mr. McMasterson?

Curtis> Isn’t this where they are having the seminar on “Coming out of Your Shell: Opening Up as a Person”?

Marty> Well yes. . . but that isn’t until Thursday.

Curtis McMasterson> Well, I’m afraid I wasted your time. Now, how do I get back out of here?

Marty> Errr. . Jake can you show Mr. McMasterson back to the front door?

Jake Savage> Sure thing.

**Jake stands up and walks over to Curtis and gestures for XFW’s resident High Volume Genius, and manager of former Champion Dieter Von Briehn, to follow him out. The duo reaches the front door and Jake opens it for Curtis and Curtis steps out and trips. Jake Savage steps out to help him only to suddenly and viciously be attacked from behind.**

**Again the scene opens in a soft glow of light, but this time as things sharpen we are in a very brightly lit room, annoyingly bright in fact. The camera pulls out to show that Jake has managed to find himself strapped to some sort of operating table. He shakes his head as if to knock some cognizance back into his skull but is let just looking around for answers. Right about then some answers step into the room in the form of Curtis McMasterson.**


Jake> Not so loud, my head still hurts from the mugging. Speaking of which. . .Let me go!

Curtis> Now now Jake. . .is that any way to greet someone the first time you meet them?

Jake Savage> So sorry, but this huge strap holding me down makes it a little difficult to curtsy. Besides I’m not really in the habit of thanking anyone who kidnaps me. . . it’s this weird policy I have.

Curtis> I am sorry about that, but it had to be done to complete my genius. . .and to bring about the end and new beginning of the XFDubya.

Jake> What are you babbling about?

Curtis> In the past wrestlers, even great wrestlers had to be found and then honed carefully as to get the most of their skills without burning them out. Even then the brightest stars often burned out the fastest.

Jake> Why thank you, but I’m not interested in a new manager at this time.

Curtis> Ha! You wish boy. I don’t want your washed up rear as a client, there’s more tumbleweeds in your future than a ghost town on a slow day. I just needed your Savage Style. Meet the future. . . Dietis von McSavagerton.

Jake> Dietis von McSavagerton?!

Curtis> Yes. Dietis von McSavagerton. . . a clone, no, THE clone. The brawn and might of a pure killing machine, Dieter von Briehn, the street smarts and high volume genius and trickery of me, Curtis McMasterson, and then lastly just a touch of Savage Style to give him the pop to resonate with fans, ya know like you used ta before ya got all washed up. He is the PERFECT wrestler!

Jake Savage> Guess that would make him a repli-CAN instead of a repli-CAN’T. Get it? Replicant. . like a clone. Man, I slay me.

Curtis McMasterson> Funny you should bring up slaying. . .Dietis. . kill him!


**Jake sits bolt upright in his bed, awakening from the horrible nightmare* he was just having. He is panting and dripping with sweat, and no, not in a pornographic way so don’t call the censors.**

Jake> What an awful nightmare. . .I can’t imagine anything else so scary.

Unidentified Voice> About time you woke up Sleeping Beauty!

**Jake looks over to his Savage sibling, the younger and much more business oriented James Savage. James is as usual dressed in a monochromatic suit, quite the contrast from Jakes long sleeve tees and baggy jeans with the occasional bad shirt or sports jersey. James is leaned back in a chair near Jake’s bed.**

Jake> What are you doing here, James?

James> I’m moving in.

Jake Savage> AAAAAAIGH!

James> What are you doing?!

Jake> The “yell real loud so you wake up from the horrible nightmare” thing.

James> Ha ha bro, funny stuff. . .speaking of laughing stocks. . .how’s the big return to XFW going? Oh, and I got you this.

**James tosses a package to his brother. Jake rips into the package revealing a shirt. Jake pulls the shirt out of the box and holds it against himself reading it.**

Jake> “Pin a “Legend”. . .Five Bucks”. . .So you’ve seen then?

James> You betcha. So, are you already packed?

Jake> Packed? For what?!

James> To go home. I mean, I just figured you lost two matches in a row. . so isn’t about time for you to scoot back home?

Jake Savage> Scoot back home?! I’m not going anywhere and there’s nothing you or anybody can do about it! You think this is some sort of vacation?! Like I just decided “Hmmm. . ya know what would be fun? If I wrestled again. .ya that’ll be a hoot”. I’m not here to kill a weekend. . .it’s not a singles cruise James. . .I’m here to be the best I can be and if I win some hardware while I’m at it. . so much the better.

James> *clapping* Bravo Jakey Cakes, that almost sounded like an interview. Not that you’d know since you haven’t given one since you got here, what have you done other than make an ass of yourself at the PPV be demanding a match then getting spanked by “Uber Rookie”? How about instead of giving me the Savage Style smack talk, you try giving it to some opponents?

Jake> You sneaky little bastard, you just got me to dialogue. I can’t believe it. So if you’re not here to talk me into going home why are you here?

James> Easy! I’m here to protect my investment, don’t forget that I was the one who talked dad, Mr. Old School Money & Business himself into originally funding this whole Savage Era of wrestling.

Jake> But I thought he was behind it now, with the whole “Savage Inc.” and everything.

James Savage> That was when we were getting endorsement money and lots of it. There’s not a whole lot of positive cash flow from this wrestling so father-dearest is automatically against it again. So in short, get off your butt and let’s rock this place, bro! So, what were your plans next?

Jake> Well. . .let me think. After my huge loss on national television I had given some serious thought to taking up drinking and getting so hammered I couldn’t find my way to the ring.

**Suddenly there is a commotion at the door as someone knocks fiercely. James walks over and opens it partly and talks with whomever is outside. He returns to his brother’s side in a few minutes after having closed the door again.**

Jake> Who was that?

James> Who that? That was the “Gimmick Police”. . . they just wanted to give you a warning. It seems that since Liam O’Connor is back, that drinking your self smelly is now copyrighted and any infringement on such creative license will be grounds for immediate “Gimmick Police” action.

Jake> Damn!

James> Sorry bro. . .so anything else you wanted to do?

Jake> Well, there was one thing!

**Loud, off key singing is heard. . we have to assume it’s singing anyway because thanks to the heavy Irish accent and clearly alcohol-laden tone it’s near impossible to understand. Liam O’Connor, returning star of XFW and drinker extraordinaire comes walking, well, stumbling. . well crawling around the corner. **

Liam O’Connor> Well, what have we here? An unattended can of me favorite drink, come here beautiful.

**Liam reaches from his crawling position to grab the can but it jumps away from him. He shakes his head confusedly and tries again only to have the same chagrining effect. This time he lunges at it, but again escapes his clutches. This continues you for a bit until suddenly a huge mass of caramel and plastic packing peanuts come falling down on him from overhead. Liam seems oblivious however as he has finally caught his beer.**

Libby O’Connor> How’d you manage to get yourself in this mess, brother?

Jake Savage> *stepping from around the corner, his Savage sibling in tow* Actually Libby, my lovely lass, this one is kind of my fault. . .the old “drink on a string” trick.

Libby> Jake! I didn’t know you were here! *Reading his shirt* Pin a “Legend” . . .Five Bucks.

Jake> Oh don’t worry Libby, you could put me on my back free of charge whenever you want, ya fair Irish maiden ya.

James> Jake! Was that severe sexual innuendo bordering on sexual harassment I just heard?!

Jake> Yeah.

James> All right! Jakey’s back!

Jake Savage> And you better belie’ dat playa!

Gimmick Police> You! Stop right there. . you’re under arrest for Gimmick Infringement!

James> Crap! Not again!

*(That’s right I’m using the cliché nightmare sequence gag, sue me. Wait, don’t Johnny X, Super Lawyer might actually win that case)

Sample 2 (From 2013)

The promo opens with Jake standing dressed in just a red tee and some faded jeans.

Darkness' shadow. . blacker than the inky blackness of a black soul. . . and more suffering than the most insufferable


Just fuckin' with ya!

Oh wait! We probably can't afford censors anymore.

Just kiddin' ya!

Phew! Great save, me!Could you imagine?

If I was yet another of these WsW guys whos' promos read like rejected Metalocalypse dialogue?

Look; Max, Jayce, Jonny, Vampy, and this new 'Anonymous' -- assuming he hasn't changed his name to 'Absent' in light of the new format -- which I will get to, Don't you worry, SavageStyle fans; in fact, you may wanna go ahead and pause -- let this buffer cause ol' Jakey's got some things to say. But I am getting off track, back to you WsW boys and girls, Tip One -- Get some freakin' color in your wardrobe; Tip Two -- go ahead and delete anything by the Cure from your iTunes . . .and maybe go out and get some sun and generally just stop depressing the ever-living pants out of everyone else, deal?

Let's take a quick look at the Wyldside roster shall we?

First, we have Jason thinking he's too good for it all -- good to see that some things never change!

Next up, is Max quoting Nathan Explosion and being the poster boy for creepy pyromania. . .

Jonny . . .what IS up, Jonny? I genuinely wanted to be excited about your return, but I'm just starting to wonder just how much Violent and Davis took out of you in that last round. SHOW ME SOME FIRE!

That was to Jonny, not you, okay, Max? Put down the matches!

Then there's Anonymous, or whomever. . some V for Vendetta mask-wearing somebody or other. Guy Fawkes? More like Guy Talksandtalksandtalksandtalks. . am I right?

Where are the lovable scamps everyone can relate to?!

Well, tramp rhymes with scamps, so it's a stretch but we can turn to Parker Davis for a laugh, right? Nooooooope. He's off doing some Oscar-season "life of hard knocks" things that is just gonna bring the people running *YAWN*. He's even dirtier than usual and isn't even funny now .(sigh)

So, that leaves us Vampwire and Mike Cheese as faces.

I'm just gonna let that sink in Vamps. . . and Cheese .. are likable and cheery in this group

Hey, new bosses, who is our sponsor? Prozac?!

I'm exaggerating -- a little.

There is Jacks, who is a reliable wrestler, and who after a few beers has been known to tell a joke. Literally, one! I've counted. I used to run with that guy -- it's one joke, the one about the twelve inch pianist.

Hunter and Elisha -- OH THANK GOD!

Yeah yeah! I'm fighting Hunter at the PPV so we are mortal enemies now.

Hunter, you know I'm gonna say . . .

Let's go out there and put on the best damn match of the night. Midcard?! More like showstealer. I want as high flying and extreme an affair as any classic WsW Pay Per View. I know I'm gonna be there to make the fans scream and I have faith you'll bring your A game.

Now, a lot of fans -- new and old -- are probably asking 'Jake, considering the new format and that you have done nothing but gripe about what annoys you, WHY are you back?' and why have you been so quiet until now

From off screen a shout

"No . . we just assumed you'd flaked out again!"

Hey! You're way off your queue!

Jake points a menacing finger to the shouter, just off screen.

Some of you more clever fans are probably already thinking 'Why, to continue an amazing feud with Jason Violent that got cut short.' And you, my dear friends, would be. . .WRONG!

I'm going to save us all six to twelve drawn out months and give you that promo with the help of a special guest.

A sock puppet with pipe cleaner hair and a V on his 'chest' pops up at the bottom of the shot.

The World's Most Faded Sock, everyone! A big hand for Ja-sock.

Ja-sock begins his promo

"I'm Ja-Sock Vio-lint and I don't care what anybody thinks, but please DEAR GOD don't ever NOT be looking at me. Pay attention to how little I care about your attention. Praise me for not needing your praise!

Being the World's Ultra-Megazord Champion of the Universe 9000 sure is awesome, and I totally earned it. I will prove that by handpicking opponents and situations that benefit me heavily all while matter of factly discussing my superiority without a hint of irony."

Jake chimes in

I, Jakes Savage, will do some hilarious hijinks to provide much needed entertainment in the midst of your four hour near masturbatory promos until you are finally annoyed enough to fight.

Oh, look! A 47 way tag match where in your cousin's roommates' dog walker pins me. . this proves your superiority, apparently?! Like six of seven more of these with you generally avoiding me, I mean, 'being a skilled and masterful tactician' and then we will fight one-on-one, of course, without the belt on the line.

Jake 'pins' the sock with two fingers

Ooooooooooonnnnneeeee. . . .twwwwwwwwwwwoooooooo . . . . ttthhhhhhhhrrrrreeeeeeee

Ja-sock pops up and flails about ala muppet style

"A travesty of justice! The sun was in my eyes, Jake cheated, I wasn't ready, the rotation of the Earth threw me off, a conspiracy infiltrating the very depths of government, my sugar was low, I like big butts and I cannot lie, and I totally kicked out after .1 seconds but my natural athleticism was SO grand it couldn't be captured on film!

I'll prove it by putting my belt on the line at a show in like 8 more months. It'll the Super Duper Extra Fair for All Match*"

Ja-sock starts mumbling very quickly
"In which, all participants not named Ja-sock Vio-lint must hop on one leg and wrestle a kodiak bear before having the privilege of sharing a ring with the Vio-lint One" Oh my god! Despite all this I pin you for roughly an hour and a half, but of course the ref is busy with his fantasy football draft until you kickout and then some sort of illegal freight train shot is overlook and . . . erh ma gerd. . .STILL World's Ultra-Megazord Champion of the Universe 9000, Ja-sock Vio-lint!!

A tiny belt is placed around the sock's waist.

"What can I say? I'm pretty DARNED good. I had to reach into my SOLE to avoid DA FEET. Get it?! Cause I'm a sock?"

Jake laughs and talks to someone off camera.

Is the sock under contract? He may have a promising career here. Hell, if Jacks still has "Belty" it could lead to a whole spin off.

No no! I'm kidding, of course, a man and his beloved sock companion? What wrestling federation would allow that?! How desperate would you have to be?

Wrestler(s) Information

Ring Name: Jake Savage

Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 195 lbs

Hailing From: Seattle, WA

Alignment: Face

Gimmick: In his youth, Jake was very punk rock/counter culture, and while there are still hints of it; he has softened with age. Because of how long I've RPed this particular character he has taken on several permutations and as such, I fear I give you the dreaded wall of text that is a rather complete biography (http://s9.zetaboards.com/primewrestlingleague/topic/792392/1/) I had previously written for him.

Wrestling Style:Savage Style (All Arounder) - Jake is in it for the love of the sport, of course belts are desired, but secondary to the idea of putting on the best show he can. This leads him to be a big risk taker and to want to beat opponents at their own game; i.e. out-wrestle a technician, out punch a brawler, etc.

Three Weaknesses:

1) "Champion of the Little Guy" - Jake has a long tradition of sticking his nose in where it's not needed in pursuit of what he sees as right -- and it puts a target on his back.

2) "One Upsmanship" - Determined to win in what he sees as the most entertaining way, will try to beat wrestlers at their own game and will lead to more losses and longer more taxing wins.

3) "Stubborn as a Rented Mule" - Jake isn't good at "the better part of valor"; he has no discretion and at his own detriment will not back down. It has lead to severe injuries in the past, most notably his knee, and is sure to cause him more trouble in time.

Three Strengths:

1) "Mob Mentality" - Certain performers seem to draw energy from the crowd and Jake is among them. Cheers or boos can push him past what may seem safe and have led to some memorable moments in his career.

2) "Expert Improviser" - Savage has a fluid and dynamic style that can generate offense out of seemingly nowhere.

3) "Snarky But Likable" - Possibly his greatest strength are his mic skills, Jake no doubt says some snarky things, but something about this big goofy man child makes him hard not to like.


(I am one of those moveset hating people, halp)

Ten regular moveset moves:


2-5 trademark moves:

1) 3rd Degree DDT

What it is: Springboard or Flying DDT

Potential Set-ups: Kick or knee to midsection, countered back drop, slid under clothesline/rope or corner whip

Description: Two major variations exist, first the Classic version of Jake either leaping and back flipping off the top rope and catching the head of his opponent and dragging them down into a Dreamer style DDT or if so positioned “running” up the ropes. Also, there is the turnbuckle variant in which Jake either waits for a downed/dizzy opponent to be in position or he is whipped to the corner and reverses.

2) The Savage Smack

What it is: Literally just a flying superman punch or open handed smack.

Set Up: Rope whip or Jake dazed in the corner (possum)

Description: A desperation maneuver in which Jake sends himself flying or ricocheting at his opponent and takes them both to canvas. A classic ‘who will get up first’ suspense builder.

3) Savage Style Spike

What it is: “Impaler” style Driver

Description: Jake lifts the opponent as if for a suplex, usually pausing when he has them totally vertical and then drives them headfirst into the mat. In more extreme matches or when Jake is seethingly mad he will allow the opponent to simply drop down though outside of his heel era this has happened only a few times.

1 Finishing Move:

1) Flying Fatality

What it is: Missle Dropkick/Cross Body Moonsault Combo

Description: This move sums up what Jake loves about the sport, though the move has only been used a handful of times. It is big, over the top -- and Jake would claim -- uniquely his. Jake leaps from whatever perch he’s found, bounced off of or been tossed to and drop kicks his foe in the chest and then essentially springs off their chest and rotates 90 while flipping feet over head and lands with a splash atop them, usually straight into a pin.

07-08-16, 04:03 AM
Are you willing to write matches? Honestly, I'd rather not

Hello mate.

One thing before I dive deeper into the application. As DEFIANCE is an angle fed, you will be expected to collaborate with your opponent to help write every match that your character is involved with. This is absolutely key here: everyone helps write their own matches, no exceptions.

Are you willing to commit to this, or is it a deal-breaker?

EDIT: I should note that one of our current handlers (Steve, who handles Kendrix) had never written a match prior to joining DEFIANCE, but is adapting very quickly. We've got some great, experienced angle fedders who'll be more than willing to help show you the ropes in that regard, but we do need a commitment.

07-08-16, 04:24 AM
I am all about collabrative input and both long and short term angle set up, but am not interested in writing for example an entire card, which I have done with other feds in the past. It would appear I have misconstrued the scope of the question and am more than willing to contribute and assist in writing both angles and matches that affect those angles.

07-08-16, 06:12 AM
I am all about collabrative input and both long and short term angle set up, but am not interested in writing for example an entire card, which I have done with other feds in the past. It would appear I have misconstrued the scope of the question and am more than willing to contribute and assist in writing both angles and matches that affect those angles.

Great stuff. You'd certainly never be asked to write more than one match a card.

I'll get to the rest of your app on my lunch break.

07-08-16, 08:40 AM
Firstly, I am more than willing to help you compile a moveset, and there are countless other handlers around these parts who'll do the same. It won't take long for us to put ten regular moves together (then tweak the trademarks a little).

I kinda like the character. Our heel commentator, Angus Skaaland, absolutely hates this kind of honour-before-reason babyface, and Jake being a "big goofy man child" is only gonna push him over the edge. I also like that you've almost created a "Savage" brand around the guy with his wrestling style and finishers: that's definitely something to build upon.

I can see Jake entering as a cocky kinda babyface with the one-upsmanship stuff. This being DEFIANCE, he's going to eat a few losses because of that, and it reminds me of what Will Ospreay's doing in NJPW at the moment. The dude's obviously a prodigious talent and he notches a bunch of wins because of that, but he's too cocky and sure of himself, and that ends-up costing him every now and then. Over the course of a few arcs, I can see Jake growing, learning from his mistakes, becoming a little more humble, and figuring-out what it takes to succeed in DEFIANCE. There's potential.

You mention his "snarkiness." Lindsay Troy, our current top babyface, is very well-known for her own snark, but she's a completely different type of character. Troy is a calmer, more assured wrestler than Jake, by the sounds of things. It's not an issue for me: I just mention it because I think some people might bring it up.

A few things regarding your trademarks/finisher:-

The Savage Style Spike. Eric Dane is the fed's most prominent character, and this is basically his finisher. Can you switch this up a bit? Something like a Fisherman Buster (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEIBr4mTSvI) would work well, IMO.

The Flying Fatality. Is there a YouTube video or this kinda move somewhere? I'm having a hard time visualising it in my head. Maybe I'm just reading the description incorrectly, but it sounds kinda gravity-defying.

I think there's potential in this application and I'm leaning towards a "yes." We just need to tighten a few nuts and bolts :).

07-08-16, 08:49 AM
I'm going to need a better visual of the finisher because I can't picture it either.

I also understand the irony of my saying this, as it took me 15 years to find clips of what I envisioned the Crowning Glory to be versus what I always attempted to describe it in text.

User Poets
07-08-16, 09:42 AM
I am all about collabrative input and both long and short term angle set up, but am not interested in writing for example an entire card, which I have done with other feds in the past. It would appear I have misconstrued the scope of the question and am more than willing to contribute and assist in writing both angles and matches that affect those angles.

"Willing to write matches" basically means that you're not going to get into an angle with someone and expect them to do all the work; like you said, it will be collaborative input and like Murrr said, you'd never be asked to write more than one match per show.

I really can't say anything more than Murrr already has regarding the character potential and the questions on the finish. Those are easy fixes so I'm saying yes.

07-08-16, 11:56 AM
I think the character has potential for Defiance. I'm struggling with that finisher though! Definitely need a visual to see it (Has this ever been done before?). I guess this can be sorted so a yes from me too.

07-08-16, 02:24 PM
I sort of foresaw both of these objections, "spike" style drivers are common and I assumed someone would have this move. I am more than okay with changing this to a Fisherman Buster and in regards to The Flying Fatality, I should probably edit the description a bit, but this is likely the real world version is this (http://i.imgur.com/sGPxlOw.gif).

Jake tends to assume he's gonna walk in a make a big splash, fortunately for Jake's ego he does not define this as victories, cause yeah he's gonna get humbled, especially in a heel federation like Defiance. I look forward to it, and think Jake's shenanigans could be fun in such a group.

I am excited to discuss any potential changes, ideas, concerns with anyone.

07-08-16, 03:41 PM
Perfect attitude.

I vote yes.

07-08-16, 04:44 PM
ALSO a yes, He took the critisism on the chin and made edits to fit the group, sound writing, and willing to be a team player!? Count me in on this guy. Character should be fun, althought trying to "one up" experts could result in a lot of ass whoopings. which could be fun to watch :) Im looking forward to being out "Sports entertained!"

Welcome :D

07-09-16, 09:28 AM
Loving the attitude and solid looking app. On the finisher, I wonder if it's worth taking out the moonsault part as if it looks the way I envision it, it could be a move that come off successfully that much due to the complexity. Just a suggestion.

but I'm a yes here.

07-09-16, 09:47 AM
We could use a face or two. Yes from me. PM me with your desired username and password for backstage permissions. Pete or Brunk will get you access to the booking forum.

Some of us will work with you on getting the rest of the moveset sorted.