View Full Version : Rumor: Southern Wing of The Epic II set to open at last?

Spike Saunders
02-21-16, 06:37 PM
Evening fans! We're here for another week of SLAM in just a few days however the news coming out of this weekend actually has nothing to do with the upcoming show!

Rumors have been spreading over this past few months over the internet wrestling community, dirt-sheets and social media that The Epic II's arena renovations have been nearing completion, and in doing so the formerly closed off, and locked down, southern wing of the complex will be opening its doors.

As is well known we broadcast SLAM from inside the main arena of the custom built Epic II Arena here in St. Louis. This arena serves as both the place for the NBW faithful to come enjoy the shows, for us to broadcast from, as well as the headquarters of NBW management. We also have a state-of-the-art training facility in the East wing. Up until now the Southern and as well the western portions of the arena have gone unused. So these rumors are indeed fueling some curious minds.

What this means for the NBW is unknown currently. What is known however is that the original plans for this wing was for 4CW, NBW's former developmental facility, to be presented from the shelled dome. Those plans of course changed when the failed 4CW invasion into NBW caused ties to be cut between then head promoter Thaddeus Boyle and 4CW's SilverFox.

While we are not aware as to the actual plans for the new wing, finally being opened, we do know that 4CW does not factor into this at all. Personally I expect that the Board will make use of the facility to relaunch and rebrand one of NBW's previous specialty shows.

Hopefully we'll have more information soon, but until then this is McKnight and see you all again at SLAM!

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