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02-01-16, 08:45 PM
Handler Information

Name: Cam or AJ
Email Address: aj_kool16@yahoo.com
Best Way to Contact You: Forum PM
eWrestling Experience: 11 years, sVo,GWR,IWF,CRW,WWX
How did you find DEFIANCE: Ewzine
Are you willing to write matches: Of course

Writing Sample:

Match: Have written way better matches than this...just had certain word limits in sVo i wrote Shame v Asenio on this card...first one i could remember writing in sVo


Rp: (won’t be too much this char off of a three year hatius, Also can write promo style..

Legend's Condo
Wednesday morning


"Hey Diamond, it's your mother. Yeah, the mother that you forgot to come see on Mother's day. I figured I’d give you a ring to let you know that I'm still here. I'll expect to see you in a few hours."

His phone drops to his chest as he turns over in the bed. He just got home a few hours ago due to him just getting in from Las Vegas after hanging around for a while after Showdown. The infrared eyed lethargic Naked Extraordinaire taking a look at the time seeing it to be nine forty six. He tells himself he'll go see his mother in the afternoon before he begins to calmly doze off but is startled by some strident knocks at the door. He kicks and whimpers before getting out of the bed irritably making his way to the door.

While opening the door; "What the hell do you want? I'm trying to get some...." he swiftly calms down. His eyes lustrous as that usual smirk shoots to his lips.

"Now that's what I like to see." This would be the earliest time Mighty Midget has ever shown up to Diamond's condo. Already dressed for the day he's brung two blonde haired girls with him whose dressed in leggings and Fuck Me Inc t-shirts. The shorter one pulling her hands from her back handing Diamond a silver platter with a mountain of cocaine.

"You deserve it after that win. Congrats man." the chicks with Mighty Midget begin to clap cheering on The Naked Extraordinaire until he ceases the praise.

"Fuck that. That wasn't a test. This is the real test. Let's see who can snort the most in under thirty six seconds." Mighty Midget looks up bemused. "These girls don't do drugs and why the odd number?"

"I really don't know, but I do know that right now I could use allot of this." he points to the cocaine mountain. "And even more of them." he smirks while giving one of the girls a wink.

"So let's do it."

Why sleep when you can snort and screw freaks?

The door closed behind them, everyone gathering around the glass table. Both men getting their nose set to start the 'Sniff In', but before the game begins their is another unexpected knock at the door.

"LAPD." one of the policeman shouted from behind the door. The Naked Extraordinaire and Mighty Midget flustered as they stare at the cocaine mountain.

"We got to get rid of this fast." Mighty Midget takes a handful of the cocaine pursuing to shove it in his mouth but Legend stops him.

"No, put it on your face. That way we can say that we're trying out the new powdered pro active." the duo begins to place the cocaine all over their face before sliding the rest under the white sofa.

"LAPD, open up." they knocked once more, the door flinging open to a smiling Diamond Legend and Mighty Midget.

"Uh yes, is there a problem officers?"

"Yes there is. Is there a Diamond Legend inside the residence?" The Naked Extraordinaire raises his hand. "That would be me." the officer was expecting to see a female. He stares for a moment leaving a sudden pause.

"There has been a report of the building you use to own being broke into on Sunday I believe. You wouldn't happen to have anything to do with that would you?" he pulled his pen from his pocket, setting up to write on his note pad.

"Fuck Me Inc recording studio was broken into? That's crazy. Who would break into a building with practically nothing in it? If you think I had a hand in the break in then you have the wrong person." he scratched his chin. The cocaine on his face beginning to itch with a little burn flaring up as well.

"I'll tell you this though. There are cameras in the building. You may be able to catch the culprit on tape." the officer writes it down giving a nod. "Well we'll take you up on your word. We'll be back." he taps the note pad with his pen before smiling and turning away from the duo. The door shuts and Mighty Midget hastily runs to the kitchen sink.

"IT BURNS! IT BURNS!" he jumps up pulling himself over the sink and turning on the water.

"WAIT! That's my cocaine you are about to waste. I know what we can do." his face also beginning to feel the burns more profoundly.

"What man? Hurry!"

"You lick my face I lick yours." Mighty Midget looks at the running water from the faucet before looking back at Diamond.

"Hell yeah. Why didn't I think of that?"

-----------------------------------------------Fuck Me Inc-------------------------------------------------

Later That Day
Hollywood, CA
The Legend's residence

"Yeah mom, I'm sorry for totally forgetting Mother's Day. You know I've been real busy with the club and now I'm back in the wrestling business. I've just been to wasted to remember."

He reaches out hugging his mother as she stands in the doorway of her home. For a forty eight year old women she looks as if she could go for her mid thirties. Her long brown hair and green eyes making her red lipstick pop right off of her face. She smiles while tugging on her tight fitted pink dress letting Diamond step into the house.

"And who is this little miniature fella right here?" Mighty Midget smiles before waving his hands.

"Oh, that's Mighty Midget. Also known as Hungcock. He's my bodyguard."

"Nice to meet you mam and I'm not his bodyguard." he reaches out his hand to give Mrs. Legend a kiss on the hand. Diamond snatching his mothers hand away. "Mothers are off limit. No touching, no looking, no nothing." he scowls.

"I just want to say Mrs. Legend that your boobs look rather nice." Mrs. Legend smiles. "You can thank that knuckle head right there. He loved titty milk all the way up to the age of six."

"Can we like please end this conversation? Besides, where's dad?"

"He's in the back trying to make his own penis pumper. He's been becoming limp these past couple of days and doesn't know what it is." she shrugs her shoulders stepping out of the doorway allowing Mighty Midget to step inside the house. He instantly snickers up as he looks at the pictures of a younger Diamond Legend.

"Dude, you looked like a mix of Sebastian Hawke and Ryan Seacrest when you were younger. What happened?" he snickers once more.

"It's called testastaphone."

"No, I think you mean testosterone. Or you could mean hormones." the back door slams shut as Mr. Legend curses under his breath. He's a tall slender man with grey and black long hair that's placed in a pony tail. His body bared as the only thing he has on is grey boxer briefs. He steps into the living room not knowing that Diamond is there.

"Oh son. What are you doing here?" he smiled flashing the two gold caps on his teeth.

"I called him over." Mrs. Legend impedes. "And can you please hurry up and get dress before we are late for Margaret’s dinner." Mr. Legend sucks his teeth while fanning his hand.

"I'll be ready. You just go iron out my shirt for me? Got something I want to talk to Diamond about?"

Oh boy. Here comes a lecture.

Mr. Legend looks down at Mighty Midget before reeling toward Diamond and whispering in his ear. "Hey son, I was wondering if you had any uh, you know, that stuff you sell for older men who can't get up?" he looked down at Mighty Midget once more. His face mortified.

"I actually don't, but you can easily go pick up some from the CVS on the way to Margaret’s place." Mr. Legend sighs before walking away up the stairs. His head hung low.

"Oh my god man. When the hell was this?" Mighty Midget picks up the picture of Legend when he first started wrestling four years ago. It was for a little Indy fed in Jupiter Miami where he had a disco dancer gimmick. The picture showing all. He was walking down the aisle dressed in a sparkling baby blue suit with his normal puffy hair and vintage seventy boots. Doing a little dancing while he walked to the ring.

"That was when I first got into wrestling. I was shit then but now I feel like the hottest new face to have come out in a while. I use to always look at this picture and ask myself what I was doing. I wasn't being myself. Now I can look at this and look at who I am now and never question why I did do it." he places the picture back down. Looking around the room at all the memories along the wall.

"You see that frame with no picture? That's actually just the first couple pubic hairs I grew." he points to another picture on the wall. "And that one right there was my first date." Mighty Midget grabs a sculpted trophy out of clay.

"What the hell is this?" Diamond snatches it from his hand. "It's the only trophy I’ve ever won and I made it. It's the award for longest child penis ever. I made it after I was on my first set with the parents." he places it to his chest and holds it like a baby. Kissing it before placing it back.

"I still have my first ejaculation if you want to see. It's in the freezer."

"You kept yours too? I put mines in a pill bottle, but one day I got some bud a couple years back and put it in the bottle thinking it was another bottle and I think I may have smoked it." The Naked Extraordinaire laughs hysterically as water even beginning to fill his eyes.

"You smoked nut mary." Laughs. "You like nutted and then re entered your own nut." Laughs. "That's like so gay." Laughs. "I bet th..."

"ENOUGH ALREADY." his fist balls up as his face turns red. "It was a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes." he turns his back to The Naked Extraordinaire folding his arms while he pouts to himself.

Nut Mary

He snickers.

"Hey boys, we're getting ready to leave. Lock the doors if we're not back before you leave Diamond." he looked at his father who was still saddened and down. Snickering once more before waving goodbye.

"You want to smoke up and call some girls over? An extra bunk is available on the old bunk bed." Mighty Midget slowly turns around still a little distressed.

"Yeah, that'll be nice."

"No Nut Mary though."

Legend makes a run for it as Mighty Midget chases him around the house.

-----------------------------------------------Keep Dreaming-----------------------------------------------

Hollywood, CA
Later that evening

The Naked Extraordinaire finally found whom he would be going up against at Showdown not to long ago. In what has already been a vast two weeks for him in the sVo he wanted to make sure that he followed up with another cosmic performance but you can't always get what you ask for. He and Mighty Midget sit in front of a computer screen as Legend types away at a letter for CJ Dreamer.

You know, I should be upset that I didn't get the match with Jay Wildman when I specifically called him out, but I can't be. He has other things to deal with than to be concerned about taking a loss to me. Instead I’ve been given the task of duking it out with you Dreamer. Now, I know that right now theirs allot on your mind. Join The Company or be useless CJ Dreamer. There, I've already made your choice for you but never the less I know that the invite has been something you are thinking about hard. Why wouldn't you? You're basically fresh from the streets with a bad taste of how you looked in your first run in the sVo. It wasn't good. Now you're back and you want to show that you should be taken seriously. Why not join The Company. In the end they are going to fail and you can be the one to help them through that failure.

Now, I'm not saying that you'll be a failure Dreamer. Even though you've already failed once. All I'm saying is that if you want to be taken out of harms way when things start to get a little tougher around sVo then I’d suggest you stick close by Amy Page. I mean, nobody took you serious you're first time around. So what makes you think they're going to take you serious now? I may be coming off as a little s.o.b but that's just me. Look at what I did on Showdown. That's just me. I said I was going to take over. I made everyone think that whenever that camera was opening I was going to be the person they were seeing. That's just me. Like I said. I'm tele-fucking-vision. That's just one of the reasons I'm better than you.

I made Go Go Spectacular look pathetic like I said she was and silenced all the boos that were thrown my way. I showed everyone why I will be the future leader of the organization. You just showed everyone that in need of help you need three feeble people to come to your aid. I honestly didn't like Lucifer anyway so I congratulate The Company for sticking it to him. Though I wish that could've been me. Not saving you but kicking the shit out of Lucifer. I mean come on Dreamer. I thought you were tough. I thought you were a loner from your actions. All it seems like now is a facade. It looks like you can't be a man and handle your business. Sure you got the win but who wasn't expecting that? Now you get some real competition. One that isn't as one dimensional as Lucifer. You may be patting yourself on the back now, oh wait, you're probably not doing that. You're probably drinking it up and popping pain killers. Not having fun, but in a hotel room that you probably can only rent for a couple nights. With no girls. Just boring ole CJ Dreamer.

I wanted to sit here at this computer and just drown all your hopes and dreams for Showdown away. Let you know how serious I am about being the better man. I don't need sVo money. I've been making my own money for the past two years. I don't do this just because. I do this because I know that someday people will remember me from being one of the greatest wrestlers to ever walk through sVo doors. You don't see it that way. You see it as a way to feed your life that you've already faded away. You don't want to be nothing more than just a pay check collector. You can do that in that back of The Goodfellas.

Now that I think about it. I don't know what really makes Amy Page want to bring you inside The Company anyway. Everyone she has now won't amount to anything so what makes her believe that you're going to be so different? I don't see you being a Nightmare or a Colt Cooper. You're not going to have that presence. If Amy really wants winners then she should really look no further than my way but I don't like her. I don't think she can help me in any fashion or form. Everything thing I get I'm going to work for. Just like everything I have right now in life. I can snort cocaine and smoke weed, pop pills, do shrooms, you name it, Why? Because I can afford it. You can't be out here drinking your life away living pay check to pay check when really just like that you may be that gone and forgotten CJ Dreamer. You're not a thinker, and the first time you may actually think about something is now and which you're probably going to make the stupid decision.

I know I can't tell you what to do and what not to do, but for a man that has fallen from this green earth and in such a lonely and contemptible life it should make sense to get your act together. It's like you don't know what to do in life. Just read my chest if you want to know what that is. What happened to that kid with that dream CJ? What happen to the big fan that wanted to do what his favorite wrestlers do? What happened to the CJ Dreamer that was probably somebody worth mentioning? You can come out and get on me about my drug use and all the irrational things I do. I've heard it a ton of times. It's really nothing to me because I know exactly who I am. You haven't found yourself Dreamer. You're still dreaming. We live in reality and you seem to haven't grasped that yet. I Live. I stay live and at times if you want to reverse live I can be a bit evil. Get it? Probably don't because you're to busy drinking not getting any sleep in your miserable life.

I was told that my words lit more fire under Go Go but that fire quickly turned into smoke. I know that these very words that I'm typing on this paper to you will give you a little inspiration as well because I know that deep down they're getting to you. You're ready to throw this letter to the ground and come find me right now. Stopping being such a waste of the oval and sperm and prove me wrong. Get this though, no matter how you try and come back at me with my own words because I know you will. You'll still be failing. Failing at be original. Failing at being a man who could potentially be someone. Just a fucking lack lustered couple dollars away from being a bum.

As much as people doubt me and tell me that I can't be anything besides a junkie I let them know that this junkie has allot going for himself. What do you have going for yourself CJ? Is an invitation to join The Company enough for you? Or do you want to be bigger than them? I know what I want to do and where I want to be, but have you made that decision?

It's easy for me to sit here and type all these harsh things as I do know actions speak louder than words. The ring is where it all unfolds. I can sit here and bash you all day but I won't do that, because really I'm a action type of guy. I love making the so called dumb decisions in life but making all the right moves in my wrestling career. Get where I’m going? You know, I love being called dumb and then being the one who looked the smartest in the end. I just really love being me. One dazzling specimen. I'm one of a kind and sVo won't see another like me. You're just another wrestler on hard times. How many guys have I come across just like you, and where have they all ended up? Back in a slump. Back where they belong.

Amy may have gave you the final decision but at Showdown I'll be the one making the final move.

Remember, I have come to make a name and I don't mind taking them as I do.


Your first lost back

"Dude, you forgot to put Dear CJ Dreamer."

"Well it's printing now and does it really matter?" he stands from the chair. "And besides, those two blonde chicks are still at the condo. It's time to get there pronto."

"That rhymed dude."

"I got some Nut Mary on the way."

He dashes away from Mighty Midget while laughing. Once again Mighty Midget becomes upset running after The Naked Extraordinaire.

Wrestler(s) Information

Ring Name:
Diamond Legend

Hailing From:
Myrtle Beach, SC

Alignment: (Heel or Face?) If accepted I’d like to know what’s needed so I can tailor Diamond that way.

Once known as the raging ego manaic dumb fucker who used drugs heavily, but is actually very gifted. Now with a new manager in Eric Golden...Diamond feels his life is on track and is ready to continue his career.

Wrestling Style:
People didn’t believe in Diamond because of his ways, but in the ring he’s sure to be a crowd pleaser. He comes with a showman/flashy attitude for the ‘entertainment’ aspect to make people believe in him.

Three Weaknesses:
1. His Showmanship. He taunts, and always wants a reaction from the crowd. This sometimes making him leave his focus from his opponent to cater to the crowd.

2. Sloppy at times, when he feels someone is getting the best of him he tends to just throw things at his opponent instead of setting them up and making him even more readable/predictable.

3. Submissions, with the way he likes to fight Diamond rarely trains on Submissions. He can be submitted easily at times, and he knows it. So anytime he’s on the ground or in a submission he’s not attempting he panics.

Three Strengths:
1. Athleticism, at 6’3 and 190 Diamond’s a guy who can pull off all types of moves.

2. Cardio, Diamond gets tired but it’ll take some time and wear and tear to get there.

3. Eric Golden, his manager has brung out another level for Diamond and when he’s ringside with him he fights better.


1) Backflip Kick
2) Asia DDT
3) Bicycle Kick
4) Armbar
5) Shuffle Side Kick
6) Alabama Slam
7) Japanese Armdrag
8) Grabs opponent hand and places his leg over their arm, turns over on the arm and inflicts pain.
9) Snapmare Suplex
10) Roundhouse Kick

2-5 trademark moves:

1) Legend Maker (Rope Hung Feint Kick)
2) Diamond Dazzler (Springboard 450 Plancha)
3) Through The Roof (Shooting Star Sitting Plancha)
4) Spinning Light (Corkscrew Moonsault)
5) OMG (Flash Kick)

1 Finishing Move:
1. End Of Story (Spinning Argentine Backbreaker)

1 "MDK" (murderdeathkill) Finishing Move
1. Case Closed (Curb Stomp)

Theme: “Hail To The King” by Advenged Sevenfold

Already have a micro aswell.

02-01-16, 10:17 PM
The match wasn't bad and I appreciate you saying you'd be open to customizing the character based on what alignments are needed. Your RP, however, was exactly the kind of uninspired LOL BRO~! drivel that I hated having to read and judge when I ran a fed. I rolled my eyes hard at the "Naked Extraordinaire" name (also, Diamond Legend???) and stopped reading completely after the Mighty Midget showed up. FOH, man.

Also, you have him at 228 in one place and then 190 in the other. I don't know which is right and, right now, I don't really care.

My answer is no.

Diamond Legend
02-01-16, 10:30 PM
190 three years ago...rp three years ago...i said that wasn't his char anymore as he's grown up and matured.

02-01-16, 10:40 PM
190 three years ago...rp three years ago...i said that wasn't his char anymore as he's grown up and matured.

So you copied and pasted something from three years ago that you didn't update to his new weight, which means you didn't really proofread the app before you posted it.

02-01-16, 10:42 PM
190 three years ago...rp three years ago...i said that wasn't his char anymore as he's grown up and matured.

Also, you could've written something fresh to show the new maturity and opted instead to post what you did, which is what everyone here is going to judge you on.

Diamond Legend
02-01-16, 10:50 PM
sVo's closed though, haven't used Diamond since then...bio wouldn't have needed an update until now. Was gonna crank out an CD rp for the more mature Diamond but that's for if I was accepted. Thanks for the heads up tho.

02-01-16, 10:58 PM
It's very important that you post here what you want to be judged on.

If this is your best work, then I'll vote.

If you'd like to post something else instead, I'll wait and give you that chance.

Diamond Legend
02-02-16, 12:31 AM
Alright, I'll get in there and edit up what the char will be tomorrow with a CD of him aswell...

02-02-16, 03:01 AM
Alright, I'll get in there and edit up what the char will be tomorrow with a CD of him aswell...

That you're willing to do this is good news for you.

We like people who can adapt to the group.

02-02-16, 10:58 AM
I usually refrain from these so that the populace can weigh in... But I'm gonna be blunt, I'm not feeling this character's name, TO ME, it feels more like it should be the nickname like:

"The Diamond Legend" Your Name Here.

But, to echo what Justin said, I agree. The fact that you can take criticism and are willing to adapt and not get all bitchy with hurt feels is a good sign.