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02-01-16, 07:50 PM
Allow me to not only introduce myself, but address the elephant in the room as well. (That is both a fat joke, as well as an introduction lol.) I’m Robert (Bobby) and I’ve got an addiction to flaking. Actually it’s a history/stigma of being a flake, which has been well earned (I’m not too proud of it.). A lot of you have been in feds with me in the past and have seen me flake. I can make excuses all day long, but you’d see them as such. A lot were RL issues, some were just me being tired of competitive RPing, tired of the same ole shit. “Bobby’s fat.” “Bobby’s disgusting” Over and over and over and over lol.

Simply put, I just want to write. I don’t want to join an RP fed and do the same song and dance. I want to tell stories, help put others over, and simply enjoy writing *with* people, rather than against people. If you vote no because I’m a flake, and you fear I’ll eventually flake yet again, I completely understand. If you vote no because the character is a big bag of shit, fair enough lol. If you vote yes, I’ll do everything I can to fix the reputation I’ve created. Oh and if nudes of my ex girlfriend should sway the vote, please let me know. ;-)

Name: Robert Thompson ( Bobby Dean )
Email Address: rob.thompson83@gmail.com
Best way to contact you: Skype (then email, then forum PM, whichever fits your fancy.)
eWrestling Experience: Almost 20 years, with breaks here and there, and here again. BMW, PCW, PRIDE, Global, Dream, Hostility, IWF, sVo, HOW, UTA, and more I’m probably forgetting.
How did you find DEFIANCE? I’ve been here in the past (twice I believe. And flaked, twice. Though not since y’all changed to an angle fed)
Are you willing to write matches? I’m willing to write whatever is needed. I will warn though, I haven’t written any matches in about 6 or 7 years so I’m probably rusty as fuck (meaning, they might not be up to snuff sadly. But I’m certainly willing to try and get better.)

Writing Samples:
RP: Salty - wrestleuta.com/rp/1691 (http://wrestleuta.com/rp/1691)
RP: Bobby Dean 101 - wrestleuta.com/rp/1226 (http://wrestleuta.com/rp/1226)
Segs: http://wrestleuta.com/bio/bobbydean/appearances

Wrestler Information:

Ring Name: “Beautiful” Bobby Dean
Height: 6’-0”
Weight: 399 1/2 lbs.

Hailing From: Houston, TX

Alignment: Face (I will note that in the past, even when I write Bobby doing heelish things, people still tend to treat him as face. It’s quite odd to me.)

Gimmick: Bobby is a veteran of the squared circle, and thusly thinks much too highly of himself. According to him, he’s one of the best in the business, as long as you ignore his atrocious in ring record that is. He’s the type of veteran who will talk about his past glory days as if he were still living them, completely oblivious to the fact that he is nowhere near as good in the ring as he once was, in which even that could be debatable. Was he ever any good to begin with!? He enjoys potty humor, he’s fun, lovable, and cuddly.

(I’ll be honest, he’s never really HAD much of a gimmick to begin with. He’s always just been Bobby Dean. He thinks he’s better than he is, while also trying to latch onto his betters, riding their coat tails while doing the barest minimum to be successful. He’s a womanizer, a food addict, has had a history of drugs and alcohol addiction, and has a godly amount of illegitimate children. He basically wrestles to pay child support.)

Wrestling Style: Comedy/Brawling (There is no finesse to Bobby Dean's "style" if we can even call it a style...)

Three Weaknesses:

Wrestling Ability (he knows the basics really)
Fear of heights

Three Strengths:

Manipulative (while also being susceptible to manipulation himself)
His ability to sell?

Ten Regular Moves:

Knife edge chop (which often times hurts his hand more than his opponent)
Punch (Ineffective)
Kick to the shin (it used to be to the gut, but he cannot raise his leg high enough due to the girth of his stomach)
Side headlock (rest hold)
Purple nurple (He will pull off the titty twister.)
Scoop slam (which is sloppy and dangerous looking as it appears he’s likely to drop his opponent onto his head.)
Snap suplex (without so much snap. In which he celebrates upon completion.)
Spine buster (which actually is more from inertia than it is from any amount of skill.)
Test of strength (he rarely wins, but not for a lack of trying.)
School boy roll up

2-5 Trademark Moves:

Reverse Stink Face (Instead of sticking his butt in his opponents face, he’ll stick his crotch there.)
Bobby will reach into his shorts for a foreign object, in which he’ll attack his opponent with. (Often times it’s not actually a weapon, but rather a food product.)
Bear hug (Because he loves hugs. And he’ll love ‘em, and squeeze ‘em, and never let ‘em go!)
Time Out (He’ll roll out of the ring, stealing sodas or snack food from the people at ringside.)

1 Finisher Move:

Happy Ending (Danshoku Driver)

1 MDK Move:

Falling on his opponent. (Sometimes he’ll find himself collapsing, falling on his opponent and unable to get up.)

02-01-16, 09:14 PM
I will vouch for Bobby.

He knows I will flay him alive if he flakes on me again.

He also knows I will just take over his character again.

+1 Yes Vote from me.

02-01-16, 09:22 PM
Wait, I thought Bobby got gastric bypass!

Here's my mindset: I know you're Flakey McFlakeyface and by default I want to vote no, reason being I'm really tired of doing the "in good faith" thing with known flakeballs only to get burned for it later (see: Sean, Hollan). However, Bobby Dean kinda makes me laugh and if Justin will take on the contingency plan of writing him if you disappear, OR we get to feed him to Omega or SMB, I'll vote yes.

02-01-16, 09:27 PM
Again my vote probably means nothing, but if it means something, I vote yes! Bobby is one of the funniest writers I have ever read, and entertains always. He is known for flaking a bit, but when he's on and he has the time, there is no single funnier fucker in this game. He could fill a fun role here whether serious or jokingly.

His roleplays (although unique) are high quality all around.
His segments will bring you to tears, and most of all, he will make you care for the character.


02-01-16, 09:34 PM

Yup, looks like a hilarious character and I would never want to be on Justin AND Lindz's bad side.

02-01-16, 09:51 PM
That's four, Bobbo's in.

PM James your backstage login info, I'll have Brunk turn on your forum access.


Evan H.
02-02-16, 12:19 PM
WOO! Welcome back, sir!

02-05-16, 05:05 PM
I love this character. I vote yes too even tho he's already in! Welcome!

02-07-16, 09:42 PM
Thanks guys! I'm gonna do my best to no let you guys down.