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Honorable Cross
10-17-15, 03:38 PM
Handler Information

Name: Dave
Email Address: Honorablecross@gmail.com
Best Way to Contact You: Forum PM or Email
eWrestling Experience: 10 years, I’ve won few titles within my time playing this game of ours.
How did you find DEFIANCE? Affiliation section of another efed.
Are you willing to write matches? Yes, from time to time.

Writing Sample
OOC: Here's a Introduction Role play I wrote for my character Gabriel Cross, and also a segment.

:: Cross Rhodes ::
Chapter I pt. I

God created happiness on December 23rd 1983, that happiness came from when Genevieve Crosce and her husband General Orin S. Crosce one of Nevada's most well respected families, having received the greatest thing anyone could ever receive, that being a baby boy.

That baby boy being none other then the most recently signed wrestler of the wrestling promotion known only as DEFIANCE, that wrestler being professional wrestler GABRIEL CROSS. Gabriel was born Gabriel Orin Crosce and weighed in at 6 pounds 12 ounces. His height was 19 inches in length, he had a full head of hair that was dark brown in color with emerald green eyes.

Though with happiness there’s also sadness at that very exact moment disaster would hit, though it wouldn’t hit the Crosce’s but another family 300, 000 miles away in a different state, in a different town, in a different city. What exactly would be the disaster you wonder? Well it could have been anything from drug overdose, to a car crash, to even murder, though one thing is for certain there was a disaster some place happening exactly at that given moment.

Though one thing was certain, when god created Gabriel Cross, he created not only greatness, but something he hadn’t expected and that something would come when Gabriel would grow into the very man we’ve come to see before us today, and that’s the well decorated, well respected, Sheriffs Lieutenant of Las Vegas, Nevada Sheriffs Department...


October 16, 2015, 2200 Hours
Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.

YOU KNOW its funny nothing ever starts out how you think it should or how it will. So of course why would this start out the way I think its going to go or how it should or even will go. Hell this isn’t even going to start out with a murder... It was the middle of the night when I’d come to be awoken by the main theme song from the 1960’s live action television series of DC comics “Batman” the very theme song that I had set as my ringtone of my personal cell phone. As I rolled over to answer my cell phone, it was too late I had missed the call from whoever it was trying to get a hold of me.

“Who was it Gabriel?”

Could be heard coming from my soft spoken wife Samantha Cross who had been awoken by the sound of my cell phones ringtone going off. As Samantha awoke she rolled over and turned the bed lamp closest to our bed on.

Gabriel Crosce: “I don’t know Sam let me check to see who it was...”

I said as I reached for my cell phone as it sat charging on the nightstand next to my side of our bed. As I opened it up to see who had called me, the number could be seen being that from my partner Lawrence Wright, Wright could be seen having left me a voice mail on my cell phone. As the message began to play, it could be heard being the voice of Lawrence, though something seemed wrong, as he seemed to choke up on certain words that he usually said with no problem.

It was then when he said she’s dead that I flew out of my bed, throwing the covers off of me as I grabbed my pants that lay next to Samantha and my bed. Once I had my pants on I slid on a pair of my clean socks and threw on one of my black tank tops, though before I left I grabbed my sheriffs badge that hang down off on a sterling metal chain necklace off my nightstand and threw it over my head as it hit my chest.

Samantha Cross: “Who’s Lawrence talking about babe?”

Gabriel Cross: “The star witness to the case he and I had been working on for months.”

I said as I put my black military style boots on and laced them up. Once I had my boots on I leaned over where Sam could be seen laying covered up underneath our bed sheets and gave her a kiss as I turned away from her and headed on out of our bedroom.

Samantha Cross: “Night Babe, I love you be safe okay...”

Gabriel Cross: “Okay baby I will. Get some sleep and don’t worry I’ll be fine, see you in a few hours okay baby!”

I said as I closed our bedroom door behind me. Once it was closed I walked on out of our apartment grabbing my bullet proof vest and putting it on over my chest, the vest could be seen reading “SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT” in a yellow Courier New font across the back of it. Once I had my vest on I walked on out of our apartment and quickly began running down the stairs from our second story apartment building.

Gabriel Cross: “Just fucking Awesome, just fuckin-”

I said as I quickly got over to my personal vehicle and got into it. Once inside of it I slid the key into the ignition and turned the key until the sound of my vehicles Hemi engine roared to life, each of the cylinders coming to life one by one as the sound of my vehicle slowly began to calm down as it continued to wake up.

Gabriel Cross: “Yea... I’m on my way Captain!”
“Your kidding right?”
“Give me a few minutes I’m in route now Captain!”

I said as I ended my phone conversation with my captain. Once I did, I hit the switch that triggered my vehicle’s sirens, the sound of my strobes going off could be heard as I continued to be (10-17) which mean traveling in route to where the crime scene was and where my captain and partner were at already. Various Codes and signals could be heard over my vehicles scanner as it continued to scan for possible updates on the possible homicide which was already making headlines through the various news stations...

Gabriel Cross: “Fuck...”

I said as I turned onto the highway and continued to drive in the direction of where my battalion was located. Once on the highway I continued in the direction where my battalion was located, not more then 15 to 20 minutes later I had arrived to see the yellow do not cross sheriffs line caution tape blocking off the area that was the house where my witness had been staying at under protective services, though we had been too late on getting to my witness...

Gabriel Cross: “So we have any leads Captain as too who might have done this?”

Capt. Alex Grey: “Not a clue Lieutenant, not a clue...”

Sgt. Lawrence Wright: “I’ll tell you who did it Cross, that damn piece of shit Del La Cruz that’s who!”

Gabriel Cross: “Now that’s not right now is is Wright?”

Sgt. Lawrence Wright: “You know damn well it’s him or someone who is connected with him Cross!”

Gabriel Cross: “Nah our good ole’ buddy Juan Del La Cruz wouldn’t have done this, you know that Wright!”

I said sarcastically knowing damn well my partner Wright might have been correct about this, but with no proof to prove it until forensics came back with something we could use as a lead if there was anything left here to go off of, and for the sake of my witness all I could do was pray that she had dug her nails into the scumbag that murdered her, or that she left me and battalion some kind of evidence to go off of...


As the video begins to unfold showing that of a static screen the word “Golf” can be heard being spoken across the static that can be seen across the screen, as it is barely able to be made out before yet another word is heard being spoken out, that word being “Alpha” which once again barely could be heard being made out over the static that continued to be displayed across the screen by an unidentified voice.

As the static continued to be seen another word could be heard being spoken out by the unidentified voice, that word being “Bravo” as the word could be heard being announced over the static, another two words could be heard by the unidentified voice them words being “Romeo” and “India” which could be heard over the static screen.

Yet two more words could be heard following the two previous words, the two words being “Echo” and “Lima”. As the last word “Lima” was heard the unidentified voice continued on, it could be heard now that the unidentified voice had spelled out “GABRIEL” using the Phonetic Alphabet.

As the unidentified voice continued on he continued to use the Phonetic Alphabet as it spelled out the word “CROSS”. It could now be seen that the unidentified voice had spelled out the name of DEFIANCE’s latest signee “GABRIEL CROSS”.

The unified voice continued on using the Phonetic Alphabet as it spelled out the words “IS” and “Coming” before finally spelling out the final two words of its message, the last two words could be heard being “To” and “DEFIANCE” as the words could be heard the message slowly appeared upon the screen reading...


Wrestler(s) Information

Ring Name: Gabriel Cross
Real Name: Gabriel Orin Crosce
Alias(es): "The Scarred Sentinel", "The Archangel", "Wrestling’s White Knight", "The War Hound", "Sheriffs Lieutenant"
Hailing From: Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.
Birth Date: December 23, 1983
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 220 lbs.
Alignment: Face
Gimmick: Wrestling has lost its pizzazz for Gabriel, but he wants to restore it to its greatness of years past. Bringing back the prestige of wrestling is one of his major goals, the other is to serve, protect, honor, and respect DEFIANCE Wrestling like no one has ever done before.

While being the ultimate good guy in and outside of the ring, he serves as a Sheriff’s Lieutenant for Las Vegas’ sheriff’s department protecting and serving those in need. When in the ring he’s willing to assist a fellow wrestler in need while cuffing the bad guys and reading them there Miranda Rights.

Entrance Music: “Sentinel” by Judas Priest
Wrestling Style: Technical | Submission

Physical Appearance: Gabriel Cross has dark brown short hair that is neatly trimmed, though from time to time Gabriel has been known to sport a much rugged and untamed style which is shoulder length. Cross has piercing emerald green eyes which stare out from underneath his thick dark brown eyebrows. He also from time to time can be seen sporting a full face beard to even a stubble look, though most of the time Cross can be seen having a clean shaven look to him.

Ring Attire: Cross has his wrist taped with white medical tape, he comes to the ring wearing black trunks ((Shorts)) which read "CROSS" across the back of them on the buttocks area of them in a gold color lettering. Across the front of them a Gold colored sheriffs badge with white outlining and "G.C." across the center of the badge can be seen on the crotch area of his trunks. He wears black colored knee pads on both his knees along with black military style wrestling boots which read "CROSS" down the sides of them in cameo color lettering.

Backstage Attire: T-shirts and jeans, tank tops and shorts, suits and ties all depends on the occasion and or event and even the weather. Though Cross pretty much can be found wearing anything to even his Sheriffs uniform when not in the ring wrestling.

Background: Gabriel Cross was born Gabriel Orin Crosce on December 23, 1983 to a military family, making him a military brat, having learned the ways of the military life style at an early age thanks to his father General Orin S. Crosce so you can imagine the easy life was out of the question when it came to Crosce seeing how his family was never in one place or another for too long.

Like his father Gabriel followed in his fathers footsteps joining the United States Marine Corp in 1998, Crosce would serve in the United States Marine Corps from 1998 until 2003 where he served 6 long tours oversees in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait. During that time, Gabriel was awarded a Medal Of Honor presented by president George W. Bush for acts of valor that went above and beyond the call of duty. Aside from being awarded a Medal Of Honor, Gabriel was also awarded with a Bronze Star and a Distinguished Service Medal.

Crosce would also train as a professional wrestler on his off time away from his stationed military base. Crosce would come to make a name for himself on the independent wrestling scene under the ring name of “GABRIEL CROSS” a play off his given birth name, wrestling on his off time away from the military. Cross would come to eventually make the rank of Captain (0-3) at the age 32 before departing from the military life style...

In 2003 Gabriel would continue his wrestling training honing his craft and perfecting it as he would come to travel from various independent wrestling promotions in North America, in territories ranging from Mexico to Canada, with several stops in between. It would be during this time that Cross would come to sign a full time contract with the wrestling promotion known only as DEFIANCE under his ring name of GABRIEL CROSS while still continuing to serve the Las Vegas, Nevada sheriffs department...

Other Achievements:
- Medal Of Honor
- Bronze Star
- Distinguished Service Metal
- High School Wrestling All American champion

Taunts/Quotes: “Justice shall be served...”, “I am the white knight of Professional Wrestling!”

Three Weaknesses:
Risk Taker - Cross isn't one who will take a risk for no parent reason, he'll jump off of a ladder to save a pin count, but he'll never do something just for the heck of it.

Ground Centered - Cross doesn't have any high-flying moves; which means he could be at a disadvantage sometimes.

Hard Critic - Cross is his own critic, he's one who's very hard on himself and will beat himself over the smallest errors made.

Three Strengths:
Methodical Thinker - Cross' one who’s a methodical thinker which means he will think of the next move he's going to perform before acting on it. He thinks of his wrestling match's as a giant chess game.

Hard Hitter - Cross' one who will brawl with the best of the best

Resiliency - Cross can take a pretty heavy beating, but can come back if given enough time or an opportunity.

Favorite Weapon: Police Baton


Ten regular moveset moves:
1.] Rotating vertical suplex
2.] Diving Headbutt
3.] Sit-out Jawbreaker
4.] European Uppercuts (Many variations)
5.] Hard Knee Lift to Opponent's Jaw
6.] Reverse STO into middle turnbuckle
7.] Snow Trapping Headbutts
8.] Swinging Neckbreaker
9.] Grounded Wrenching Headlock
10.] Jumping Double Knee Armbreaker

2-5 trademark moves:
1.] "Crossfire" - Arm trap cross-legged STF
2.] "In The Crosshairs" - Single Leg Boston Crab
3.] "Countermeasure" - Double knee facebreaker, sometimes while springboarding
4.] “Suppressor” - Half nelson choke with bodyscissors

1 Finishing Move:
"Cross Roads" - Reverse STO rolled into a Head & Arm Choke

"MDK" (murderdeathkill) Finishing Move (Optional)
"The Sentinel Airstrike" - Running pushing stomp to the head of a bent-over opponent

OOC: Please note I am not the best at creating movesets so if accepted I may take you up on helping create a more realistic moveset for my character Gabriel Cross. Also if I have to change up any of my "Signatures" or "Finishers" I'm willing to do that as well.

10-17-15, 06:49 PM

But here's why.

This app seems a bit rushed. Faces are not easy. They tend to not work when rushed. You need some work on your movesets but many here could help with that. If you go back over it with a dab more of creativity and take your time I'll change my vote. I think you are motivated and we need faces. Just a bit rushed.

Honorable Cross
10-17-15, 07:15 PM
Ok cool. I can try to touch it up a bit. Never played a face before kinda looking forward to playing a face so I'll take all the help I can get to improve my app for my character Gabriel Cross.

- Add a little more in depth to his gimmick, though if I need to add anything more just let me know and I'll see what I can do.

- Also added a physical appearance, ring attire and backstage attire also.

- Also went into a little more detail on his wrestling style.

- G.C.

Honorable Cross
10-17-15, 08:13 PM
Updated and changed

- Moveset
- Finisher

10-17-15, 11:28 PM
Hi Dave. Thanks for giving DEFIANCE a look and for applying.

I'm saying "no" also, for a few reasons:

Matchwriting is not an option here. You're going to have to collaborate and contribute with whomever you're working with.
I'll give you props for putting together original pieces for your writing samples, but they left something to be desired. I didn't get a great sense of his "white knighty-ness" from reading them, and there's nothing I saw there that sets him apart from the other faces DEFIANCE has at the moment. Also, you need to proofread for grammar. Your =/= You're.
Your moveset still needs work. Finisher is too much like some others we have on the roster.
DEFIANCE is very much a wrestling-first fed and isn't like a lot of these other board feds out there. Playing a gimmick is one thing, but you need to make sure Gabriel Cross is a wrestler first and a whatever-else second, third, fourth, etc.