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09-15-15, 03:05 AM
Handler Information

Name: Dan Long
Email Address: danieldavidlong@gmail.com
Best Way to Contact You: (Forum PM/AIM/Facebook/Email/other) facebook.com/phiredan
Skype: trailerparkprodigy1

eWrestling Experience: (What have you done? Where?) Off and on for 19 years. I've fed headed angle feds (fEar) and handled here and many other places.

How did you find DEFIANCE? James

Are you willing to write matches?
Yes I love writing matches.

Writing Sample


The scene opens up at the infamous Harlan County VFW. The red front door suddenly swings open. None other than Chance Von Crank stumbles out. He fumbles in the pocket of his sports jacket searching for his keys. Finally he locates them as he makes his way toward his vehicle. The 2013 Cadillac Escalade now the sole asset he has to show for a lucrative wrestling career cut short. Chance piles in the front seat and starts it up. He takes off down the street at a high rate of speed. He hits the wrong signal to turn and turns off onto the hollow road heading toward Crank Trailer Park. Chance begins to experience blurry vision and slaps his face to stay alert. His head begins to fall toward his lap as he crosses the centerline. A mini van on the opposite of the road has nowhere to go. Chance crashes head on into the van then the air bag explodes in his face.

A blood curdling scream brings Chance back to life. He awakens laying on the inside roof of his now upside down luxury SUV. The screaming continues as he kicks the driver side door with his good leg. He kicks it once then again with all he has got. The door slightly bends open enough for him to crawl out. Chance is covered in blood and has a broken leg. The screaming he finally realizes is coming from a woman on both knees sitting in the middle of the road amongst the twisted metal and broken glass. Chance slowly drags himself over to her. The woman is holding her toddler that has bled to death in her arms. Chance gives out and falls to the pavement with nothing left.

6 Months Later.

Inside the courthouse emotions run high. One of the longest trials in the history of Harlan County will finally reach a conclusion today. The prosecutor talks to the parents of the slain child as Chance Von Crank consults with his attorneys. Crank has lost everything to defend himself and the local newspaper recently even accused him of bribing officials and potential jurors. Chance was convicted back in July and now he will be sentenced for his crime. Manslaughter.

The judge joins the court room as everyone inside scatters to their respected seat. Chance Von Crank has a seat with everyone else as the Judge does so.

Judge Menton:
"Chance Von Crank you have been convicted by a jury of your peers. This family will never see Bobby ever again. You did that. You are a vile creature and it's my sworn duty to protect society from you. I have no choice but to give you thirty days of house arrest and six months probation.

A wide grin crosses Chance's lawyers face as Chance stands to protest. Chance begins to spat with the judge over his ruling leaving the judge completely stunned. Behind Chance the young boys mother passes out and his father continues attempting to get his hands on Crank.The courtroom is in complete shock. Chance hammers the desk screaming his innocence at the judge. The judge holds him in contempt of court as the officers haul him and the boys father out in cuffs amongst many camera flashes.

Suddenly Crank wakes up. Slobber runs down the side of his cheeto crusted mouth. The vivid dream escalates quickly to his realization that he now means nothing. Only his house arrest is real but for night hunting again without a license. Chance sits on the broken old couch opposite to his twelve year old son, Colt. Colt is surfing through youtube. A wrestling talk show comes up and young Colt clicks the link using the remote. The duo of Eric and Stan comes across the big flat screen television. The two men have a weekly wrestling variety show that is very popular in the South.

"Hello and Welcome to The Sizzling Wrestling Review. I'm Eric and this is Stan and today we will be discussing the biggest stories within professional wrestling.

"Yes sir, and today we will be discussing a wide variety of issues but first we need to discuss Chance Von Crank."

"Oh no. Not again with this loser. He's finished. Washed up and to be honest he's a "never was".

"Harsh. Chance's house arrest is up today at 4:30. A viewer tweeted us and asked will cVc get another shot in wrestling? I doubt it. He's a coward and an idiot."

Chance watching on turns slowly to look at his son, Colt. Colt's face is flushed with embarrassment and his eyes are welling up. Chance winces with anger as he continues to watch.

"I can't believe the fans still remember his name. Jesus... He never was any good and I have heard many times he revived the SoHer Division in DEFIANCE but I believe Penn would differ."

Chance continues to look at the tv occasionally looking over at his son Colt. Chance watches the tears and shame share space on the same face. Deep down Chance begins to feel something stir that he has not felt in some time. Burning desire to show them all. The horns of the Harlan County Devil slowly sprout.The desire that drove him his entire career.

"Well that's two different breed of "men". One of them is great and the other is a facade that used bath robes covered in rhinestones to cover up the fact he had no real talent. I rewatched a few of his matches the other night and boy what a waste of good card space."

Chance is so angry he is fuming as Colt runs out of the trailer wiping his tears away. Chance starts to give chase but looks down at his ankle bracelet.

"This guy has no place in our business. He never brought anything new to the table other than vile language and garbage wrestling. I'd like to apologize to Curtis Penn for even mentioning his name in the same breath as this asshole."

"Harsh, again. You are right though and he will never ever wrestle again. Let alone draw any sort of crowd to watch. This past year has finished any sort of career he had left. Sad story but at 32 years of age he is finished."

Crank is now full of pure unadulterated rage. He pulls at his ankle bracelet mumbling. Chance stands up and grabs a vintage record player to his right off a table. He slings it through the television busting a huge hole through the center of it. Breathing heavy, he begins to pace then let's out a scream...


Wrestler(s) Information

Ring Name: Chance Von Crank
Height: 6'4
Weight: 221 lbs.

Hailing From: Harlan County, KY

Alignment: Heel

Gimmick: The Shock N Rolla is an egotistical white trash maniac. A snake in the grass that exploits any weakness with a craft all his own.

Wrestling Style: Chance brawls but uses his college wrestling background to grapple. A striker who welcomes the mat game from opponents. He will skirt the rules at any and every opportunity. Cranks process begins well before the bell sounds with mind games that continue into the ring only times ten.

Three Weaknesses:

Three Strengths:
Master Manipulator
Master Advertiser slash Hype Man


Ten regular moveset moves:

1) Swinging Neck breaker
2) Various Piledrivers
3) German Suplexes/Vertical Suplexes
4) Irish Whip
5) Violent Spinebuster
6) Delayed backbreaker
7) Diving knee drop
8) DDT
9) Suicide Dive Over top rope
10) Kansas City Cloverleaf

2-5 trademark moves:

1) Pumphandle Michinoku driver II(RazzleDazzler)
2) guillotine face driver
3) Snap overhead belly-to-belly suplex
4) jumping knee strike
5) Elbow Drop from Middle Turnbuckle

1 Finishing Move: GodBooked.- Swinging Reverse STO

1 "MDK" (murderdeathkill) Finishing Move

Theme: Cocked Shotgun then Blast followed by "Icky Thump" White Stripes

09-15-15, 03:57 AM
Got my vote. Do it up.

09-15-15, 08:24 AM
A question and an observation:

What's the angle for Chance coming back to DEF (i.e. are you going to do the idea that Brusch suggested a few months back)?

We really don't need heels right now given that we're getting a Gary character (Colton Thorpe, I believe?) and Seth is coming back with a face and a heel. I'm almost inclined to wait-list this until the roster gets some balance to it.

Evan H.
09-15-15, 12:36 PM
A question and an observation:

What's the angle for Chance coming back to DEF (i.e. are you going to do the idea that Brusch suggested a few months back)?

We really don't need heels right now given that we're getting a Gary character (Colton Thorpe, I believe?) and Seth is coming back with a face and a heel. I'm almost inclined to wait-list this until the roster gets some balance to it.

I vote yes, due to loving the character... but IMO Chance could easily dance around a grey area, feud with some eeeeevil heels. He's the sort of "dirty" arrogant douche that would absolutely get over with the DEF fans. Give him a "heeeeey I remember him" pop and have him maybe run an arch with someone more... heel-ish?

But yeah, welcome back sir.

OR OR... have him "sneak back into DEF" through BRAZEN? Midnight Rider that shit? lol

09-15-15, 01:19 PM
Voting yes.

09-15-15, 02:16 PM
I'll do whatever you need. I've always been heel with cVc but I'm open to any and all suggestions. I just want to write. Thank you for the votes.

09-15-15, 07:02 PM
I could get behind the "sneak in through BRAZEN" idea or the "got stuck in a church cult and ran for his life as far the fuck away as possible" idea.

Commit to one of them and I'll vote yes.

09-15-15, 07:23 PM
The like the idea of sneaking his way back in through BRAZEN, depending how it's done. End of the day, I think cVc stands out as a completely obnoxious heel (different from Curtis Penn). In any case, Dan only needs one more vote.

09-15-15, 07:42 PM
Yes. Welcome back Danny-Boy.

09-15-15, 08:31 PM
Dan's got his four votes, I'll leave this open for a couple more days JUST IN CASE.